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The Labour Party are now a Nasty, Thuggish Joke

What is the national Labour Party up to? Are they getting lots of people at the top that are such awful,cretinous specimens in the hope that when we mention how nasty, cretinous and awful they are, people will think we’re … Continue reading

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Next week at Prime Ministers Questions

“Mr Corbyn, I have a question for YOU by two lads called Martin and Gerry – you invited them to London in 1984, just after their friends had tried to kill an elected Prime Minister and succeeded in harming and … Continue reading

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Intrigue and Dissension Amongst Ipswich Labour

Ipswich Labour’s Favourite blogger has been informed that late last night, David Ellesmere and his inner circle, sneaked into a pub and skulked upstairs to a private room, for a clandestine meeting. Unfortunately due to the surreptitious nature of this … Continue reading

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Hope for Who Exactly?

It would appear thart somebody from the insignificant Ipswich hard left has shown thier support for Comrade Jez by defacing this blackboard. It says “for hope vote Corbyn.” Hope for who exactly? Certainly not any hope for the Falklanders whom … Continue reading

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Labour Leadership Election. What is Really Happening.

Ipswich for Jeremy Corbyn last night had an activists meeting. Here is a picture of it. Now as you can see only 24 people there, we must presume that the other 26430 local supporters are off camera or we must … Continue reading

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The Rancid Corbynites

Now though I disagree with Jeremy Corbyn on virtually everything, I do believe that he is a man of principle. This can not be said about some of his so called rancid supporters. Now, Ipswich Labour councillor, Alasdair Ross has … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Jeremy Corbyn Promotion Video

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