Anti Slavery International 180 Today

Founded in 1839 by Thomas Clarkson and other abolitionists who successfully campaigned to end the transatlantic slave trade, Anti Slavery International is the oldest international human rights organisation in the world.

Over the past 180 years, they’ve achieved so much, from ending systems of slavery in Belgian Congo, Peru and China, to outlawing the traditional form of sexual slavery in Niger only last month.

Yet, they’re not celebrating. We have 40 million reasons not to celebrate. That’s the estimated number of people trapped in slavery worldwide. 

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Sam Murray – A Local Resident Standing up for her Neighbour

Priory Heath has a couple of candidates who live in the ward. Naturally the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem candidate lives in Saint Margeret’s Ward where they all live and as Ipswich Labour like putting their candidates up as far away from where they live as possible so they don’t start empathising with the locals, their candidate lives in Saint John’s. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have local candidate Sam Murray who is running Labour ragged to the point where she has received some very nasty online abuse. She’s getting the kind of abuse it took me six years to start getting. Ipswich Labour have also tried to intimidate her by canvassing in her road and finding out everybody is going to vote for her. With the Green candidate also being local and conducting a local campaign, Labour are being attacked from both the left and the right. 

Sam Murray is a prime example of what a local councillor should be. Someone that works hard for the ward. Canvassing in Priory Heath is an absolute pleasure for Conservatives at the moment with lot’s of good, positive responses all ending with “Of course I’ll vote for Sam.” Those that haven’t heard of her and always vote labour and we’re taking about three people because she is so well known in the ward, are considering voting Green this time instead.

Sam is a small business owner, and works part time. She has two young children who attend Ravenswood Primary School.

Sam and her family support local community projects such as the Bulb planting on Queensway Park, tree planting with the Ravenswood Wildlife Group and arranging local litter picks. Sam also helped to organise the Gainsborough Community Fun Day.

She has successfully campaigned and got installed a local Defibrillator, lobbied Councillors and the MP to support those in social housing on Fen Bight Circle which is resulting in new heating systems. She has also helped people affected by the reduction of bus services.

Sam has a strong work ethic and is determined to be a voice for those in her community who feel they don’t have one.

Sam’s priorities for the ward in her own words are:


Everyone should feel safe in their home and community. This will be my number one priority. I will work closely with the safer neighbourhood team, the council and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore to make Priory Heath a safer place to live.


It is important to give back and work together for a better neighbourhood. I am the secretary of the Gainsborough Community People’s Forum and a member of both the Ravenswood Residents Association and Friends of Landseer Park. I will work hard to support more community groups and to make Priory Heath better.


We cannot thrive if we feel like our voices aren’t being heard. I will continue to be the voice for our community ensuring we are not forgotten. I have already been doing this by lobbying the council and campaigning on issues in the ward. I have had a number of wins already, so imagine how many wins we will have when I am your Councillor.

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Loading Restrictions in Church Street, Woodbridge


Concerning the repainting of the Double Yellow Lines in Woodbridge, Caroline Page the County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has written a blog post here.

She says,

Enforceable road markings are being refreshed across Suffolk in advance of CPE (Civil Parking Enforcement) – the transfer of the enforcement of on road parking from the police to the district councils.


* However CPE cannot take place until every TRO (traffic regulation order) in Suffolk has been made watertight and enforceable. Thus it is essential that all regulatory road markings are made visible and correct. Which is why many hitherto invisible markings are now made visible.  When all is in place the transfer of CPE to the new East Suffolk District Council will take place.

Then she says this,

* The yellow lines in Woodbridge are not new, they replace existing ones for existing TROs

This is inaccurate because the No Loading Lines along Church Street were not there before and they are the issue. For them to go in there has to be a Traffic Restriction Order (TRO)

In discussion with Conservative District Council candidate, Chris Mapey on Facebook, it appears that Caroline Page is trying to fob off the responsibility to the district council. But the decision to activate a TRO is a County Council one. The questions that remain unanswered are where was the consultation? and what was the County Councillor for  Woodbridge doing during it?

No Loading restrictions in a business district like Church Street are not good for the overall good of the town considering people can have two hours free parking at Martlesham Heath which has no loading restrictions.

Where was the consultation and why wasn’t the decision to have loading restrictions in Church Street challenged?

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Caroline Page Lib Dem Incarnate

The Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has been rather proliferantly electioneering against the Tories on Facebook. either that, or she is somewhat confused.

