Ipswich Labour Rewrite History

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Saint Johns Ward. A copy of which has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger. It slags off the Tories blaming the county council for potholes that don’t get fixed because Labour councillors are to lazy to report them.

The Leaflet then contains an article  that insinuaates that Labour councillors Sandra Gage and Shelly Darwin are on the same par as Millicent Fawcett. To say that a suffragette from a hundred years ago is of equal importance as Shelly Darwin and Sandra Gage is risible. The leaflet also claims that Shelly Darwin tried to stop Tory closures of libraries when no libraries were ever scheduled to close and no libraries have closed. Are Ipswich Labour still banging that drum? One thing that can be said about Ipswich Labour is that they keep their lies consistent even when the evidence that they are lying is clear for all to see.  It says that Sandra Gage was one of the first female highways engineers to work at Suffolk County council. How does that make her equal to Millicent Fawcett?

Clearly Ipswich Labour are claiming to be fighting a battle that was won a century ago. Millicent Fawcett fought against an unjust inequality that was there. Now the Labour party are fighting against an unjust inequality that doesn’t exist.

Full suffrage was given to women a hundred years ago by a Conservative government, the first female MP elected to the house of commons was a Conservative MP, the first female party leader was a Conservative leader, the first female prime minister was a Conservative prime minister. Nobody would even put Millicent Fawcett on the same parr as Conservative prime ministers Margeret Thatcher and Theresa May so to compare Shelly Darwin and Sandra Gage with her is ridiculous.

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Lib Dem Focus


In typical Lib Dem style, Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem, Inga Lockington has been claiming responsibility for things Conservative Councillors, Chris Chambers and Lee Reynolds have done. She has a long history of claiming to have done things other people have done. The Lib Dems often claimed that they had done things that Ben Gummer had done. Obviously they can’t claim to have done anything Alexander has done because he never does anything, so they now claim to do things that Conservative councillors have done instead. At present Inga is claiming to have got the 20mph zone in Anglesea Road when it was Chris chambers who did it. She’d been a councillor for years and nothing happened then Chris Chambers was elected and then it did happen because he made it happen. You can read about it here.

In Woodbridge the Lib Dems have done a deal with Labour and are not standing in the by election. What have Labour offered in return?

In Southwold and Reyden the Lib Dems have done a deal with the Greens so the Green’s are not putting up a candidate there. What the Green’s have been offered in return is irrelevant because the Lib Dems are not likely to keep their side of the deal. The Lib Dem’s are duplicitous backstabbers who do not keep deals. For instance, when in coalition, they broke the agreement which was an AV referendum in exchange for parliamentary reform. You can’t trust the dirty, misleading, vicious Lib Dems.


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Alexander’s not Great

It is one year since Sandy Martin became the MP for Ipswich and this post shall go through his acheivements.

In the first year Ipswich’s previous MP, Ben Gummer was elected, he saved a post office, saved emergency heart services at Ipswich hospital, got funding for a school to be rebuilt and had the port noise stopped.

Alexander’s record for his first year is somewhat differant. First he tried to stop millions of pounds being invested in Ipswich and found out he couldn’t. After this the port noise returned and Alexander has done nothing about it. Then he voted against the wishes of 58% of his constituents by voting against the EU Withdrawel bill. Alexander’s not Great

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What a beautiful looking document.

An Object of Beauty

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Shenanigans and Intrigue amongst the Greens and Lib Dems

We understand that the Lib Dems and Greens are in alliance across Suffolk

Waveney Green Party have chosen not to stand a candidate in the Southwold & Reydon by-election because they believe that the Yellow peril’s candidate, has a good chance of winning and that he will be able to work closely with Green Councillor Graham Elliott on Waveney District Council, if residents of Southwold & Reydon have the misfortune of having him elected.

Also, the Greens are in talks with the Yellow Peril in Ipswich.

We also understand that there has been some shinanigans and intrigue between the Greens and the Lib Dems in Woodbridge but we haven’t found out what it’s all about yet.

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Labour/Lib Dem Junk Mail in Kyson Ward

Though the Woodbridge Lib Dems called the by election in Kyson Ward, they have not put up a candidate and have thrown their hat in with Labour. Labour have delivered some junk mail in Kyson Ward. It has a picture of the Labour candidate with the Lib Dem county councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page. The leaflet talks about a need for change as if Sue Bale hasn’t been around for ages and ages. The Labour/Lib Dem leaflet, is a flyer of complete nothingness. It tells people so little, I don’t know why they bothered to deliver it.

The Conservative Candidate Chris Mapey lives in Woodbridge, is the landlord of the Angel and anyone who has ever spoken to him about Woodbridge is aware of his passion for the town. His involvement with things like  Choose Woodbridge and local events tells us that he already is a great asset to Woodbridge and therefore would be a great asset to Woodbridge on the town council.

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Signs in Woodbridge (or lack of them)

According to the latest copy of East Coast Extra

New signs looking to celebrate the town of Woodbridge have been blasted by two councillors for being created with inaccuracies on the crest. The new signs cost Woodbridge town council £8,200 and would be placed at the number of locations across the Town.  These would include Elmhurst Park, Fen Meadow and Kingston Field. They would replace old signage at the different locations.

But there is a problem as the East Suffolk Extra continues to say later on

The crest used on the new signage is a modification of the existing Crest. The College of arms has determined that it is unlawful to bear arms which have not been authorised by the Crown or by her majesty’s heraldic authorities of the College of arms, and accordingly the new signage cannot be used.

Apparantly, the cockerels  which were originally taken from he ancient crest recorded for the Seckford family at the visitation of Suffolk in 1561 and 1577, are facing the wrong way and the rose which  commemorates Edward Fitzgerald’s residence in Woodbridge during the 19th century, is a new design.

Also, only a quarter of them have been delivered and so the council should be refunded. This matter is going to be discussed by Woodbridge town councils finance and staffing committee at its next meeting.

Another matter regarding signage is the damage done to the Olde Bell and Steel Yard by a tall lorry in April. We wait for Suffolk County Council to close the road so it can be repaired. Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page claims that it would’t have been damaged if her daft 20mph zones proposal had been put in place. I disagree because firstly, putting the wieght of the average lorry into account, damage would still occur if the speed was 10 mph less because F=MA. Secondly, with the way you turn into New Street and with the bend in the road and the parked cars along it, you’d have to be a complete prat to be doing 30 mph down there anyway.

As, areas outside schools already have 20mph zones, there is no need for anymore. Also, Suffolk Constabulary have openly said that they wouldn’t enforce it.

As Caroline thinks her 20 mph scheme would solve it, she’s not interested in a proper solution. The issue of the Olde Bell and Steel Yard having so many hits and near misses is not a problem related to speed. It is a problem of insufficient signage. There is a hieght restriction sign at the junction of Grundisburgh Road and the By Pass, but there is no hieght restriction signs anywhere else. So a lorry driver travelling from Wickham way gets told by his prat nav to go down Hasketon Road and there is no signage to put them off going down there. I have discussed this with a couple of local Conservatives so that now the resolving of this issue is in the process of taking place.

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