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Stopping Chinese Slave Goods Entering the UK

Dominic Rabb has made a statement to parliament in regard to the Chinese persecution of the Uyghur Muslims. Here. Reports At their worst are torture and inhumane and degrading treatment, alongside widespread reports of the forced sterilisation of Uyghur women. … Continue reading

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Freedom United: “One Voice to End Modern Slavery.

Walk Free is changing their name to Freedom United. The new website will encourage people around the world to get educated about this complex issue, get involved in advocacy, amplify the message, track their impact, and more. Existing members will receive early … Continue reading

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Anti slavery Task Force Announced

Sunday saw a landmark victory in the fight against modern-day slavery in the UK. The Greatest Prime Minister Since Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May created a new taskforce to coordinate the government response to slavery and pledged £33 million to dealing … Continue reading

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End Child Exploitation in Burkina Faso

‘When I was 12, my father married me off to a 25-yearold man. I refused to go to his house. My parents beat me, but I refused to leave the family home.’ :- Rose, aged 46. Her resistance won out … Continue reading

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Lithuanian traffickers jailed after two men found working in Suffolk

Two Lithuanian men have been jailed for trafficking two men, found working in food processing plants, who were paid £20 over four months. The victims were brought to Great Yarmouth with the promise of food, work and accommodation. Konstantin Sasmurin, … Continue reading

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End sexual slavery

Randa was abducted by ISIS from northern Iraq along with her heavily-pregnant mother. Forced into slavery Randa was taken and raped by a man twice her age.1 She’s 16 years old. Esther Ruth Atim was kidnapped from Uganda when she … Continue reading

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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) What are the Signs?

Crimestoppers is working with Suffolk Police to target parents, teachers, youth workers and young people themselves, to raise awareness across the Suffolk of the signs of CSE The signs to look out for include: Young people involved in abusive relationships, … Continue reading

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It’s time to end modern slavery

Modern day slavery is everywhere: from the cotton farms of Uzbekistan, to domestic workers in Mauritania and cattle ranches in Paraguay; from the fisheries in the Philippines, to the World Cup construction sites in Qatar. The production chain of the … Continue reading

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Slave Labour in Uzbekistan

Drugged, beaten and detained by police — this was the fate of activist Elena Urlaeva who dared to document state-sponsored forced labour in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan this May.1 In Uzbekistan, the whole country suffers at the time of … Continue reading

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“It’s a political case to try and silence me”

Andy Hall has been trapped in a nightmare for the last two years. In 2013 a report, which includes his research, was published stating allegations of worker abuse and slavery-like practices in the factory of Natural Fruit, a Thai company … Continue reading

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