In Defence of Therese Coffey

There has been a lot of unjust criticism over Suffolk Coastal MP, Therese Coffey’s response to closure of Woods Lane. According to the Morning Ipswich Star here, she appeared on Radio Suffolk yesterday to discuss the closure.

She has followed-up on concerns raised with her by talking to Suffolk County Council

and local councillors, as her statement says that I reproduced on this blog here.

As I understand a number of my readers don’t bother to click on the links I provide, I’ll paste it on this post too.

She said,

I share the frustration of many local residents about the closure of Woods Lane in November and from January to mid-April.

The road closure has been applied for by Bloor Homes specifically to connect the new housing estate to the water and sewerage network which runs under Woods Lane and to make transport improvements as required by planning consent. There is the opportunity to use this time to install all utilities to the development and I have alerted BT Openreach.

I have expressed my concerns to Suffolk County Council and Bloor Homes directly, posing several questions on behalf of constituents.

The highways engineers from the County Council have worked with Bloor Homes on the timetable of the closure. They assure me this is a reasonable time to complete such substantial works. Work should happen seven days a week with an extended working day. I have asked for the precise hours and how this will be monitored.

I questioned whether a one-way or traffic light system could be applied. For both phases of construction, it does not allow enough space for vehicles to safely pass but of course, access will be granted for those residents and businesses which only have entrances on Woods Lane to be accommodated.

I appreciate the disruption will be significant. This highlights strongly the issue of traffic and capacity of local infrastructure to accommodate further housing without significant improvements. I have been liaising with local councillors on this, particularly Councillor Nicoll, who has been working extensively on this.

Please contact your local councillors for further detailed queries.

She is absolutely correct that her job is predominantly in Parliament, representing people, and to be working on parliamentary business and local government deals with local matters on local issues. She was not passing the buck, but stating the facts.

Therese Coffey is powerless to do anything and sadly, so are the local councillors. Once a developer has planning permission, they have the right to close a road. SCDC initially refused planning but it was overturned by a suit from Whitehall.

After speaking with the County Councillor for Ipswich Road, Caroline Page, one thing I would like to ascertain is, who was behind the land being rezoned from agricultural land to residential land, why and how.

The fact is, what Dr Coffey said was correct and the whining and claiming they won’t vote for her again when they never did in the first place, by local Lib Dem’s is mere smoke and mirrors.

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Barnier Threatens to Ban British Cats and Dogs from the Continant


Why would we want to take our cats and dogs on to the continent when they’re still with rabies on the continent? We look forward to a Staylinist telling us how upset their beloved Felix is because he can’t come on holiday with them to the continent.

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Henry Bolton’s visit to Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Today Henry Bolton is visiting Great Yarmouth Racecourse. Who is Henry Bolton? You may ask. Exactly. Apparently only party members can attend this event. Won’t be many people there then.

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Five Days Until Chaos in Woodbridge, Melton and Beyond

In five days from the writing of this post chaos shall be inflicted on the residents of Woodbridge, Melton and beyond. According to the East Anglian Daily Times here,

Housing developers were last night accused of potentially ‘ruining lives and business’ with the planned four-month closure of a ‘major arterial road’.

Bloor Homes endured a frosty reception during a ‘drop-in’ discussion, which turned into an open forum with frustrated local residents when one of their number mounted a table and insisted they face direct questions.

From November 6-30  Woods Lane shall be closed to widen the road, create a filter lane, pavement for cyclists and pedestrians, and a new bus stop for Longwood Fields. Unfortunately I was not at the meeting and have no idea what questions were asked but do they seriously need to close the whole road to create a filter lane and a pavement for cyclists and pedestrians? To me it sounds like health and safety gone mad! Why can’t a set of traffic lights during the work suffice?

After this local residents shall have a month of respite from the chaos and then the road will be closed again  to lay a new section of sewer from January 8 to April 13. Another thing that I would like to know is why the two phases of work are not being done at the same time. Are they doing it for a month first to see how things turn out before closing it for three months?

Bloor Homes said it had investigated all other options but a full closure was required to carry out the works safely and efficiently but three months to lay a sewer doesn’t sound very efficient to me.It also has the potential to ruin peoples lives due to the effect it would have on local businesses.

Last June Suffolk Coastal District Council attempted to overturn government approval for the 
180 new homes but the High Court threw their objection. This was because a planning inspector reversed the council’s decision to refuse the development, the previous year. As the road is closing the day after Bonfire night, we wonder if any local residents are going to be burning effigies of the government planning inspector.

The county council can not refuse permission for the closure 
because the Bloor Homes has a 
legal right to proceed with the development. That of course makes a mockery of local democracy.


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Chris Chambers secures street lighting in Jubilee Park Area


Conservative County Councillor, Chris Chambers has secured longer street lighting times in the Jubilee Park area. Lighting will be kept on permanently when the current temporary period ends. All roads between London Road and Bramford Road (East of Yarmouth Road) will see street lighting on permanently throughout the night.

These measures have been secured after Chris and fellow Conservative Borough Councillor Lee Reynolds, met with County Council Leader Colin Noble and Councillor Paul West, cabinet member for Ipswich, to discuss methods that can help to combat gang violence and criminal behaviour. We know people feel less safe when street lights are switched off and the the temporary period currently in place which has seen lights on throughout the night, expires early next year.

Chris says

“Getting lights switched on throughout the night in high crime areas was an issue I campaigned for and it is a pledge that I am happy to have fulfilled to the residents of the Jubilee Park area. I wanted to put people’s minds at rest and to take action early so we can concentrate on other steps to help combat the criminal behaviour that is currently plaguing the area.”

This is great news for Westgate residents and will give some peace of mind at night to residents, who are worried about criminal activities including drug dealing occurring at night.

The problems in the Jubilee Park area are complicated and many vulnerable people are being caught up by the gangs into unsavoury activities. We are working with other agencies to help alleviate the current problems, as we do not want to see our young people caught up by such criminal activity.

Meanwhile the other side of London Road in Gipping Ward which is affected by some of the same problems the lights are going off at midnight still. But that’s the difference between having Conservative Councillors who will do something and Labour Councillors who do nothing.

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In Memory of an unknown Councillor


This bench is situated on Lady Lane in Hadleigh and is inscribed ‘In Memory of Cllr. Douglas G. Simmons M.B.E. 1986’. Hadleigh Town council have no record of this Councillor neither does Babergh District Council or Sudbury Town Council. But Hadleigh Town Council has found out that he died in Sudbury but he is not buried there. It appears that nobody in Hadleigh no anything about him and the response by the old Haaadleigh Bouy’s on being asked about him seems to be “Nevah aaard on him.”  So does anyone else know anything?


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Return of the Framlingham Gala

According to the latest edition of About Fram,

May 2018 will see The Framlingham Gala relaunched as a three day event. The ‘New Look’ flower power themed Framlingham Gala Fest will be big, bright, full of energy, colour and music! Other exciting new additions will be a triathlon held on the Saturday morning followed by a barbecue and band tonight. Sunday will include fun by the pond, and the Monday promises a new improved Parade Followed by games, magic and even more music!

Historically the Fram Gala was always a good event for all who attended.

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