From the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Recent moves by the Kremlin are a sign of desperation as they fail to achieve their objectives in Ukraine.

Russia is seeking to deceive the world to further its territorial ambition.

The UK and our partners are united in condemning these reprehensible acts.

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The Pollsters need to visit Rosendale

Rossendale – Helmshore Ward
CON 736 50.6% UP 4% since May
Lab 540 37.1% up 0.5% since May (Is that all?)
Grn 74 5.1% down 6.4%since May
LD 62 4.3%
Ind 42 2.9% down 2.4% since May.Swing Lab to Con 1.75% since May

Rosemdale – Facit & Shawforth Ward.
CON 43.5% UP UP 12.2% since 2021
Ind 27.6% down 15.3% since 2021
Lab 26.2% up 0.5% since 2021 (Is that all?)
Grn 2.6%

Meanwhile in Oxfordshire.

Oxford- Hinksey Park Ward.
Lab hold
Lab 801 51.3% DOWN 10.6%!!!! since May
Grn 305 19.5% up 0.9% since May
Ind 270 17.3%
LD 118 7.6% down 4.1% since May
Con 60 3.8% down 2.2% since May
TUSC 8 0.5%
Turnout 36%
Swing Lab to Green 4.25% since May

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Giogio Meloni on Macron calling Italians disgusting.

What Giogio Meloni said about Macron and French foreign policy etc. In response to him calling Italians disgusting, was absolutely brilliant. Not only has Italy superior food and wine to France, Italy also has a better leader.

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Labour Today (Speciel Conferance Edition)

The False Show of Patriotism

Labour decided to pretend they are patriots by starting the conferance with the National Anthem but in so doing clearly showed they weren’t. Hence many of them didn’t know the words, so they were given a lyric sheet. It was only the first verse because as a lot of them live on Twitter over 140 charachters was to much for them. They are do desperate and think the public doesn;t know ta leopold doesn;t change its spots. Many of the attendees looked most uncomfortable when the National Anthem was sang. With the ammout of attenedees being members of Labour for a Republic there, it was a specticle of hillarity.

We all know where Labour’s loyalties lay. It’s never with this country or our cherished institutions. Primarily it is with themselves. Hence they will try any gimmick to get elected. But if not, it’s with anything against this country. They would rather build a school in Ramallah than Rotherham. In fact Children in Rotherham matter so little to Labour that they covered up the activities of grooming gangs.

The New Agenda

Starmer at the Labour Conference, Before & Now.

Behind the cameras st the Labour Party conference –

Abolish the Monarchy

Abolish the First Past the Post system

Abolish Brexit

Abolish immigration control

Bring in the EU

Bring in PR

Bring in state ownership

Bring in open-door immigration

The Party of Racism

Rupa Huq claimed that Kwasi Kwatang is superficially black. Guido hhas a recording of it here. What she saying that he doesn’t fit the racial stereotypes of what a black man should sound like. Like the labour Party in general, she is racist. She siad he doesn’t sound black. How dares she,. the facety rasstclart. Most black people I know sound like they’re from Suffolk. Kwasi Kwatang  is black, he’s successful and doesn’t speak with an African or West Indian accent. It means black people are 100% integrated and the Labour party hates it. Labour prefers the Aparthied system of multiculturalism which divides society. Labour are opposed to the philosophy of One Nation. They want a soocially fractured Britain. The fact is Labout think they own non melinin challenged people’s vote. So those who don’t, they think of as rebellious slaves. That is how inherantly racist they are.

She has since lost the whip that will be quietly given back to her when nobody is looking.

The Party of Economic Madness

Labour’s economic stratergy is rather confusing. They say tax cuts are wrong becuase it increases the national debt therefoire they would reverse tax cuts to spend on social care, the NHS and a few other things. In short, thwior economic policy is nonsensical balderdash.

They mase quite a fuss about sterling falling against the dollar b.ut now all their mouths are siilent

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European, Elitist, Woke Left Kicked by the Boot

Giorgia Meloni, is the first female prime minister of Italy and she’s brilliant. The reason she got elected was because she talks sense unlike the woke left. A speech she made in 2019 was amazing.

Giorgia Meloni, brothers of Italy Party didn’t just win, the Italian left was utterly destroyed

Il bellissimo paese.

Viva Italia!

The result has upset all the right people.Hence these tweets from il stronzi socialisti

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Cutting National Insurance

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If you wish to play politics, maybe best to check the facts first.

