The Ipswich Remainiacs

The local Remainiac campaign is rather funny. Yesterday for instance in Ipswich after somebody got a phone call to be told that the Corn Hill was full of swashbuckling Brexiteers, the local Lib Dems branch of Stronger In decided to put up a stall of their own. One of the Lib Dems Remainiacs spent the afternoon regularly walking past the Vote Leave stall to count their guns, eventually the Remainiacs favourite blogger decided to pop round and count theirs. He observed that the remainiacs firepower was somewhat lacking. The remainiacs on two occasions with typical Lib Dem deviousness, tried to obtain information about Brexiteers campaign. On both occasions they were told that today is Tuesday.

Intelligence sources inform us that the local Remainiac campaign has the Lib Dems and the small amount of Remainiac Tories putting up stalls in town while the Labour Party does all the canvassing so that the local Labour Party can find out who all the Labour voters who are going to vote for freedom are and respond to any UKIP surge in the unlikely event that the remainiacs win.Naturally Labour don’t care about the future of our country and are doing what they are doing for the only thing they care about. Namely, the Labour Party.

Also yesterday the East of England Conservatives In campaign was launched in Thetford. This event was mentioned on Look Norwich and has sent a number of Conservative voters in the Eastern counties over to UKIP. Not that any of this will matter if the remainiacs win because if we remain in the EUSSR, voting in elections will be pointless because all the decisions will eventually be made by self appointed, anti democracy, totalitarian federalists in Brussels.


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Guest Post by a Remainiac

Leaving the EU would be a disaster. If we voted to leave the EU then the day after,  we’ll be attacked by swarms of killer bees, this will be followed by two days of darkness, then the tadpoles shall come out of the water and we will be overrun by frogs. On day five all the first born will die. Six days after, world war three will start and the Germans are preparing to go through the Ardennes at this very moment. The turmoil caused by Brexit will be unbearable. crops will fail, the French farmers  will refuse to sell their produce to us and  will block roads with their tractors if we try and buy anything from them. German car manufacturers will refuse to sell cars to us and all the German workers being laid off as a result will support the action.Then a comet shall hit London.  These events shall be known as the third catastrophe. The first catastrophe being the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs and the second catastrophe being the destruction of Alderon by the Death Star. Then a voice shall come from Heaven  saying “It has fallen, Britain the Great has fallen, who wanted to drink the wine of freedom and democracy, which brings wrath.” The voice shall continue “It has fallen, Britain the Great has fallen! She has become a dwelling for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, and a haunt for every unclean and despicable beast.” For it is written “When you see the abomination of Brexit that is written of in the book of Daniel., you will know the end is near.

But if we vote to remain in the EU we will have cheap air fares, mobile rates and free car parks They’ll be  lots of lovely goodies for you. Lollipops, cherry pie, cream tarts, ice cream,  treacle tart, all free today. Come along my little dears, my little mice.

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The Queen’s speech

Today the Queen delivered a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government. When we came to office in 2010, our urgent task was to get the British economy going again. With the strengthening economy moving in the right direction, we can be ambitious in our plans to deliver for the hardworking people of Britain.

Security for working people is the next step in our long-term economic plan for our country. Whether it is continuing to bring the public finances under control so that Britain lives within its means or delivering the infrastructure that British business needs to carry on creating jobs. To help create jobs, we will make our country a world leader in the digital economy, with new obligations on broadband providers to make sure everyone in Britain has access to an affordable high speed internet connection. To back business, we will make sure Britain has first-class infrastructure, especially when it comes to the transport of the future. To support aspiration and promote home ownership, we will build a million new homes across the country by reforming planning. And because we want to make sure every part of our country shares in our rising prosperity, we will legislate for a dramatic devolution of power to local areas, giving them complete control over business rate revenues to use as they wish to stimulate economic growth.

These reforms will help people get on. But to spread life chances to everyone, we have to go further in tackling the barriers to opportunity. With this Government, the number of people living in poverty has fallen; the number of students from low income backgrounds going to university has risen, and hope has returned to communities that were once written off. But there are still too many people left behind – and they need deeper, more intensive help.

