Ipswich Labour Illegal Immigration

Calais Jack with megaphone

It seems that Ipswich Labour support the use of the Novotel by those who have illegally entered our country from France after all.

The mask really slipped last week with Ipswich Labour and their MP candidate. A number of Labour councillors as well as the Labour MP candidate Calais Jack turned up at the protest last weekend in favour of the Novotel being used by the Home Office to accommodate illegal immigrants. Calais Jack even had a megaphone! All of this comes after late last year a national newspaper drew attention to previous visits Calais Jack had made to northern France where he actually appeared to be encouraging illegal immigration and small boat crossings.

Labour have voted against every single measure to tackle illegal immigration and control our borders. They would bring in uncapped “safe and legal routes” and give everyone who arrives here illegally by small boat the green light to stay. Seems the Ipswich Labour candidate fits in well.

This week the Government’s Illegal Immigration Bill returns to Parliament. It’s also encouraging to see statements from the Government over the weekend that the reliance on hotel accommodation is shortly coming to an end.

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Well said Iain Duncan Smith

Fighting talk from Iain Duncan Smith talking at the Freedom Festival today in Buckingham.

“There is a fight to be had for the heart of the Conservative Party. Nothing played better to disrupt the unity of the United Kingdom than launching COVID restrictions via Statutory Instrument using Heath Legislation and stifling debate in Parliament.”
“The Middle Class enjoyed lockdown in their gardens, but not enough Parliamentarians considered the single mother stuck in a Tower Block without a job, without childcare and without fresh air. We need to advocate for those at the bottom of the pile.”
We must not lose the basic idea that your right to choose is fundamentally to Liberty.

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Well said Tom Hunt MP

Tom Hunt has nailed it!

“Re protests at the weekend. The Labour MP candidate and others claim that the far right was in Ipswich at the weekend and was behind the protest against the use of the Novotel by the Home Office. There is no evidence that I’ve seen that the far right were present. It hasn’t been confirmed. If they have evidence it would be helpful if they were forthcoming and supplied this evidence to the authorities. I assume they have this evidence as it would be highly irresponsible to claim the far right were present if they in fact wern’t and you have no evidence to make such a claim.

There have been some examples across the country where the far right have infiltrated protests. Clearly this is worrying and it’s right the authorities on alert whenever there is a protest.

But it’s wrong to brand everyone who attends as being “far right”, it’s also wrong to smear anyone who has concerns about illegal immigration and the use of the Novotel as being “far right”.”

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Stupid Protests in Ipswich

Yesterday there was a couple of stupid protests in Ipswich. Unfortunately due to industriel action on the railways I couldn’t make it to either stupid protest. First of all was the Just Stop Oil protest wehere Tamsin and Tarquin douffed around holding up traffic. Ipswich has a traffic polution problem as it is so Tamsin and Tarquin decided to hold it up so it polluted even more. One of the organisers claimed that East Anglia is officially in a drought. Knowingg that the soil in the Sandlings is somewhat sodden at the moment, I naturally disagree.

The Just Stop Oil Protest

Also there was the Stop the Boats protest that the local loony left had a counter protest at. About twenty people were at the Stop the Boats protest and about a hundred left wing loons travelled to Ipswich for the counter protest, for instance Luke Cresswell went there from Sudbury. Also present was the Ipswich Labour parliamentasry candidate supporting supporting the people being trafficked here in flimsy dinghies being held at the Novotel in Ipswich.

Ipswich Labour Parliamentary Candidate, Jack Abbott supporting the human traffickers

Shouting “Refugees are welcome at a demo countering a demo that has nothing to do with refugees isn’t very clever. They call us thick but don’t know the difference beween a refugee, an asylum seeker or a trafficked person.

They insist that those who want the boats stopped are far right. The daft thing about this is a lot of them are old enough to remember what far right looks like.

There was also a lot of Ipswich Labour councillors present like Julian Gibbs and Tracy Grant.

Also with the lefties was prish priest of Saint Mary le Tower, Tom Mumford. He tweeted this vacuous tweet.

