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Ipswich Labour’s Third Bogus Issue Revealed?

Here I siad Ipswich Labour sources inform us that they are about to carry on the fire service bogus political point scoring exercise and are about to start campaigning about park and ride closures which in reality won’t happen. This … Continue reading

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Future of Ipswich Park and Ride

In the new year Ipswich Labour are going to be lying to the electorate about imminent Park and Ride closures and hence, I’m going to rebut what they are going to say with facts in advance. At the present time, … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour’s 2016 Borough Election Campaign

Ipswich Labour’s Borough Elections 2016 campaign is in full swing and they are disingenuously fighting next years elections on county issues due to the fact that Ipswich Labour’s borough record is so abysmal. On the fifth of December they tweeted … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour Scaring the Electorate

Over the weekend Ipswich Labour were scaring the electorate with fire service cuts that would put their lives in danger. They have a leaflet with a petition on it and it just so happens their favourite blogger has obtained a … Continue reading

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Labour Upset at getting a taste of their own medicine

Labour, the political party that loves to put leaflets through doors full of lies about the Tories are most upset about UKIP posting a leaflet about the Labour Party in Oldham. According to political scrapbook here axing our armed forces, … Continue reading

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Nasty Labour

The Left-wing media ran the Corbyn ‘VIP lunch’ lie. You can read about how the left wing media lied about a non existent VIP lunch here. Labour and their supporters never let the truth get in the way of a … Continue reading

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Tories to call off conference

Here the Daily Mail reports The Scottish Tories have been forced to abandon a party conference on police advice after plans emerged for a major protest by a hard-Left hate mob. In an unprecedented victory for extremism, fears for the … Continue reading

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