Ipswich Labour’s Gerrymandering etc.

Ipswich Labour are most concerned about the way their vote is declining in Gipping Ward with their majority down to 254 they are most concerned. This is without putting into account that their favourite blogger is returning next year to make the possibility of Gipping turning blue a certainty. Though because of Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger’s exile they know their dear leader dodged a bullet.

In an attempt to shore up their falling vote, Ipswich Labour are engaging in a pointless gerrymandering exercise. They are turning the former BT site in Bibb Way into council houses. This is the similar gerrymandering as they did when they put Ravenswood in Priory He Ward to stop Gainsborough going blue.

The Ipswich Labour Star is waxing lyrical about this. No doubt we can exopect an article by the Ellesmere/Geater collaboration shortly.

In the seven years Ipswich Conservative led Ipswich Borough Council they built an average of 165 affordable homes a year. In the ten years since Ipswich Labour took control, they have built an average of 71 affordable homes a year. That’s 750 families who have missed out in the last 10 years.

The author of the dRoss Blog has put up a defence against Ipswich Labours appalling record on affordable housing to which I have responded. He puts it down to the pandemic

That is such a ridiculous excuse, SAGE could make a better one for the drop in Covid cases.

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UK scraps quarantine for fully vaccinated EU, US visitors

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What Exactly is the Explaination for the Drop in Cases

Well it’s quite easy to explain and it shall be later on in this post.

But first there is another matter that has people scratching their heads. According to ‘experts’ on the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune it was an absolute certianty that if Freedom Day occured then cases would go up to 100,000 a day. As the BBC is supposed to be a bastion of truth then surely that is going to happen even though cases are going down. So why are the BBC talking about the pandemic in the past tense?

Surely they haven’t made such an obvious gramatical error. That was yesterday and they haven’t apologised for the confusion. Neither have they corrected anything. The pandemic can’t be in the past while cases are going to be at a 100,000 a day. Maybe the BBC need to be fact checking their own stories.

Now today the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune along with virtually everybody else have been frantically publishing stories about anything but Covid-19 and not mentioning the biggest story on the Pandemic so far.

Then today just days after his 100,000 a say anouncement, Neil Ferguson is saying that by late September/October the pandemic will be over. How could both predictions be right? Looking at Ferguson’s record, both predictions are likely to be wrong. So maybe it will be over by the end of August.

So why are everybody in SAGE scratching their heads wondering what exactly the explaination is? Well if there was less psychologists amongst them and more proper scientists amongst them, perhaps they would know what is going on. Someone isn’t likely to ascertain why a virus has behaved a certain way through something that uses the likes of Greco/Roman paganism and Zen Buddhism to establish things.

So what is the explaination? Clearly they can’t say the vaccine has brought cases down because they have stated that the vaccines don’t stop infections or transmission. That’s actually something they were right about.

Some bonkers lefties are claiming that cases are souring along with hospitalisations and deaths and the government are covering it up. After spending 16 months calling Lockdown Sceptics conspiracy theorists, they’re coming out with the population control conspiracy. We don’t need to say why their claims are wrong because readers of this blog aren’t complete fruitloops.

So what is the exact explaination?

In light of the fact that the Spanish Flu did this and the Hong Kong Flu did this could the exact explianation be that it’s what viruses do? A pandemic naturally has a number of peaks and troughs. This one has been no different. This sounds like a good explaination but it would prove that previous lockdowns were a waste of time and only achieved economic carnage and national misery. It proves what the Stanford University study said which is lockdowns were nothing to do with previous decreases in cases.

So in summary the exact explaination is that us Pro Vax Lockdown Sceptics have been right all along.

After 16 months of being accused of being conspiracy theorists and being mad, stupid, ignorant of science and being told graphs are to complicated for the likes of us, we are being vindicated.

Battle fatigue is no more at the point of victory.

For the predictions concerning opening up to be true cases have to go up to the point that the exponential curve has to take an extreme angle. No data analysist or statistician worth their salt would say it’s possible. What is likely to happen is that the curve will be less steep so that the infection rate goes down more gradually. After which it is possible that it could curve back round to go up again at some point so there is another rise but it looks unlikely. But SAGE aren’t predicting this because as the evidence that the Lockdown philosophy is weapons grade bollocks has been revealed and is being revealed they aren’t saying much at all. Maybe they’re looking into which nasty governments around the world will give them safe haven.

