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Marine d’Arc parle au nom du peuple

Here  Ipswich’s very own barmy bolshevik blogger, Comrade Coates has written a nasty article against the next president of France. He claims that she is a fake secularist. Such a statement would have been more interesting when Mr Coates was … Continue reading

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Freedom United: “One Voice to End Modern Slavery.

Walk Free is changing their name to Freedom United. The new website will encourage people around the world to get educated about this complex issue, get involved in advocacy, amplify the message, track their impact, and more. Existing members will receive early … Continue reading

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This Week’s New European

This week’s New European is more outragous than last week’s. The front page has the head line “Is Trump a Fascist?” Then it makes him sound like them with attacks on judges, minorities and free speech. On the second page … Continue reading

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Stewart Jackson MP’s Westminster Life column in the Peterborough Telegraph

This week, the Government launched its new housing White Paper for consultation, entitled “Fixing our Broken Housing Market”. I’ve always taken a great interest in housing and planning and that’s why in response to what I thought was an incoherent … Continue reading

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Ben Gummer Waxes Lyrical about the Fourth Oldest Port in the Country

Ben Gummer MP says Ipswich Port – a hidden success story Here’s a question for you.  Which port in the United Kingdom last year exported more agricultural products than anywhere else?  Felixstowe?  Southampton?  Hull?  Liverpool?  None of these. It was … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour still lying about Libraries.

In Ipswich Labour’s last piece of junk mail they claimed that Ipswich Labour saved Libraries. That is a lie. The reason no libraries closed was because of the brilliant divestment strategy put forward by then Suffolk County Tory portfolio holder … Continue reading

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Dutch MP Geert Wilders on skynews 8/2/17G

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