Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) What are the Signs?

Crimestoppers is working with Suffolk Police to target parents, teachers, youth workers and young people themselves, to raise awareness across the Suffolk of the signs of CSE

The signs to look out for include:

  • Young people involved in abusive relationships, intimidated and fearful of certain people or situations
  • Young people hanging out with older people or anti-social groups or with other vulnerable peers, including others involved with CSE
  • Young people getting involved in gangs, gang fights and gang membership;
  • Having older boy or girlfriends
  • Having new things like clothes or mobile phones which they can’t or won’t explain
  • Having access to drugs or alcohol
  • Spending time at places of concern such as hotels or known brothels
  • Young people who don’t know where they are because they have been moved around the country
  • Young people that go missing from home, care or education

More information here

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Ipswich Labour Scaring the Electorate

Over the weekend Ipswich Labour were scaring the electorate with fire service cuts that would put their lives in danger. They have a leaflet with a petition on it and it just so happens their favourite blogger has obtained a copy.

On the leaflet Ipswich Labour say “We need your help.” We know Labour need help under Corbyn’s leadership but I believe Corbyn should stay for a while longer, because there is so much more damage, to be done.

Now obviously Ipswich Labour aren’t bothered about fire service cuts taking place or the threat to life they claim the cuts will produce, because if they did they would direct residents to the consultation taking place here that is taking place until February 2016. Instead they are using the fire service cuts as part of next years borough election campaign where they plan to disingenuously confuse the electorate by fighting the borough election on county issues. Other intelligence sources confirm this.

It is a great disservice to the people for Ipswich Labour to use this for political gain but then they are only in it for themselves anyway. I personally believe that the proposed cuts to the fire service are detriment to the service and savings would be better achieved by cutting fat cat salaries. But Ipswich Labour aren’t interested in alternative solutions, just political points.

As I am concerned about the proposed cuts, I would encourage readers of this blog to take part in the consultation by filling in the online questionnaire which can be found here.

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Nasty Hypocrisy of Ipswich Labour Councillor

Cyber bully, Alasdair Ross has tweeted this.

It is absolutely shocking that a Labour councillor who has indulged in cyber bullying with the support of his Ipswich Labour comrades would have the audacity to display such hypocrisy. But this tweet is also nasty because no doubt the author of the dRoss Blog is aware that some of us Tories would like to say some things about the matter he is tweeting about but are unable to do so while an investigation is taking place.

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Guest post by Andrew Taylor.

To good not to share!


The Tale of Jeremy Corbyn

The Tale of Mr Jeremy Corbyn Part 1

A principled fellow crawls out from under his rather damp little stone to ‘change the world’

Part 1


Part 2 – A sunny day in Islington…

It was a typical sunny day in the Socialist Utopia of Islington. Mr Jeremy Corbyn had given his servants the day off so they could take advantage of the enhanced public services in his constituency. He sat and did what he’d never done at school… He was reading…And he could understand the words as well as look at the pictures!

‘Dear me – the Labour Party which I have always supported in Parliamentary votes, has need of a new leader’ mused Jeremy.

‘The Right Wing’ have let us all down again’ he mused in a profound way which had a ring of total originality about it…

part 2

Part 3 – Friends come-a-calling

Jeremy thought about the Labour Party. He couldn’t live within it but he had no future without it. So he made a few phone calls and sent messages to various large, damp stones nearby. Lo and behold, he was soon visited by Gerry Adams and Ken Livingstone, ‘old friends’ of his and nearing the end of their squalid little careers. ‘Go for it’ urged Gerry, ‘Do it’ said Ken.

‘I will,’ said Jeremy

part 3

Part 4 Ken stays on…

After Gerry had shuffled off to talk to his friends about being Peaceful, Ken lingered on to give Jeremy ‘advice.’

‘Listen Kid’ said Ken. ‘You are a walking time bomb with the fuckers you’ve been knocking about with and the things you’ve been doing for 30+ years. You even make Nick Griffin blush as you’ve knocked about with more Holocaust Deniers than he has!’

‘Oh dear!’ trilled Jeremy

‘So this is what you do’ said Ken.