Concerning how justice should be served, this blog has produced this survey


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Song about NHS (Nobody’s Home Sorry)

A song about the refusal to treat patients out soon in a reputable long covid clinic near you (one thats open)

From Here

Nobody’s home
On our own
They left in a hurry
Nobody’s home… sorry
Is that right?
Shite, shite, shite
That’s not right
Shite, shite, shite
No, not quite right
Shite, shite, shite
Bullocks for brains
They’ve gone insane
None remain
Hit the refrain:
Shite, shite, shite
That’s not right
Shite, shite, shite
No, not quite right
Shite, shite, shite

Nobody’s home
Left alone
The future is blurry
Nobody’s home… soooo sorry
Is that right?
Shite, shite, shite
That’s not right
Shite, shite, shite
No, not quite right
Shite, shite, shite
Bullocks for brains
They’ve gone insane
None remain
Hit the refrain:
Shite, shite, shite
That’s not right
Shite, shite, shite
No, not quite right
Shite, shite, shite
(Nobody’s home…
… who’ll give the dog a bone?)

Link to MP4 below


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Neil Ferguson’s Terrifying Statement

Since then using his tarot card modelling, Neil Ferguson predicted that opening up would cause cases to surge to 100,000 a day and could even reach 200,000.

Now today he said that the pandemic is nearly over and that by late September/October time we will be looking back at most of the pandemic. Here.

Oh shit!

How can he look two months ahead from now based on seven days data?

Neil Ferguson looking at Data on his laptop
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The Jeremiad Caroline Lucas

Previously on this blog we have exposed the link between the all party parliamentary group on Coronavirus lead by Lahla Moron and the left wing campaign group March for Change. For example here and here. This was back in January. After some investigation tthe link between the APPG and March for Change was taken to the Parliamentary Standards Committee. After which March for Change were made to take the parliamentary crowned portcullis off their website.

At present according to their website, March for Change, is ‘against a damaging US trade deal, for protecting our high British-European standards, and for rebuilding our collaborative relationship with our European neighbours.’ In other words America is evil and the EU can do no wrong. The EU sending illegal immigrants to Libya to end up in slavery is of no concern to them due to the amount of fairies in their brains.

Vice Chair of the APPG Coronavirus Caroline Lucas has recently sent an Email to March for Change subscribers and we have a screenshot of it.

Isn’t it interesting how  most people calling for a Covid inquiry, accuse the government of lifting the Communist dictats Covid restrictions too soon.

Cases souring? Hospitals filling up?

After making that statement anything Caroline Lucas says about impending environmental doom can not be taken seriously. Besides, as she thinks people should continue wearing masks so more and more of the bloody otiose things polute our oceans, why should we take her seriously about anything to do with the environment?

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Ellesmere’s Doom Mongering

The debate has still not come to it’s conclusion.

Where does Paul Geater starts and David Ellesmere end.

In yesterdays Morning Ipswich Labour Star Geater/Ellesmere under the pen name of David Ellesmere has written a peice claiming that Boris Johnson is wreckless ditching the communist policies of SAGE.

They claim that last week reminded us that, for most of this crisis, the government’s response has been characterised by dither, delay, chaos and confusion. How so? There was no dither or delay. The date for openiong up was set and on that date we opeened up.

They claim,

The most astonishing thing about Boris Johnson’s plan to let infections soar is that no one appears to have given any thought to the knock-on consequences.

This is astonishingly shoddy journalism even by Ellesmere/Geater standards. All they had to do was look on then government website and notice that cases are dropping at around 25% a day. It is likely that there will be no exit wave this time as there was no exit wave on the last two occasions SAGE’s Communist dictats were removed.

There’s been a similar patten over the last 18 months.

1. Cases start to increase

2. Scientists and Sage start their hysterical screeching about the increase in cases.

3. Increasingly extreme and absurd predictions are made about the impending doom.

4. Government buckles to the Sage Junta’s extremism and starts a lockdown.

5. Cases start falling immediately and scientists pat themselves on the back.

6. Two weeks after lockdown scientists realised that cases had already peaked and lockdown didn’t make any difference.

But this time was different.

1, The SAGE Junta and their allies predicted mass doom if restrictions were lifted.

2, The government ignored the Junta and the insane media and opened up.

3, Cases have come down.

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Labour Today

Labour at War

There is a battle raging within the Labour Party between the Blairites, the Corbynites, the Starmerites, momentum, Labour Grass Roots and Labour Against the Witch Hunt.

Keir Starmer has acted to expel certain members of the Labour Party but it is not going smoothly. Ipswich Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Comrade Coates has the stoy here. Yesterday Labour Against the Witch Hunt had an emergency meeting and there has been a call for a mass Communist Party. But though Labour Against the Witch Hunt (LAW) are preparing to storm the Bastille and put Starmer to the Madame Guillotine, they do it with great trepidation. Though they speak boldly of overthrowing the Menshevik Blairites to usher in 70 years of political misery for the Labour Party, they have great fear. It can be summed up by how the emergency meeting was advertised.

