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Slaves Sold on Twitter

Two Moroccan women have been advertised on Saudi Arabian Twitter, sold as domestic workers for lump sums of cash.

DW reports:

The woman on the right is described as being 30 years old, with five years’ work experience in Saudi Arabia, and knows how to cook and clean; she is offered for 1500 Saudi riyal (€325, $397). The woman on the left is described as “able to cook Saudi dishes and enjoys children.” She is also being offered for 1500 riyal.

The case is clear-cut: “This is an example of slavery,” Yasmine Ajoutat, a Moroccan blogger on women’s issues and human rights told DW.  She explained that foreign women working as housemaids in Saudi Arabia are severely restricted in what they may do. For example, many Saudis do not allow their maids to own a cell phone to communicate with their families.

In one ad the seller complains that they are selling a Moroccan woman as a housemaid due to “her ambition to obtain a mobile phone.” In another Twitter post, a passport of a Moroccan woman had been taken away and used to advertise the maid for sale.

Saudi Arabia began allowing Morrocans to be domestic workers in the country since 2011, though all domestic workers are subject to the kafala system, which ties a worker’s visa to their employer. This scheme has long been criticized as it makes it extremely difficult for domestic workers to escape abusive situations where employers seize their passports, withhold payment, and even deny them the ability to leave Saudi Arabia.

DW also notes that some Saudi female employers have been charged with violence against Moroccan domestic workers out of fear that they would seduce their husbands.

More here

I was so shocked about this that I investigated if people were being sold on Ebay.

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Leader of the German AfD party Speaks up for Britain

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Corbyn’s Socialist Utopia

From here


SAN CASIMIRO, Venezuela — Kenyerber Aquino Merchán was 17 months old when he starved to death.

His father left before dawn to bring him home from the hospital morgue. He carried Kenyerber’s skeletal frame into the kitchen and handed it to a mortuary worker who makes house calls for Venezuelan families with no money for funerals……….

……But deaths from malnutrition have remained a closely guarded secret by the Venezuelan government. In a five-month investigation by The New York Times, doctors at 21 public hospitals in 17 states across the country said that their emergency rooms were being overwhelmed by children with severe malnutrition — a condition they had rarely encountered before the economic crisis began.

Such suffering due to the faithful implementation of the evil ideology of socialism. Yet Corbyn want to inflict such suffering on Britain due to his brain being rotted by the ideology and a pathological hatred of this country.

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The Economic Imperialism of the EU

The EU want to keep Northern Ireland in the customs union because the Northern Irish economy is considerably bigger than Scotland’s. They are attempting an act of economic imperialism. Has anyone asked where the Isle of Man (not a member of the EU) fits in with their hair brain Polish-Corridoresque crazy idea? We voted to leave the EU as the UK and all the UK shall leave.

What the EU are suggesting would hurt the Northern Ireland economy and therefore hurt the Irish economy. Of course the imperialists in Brussels forget that such an arrangement, due to the Irish constitution would have to go to a referendum in the Republic of Ireland and the people will say “No” of course after this they will insist that the Republic of Ireland has another referendum and then another until they vote the right way. The EU has a history of bullying the Republic of Ireland and now they’re trying to bully the Republic of Ireland to punish us for leaving.

The EU are suggesting what is good for them and detriment to the people of the UK and Ireland. But being Stockholmites, Remainiacs, Remoaners and some Staylinists can’t see it due to a love for their oppressors. The solution is quite simple. The Republic of Ireland follows us out of the EU and then the EU won’t be able to continually bully them. The EU likes picking on the smaller countries and we have always been openly saying how much it stinks.

Also such an arrangement would mean that Northern Ireland would have to pay the EU lots of money so in reality the UK would still be giving lots of money to the EU. The EU follows an ideology of economic imperialism.


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Atheists face prison in Egypt as Non-Belief may be made illegal.

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Ipswich Labour take Gipping Ward for Granted

Last week Ipswich Labour’s candidate for Gipping Ward decided to visit the best pub in Ipswich hoping that Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger was going to be in there. We have been informed that they all told her how marvellous Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger was.

Ipswich Labour take Gipping Ward for granted and the present wintery weather shows how neglected it is by them. Gipping is one of the most hilly wards in the town and yet there is only one grit bin in the entire Ward. In response to this the King Of Gipping has been about the ward today discussing grit bins with residents and how because Ipswich Labour don’t care, there is an absence of them in Gipping compared to other wards in the town.

Also this local political Facebook page has just come alight.

Gipping Ward needs someone who takes pride in their local community and is willing to act to make it better on the council rather than the careerists Labour offer in Borough elections.

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