The UK’s new Bill of Rights

Since 1215, the people of England have had Magna Carta. This was enhanced in the 1640s and by the (English) Bill of Rights and (Scottish) Claim of Right in 1689. Valuable as membership of the European Court of Human Rights is, enshrining it in British law has not worked in that it has has prioritised […]

The UK’s new Bill of Rights
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Lib Dem Focus

The Junior partners of the Regressive Alliance of Labour, the BBC and the Liberal Democrats, have got themselves in a bit of bother with the senior partners of the Regressive Alliance, the Labour Party and the BBC. They tweeted a tweet condemning the rail strike when their regressive alliance comrades have been on the picket lines including 25 Labour MP’s and the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune’s Gary Liniker.

Then they remembered that they were not a serious party but Labour and the BBC’s lap dogs and deleted it three minutes later. We have not ascertained if it was due to the senior partners of the Regressive Alliance telling them to. This shows how fractous the alliance is. Obviously the Lib Dems, being a duplicitous, vulterine, backstabbing bunch would wait for a moment beneficial to them to go back on the deal. So the Lib Dems could do something to blow the not so secret pact to peices at any moment. The secret pact cost both official political parties £500 each in the by elections. Neither of them want to talk about the lost deposits.

Labour and the BBC’s puppet Ed Davey claims that Boris Johnson should resign because the Regressive Alliance are so scared of Boris and don’t want to face him at a General Election. Maybe the Regressuive Alliance know that their camapign startegy has a great many flaws which we will not discuss here.

Meanwhile locally the Lib Dems in general have shown what a bunch of duplicitous, self interested people they are. When a bunch of travelers parked up at the Martledham Park and Ride, Ed Thompson,  Martlesham and Purdis Farm councillor for the Liberal Democrats on East Suffolk Council, said: “Personally, I think if they have got to be somewhere, as long as they don’t cause trouble for the locals, they may as well be there rather than anywhere else.” More here. But then when travelers set up camp in the more suitable setting of Christchurch Park, the response from the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems was somewhat different. Oliver Holmes said “”As far as St Margaret’s residents are concerned, this is not an appropriate place for travellers.” More here. This shows what kind of people the Lib Dems are. If it doesn’t effect them, then let it roll but if it does effect them then they kick up a stink. It’s the same with their policy of open door immigration. They support it as long as other communities are wreclked by it rather than their own communities.

Also, we have been informed that there is much unrest amongst the East Suffolk Lib Dems. Due to there being no elections in East Suffolk last year, they couldn’t exagerate and be wicked and stir endlessly against other parties, so as it is in their nature to exagerate, be wicked and stir endlessly, they ended up exagerating, being wicked and stirring endlessly against each other. We have been informed that it has got to the point where individuals and factions have been frantically writing letters to Lib Dem headquarters being wicked, exagerating and stirring endlessly to get each other expelled from the party. We understand that there is a complete bloodbath taking place with lot’s of stirring, exagerating and wicked backstabbing. We have heard that they are in total disarray due to the amount of infighting. We have been informed that with the letters being written and the constant stirring with gossip and rumours, they are being as dirty and underhand campaigning against each other as they are when campaigning against other parties. Lib Dems could do with a taste of their own medicine and they’re the only ones low enough to administer it.

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Calls for Wes Streeting to Resign

There are calles for Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Wes Streeting to resign after some very offencsive tweets. Naturally Starmer is doing nothing.

Naturally the BBC are silent on this matter also.

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Today is Saint Etheldreda’s Day

Happy Saint Etheldreda’s Day. Saint Etheldreda (Audrey) Born in Exning, Suffolk, founder and Abbess of Ely, miracle worker

She was the most popular female saint in Anglo/Saxon times and many churches were dedicated to her including originally, Melton Old Church.

Saint Etheldreda’s relics are in the oldest Roman Catholic Church in England in London which is is dedicated to her due to it being on land once owned by the Bishop of Ely.

Throughout the Middle Ages, a festival, “St. Audrey’s Fair”, was held at Ely on her feast day which is today. The exceptional shodiness of the merchandise, especially the neckerchiefs, contributed to the English language the word “tawdry”, a corruption of “Saint Audrey”

In Ely Cathedral this Sunday there will be a sang Eucharist for The Feast of St Etheldreda at 10:30 AM you can watch it on Youtube here. Also, at 4pm Festal Evensong and Procession for the Feast of St EtheldredaWith a procession through the old cloister (Bishop’s Garden) to Ovin’s stone (steward of St Etheldreda) and to the site of her Shrine for blessing.

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Suffolk County Councillor’s on Ipswich Corn Hill until 1:00 PM today.