July 24, 6pm:
Emergency LAW members’ meeting

All members of Labour Against the Witchhunt will receive a Zoom invite in the next few days – if you join LAW before July 24 here, you may attend. If you are unsure if you’re a member, you can check your status here – login with your usual email address, then make sure to select ‘Labour Against the Witchhunt’ from the drop down list (a few groups use membersmojo and your email address gives you access to all your memberships managed by that system). You can of course also email us and we’ll check if you are a member. 

We totally understand if you wish to attend the meeting with your camera switched off or by using a false name (but please email us if you do so: info@labouragainstthewitchhunt.org).

Please be assured that the Labour Party has of course no access to our membership lists.

Unfortunately no secret agents connected to this blog were able to attend.

There’s also regular meetings of Labour Grass Roots who are most angry at the treatment of best Labour leader ever, Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour voted against whole life centences for child murderers. Labour are for modern slavery. They turned a blind eye to what was happenning in Leicester, they are against life sentences for people smugglers and against measures to stop boat crossings. They want human traffickers to ply their evil trade without let or hinderance. They talk about historic slavery while supporting slavery happenning today. Labour Today are disgusting, uncaring, self serving hypercrites.

True Labour Leadership

The infighting in Labour today is very fierce and a significant amount of members want Starmer gone even though his performance so far has been as brilliant as that of the brilliant Jeremy Corbyn. They want someone who hates this country and its institutions as they do.

Labour are the party of hate.They hate everything apart from themselves an d their own kind. The Woke thing isn’t about caring about justice but defending the privalage of elitists like themselves. This is why they made council gains in leafy Oxfordshire in May. Labour are the party of rich people who only care for themselves. The way Labour today encourage hate and division is terrible which is why they should never be allowed to get near being in government.

Their politics of division and hate is having an effect. For instance, after sowing seeds of division between members of the Asian community in Batley and Spen, the Conservatives gained a ward in Leicester last week with an Indian majority with an 18.4 swing. Labour’s divisive, dog whistle, hateful politics are detested by the majority of people in this country.

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In Spite of Covid – Boris’ Key Achievements in 2 Years

From the excellent blog Awake not Woke here.