Increasing life chances for the most disadvantaged is at the heart of this Queen’s speech. We will carry out bold reforms to tackle some of the deepest social problems in our country and remove all barriers to opportunity. We will give children in care the best possible start in life by tackling state failure, so children in care are not doomed to a life of poverty. There are reforms to schools, so excellence that comes with more teacher freedom is spread to every community. There is an expansion of higher education, so just as we uncapped the number of student places we now encourage the new universities that will help educate the next generation. And because this Government sees the potential in everyone, we will finally undertake the long-overdue change that our prisons need. No longer will they be warehouses for criminals; we want them to be incubators of changed and reformed lives. This is a Queen’s Speech aimed at giving everyone in our country the chance to get on.

Strengthening our national security to keep our country safe is the first duty of Government. We cannot extend opportunity or help working people if our country is not safe. So this is a Queen’s Speech that invests in Britain’s armed forces, honouring our NATO commitment to spend two per cent of GDP on defence. To support global stability and prevent new threats to our security, we will also meet our commitment on international development spending. And in an ever more dangerous and unstable world, where the threats to our country are increasing not diminishing, we will secure the long-term future of our nuclear deterrent and give our security and intelligence agencies the powers they need to keep us safe.

This is our legislative programme: to give working people security in their personal and professional lives; to increase the live chances for the most disadvantaged in our society; and to strengthen our national security to keep us all safer. We’ve set challenging, but achievable goals, using the strong foundations of our economy to make a series of bold choices that will improve lives across the country. It is a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a progressive, One Nation, Conservative Government.

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Remain Camps Referendum Communication

The Remain Camp are sending out a ‘Referendum Communication’ to targeted UK residents and it just so happens that a copy has been seen by the East Anglian Remain Camp’s favourite blogger. When I first saw it, I thought it was a Labour leaflet with its blocks of grainy red with white writing interspersed with black writing on a white background. On closer inspection the similarities between it and a Labour leaflet were even more startling. Just like a typical Labour leaflet, it is a collage of meaningless sound bites and disingenuous squit.

It claims that 3 million UK jobs are linked to our exports to the EU. It says that the source is an official treasury report but naturally it doesn’t tell you that the source is from a report made up in 1992.

The next claim is that each UK household is going to be £4,300 a year worse off. But it does not say that this is based on a 30 year prediction that has been proved wrong.

It then mentions that over 200,000 UK businesses trade with EU. So? They will continue trading with the EU after we leave.

It then talks about prices. Now I know Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup, but for us to give up our sovereignty, national identity and democratic freedoms that our parents and grandparents fought for, for cheap phone calls and air fares? Not bloody likely!

Then it claims that if we leave we will have to make spending cuts of £36 billion. As we will be saving £18 billion a year in membership fees, I think they’re just trying to scare people. The fact is, if we left the EU, with the money saved we could end austerity.

The reverse side has a bit of  what the ‘experts’ are saying. None of these ‘experts’ seem to have had an opinion before the start of this year.

Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary said that Brexit would have implications on jobs and rights. So, if workers rights are all given to us by the European Union, what exactly is the point of the TUC?

Kathy Warwick, chief executive Royal College of Midwives said that staying in is better for midwives. Well British people aren’t having many children at the moment are they?

Businesswoman Karren Brady says that UK businesses can create more jobs in Europe than out on their own. Yes sure big businesses can but what about small and medium-sized businesses who tend to support Brexit? It’s good for big businesses because they can employ a lobbyist to go to the commission to keep control of the market and bind small and medium-sized businesses with red tape so that they are unable to complete.

It mentions Mark Carney saying that leaving the EU as a risk to finance but doesn’t mention that his predecessor, Sir Mervyn King disagrees.

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Top Ten Remain Scare Stories

1. ISIS Terror mastermind wants us out of EU
2. Leaving risks war and genocide
3. Staying in would help defeat Vladimir Putin and North Korea
4. The Jungle camp might move to Kent
5. Benefits deal will cut migration
6. Leaving will attract criminals
7. Leaving will cost £4,300 per household
8. Three million jobs are linked to EU exports
9. Leaving would immediately create financial chaos
10. America would stop trading with us

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Ipswich Tories, Labour and UKIP combine to say #VoteLeave


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Referendum debate, Tuesday 17th May in Ipswich

There will be a referendum speech at The Meeting Place (Community Centre), Limerick Close, Whitehouse, Ipswich at 7.45 p.m. on Tuesday, 17th May.

The guest speaker on the EU Referendum will be one of the East of England’s UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn.

Patrick’s speech will be followed by what will hopefully be a lively question and answer session. Guests from all political parties have been invited.

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