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Tories Storm to Victory in Newmarket and Red Lodge

The Conservatives have won the Newmarket and Red Lodge division by election with a comfortable majority of 150 and gained control of the County Council as a result. The excellent Conservative candidate, Robin Millar won with 644 votes. In second … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn Must Go

OK it was fun to start with but the joke has gone on for long enough.¬† Jehadi Jez and his Britain¬† hating comrades are damaging our democracy. The Labour party’s terrorist sympathising, security threatening, Britain hating ideology is alienating people … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

So Comrade Jez decided to use somebody else’s speech from 1980 instead of his own. He’s also U-turned on everything he was elected on. He’s U-Turned on People’s QE, Scrapping Trident and renationalising our railways. I feel completely betrayed. If … Continue reading

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