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Ipswich Executive Meeting Report

On Wednesday, the author of East Anglia’s Premier Political Blog observed the Ipswich borough Executive meeting. Item 8 was IPSWICH URBAN CHARACTER SUPPLEMENTARY PLANNING DOCUMENT – CHANTRY, STOKE PARK AND MAIDENHALL https://democracy.ipswich.gov.uk/documents/s11106/E-15-03%20Urban%20Character%20SPD%20Chantry%20Stoke%20Park%20Maidenhall.pdf This covers area’s not protected by conservation area … Continue reading

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Labour Support Overcrowded Housing Conditions

At yesterday’s meeting of the Ipswich Politburo Executive, Item 6 had the title of Protocol for IBC Tenants Affected by Housing Benefit Changes due to Under Occupation, though the comrades of Ipswich Labour insisted on using the term ‘Bedroom Tax’ … Continue reading

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