Ipswich Labour at War

Intelligence sources inform us that a very important subject has been on the agenda of at least one Ipswich Labour meeting recently. The subject being, their favourite blog. Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has been informed that comrades of Ipswich Labour are most concerned about all the good stories involving the shenanigans and skulduggery between the different comrade factions, that their favourite blogger manages to obtain. One story he has recently received is that they have been told to leave public places if their favourite blogger happens to be in them. We have been informed that the witch hunting that is going on due to  a number of leaks revealed on their favourite blog would have Matthew Hopkins call for restraint. But socialism is a nasty, totalitarian ideology isn’t it?

As always there is much discord between those who want a Labour Government and the adherents of the cultus of Jeremy Islington. The Corbyn Cultus are obtaining more influence as ‘Blairites’ leave the party.

Labour county councillors are very annoyed by the Labour borough councillors closing the crèche’s because even they are smart enough to realise that it messes up their ranting nonsense about sure start centres. Better still, a number of borough councillors are also annoyed with the decision including some very prominent ones. A number of them are very annoyed with having to vote against the Tories at full council because they agreed with the Tory amendment and the united front was just a façade.

Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger will continue to share all the interesting stories about what is going on amongst Ipswich Labour on their favourite blog and he will continue to share all the really good stuff he receives about campaign strategies and the like with the relevant people at CCHQ.

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Ipswich Labour’s Appalling Record on Children’s Services


IBC Crèche Users Campaigning to keep service running

Ipswich Labour are intent on closing borough crèche services but believe that they can be holier than thou by indulging in whataboutery. It is hypocrisy on their part due to their appalling record when it comes to children’s services.

In July 2014 the County Council closed six Sure Start Centres making a saving of a quarter of a million pounds without any major detriment to the users of the service. Holier than thou Ipswich Labour having been obsequiously claiming it to be the most terrible thing imaginable while claiming that they would never do such a terrible thing because they are such caring people. The truth is they are caring people but the problem is, the only thing they care about is themselves. This is why they would rather keep the Angle which promotes them than keep the crèches. This is also why they would rather keep the area committee chair allowances than keep the crèche’s.

They claim that they fund good things through the Area Committees as if somebodies train fare from Manchester is a good way of spending Ipswich people’s money. But in 2015, Labour councillors on the South West Area Committee refused a funding request for the Ipswich Foundation Years project. A project that addresses the problem that children from poorer backgrounds arrive at school with lower levels of language/cognition, and daily living skills, and self-control. These factors mean poorer children do less well academically and this disadvantage continues throughout school. Labour councillors on the South West Area Committee refused the funding request because they believe that poor people are more likely to vote for them and themselves is the only thing they care about. While they were refusing the funding request, they claimed that the county council was cruel closing sure start centres. At that meeting the Ipswich Foundation Years project was the most worthy of funding of all the requests, but Labour councillors were more interested in themselves and so it was outrageously the only one where the funding request was refused. Naturally they didn’t mention that the patron of the project is Conservative MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer.

Now in 2017 Ipswich Labour are insisting on closing borough crèche services because they want to spend money on Area Committees and the Angle promoting themselves. Yet they still have the audacity to self righteously talk about Sure Start Centres.

It is just as well that children’s services is primarily the responsibility of the Conservative run county council because Ipswich Labour’s record on children’s services is truly abysmal due to their callous way of looking after themselves.

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How Out of Touch is Jeremy of Islington?

Just how out of touch is Jeremy of Islington and his Labour Party?

In light of the fact that they have asked the few people who now support them to write to George Osborne, petitioning him not to cut benefits for disabled people, indicates that the answer is, totally.


This demonstrates how Labour are totally out of touch with what is going on. It follows on from Ipswich Labour harping on about libraries in a leaflet recently.

As George Osborne is no longer Chancellor, this demonstrates how out of touch Labour are and also demonstrates the nature of their  campaigning methods. As George Osborne is not chancellor he isn’t cutting anything, therefore the statement concerning him making cuts isn’t true. Labour’s preferred campaign method is lying to the electorate.