First of all, she said this,

What is in a name? Quite a lot it seems. Our local Conservatives – who can manage to find THREE Town Councillor candidates for both of the picturesque Riverside and Seckford wards – didn’t bother to field *a single person* to represent Kyson. This means the sitting LibDem, Green and Labour councillors remain in place unchallenged – and there’s even an empty seat! Call that democracy? I ask the Conservatives: “Don’t you find the residents on the edge of town worth representing?” They, like me, know perfectly well that you don’t HAVE to live in the ward you represent. Several councillors don’t, including a recent Mayor. So what don’t the Conservatives like about Kyson?

The Conservatives did not have enough candidates to field candidates in all wards. If I’d known this at the time , I would have rectified the situation by standing in Kyson myself.  Though I’d rather be more established in the community to have a better understanding of the issues before standing. As the Conservatives lost the by election  in Kyson by four votes and there was no Lib Dem candidate, it was certainly somewhere where Conservatives wanted a candidate. Initially there was not going to be a by election  last year in Kyson as was agreed by Woodbridge Town Council but furious that a Tory was going to take the seat unopposed, Caroline Page insisted on Woodbridge Town council spending money on an unneeded by election. Then the Lib Dems didn’t put up a candidate. Why didn’t the Yellow Peril put up a candidate in the by election? What is it they don’t like about Kyson? Don’t the Lib Dems  find the residents on the edge of town worth representing? I’ve done a number of deliveries in Kyson as have others We have seen no Lib Dems there. The Lib Dems appear to be concentrating there campaign in Seckford.

Caroline Page’s status which is clearly party political, coupled wiith her next FB post demonstrate the duplicitous nature of the Lib Dems.

Better together? Sharing a stall in the Thoroughfare emphasises the benefits of collaborative working at Town Council level. Do you want people who are willing to put party political differences aside to work for the benefit of ALL the town – not just the picturesque parts? #Woodbridge #LibDems #Greens#Labour

The response from Conservative candidate, Chris Mapey was brilliant. He said,

I must have missed an invitation to attend, as I’m a great believer in maximising efficiency especially working for Woodbridge Town Council, should I be elected.

I’d be delighted to come down and join you for the next one if I can arrange staff cover – please let me know when and where.

Ipswich Road’s Woodbridge’s most senior Lib Dem was clearly rattled by this. Her reply was rather rambling. It was,

Invitation, Chris? these three parties are already *in* the next town council! (And they have worked collaboratively together in the last town council). I cant speak for the other two parties but sadly, the last time the LibDems publicly mentioned community working, a LibDem councillor got a public earful for including the unrecognisable back of the head of a Conservative Town Councillor in the accompanying photo (!). If you get elected, I am sure these three parties would be happy that you wish to work collaboratively for the good of the town!

No doubt, what she means is that those three parties  with the stall are all left wing and dislike Tories, therefore no Tories were invited to the event because the Lib Dems, Labour and the Green’s are collaborating together against the Conservative Party. The Lib Dems  and the Greens collaborated to stir up trouble at Woodbridge Town Council, disingenuously putting it across that Woodbridge Town council was somehow corrupt. The sleight, underhand, uncalled for attack on the town council had Caroline Page at the forefront of it, making the town clerk to do hundreds of hours unpaid work, obtaining information that was of no interest to the public. Caroline Page enjoys being a wicked, shameful, exaggerating stirrer as the Lib Dem campaign handbook tells Lib Dems to be. She is Lib Dem incarnate.


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Lib Dem Focus



Can’t beat Spoilt Ballot Papers

As always the Lib Dems are being wicked, shameful, exaggerating stirrers as their campaign handbook teaches them to be.  So there’s lots of disingenuity and down right nastiness being deployed in their campaigning. Naturally part of it is disingenuous graphs to make the electoral make up appear different than it actually is.

Scavenging Vulture

A while ago on the now defunct Ipswich Spy Blog, one of

A Typical Lib Dem Group Meeting

their authors called Nikki said that the Lib Dems were the vultures of British Politics. She got a lot of rap for breaking the facade of impartiality over there but what she said was true. The Lib Dems Vulterine nature isn’t observed much in parliament due to their irrelevance there. But we occasionally observe their scavenging nature as they awkwardly flutter about pecking at Brexit, looking for morsels to exaggerate about, claiming to represent 48% of people instead of a minority of the middle class .


The Lib Dems show their vulterine nature more at a local level and exaggerate about their accomplishments.