County Councillor’s Rout, Hicks, Cenci, Murray, West, Bridgeman and others are on the Ipswich Cornhill today until 1:00 PM. Please stop by and let them know what matters to you!

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For those with Ears

I think I’ve said enough about the CofE Bishops for a bit but I have an interesting story to tell.

There was this group of shepherds who were given charge of a flock. But they weren’t good at their job. You see, they liked to put the flock in danger and many sheep seeing the danger went by the wayside and they let them go by the wayside. Though they noticed the sheep going by the wayside, they didn’t notice a good shepherd was then leading them.

Also they decided to turn their shepherding into a business and recruited their friends into the business even though their friends had no experience in shepherding or farming in general. This seemed good becuase they thought that sheep and little lambs were easy to control.

After some time because the shepherds liked their own comfort, they decided to leave the flock altogether for a time when the wolves were about. The wolves were about for a short time and then the shepherds went to look after their flock again.

As before they carried on leading the sheep into danger. Then they decided to lead the sheep into a great chasm, But the sheep would not go. They were most perplexed by this, so they looked at the flock and instead of seeing sheep and little lambs, they saw an army terrible with banners bearing down on them.

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Arch-Bishop of Canterbury Opposes Christ.

Yes for sure that squatter of Saint Augustine’s chair opposes Christ. This is becuase he’s made another party political broadcast on Twitter.

It is most interesting what the Bishop of our Souls says about sending people to other countries.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 1Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:18-19

15He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15

So basically he is calling Jesus heartless. But this is not the only refference to God sending people to other countries. Concerning Elijah it says,

Then the word of the Lord came to him: ‘Go at once to Zarephath in the region of Sidon and stay there. I have instructed a widow there to supply you with food.

I Kings 17:8-9

As Zarephath in the region of Sidon was in the heart of Baal country, it wouldn;t exactly be seen as a safe haven for a prophet of the Lord, but the Laord senth him there nevertheless. Yet Justin Welby thinks it is outragous for people to be sent from one Christian country to another.

Of course Welby is saying it’s not the destination they’re against to cover up their casual racism. Also, Welby is being disingenuois saying that the Church of England is against the scheme becuase it’s only the House of Bishops who are against it. Many clergy support the scheme the majority of the liaty support it too. But because he want to impliment the rest of us into their woke, anti Conservative stance, parisheners and clergy across the country are being brow beaten by people who agree with them and abused by those who don’t. It may have coused some dissent amongst the liaty in certain parishes too. But the Bishops stopped caring for the flock some time ago when they decided to forsake the gospel.

He continued his rant on Twitter,

This when he makes people vulnerable. As I said, parisheners and clergy across the country are being brow beaten by people who agree with them and abused by those who don’t. That’s not how God calls shepherds of his flock to treat each other. But then he might as well stop wearing his fancy robes as he howls so openly. How did the Bishops treat the church during Covid? They told the clergy to close the churches and totally abandoned the flock that they didn’t really care about anyway.

The Lib Dem immigration spokesman continued,

You what? There’s parishes around here helping Ukrainian refugees. No help from the bishops has been given. Welby is a liar. He lied claiming not be involved in Calvin Robinson being cancelled and he’s lying about this. Truely Justin Welby speaks his fathers language.

Of course in true lefty style he doesnt offer an alternative. As the bishops have done nothing to help churches help asylum seekers and refugees, not only is he lying but also trying to recieve other people’s rewards and he’s alredy recieved his from his fellow lefties. Meanwhile, God is not moved by his ‘fine words.’

Someone responded to his tweet with this,

Unfortunately Welby would like that. You see they are already bringing forth plans to close all the churches and abolish the parish network. They want to dispense of the priesthood and meet in each others homes. Well God will let anyone into his house, but they can forget it if I’m letting them into mine.

It is also of note that they siad nothing about 200 Christians masacred in Nigeria. But then the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy rather than offer life to the full. They have been willing to have Christians recieve abuse becuase of their anti Christian stance on the Rwanda scheme as well. They will not protect the flock charged to their care, they are ravenous wolves. They wan t to remove the parish network but expect it to opperate as if it wasn’t removed afterwards. While local churches struggle on helping their communities they get no financial help from the house of bishops while they have £10.1 billion in investment funds. The intended beneficiaries were the clergy but the house if bishops is a den of robbers. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger.

They also have a nasty habit of shutting the door of the Kingdom of God in people’s faces. They slammed the door of the kingdom in people’s faces by shutting churches during Covid when people were more likely to want to go in a church and pray, then they wouldn’t let army chaplains in Covid wards when people dying wanted spiritual support and they are now shutting the door of the kingdom in people’s faces because Conservatives don’t want to go to church to hear their woke garbage. Yet they go to great lengths  to win a single convert to Wokery, straining gnats and swallowing camels and when they have succeeded, make them twice as much children of hell as they are.