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Labour Councillors Spit Dummies at Full Council Meeting

At the Ipswich Borough Council meeting a couple of weeks ago, the Conservative group voted against Labour’s infrastructure delivery plan for the Ipswich Garden Suburb.


Top end of the better part of Ipswich

The purpose of the document was meant to set the scope of infrastructure which needs to be provided to support the quantity of housing planned, and address the various infrastructure needs which are essential, including schools, highway improvements, bridges and a country park.

The document has a serious scarcity of infrastructure detail around transport and sewage. There was no mention of allowing space for a northern relief road either, so rightfully the Conservative group meticulously pointed out the documents failures to explain their intention to vote against it as is explained by Ipswich Conservatives in more detail here.

This lead to a couple of major dummy spitting moments by prominent Labour councillors. Councillor Carole Jones started ranting and raving saying how she couldn’t believe that after voting for the previous motion the Conservatives were concerned about inadequate drainage for sewage and the possibility of flooding in areas of North Ipswich. She made quite a spectacle of her self. After  she had her tantrum, Councillor Ross decided to have a


Labour Councillor during the debate

tantrum too. Councillor Alasdair Ross got into  a total rant accusing the Tories of not wanting homes to be built and being a NIMBY party. The fact that it was the infrastructure plan and not about merely building houses was something Councillor Ross came across as oblivious to. He stomped and banged on the table asking when the Tories are going to support people, which ironically is what th eTories were doing. It really was a spectacle to behold and no doubt those in the gallery who left early and  missed it, after reading this are regretting  leaving early now.

It had been a very long meeting, so perhaps the two Labour councillors who indulged in the undignified dummy spitting were very tired and ended up not acting in a way we expect our public servants to act.

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Tory Campaigning in Ipswich

At this years AGM this next weekend’s campaigning activities were discussed. On Saturday Ipswich Conservatives will be joined by a number of MP’s and a number of activists battle hardened from campaigning in Copeland and Stoke recently. The day shall involve canvassing specific target wards  and a leaflet delivery across the constituency. It’s supposed to be a secret but gossip is always best when it’s shared in the strictest of confidence. For some unknown reason they are refusing to give me a copy of the leaflet. Was it something that I said?

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Two men arrested following an incident in Ipswich have now been charged.

Two men arrested following an incident in Ipswich have now been charged.

George-Hari Constantinescu and Danut Gheorghe, both aged 29 and both of the Woodbridge area, have been charged earlier this morning with attempted rape and kidnap.

The arrests come after CCTV images were released of individuals that police wanted to speak to in connection with the incident, which took place on Rope Walk in the early hours of the morning on Saturday 25 February.

As a result of the public appeal, two men were arrested on Saturday 4 March and questioned by detectives at Martlesham Police Investigation Centre.

Both men are due to appear before Ipswich Magistrates Court this morning, Monday 6 March.

Police would like to extend their thanks to the media and public for their assistance with the recent press appeal.

Note to editors

We are no longer looking to trace the individuals in the CCTV appeal images, and would kindly ask that all CCTV images are removed from any websites, online editions and social media you may have shared as soon as possible.

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London-centric Labour

Here is a video of Labour’s Dawn Butler explaining why they lost Copeland.

So Jeremy of Islington’s troops couldn’t get there because of Car Sickness. Obviously they would be unaware that you can get trains to there from London. I mean why would there be trains there? As far as Jeremy of Islington’s fellow multi culti, liberal elite friends are aware, there is absolutely nothing beyond the M25. Why would there be? Us ignorant Neanderthals who live beyond the M25 don’t even know how to use a knife and fork so a ticket machine would be way beyond us.

There is a story going around that a lot of Jeremy’s henchtrots in London have such a belief that their is nothing beyond the M25, that they never went to Copeland and went to Copland High School in the Borough of Brent by mistake. It must have been even more confusing for them considering it’s had it’s name changed. There’s a bit about the school they all went to by mistake here.

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