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Ipswich Labour’s Lies about Fire Service

Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail has the headline 12,000 Suffolk Residents Say Save Our Fire Service. Sounds like a lot of people doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. Here are some population statistics for Suffolk. Ipswich 133,384 Lowestoft 71,000 Bury St … Continue reading

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The Vindictiveness of John Cook

I don’t usually do ad hominem attacks these days but after reading Ipswich Labour’s twitter page, I actually felt physically sick. Carrot Road Season Ticket Holder, Alexandra Councillor for Labour and Ipswich Labour’s agent, John Cook is a politically viscous, … Continue reading

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Response to Ellesmere’s Article on Housing

After hiking up every-bodies council tax unnecessarily Ipswich Labour have put their borough election campaign in full swing. Hence in today’s Morning Ipswich Star, David Ellesmere has written lots of lies. Ellesmere’s latest weekly rant is about housing. Now for … Continue reading

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My week ahead, 8 – 13 February 2016

Monday 8 February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward Thursday 11 February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward Yesterday Labour MEP Richard Howitt was in Ipswich. We understand that Ipswich Labour had a campaign forum to discuss how to persuade people to … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour’s lies about the Suffolk Fire Service

On Monday the Ipswich Borough Leader, David Ellesmere had a party political broadcast about changes to the fire service. The whole ranting and rambling article is designed to frighten people. Why do Labour do this? Why are they constantly economic … Continue reading

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Changes to the Suffolk Fire Service in Ipswich

The local branch of the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, security threatening student protest group commonly known as the Labour Party were on the Corn Hill in Ipswich today, telling the public that they’re all going to be burnt alive  because … Continue reading

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Bogus political Point Scoring and the Floods

The left are lying about cuts to flood defence spending. During this parliament £2.3 billion is being spent on flood defences. during the last parliament £1.6 billion was spent on flood defences. During the parliament before that  £1.2 Billion was … Continue reading

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