My Week Ahead 6-12 July 2015

Wednesday 8th July 2015, 6.00 pm Reporting on Full Council Meeting

This week is the first full council meeting since the general election where the born to rule, champagne socialists of Ipswich Labour found out that the people of Ipswich do not like the direction they are taking the town. Expect Ipswich Labour to back slap each other and say how happy they all are with Captain Mainwaring’s leadership to cover up the rifts. Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger shall be their to report on events.

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Ellesmere the property speculator

There is an article on here about the Ellesmere logic of property speculation.

It starts

Ipswich Borough Council Leader David Ellesmere is one of Ipswich’s largest property speculators, an Ipswich Spy investigation has concluded.

Mr Ellesmere has spent more than £20 million of public money in the last year purchasing properties around the town – many of which he has no confirmed tenants for and one which has cost a further half million pounds to demolish.

Figures that will be revealed to councillors at next week’s Borough Council meeting show that Mr Ellesmere has borrowed more than £19 million to fund the purchases, with the balance coming from a property speculation budget he introduced when he took over as council leader in 2011.

A Spy investigation estimates that the interest payments will eventually cost £5.9 million, though the council insists that this will be paid from future income from these sites.

Mr Ellesmere’s speculative purchases include the council’s own offices, Grafton House, which cost just under £9 million; land and buildings at the entrance to Ipswich’s Waterfront which cost £200 thousand; the former police station, which is estimated to have cost over £500 thousand, and a further half million to demolish; and the controversial purchase of the sugar beet factory site in Sproughton – outside the Borough boundary – which cost more than £10 million.

He also bought property on Norwich Road to extend a car park in South Street; the lease on the Drum & Monkey pub, where the council already owns the freehold; the lease on the former Took’s Bakery site; as well as a number of empty properties under compulsory purchase with a view to returning these to residential use..

Ellesmere Logic states that the more is owned by the public sector the better and the spending of money raised through hiking up council tax and by frivolous borrowing is good because you can never run out of other people’s money.

The private sector wouldn’t touch the sugar beet site with a barge pole but Ellesmere Logic says that it was a good investment. The fact that any rates paid by any business there would go to Babergh rather than Ipswich doesn’t mean anything. We understand that this is one of the many things that Ipswich labour are at war with each other about.

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Dunwich Dynamo and Cycles on Trains


This sign is on display at Melton Station.

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Angry Fox in Cambridgeshire

This story is to funny not to share Here Cambridge News reports

A rogue fox trapped eight people inside a sports club for more than three hours as it reportedly ‘stalked’ them from the car park.

The animal appeared when one man went outside for a cigarette around 10pm and ran at him and sent him retreating back inside.

He expected the animal to wander off but instead it waited at the main door – preventing anyone else from going outside.

When people attempted to leave through another door at the Alconbury Sports and Social Club in Cambridgeshire the fox ran to that instead and threatened them.

Chairman Bruce Staines ventured outside and tried to scare the fox away – only to get chased by it.

One woman attempted to distract it with food so the others could escape and was bitten on the hand.

Another man fell off his bicycle as he was chased by the animal and lost his glasses in the process.

Club members ended up inside the building and watched the fox on the CCTV system as it stalked outside.

The local pest controller was called but when he tried to approach the animal it “went for him” and chased him back to his car.

The animal was eventually caught and destroyed.

Mr Staines said he “tweaked his groin” trying to get away from the marauding animal and back to the safety of the club.

He said he had “never seen anything like it”.

He said: “None of us could get out. When we tried to use a side door, the fox heard and came haring round there.

“Foxes can look very sweet, but as a family-orientated club we had real concerns about this rather vicious animal.

“We have hundreds of children playing in our leagues here.”

He said the pest controller suggested the fox may have been an urban animal, which somehow found itself in the middle of the countryside.

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Response to Ben Redsell’s post on Devolution

We understand that the quality of posts has reduced over at due to the Loathed One no longer writing there. He has a new blog and has written some squit about local government here. He claims there are some bizarre plans with different county responsibilities being given to different district councils.

I have contacted Suffolk County Council leader, Colin Noble and he has informed me that he hasn’t a clue what Mr Redsell is talking about. There is a LGA Conference in process at this very moment and things are being discussed. We understand that devolution of powers is being offered to local authorities but what those powers are, we do not know yet.

So it would appear that Ben Redsell has been fed a load of squit.

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38 Degrees Saddest petition Ever

38 Degrees have really excelled themselves this time.

From here.

Harriet Harman must force an enquiry into this General election result. We are convinced it was rigged.

But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.

Why are the left such bad losers?

It continues

Why is this important?

One minute the BBC TV media were stating that it was neck and neck between Labour and the Tory’s, the next minute the Tory’s were zooming…That cannot be right ?

First of all the polling companies herded their results to be safe and lied to the public. Secondly, the media wanted a hung parliament so they could talk about back room deals and coalition rifts, instead of things people are actually bothered about.

Then it finishes with this

Also the Lib-Dems were crushed, why werent the Tory’s equally so ?

Because the Lib Dems were crushed by the Tories.

If it was so unlikely why did Labour MP Frank Field put a £50 bet on a Tory majority? story about that here.

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Local results of a national Faith Audit

Local results of a national Faith Audit were revealed for the first time at Kesgrave Community Centre on Monday, 22nd June 2015. The results show Ipswich faith communities have been able to mobilise more than double the national average of volunteers. In the town 55,000 people have benefited from the social action schemes run by 60 churches or faith groups in the town; a total of 800,000 hours of volunteer hours per year, valued at a staggering £8 million per year.

Ipswich Report of the Audits can be viewed here file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Temp/Audit_22499_CFAAR_16pp_Ipswich_FINAL_AW_lr.pdf

More here.

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