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Such is Labour’s Hatred of Britain

The fact that Labour hate Britain is well established but there are some things that make it clearer. Recently Jeremy Corbyn went over to the camp near Calais to have some of it’s inhabitants take selfies of themselves with the … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour’s Third Bogus Issue Revealed?

Here I siad Ipswich Labour sources inform us that they are about to carry on the fire service bogus political point scoring exercise and are about to start campaigning about park and ride closures which in reality won’t happen. This … Continue reading

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Hope for Who Exactly?

It would appear thart somebody from the insignificant Ipswich hard left has shown thier support for Comrade Jez by defacing this blackboard. It says “for hope vote Corbyn.” Hope for who exactly? Certainly not any hope for the Falklanders whom … Continue reading

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Trickle-down economics” is a Left-wing fantasy

Facts don’t lie. The truth of economics is that if it’s cheaper to avoid taxes by hiring an accountant to fiddle the books then it is to pay them people who can afford the accountant will hire one. Cutting top … Continue reading

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