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Jeremy Corbyn calls Hamas his friends when the Israeli’s give him so many ideas.

Imagine spending years building a house and then moving in and calling it your home and then having somebody move in and tell you, you can’t live there any more. This is what Israel does to Palestinians. This is also … Continue reading

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Such is Labour’s Hatred of Britain

The fact that Labour hate Britain is well established but there are some things that make it clearer. Recently Jeremy Corbyn went over to the camp near Calais to have some of it’s inhabitants take selfies of themselves with the … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s Hatred of Britain

The Britain hating, security threatening, terrorist sympathiser, Jeremy Corbon hates Britain so much that he wants to implement a mandate based on the wishes of a mere 0.2% of the population of the Falkland Islands against the will of the … Continue reading

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Labour in Crisis

The student protest group known as the Labour Party is in crisis. The student protester who hasn’t bothered to grow up has lost scores of voters compared to  Ed MilliCluskey and the student protest group he leads has taken a … Continue reading

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Labour at War!

This is how one of Corbyn’s own speaks to a fellow Labour MP publicly. If you want to see an example why there are loads of moderate Labour members leaving the party and getting disillusioned with Jeremy Corbyn just look … Continue reading

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Labour Upset at getting a taste of their own medicine

Labour, the political party that loves to put leaflets through doors full of lies about the Tories are most upset about UKIP posting a leaflet about the Labour Party in Oldham. According to political scrapbook here axing our armed forces, … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn Must Go

OK it was fun to start with but the joke has gone on for long enough.  Jehadi Jez and his Britain  hating comrades are damaging our democracy. The Labour party’s terrorist sympathising, security threatening, Britain hating ideology is alienating people … Continue reading

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