Ipswich Labour’s Lies about Fire Service

Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail has the headline 12,000 Suffolk Residents Say Save Our Fire Service. Sounds like a lot of people doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. Here are some population statistics for Suffolk.

Ipswich 133,384
Lowestoft 71,000
Bury St Edmunds 42,000
Haverhill 27,041
Felixstowe 23,689
Newmarket 20,384

So there’s more people living in Newmarket than people who are worried about our fire service. As when it comes to petitions, some people are so willing to jump on the bandwagon that they’d sign one to have their house demolished, that statistic that Ipswich Labour are giving is utterly worthless.

Then Ipswich Labour tell some lies. It claims that the Tories plan to take away another fire engine. That is a complete and utter lie!

Suffolk County Council was prepared to give Ipswich the same cover as Luton has. Luton has three fire engines, a bigger population (240,000) and a higher number of call outs. Instead the County Council has left Ipswich with three engines and a rapid response vehicle. At an Area Committee a while ago I asked if the road layout of Ipswich was put into account. It has. So public safety is not at risk and our present fire service is safe. But Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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Ipswich Labour on Potholes

In Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail is a piece on potholes. It claims that Labour will invest in getting rid of them.

First of all, Ipswich Labour are wrong trying to put it across that it’s because Suffolk County Council don’t care about Ipswich. Roads across the county are riddled with potholes. Some villages look like they’ve had a drone strike. There is an estimated 26,000 of the things across Suffolk. As a matter of fact I know of two cases where people’s tyres blew out and they successfully sued the county council but the potholes remained for a ridiculously long time afterwards.

Secondly, Ipswich Labour talk of investing in in the issue but investment isn’t the problem. This Conservative government has given  £1.4 Million to Suffolk County Council to fix the 26,000 potholes across the county. So the problem isn’t investment. Last April I publicly spoke out about the fact that the money is there to deal with the problem and Pickwick Road was scheduled to be done this time last year.  Pickwick Road still hasn’t been done. I wrote to the county council in April with no reply. So to a point, I’ll give Ipswich Labour this one. But as I said, it’s not a problem with investment, the money is there. The county council needs to bloody well get on with sorting out this county wide problem

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Lies and Hypocrisy from Ipswich Labour

Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail talks about Sure start Centres.It mentions that the County Council closed a couple of them and it claims that Labour will reopen them. This is disgusting hypocrisy. In light of the fact that they plan to close crèche services at  Whitton Sports Centre, Gainsborough Sports Centre and Crown Pools because they believe that £65,000 per year is to much and Sure Start Centres cost a lot more than that, the hypocrisy is off the scale. It also demonstrates that Labour are merely blowing hot air.

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When it comes to Lying Ipswich Labour have surpassed themselves

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail and as you may have guessed, a copy has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger. The whole thing is full of lies. I intend to deal with each lie in  separate posts. It has pictures of Labour councillors looking miserable because they’ve been looking at opinion polls. They also say they are going to reopen things that are closed using the mythical magic money tree.

In this post I will deal with the one where they talk about spending the £220 million in reserves. If Suffolk County Council decided to spend it, it would be gone in a fortnight. If the tidal surge and high winds we were supposed to have had last week had materialised and a worst case scenario of the water front, Salthouse Street, College Street etc got flooded, the reserves is where the money would have come to pay for the damage. If the reserves did not exist in such a situation, then cuts would have to be made in public services elsewhere. That is why the county has reserves. Labour know this but never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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Burns Night at Saint Judes


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A Fact about Begging in Ipswich

At last night’s Central Area Committee, Westgate Councillor for Labour,  Colin Kreidewolf made the following statement.

A lot of people begging on the streets are making a good deal of money and not really homeless.

Now I think that some people would like me to say how awful the statement is and how it shows an uncaring attitude to vulnerable people. The problem is, a lot of the people we see ham n eggin in Ipswich are making a good deal of money and are not homeless. Therefore Councillor Kreidewolf’s statement is correct.

As a matter of fact, a number of them are begging in Ipswich for some of the time and begging in Norwich some of the time. This kind of activity used to occur in the early 1990’s and recently we have seen it return.

Well done Councillor Kreidewolf  for exposing the scam.

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Tory Government Forces Ipswich Labour to Lower Council House Rent

Ipswich Labour are lowering council house rents by 1% to comply with what was in George Osborne’s last budget. Obviously they would have liked to hike the rent up again as they have done every year since taking control of the borough. But this year we are seeing a reduction due to Conservative government policy. Obviously, being a disingenuous bunch, Ipswich Labour would like to put some spin on it claiming the reduction is because they care. But as the facts behind the reduction are being spoken of in this post, such spin is going to be difficult. It is this Conservative government that is helping working people in Ipswich and not Ipswich Labour.

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