They sometimes use religous language to justify their politics and they wear fancy robes but underneath is nothing but empty vats at best and at worse instead of offering new wine they offer vinegar that is best spat out or not drank at all.

Woe to them! Snakes! Vipers! Blind guides! But God will not leave the people of this Christian country defenceless. He is sending us prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them they will refuse to ordain, others they will block on Twitter and still others they will brow beat and bully, others they will call Tory stooges, but through those prophets and sages and teachers God shall rise up a greater spiritual leadership of this land than they.

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Labour Today

Labour the Den of Robbers

Labour loves spending other people’s money In fact, they’re qute prepared to break the law to take it. For intance, in Luton a Labour councillor has been given an eight-month suspended sentence after being prosecuted by her own authority for benefit fraud.

Hannah Adrees, 26, who has been a Luton councillor since 2019, pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position relating to an adult social care payment.

Luton Crown Court heard she took about £7,500 intended for the personal care of her brain-damaged uncle.

More here.

The court recorder called it a “gross abuse of a position of responsibility”. but she wouldn’t have thought it was because being Labour she has a sense of born to rule privalige.

Having received a suspended sentence for longer than three months, Adrees, of Conway Road in the town, who represents the Dallow Ward, will now be disqualified as a councillor.

Adrees’ uncle suffered brain damage after a heart attack in 2011 and had money paid directly into a bank account, of which the defendant took over management in December 2017. Becuse Labour have such low moral fibre they’d rob from their own.

Now obviously Labour, being a bunch self-righteous people would plead her case I’m sure. I’m surprised her local Anglican Bishop hasn’t written an article condenming the dicision of the court.

You see the Anglican bishops like taking other people’s money to spend on crap too. Parishners pay tithes and offerings and then the diocese get’s a stipend. From this stipend the house of Bishops take a stipend. At this point the doecese doesn”t have much, the local church has a couple of hapenny’s to rub together and the bishops have money to waste on vanity projects and woke innitiatives that are of no use to anybody.

Paedophile Protectors

It’s been written about Labour getting money from the Paedophile Information Exchange. I wrote about it here. There’s also the covering up of grooming gangs in Rotherham which the Church of England Bishops had nothing to say about, but as the CofE covered up child sexual abuse in Liverpool for 30 years, they would have considered covering it up as normal. Then when it hit the fan, Labour MP Naz Shah said the victims should shut up in the interest of diversity. A bit like Welby banning a victim of a Paedophile from Liverpool Cathedral.

Then recently their has been the sentencing of former Labour Councillor William Kirkbride. William Kirkbride, 57, of Queen Street, Whitehaven, was arrested when he went to meet a 14 year old boy at Whitehaven train station, but police were waiting for him.

We have some quotes from residents of Whitehaven,

Never known anyone so disliked by a community. Just glad I never wound up in his crosshairs as that man’s vindictiveness is unbelievable. Well done on stinging him, as he could’ve ruined a lad’s life with his noncing.

Here’s another quote,

I informed the council about this horrible man around 3 years ago saying he was putting inappropriate pics on and saying inappropriate things and I received an email back saying he is entitled to his opinion even though it enticed hatred and his photos of him naked on a bed with a flannel covering his obviously small manhood, had not broken any law……

He was clearly a danger to children and the Labour council made lame excuses for his actions. Did they cover up for him?

Then there is the opposition to the government’s policy in regard to Rwanda. The government is tryitg to break the evil trifficking gangs. Triffickers are involved in every type of modern slavery including trafficking children for sex. But mysteriously though the CofE bishops can’t agree on the nature of Christ, they can agree on the Rwanda policy and though Labour can’t agree on what a woman is, they agree about Rwanda. It is both bizarre and repulsive to speak of morality while supporting the vile human traffiking gangs.

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Happy Liberation Day to to our fellow Brits in the Falkland Islands

“They died that others may live in freedom and justice.”

Today, on the 40th anniversary of the end of the Falklands Conflict, we remember the 255 members of service personnel who died to protect the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

Paratroopers have marked the 40th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict with a drumhead service in their hometown of Colchester.

The service was held today in Castle Park to commemorate The Parachute Regiment’s involvement in the 1982 conflict and honour those who were killed in action.

Colchester Today

The Falklands Conflict started on 2 April 1982 and was the first military action since the Second World War that utilised all elements of the Armed Forces. The conflict lasted 74 days, during which seven ships were lost to enemy action, nine aircraft were shot down, and 255 British personnel lost their lives.

There was also civilian casualties.

Falklands shall always be British and be called The Falklands.

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