  • Rolling out our historic vaccination programme, delivering the long-term protection that has allowed us to unlock our country. Almost 90% adults in the UK have now received a first vaccine dose – with almost 70% having also received a second dose. Every adult has now been offered a first dose, and by the end of September will also have been offered a second.
  • Got Brexit done by leaving the EU, delivering on our promise to the British people. We have got Brexit done and taken back control of the issues that matter to the British people. Leaving the EU has given us the freedom to develop one of the fastest vaccine roll-outs in the world, establish 8 freeports across the country, install a points-based immigration system, and negotiate new trade deals with the EU and other countries.
  • Signed almost 70 trade deals worth almost £900 billion into law, signalling to the world we are once again a sovereign free trading nation. Our historic Trade Act allows us to put the agreements we have struck as a newly independent twenty-first century trading nation into law. For the first time in almost 50 years, the interests of the British people and their businesses’ can be put first in our trade agreements
  • Establishing eight new Freeports across England, boosting jobs, investment and communities now that we have left the EU. New Freeports will be based in East Midlands Airport, Felixstowe & Harwich, Humber, Liverpool City Region, Plymouth, Solent, Thames and Teesside – and will be special economic zones with different rules to make it easier and cheaper to do business.
  • Delivering the biggest cash boost in history for our NHS and enshrining that increase into law, safeguarding it for future generations. We are investing an additional £33.9 billion into frontline NHS services every year by 2023-24, the largest and longest funding settlement in the history of the NHS.
  • Confirmed £3.7 billion to build 40 hospitals across England, so more people have top-class healthcare services in their local area. 40 hospitals will be built by 2030 as part of our £3.7 billion package, with 8 further new schemes also invited to bid. This is the biggest hospital building programme in a generation, and delivers on our manifesto commitment.
  • Delivering a £14.4 billion funding boost for schools over three years, levelling up education across the country. The funding package for 5-16 schools includes £2.6 billion in 2020-21, £4.8 billion in 2021-22, and £7.1 billion for 2022-23 compared to 2019-20. This will bring the schools budget to £52.2 billion in 2022-23.
  • Introduced the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, giving people the skills to find and create new and better jobs. The Lifetime Skills Guarantee gives adults the chance to take free college courses valued by employers, as well as a new entitlement to flexible loans to allow courses to be taken in segments, boosting opportunities to retrain and enhancing the nation’s technical skills.
  • Recruited almost 9,000 new police officers, delivering on our pledge to hire 20,000 by 2023. We have already recruited 8,771 new officers, and we are on track to recruit 20,000 extra officers by 2023. As part of this year’s £636 million police funding settlement, more than £400 million will go towards recruiting additional officers.
  • Boosted police funding by £636 million this year, ensuring our frontline officers have everything need to keep us safe. This brings total police funding up to £15.8 billion for 2021-2022, including £400 million to recruit 20,000 new officers by 2023, £914 million for counter-terrorism policing, and £1.1 billion to target national priorities such as reducing serious violence and clamping down on county lines.
  • Overhauled terrorist sentencing and monitoring laws through our Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Act, keeping the most serious offenders off our streets. Our Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Act ends early release for terror offenders who receive Extended Determinate Sentences, where the maximum penalty was life, and forces them to serve their whole term in jail.
  • Introduced our Nationality and Borders Bill, to fix our broken asylum system. Our Nationality and Borders Bill is the cornerstone of our New Plan for Immigration, delivering the most comprehensive reform in decades to fix the broken asylum system. The Bill has three key objectives, to make the system fairer and more effective, to deter illegal entry into the UK, and to remove from the UK those with no right to be here.
  • Increased the National Living Wage to £8.91 an hour, supporting hard-working families. This is a 2.2 per cent increase in the NLW, the equivalent of £345 extra per year for someone working full time. This increase strikes the right balance between supporting the living standards of the lowest paid, while ensuring businesses can thrive as the country continues to recover from Covid-19.
  • Oversaw the highest number of new homes built in over 20 years, helping more people get onto the property ladder. There were nearly 50,000 completed homes in the first quarter of 2021 – the highest figure in over 20 years and a 4% increase compared to the last three months of 2020. During the same period, over 46,000 home builds were started, the highest number in nearly 15 years and a 7% increase on the previous quarter.
  • Investing £3.6 billion in 101 towns through our Towns Fund, boosting local economies and creating jobs. The funding will support locally-led projects to transform disused buildings and public spaces, fund renovations to attractions, deliver new green transport, and create opportunities for people to develop new skills.
  • Delivering the biggest reforms to our railways in 25 years, with simpler, modern fares and reliable services for passengers. Through the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail we will set up a new public body, Great British Railways, who will integrate the railways, owning the infrastructure, collecting fare revenue, running and planning the network, and setting most fares and timetables.
  • Launched a £4.8 billion Levelling Up Fund, investing in infrastructure that will improve people’s everyday life. The Fund will invest in local infrastructure that has a visible impact on people and their communities, such as town centre and high street regeneration, local transport, and cultural projects. At least £800 million of this fund will go towards Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Set out a Ten Point Plan to unleash a green industrial revolution, creating jobs as we build back greener. The Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan will mobilise £12 billion of government investment to create and support up to 250,000 highly-skilled green jobs in the UK, and spur over three times as much private sector investment by 2030, helping us to meet our world leading target of being net zero by 2050.
  • Committed to reduce our carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, as we work towards being Net Zero by 2050. We were the first major economy in the world to set a legally binding target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – and have enshrined into law a new target to reduce our emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. We have already reduced our emissions by 44% between 1990 and 2019, while also growing our economy by 78 per cent – the fastest rate in the G7.
  • Boosting our defence budget by £24.1 billion over the next four years, helping to create a stronger, more secure Union – better equipped for a more competitive age. This increase – the largest investment since the cold war – will bring total Defence spending to £188 billion over the coming four years, as we modernise for the threats of the 2020s and beyond, contributing to national prosperity in the process.
  • Published the Integrated Review of security, defence, development and foreign policy, defining the UK’s place in the world. The Integrated Review – the largest ever review of our defence and foreign policy – sets out our vision for a stronger, more secure, and more prosperous UK, working with our allies to shape the international order and promote openness, democracy and free trade.
  • .
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Threats to the Tibetan language – and therefore Tibetans’ identity – are growing.

Here Human Rights Watch reports,

The Chinese government has long issued laws and statements declaring its respect for minority languages, including regulations requiring all public signs in minority areas to be bilingual. But the latest evidence from the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) indicates Chinese authorities’ real view of minority languages: they come second. Literally.

Provisions for language use are seen by minority peoples in China as bottom-line guarantees of their distinct identity. Curbs on them tend to be imposed quietly and incrementally, as Human Rights Watch reported about policies promoting Chinese-medium teaching in Tibetan primary schools, which are carefully but falsely presented as promoting bilingualism. In some cases, these policies have sparked protests, as happened with respect to Mongolian language instruction in Inner Mongolia in September 2020.

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