Take a stand against torture

Right now the UK stands at a crossroads. As we prepare to leave Europe and forge new relationships across the globe, now is a critical time for us to stand by our values. To stand strong against torture in all its forms, wherever it occurs.

The UK has a proud tradition of championing human rights and the absolute ban on torture. Our moral and legal leadership against torture dates back for centuries. We need your help to make sure these values are not torn up and consigned to history because of uncertainty, fear and division.

Torture is always wrong, proven as ineffective and illegal under international law. Despite this, it is actively used in countries across the world to control dissent and silence people. We know this because we support survivors from those countries every day.

As the Prime Minister continues to build relationships with other countries, we must ensure that turning a blind eye to torture is not an option.

Petition to the Prime Minister here.


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New project to replace Network Ipswich


‘Network Suffolk’ is about enabling unity of the Christian community across the region by providing a place to share stories and information. We aim to facilitate communication – to connect and build relationships – where people can be encouraged and inspired in their walk of faith and to share and work together.

The new ‘Network Suffolk’ web site and social media will look to share what God is doing in the lives of people and communities within our towns and villages. 

The web site is currently being developed for a formal launch in September 2017. We will also use the new ‘Network Suffolk’ Facebook group and our Twitter account to communicate with a wide range of people across our communities.

This initiative has evolved from the Network Ipswich web site which will be shut down. It has come from over a year of reflection, prayer and conversations, where it became apparent that there was a new team of people who had been inspired to redevelop this project.

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Stop the Saudi execution spree

Fourteen men in Saudi Arabia are facing imminent execution by beheading after ‘confessing’ – through torture – to violent offences during their alleged participation in anti-government demonstrations.
It’s obvious that their unfair trial was a complete sham, and these men must not lose their lives over it.
A coerced confession fails to meet international fair trial standards, and despite the men telling the court they had been tortured, these claims have never been investigated. They are clearly victims of the Saudi commitment to use the death penalty as a weapon to crush dissent and political opponents.
These men could be killed any moment now – they desperately need our help. Join us in urging that the executions are halted, and these men get the fair trial they deserve.
Sign petition to stop this to the nasty regime of that human rights cesspool here
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J.P.Floru: How to inoculate your children against socialism

From here.

J.P.Floru is a Westminster City councillor and author of The Sun Tyrant: A Nightmare called North Korea.

Many parents despair when they see their children vote for a system which would not only destroy their savings, but also their children’s future. We see 20 year olds with £700 IPhones march for Marxism. Children, who grew up in the house their parents worked hard to buy, tweet against private property. Oil-rich Venezuela is in the poor house and in flames thanks to Marxism, yet our young think Jeremy Corbyn is cool.

What can parents do? Avoid reading Robin Hood as a bedtime story?  I asked around, and came up with a few answers.

I must add a disclaimer. We should be careful not to see ‘the young’ as a collective body of Labour voters. The general election gives a skewed impression, since Corbyn’s tuition fee con misled many. Large herds of left-wing activists occupy social media – but how many in the world out there are actually swayed by it? Not every millennial is a ‘snowflake’, gagging for a safe space where their tender feelings will not be offended – but this makes for good social media stories. There is ample evidence that the young are in fact not socialists, but quite right-wing libertarian.

Teachers are often blamed. Several polls found that they are far more left-wing than the average voter: one YouGov survey found that 57 per cent of teachers vote Labour, and only 16 per cent Conservative. But is this new? I remember walking out of my class as a 13 year old a few decades ago, when my mathematics teacher was explaining why everybody should earn the same salary. He was an avowed communist. This at a Catholic public school. Socialist teachers have been around for decades.

Yet all the left-wing teachers in the world, for many decades, have not been able to wipe out right-wing beliefs among at least some of the young.  Why are there still some right-wing pupils left?

I asked around, and came up with four explanations.

1 Rebellion

Jacob Rees-Mogg believes that teenagers are naturally rebellious. Pupils would be likely to oppose figures of authority, such as teachers.

The strange thing is that pupils generally do not object to non-teaching figures of authority, such as left-wing pop stars or actors. In fact, pop stars and actors seem to be more successful in dragging young people into socialism than teachers or professors.

2 Inoculation

Michael Clark, a barrister, believes that children are effectively ‘innoculated’ by their parents. Long before they attend school, children from normal households will have heard the views of their parents. The children may reject those views, but at least they will be cognisant of them. When your child comes home from school with the teacher’s communist beliefs, you can offer an alternative view.