Here on the dRoss Blog the Ipswich Politburo holder for public protection is making excuses for ipswich Labour refusing support a motion to deal with knife crime in Ipswich.

He starts,

On Wednesday, the Tory Group on Ipswich Borough Council proposed a motion asking the Council to lead on the production of a comprehensive knife crime strategy for the town.

Who could disagree with that? 

Ipswich Labour would!

In fact they have. But Alasadiar continues with the blame game with this.

They also seemed to forget or not admit that the police struggle at times to carry out their tasks due to underfunding of the service over the last 12 years of Tory Government.

As Ipswich Labour want to reduce Police funding, the statement is ridiculous. Ipswich Labour want to cut the precepts it pays to Suffolk County Council and the Police and crime Commisioner. They want a £58,000 reduction in the policing budget so 7300 people in Ipswich pay no Council Tax. Yet Ross ruined the Conservative motion with an amendment that instead of having a stratergy to deal with knife crime, railed against the government for what is in fact Ipswich Labour Policy. They won’t say how many bobbies on the beat they want cut. Obviously once the PCC deals with the hole in the policeing budget created by Ipswich Labour’s policy, slimy Ipswich Labour will blame the Conservatives for the cuts their policy would make necessary. It’s all party political games to them with no benefit to the public.

Then Alasdair comes out with more nonsense. He says that the  Labour run Council lead on the ‘County Lines’ strategy dealing with drug dealing and county lines. It’s not a Labour policy. The stratergy is a result of a motion put forward by Conservative Group Leader Ian Fisher four years ago that was seconded by Council leader, David Ellesemere.But Alasdair being true labour putting his lousy party first, puts it across that it was all their idea.

The motion put forward last week by the Conservatives specifically dealt with knife crime. It was not designed to remove the stratergy in place to deal with the major causes.

Alasdair makes the claim that knife crime is down in East Ipswich. As the figures he is quoting are for East Ipswich, Felixstowe and Woodbridge, the figures for East Ipswich can not be ascertained.

Also Alasadair says,

However the Tory Group knows as well as anyone else, that much of the power to fight knife crime lies with the Suffolk Police and the Tory run County Council. Any strategy we produced would be reliant on the Police and County doing much of the work.

It just so happens that Conservative Group Leader Ian Fisher was working while Ipswich Labour councillors enjoyed using their free tickets for the Regent and Wolsey seeing stuff normal Ipswich people can’t afford because of the outlandishly high council tax and got buy in and provision for buy in from those organisations.

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Reality is the Enemy of Socialism

Labour, the SNP and other socialists are still calling for a Windfall Tax on oil and gas companies as a way of funding the Energy Bill Relief Schemes for households, businesses, schools, hospitals and charities announced by His Majesty’s Government in response to the unprecedented rise in oil and gas prices as a result of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

But when , Chancellor Rishi Sunak already imposed an extra 25% tax on oil and gas companies in April 2022 called an Energy Profits Levy.

This is in addition to the 30% special corporation tax and a supplementary tax of 10% on profits that are already in place. Oil and gas companies are liable for tax at 65% on their U.K. profits.

When the left wing media reports oil and gas company profits, , it reports the profits on their global operations to get people hot under the coller. U.K. operations are only a fraction of their global operations. In fact in some years the companies make losses on their U.K. operations but the left wing media reports on their global profits as if it’s wehat the UK operations had made.

Another Windfall Tax, as advocated by the Labour Party and other socialists, would raise nothing like the amount of money needed to fund the Government’s newly announced Energy Bill Relief Schemes which could cost over £150 billion pounds if global oil and gas prices stay at their current level because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But it could lead to the oil and gas companies deciding to reduce their investment in the U.K and/or relocating major offices from the U.K. such as BP’s and Shell’s global head offices in London.

If socialism worked socialists would work in the city where economics matters, not in universities.

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If socialists understood economics

The basic income tax rate in England and Northern Ireland will be 19% next year and the top rate will be 40%. In Scotland and Wales the basic rate will be 20%; the top rate in Scotland will be 46% and the top rate in Wales will be 45%.

“If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” — Friedrich A. Hayek

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Biggest Tax Cuts in Fifty Years

Promise delivered. Income Tax 𝙘𝙪𝙩. Stamp Duty 𝙘𝙪𝙩. National Insurance 𝙘𝙪𝙩. Business taxes 𝙘𝙪𝙩.

We are also delivering help with the cost of living – cutting energy bills by £1,400 this year.

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