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Nasty Labour

The Left-wing media ran the Corbyn ‘VIP lunch’ lie. You can read about how the left wing media lied about a non existent VIP lunch here. Labour and their supporters never let the truth get in the way of a … Continue reading

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The Labour Party are now a Nasty, Thuggish Joke

What is the national Labour Party up to? Are they getting lots of people at the top that are such awful,cretinous specimens in the hope that when we mention how nasty, cretinous and awful they are, people will think we’re … Continue reading

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Labour in Disaray

From Guido here. Labour's Catherine West tells Stop the War meeting party will consult them about any UK Syria air strike proposal — Ross Hawkins (@rosschawkins) November 2, 2015 Obviously as Labour is no longer a serious party, they … Continue reading

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The Corbyn Bounce Continues.

Dedham & Langham (Colchester) result: CON – 77.9% (+6.6) UKIP – 8.6% (+8.6) LDEM – 8.1% (-1.5) LAB – 5.4% (-4.3) Conservative Hold. Tottington (Bury) result: CON – 52.2% (+14.0) LAB – 30.9% (-10.5) UKIP – 9.9% (-5.1) LDEM – … Continue reading

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