‘Whenever anyone quotes what you said or disagree with your choices, you accuse them of abuse – ok? Or racism or something’

‘OK’ said Jeremy. ‘I’m good at that’ he added

part 4

Part 5 Jeremy heads for the election contest

Jeremy ‘paddled his own canoe’ across the pond where he lived. He’d been alone for years and nobody visited. But all of this would disappear once he was leader and he would make Socialism Happen Everywhere and end racism with mass uncontrolled immigration which would turn Olde England into a paradise or something nice. Anyway, it just had to happen because Karl Marx had told him to do it in a dream…

part 5

Part 6 An old flame ‘tweaks’ Jeremy…

En route to the contest, Diane Abbot pinched Jeremy’s foot. ‘I wish it had been my bum’ thought naughty Jeremy. ‘That Sister is getting a job in my team regardless of anything’ and he smirked his way onwards. Diane reluctantly resigned from the BBC in anticipation of him winning the leadership but wasn’t upset because she had paid all those private school fees for her son by now and he had avoided the local dump where all the other boys went in her beloved Hackney.

part 6

Part 7 – The Past catches up…

Jeremy won the contest but his Past caught up with him! His MPs were very naughty people and kept reminding him of all the bad things he had done in the Past and they even helped his ‘friends’ from Hezzbollah come to stay!

part 7a

And his ‘friend’ John McDonnell was neither use nor ornament…

part 7 B

Part 8 The End

Like every Labour Leader, Jeremy realised he was Captain of a Ship of Fools, as his MPs stuck out their heads from the water and blew raspberries.

part 8

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Latest from Ben Gummer

A Local Hero Deserves a Gong

You know those moments so embarrassing that when you look back you slightly shudder at the memory of it all?  Well, I’ve had mercifully few as an MP but the worst was served – justifiably – on me by well-known local campaigner Sally Wainman.

Sally was one of my opponents in the 2010 election – standing not for a mainstream party but one a platform of saving Broomhill Pool.  Now, that may sound like a quixotic exercise: no one, not even Sally, thought she would win the seat, but she stood nevertheless because she was absolutely serious about her cause.

I had met Sally before and liked her: she is a determined campaigner and has an enormous heart.  During that election campaign I bumped into her in the Warren Heath Sainsbury’s, late at night just before it was due to close.  She asked how things were going and I said I thought it would be very close and that every vote would count.  In fact, I joked, if she endorsed me I would happily support her Broomhill Pool campaign – even though I only had the deep end in my constituency.  She laughed at me, quite rightly, and we finished our shopping.

A few weeks later, I was in the church hustings in Christchurch Tacket Street and someone asked the candidates from the floor what they thought of the Broomhill Pool.  Now, Sally was not on the stage, as the organisers had restricted it to the main parties.  But she was there alright.  So when I gave an equivocal answer, saying that I supported the campaign but that I thought there were other priorities that I would campaign first, Sally repeated from the back our conversation in Sainsbury’s.  I will forgive her quoting me out of context, because it was an expert move: in the parlance of politicos, she “burned” me.  Even now when I think about it, I think “oohh… ouch!”

So, I hope you can see why I have a particular respect for Sally Wainman.  Some might have dismissed her six local and general election attempts, on a Save Broomhill Pool ticket, as eccentric – not least because she has spent several thousand pounds on lost deposits in the process.  People giggled at her but it is Sally who has had the last laugh, because when the idea of reopening Broomhill Pool had few supporters in Ipswich, she kept the idea alive by standing for elected office and thereby forcing the issue onto the agenda.

Thanks to her stoicism and to the whole committee of the Broomhill Pool Trust, two otherwise under-enthused councils were persuaded to put aside capital money – in honesty, believing they would never need to spend it.  But the Trust did its part and secured a private operator and between them they have secured lottery money to take the project to fruition.  There is one more hurdle to jump but they now have a clear run at it.  It is a remarkable achievement and a real credit to genuinely brilliant community campaigning.

Don’t take my word for it: on Wednesday Sally was a finalist in the Mirror Pride of Sport Awards, as Local Hero of the Year.  That is precisely what she is.  I genuinely do not believe that Broomhill Pool would have happened without Sally keeping the idea alive election after election.  She deserves every ounce of praise she now gets.  Getting burned by Sally was worth the pleasure of seeing her succeed in this great local ambition.

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Unions Celebrate Greedy Mill Owners Victory

Big business has won the day. They will continue to be subsidised by the government through tax credits allowing them to pay crap wages. Out  of cowardice, George Osborne has kept this  Blairite, Neocon policy. The left rejoice at the greedy mill owners triumph.

Tax credits are paid for by general taxation and used to cover up for big business keeping wages low. So instead of businesses paying higher wages and our taxes being spent on the NHS and education they instead subsidise fat cat shareholders. Let’s never forget that the unions and their Labour Party puppets support this.

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Chantry Walled Garden Christmas Coffee Morning

Chantry Walled Garden Christmas Coffee Morning

Chantry Walled Garden

Chantry Park, Hadleigh Road, Ipswich IP2 0BS

Tuesday 1st December 2015 10am until 3pm

All proceeds will support the development of the  project.

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