This is not about counter-brainwashing your children into right-wing thinking, but rather making them aware that there is an intelligent argument for it, and that they have a choice. Parents should take the time to do this.

3 Objective truth

Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute says that young people are generally intelligent enough to realise that the right-wing view of the world is the correct view. Free market economics work; socialism doesn’t. Marxism, that invented ideology which never worked anywhere, has a tough sell. One only has to look at Venezuela: a prosperous society which was turned into a beggar state after a few decades of socialism. Teachers are but one source of information for the young.

4 Understanding personal economics

Another explanation is something I learned myself. Parents can teach their children the values of work, saving, and financial prudence. Later, the children will realise that the state’s budget is but a macro version of their own. When the great Margaret Thatcher explained the nation’s economy through the imagery of her father’s corner shop, she was onto something.

How to instil financial responsibility and a work ethic into your children? It’s pretty easy. Never give your children anything for free. Reward them when they work. Encourage them to seek summer jobs. Give them a very small weekly allowance, but never pay for any toys, etc upon demand. The small weekly sum will teach them to save, and to postpone gratification.

And what about sharing? Make sure that your child realises that he or she is free to share or not. By all means tell them it would be a good idea, and morally recommendable, but never force them. Never make them share as a matter of course. And never ever take your child’s private property away – except in the most extreme circumstances.

Never allow micro-communism to creep into your household. It will seem tough to the young person, as it was for me when my parents did precisely that. I thought it was unfair when, for example, I had to contribute to buy a new bicycle which I used to go to school; or to buy the desired box of lego. Yet decades later, my account has never been in the red. I never expect anybody else to subsidise my lifestyle. And I have limitless admiration for people who make it in the free market economy and no time at all for socialist rantings.

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Response to Labour’s Rant about Potholes

One of the most annoying things a political activist hears across this land from any council regardless of which party is in control, is the phrase “It’s not deep enough.” The time that phrase annoyed me the most was when it was deep enough to buckle the front wheel on one of my mountain bikes and a less experienced cyclist would have lost control of their bike on a busy roundabout. But the criterion has been set.

The front cover of today’s Morning Ipswich Star has a story about Sprites Councillor for Labour Colin Smart making a bobble about potholes in his ward and up Whitton. You can read Paul Geater’s Labour Party propaganda here.

To a point I agree with both Councillor Smart and Suffolk County Council. A Suffolk County Council spokesperson said

Many of the pictures showed concrete estate roads that had been covered by a thin layer of asphalt that had been worn away – but that did not mean the surfaces had a hole or were uneven.

I agree with this. It makes the roads look unpleasant aesthetically, but it is not a danger to road users. Nobody is going to end up off the road, have a tyre blow out or lose their gear boxes because it.

The Morning Ipswich Star mentions Denton Close and has a picture of where the asphalt has worn rather than a picture of genuine potholes further up the road which I reported on the 23rd of January last year. The report of which can be seen here.

Suffolk Labour group leader Sandra Gage says that it should be brought to the South West Area Committee. I’m looking forward to that.



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Conservatives Announce new six year strategy to improve mental health and wellbeing of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.


There has been coverage of our new six year strategy to improve mental health and wellbeing of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

We are pleased there is now a greater understanding of the impact of putting people in harm’s way and making them experience things that most people will never see in their lives. It is so important for us to have the mental health strategy that recognises the sacrifice that individuals have given for the security of our country.

The strategy includes periods of ‘decompression’ for service personnel after combat operations and new learning packages for NHS GPs on veteran health issues.

Issues might not necessarily be there in the first week or two after they’ve come back, they could materialise ten years after they’ve actually left the armed forces, but that is when they need to be aware that there is help and support that can be provided to them.

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Therese Coffey’s Constituency Tour

tour-137Therese will once again be visiting every town and village in her constituency over a week as she embarks on her constituency tour during the final week of August.

From Tuesday 29th August to Friday 1st September, Therese will criss-cross the 302 square miles of the Suffolk Coastal constituency, stopping off in towns and villages to talk with residents in community halls, pubs and shops.

Therese said: “I look forward to stopping off at every part of the constituency from Levington to Leiston and Uggeshall to Ufford. This is an invitation for residents to come and talk to me about any issue.”

Details of where Therese will be each day are available here.

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