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Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack

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The Renegotiation Farce.

David Cameron was right to renegotiate but unfortunately due to the ideological nature of the EU project, he has come back with nothing. And look how quickly they’re going back on the deal. YESTERDAY: Cameron – deal recognises EU as … Continue reading

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Labour Junk Mail in Cambridge

Cambridge Labour have been delivering junk mail in the city’s Petersfield Ward and East Anglia’s Premier Political blogger has obtained a copy. The front page talks about Mill Road being resurfaced and a path being upgraded in the Mill Road … Continue reading

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Such is Labour’s Hatred of Britain

The fact that Labour hate Britain is well established but there are some things that make it clearer. Recently Jeremy Corbyn went over to the camp near Calais to have some of it’s inhabitants take selfies of themselves with the … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour’s lies about the Suffolk Fire Service

On Monday the Ipswich Borough Leader, David Ellesmere had a party political broadcast about changes to the fire service. The whole ranting and rambling article is designed to frighten people. Why do Labour do this? Why are they constantly economic … Continue reading

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Ben Gummer: A Happy Day When We See the BNP Pass Away

When I was first elected, I was sent a link to a video by a constituent who had stood in the same election for the British National Party.¬† He recommended I watch it for the good of Ipswich but did … Continue reading

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Homelessness in Ipswich

Before Christmas a couple of people talked to me about homelessness in Ipswich. They informed me that people who had been living in Ipswich for three or four years were being told by the borough council that they didn’t have … Continue reading

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