For instance, in Ipswich, the Lib Dems are an irrelevance. Politically in Ipswich they have to flutter around looking for scraps. They only have two councillors at the borough but the way they talk sometimes, you’d think they had major influence on borough council policy.  A council meeting is the only place you’ll see a Ipswich Lib Dem outside Saint Margeret’s Ward. They couldn’t care less about the rest of Ipswich to the point that when it comes to the town as a whole, Ipswich people would get more from somebody who lives on Mars rather than a Lib Dem. This is because outside Saint Margeret’s nobody votes for them. So they have to make do with pecking around for the few votes they can get in Saint Margeret’s  and that is what they do. Though voting for them in Saint Margeret’s is pointless because their influence is zero.

Another way the Lib Dems vulterine nature is revealed is the way they are disgustingly attacking Woodbridge Town Council. In this they are showing themselves to be the dirty scavengers they are. They are attacking good, honest people who want what is best for their community, who are sacrificing their free time for no gain to themselves. It is shocking how low the Lib Dems are willing to go. But Vultures are cumbersome, clumsy creatures who could never soar like eagles. As it is with the Lib Dems. They wouldn’t try such duplicitous, uncalled for, nasty tactics at parliamentary level or even at district council or borough council level because they would likely end up getting snared. They could never have enough influence to fly that high anyway. So they have to make do with pecking at a glorified parish council.


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Paul Cawthorn – A Strong Voice for Residents in Gipping

This year Gipping Ward has an excellent candidate. So good in fact, that I am prepared to head down there and hit the campaign trail for him.

Paul is concerned about the drug and gang problems in this area. His top priority is to make the streets safer, such as when he helped to launch the Neighbourhood Watch scheme at Jubilee Park, Rendlesham Road.

Gipping Ward’s Priorities are Paul’s Priorities

Crime, Gang & Drug Problems

Several areas of Ipswich, including Gipping, have seen an increase in violent crime. Why has Ipswich Borough Council spent over £100,000 on community projects in South-East Ipswich and ignored Gipping? Gipping Ward deserves more and Paul’s experience of community work will ensure Gipping gets it’s fair share of funding.

Parking & Traffic

Did you know that parking enforcement is totally the responsibility of the Borough Council yet they consistently fail to enforce the rules in Gipping Ward? Paul promises to be a strong voice at the Council and liaise with his Conservative County colleagues to seek solutions to ease congestion.

Taken for Granted

Gipping Ward has had 3 Labour Borough Councillors and 2 Labour County Councillors for many years. What real improvements have been seen in the area during this time?  A few improvements were seen due to the hard work of  a previous Conservative candidate, but for Gipping Ward more change is needed to make sure residents views are well represented. That change can only come about by Gipping Ward having a Conservative councillor. If Paul is elected, he will bring the change the area needs and will be a forceful voice at the council.

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Geoff Holdcroft and Chris Mapey for Woodbridge

When it comes to enjoying to serve the local community and having a heart for Woodbridge, you are not going to find better than Geoff Holdcroft and Chris Mapey.

Geoff has been a district councillor for over 11 years, a cabinet member for 8 years and deputy leader for the last 4. He is also a Woodbridge Town Councillor and a former Mayor. Geoff is a Seckford Foundation governor where he has responsibility for supporting young people into apprenticeships. He is also chairman of the Regatta Association which runs the annual Regatta and Riverside Fair and is also a Lion’s Club member.

Chris currently chairs the Market Hill Association and was involved in lobbying the Town Council to bring the weekly market back to Market Hill. He also runs the occasional small producer markets on the square. When Chris isn’t working he is a keen photographer and his looking to offer classes soon in Woodbridge. He has also held a number of leadership roles with local Scout groups and is currently an Assistant Director Commissioner. Chris has also been involved in Rugby coaching.

Both Geoff and Chris are Directors of Choose Woodbridge, a community interest company that promotes Woodbridge. Last year Woodbridge came second in the Great British High Street Awards and both Geoff and Chris were rightly proud of the achievement. Choose Woodbridge clearly has high standing amongst Woodbridge residents.This is proven by the fact that people contact Choose Woodbridge rather than the town or district councils with issues that affect the town. Choose Woodbridge has a philosophy in line with the town motto of Preservation and Progrees and Geoff Holdcroft and Chris Mapey would be the ideal team on the district council to assure that Woodbridge continues to be preserved and continues to progress.

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