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Regressive Politics

A British Rail Sandwich I don’t want for I remember well. And to go back we just can’t, it would be hell. So we can’t go back to the seventies. A throw back, would take us there. Are they completely … Continue reading

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Well said Chris Grayling

From here. It’s Groundhog Day in the Labour Party The old days are here again. Derek Hatton and George Galloway are talking about rejoining Labour. The militants are back. The hair might be greyer – but their views are the … Continue reading

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Mines and Collieries Act 1842

On this day in 1842, the then Tory government’s Mines and Collieries Act came into force banning women and children from working in coal mines. We understand that the regressive Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters want to send them back … Continue reading

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Scrutiny Commitee Meeting Report

On Thursday evening I attended the Ipswich Borough Scrutiny Committee meeting They discussed the shortage of school places. Sprites councillor for Labour, Roger Fern asked Conservative County Councillor responsible for education, Lisa Chambers what the county council was doing to … Continue reading

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Public meeting with police and crime commissioner

Public meeting tonight at Belstead Arms pub with Suffolk police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore at 5 p.m. this evening. Organised by Conservative councillor for Sprites Ward, Bob Hall.

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Ipswich Labour in Crisis

The author of the dRoss Blog has launched another couched attack on me on Twitter. I really think that those above him should order him to stop these couched attacks on their favourite blogger. I thought that when the author … Continue reading

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Financial Times’ global reach can transform the fight against trafficking

Originally posted on STOP THE TRAFFIK blog spot:
The greatest gift to a trafficker is the ability to operate in the shadows and work unseen, to maintain a state of denial enabling the growth of profits through this global crime…

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