Yes all people are made in the image of God and therefore deserve dignity, respect, and love.which is why we should be against the trafficking gangs and for the boats being stopped. Being against people being forced into flimsy boats at gunpoint (and that is happenning) isn’t far right, it isn’t even right wing, it’s standing up for the vulnerable. Sending them to Rwanda is a good policy becuase it gets them away from the vile gangs. You see,  once here the traffickers make them continue paying for the trafficking by getting them to sell cocaine or work as domestic servants etc. For instance the Ipswich Star reports here, of traffickers forcing one of their victims to sell cocaine. This is why the boats have to be stopped! It’s a shame prison seemed to be the best option to protect him from the traffickers. I suspect that this is also why certain well-to-do lefties support the traffickers. They like their white powder. Let’s face it, if they’re not bothered about the kidnapping and murders by the drug cartels in Columbia, they’re not going to be bothered about slavery taking place in our counrty either.

Some of the responses the Revd Mumford got were interesting.


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A short piece of Ipswich History

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East Suffolk Lib Dem councillor sanctioned after failing to apologise to officers

From here 

Leading Liberal Democrat councillor David Beavan has been sanctioned after accusing East Suffolk Council officers of ‘fiddling’ figures.

Cllr Beavan, leader of the GLI group (Greens/Liberal/Independent) and councillor representing the Southwold & Reydon Ward, has been told he must provide a written apology to the three officers he made allegations against regarding figures around housing matters, and that if re-elected in May 2023, he undertake training on the new LGA Model Code of Conduct.

Felixstowe councillors weighed into the debate at the the last meeting of the East Suffolk (District) Council prior to the elections in May, that heard the investigation had cost taxpayers around £12,000.

Cllr Mick Richardson reported to full council as chair of the Audit & Governance committee on Monday, 13 March of its decision to report to full council about Cllr Beavan’s behavior and the sanctions made against him, confirmed by an Independent Person.

Trimley councillor Richardson told the council the complaint could have easily been resolved with a simple apology to officers of the council – way back in May 2022, but due to a refusal to engage with the process of resolution, the matter unnecessarily escalated, and was considered by the Audit & Governance committee.

Cllr Richardson said it was with ‘a heavy heart’ he had to report: “Due to the refusal of the councillor to ‘engage’, independent ‘outside’ legal advice was sought that found that the councillor was culpable for his actions.

“That legal advice cost £12,000 – monies that could have been much better spent elsewhere. All for the sake of an apology to three people.”

Cllr Beavan’s name was made public during that meeting, which was also live streamed, He was not at last night’s debate at the full council meeting.

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Richard Bacon MP Deselected

Richard Bacon MP for South Norfolk has been deselected for lack of visibility.

He has extended his majority at each election and now has to decide whether he wants his name to go forwards to the wider South Norfolk Conservatives Association membership.

Majority 21,275 over Labour. He has kbeen MP since 2001

If local Labour Party executives took such a line then every Lbour MP would only do one term.

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Woodbridge Beer Festival

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The state of the Church of England

Justin Welby has split the Church of England and lost the communion. Undoubredly the squatter of Saint Augustine’s chair is the worst there has ever been. For all of his bloated sense of self importance he will go down in the annals of church history as a total failure. Some of us have had abuse and shunning from people we considered friends over the direction the CofE was going and to us the action taken by the Global South is vindication from God our saviour. I started speaking out in May 2020. They had been warned.

The Church of England is more like a covern than a church these days and it’s leaders go from bad to worse. For instance as the Church of England ios an inclusive church, Leicester Cathedral now has no male clergy.

So Leiceter Cathedral, like many other parts of the Chuerch of England is made up of people whoilike to dress up to be seen in empry buildings.


CEEC says that evangelicals should stay in the CofE in order to preserve unity. Unity with an apostate organisation? Imposible! No compromise! Many clergey are being tempted by the nice houses and stipends but it is better to hold on to the Pearl of Great Price. Any thoughts that they are going to change that rabble back to anything biblical is just delusional. After all, the two GAFCON GB churches, the Free Church of England and ANiE are flourishing.

Late last month Ex-bishop Paul Bayes said it’s insubordination to break from heretical bishops.How clericalist! How Nicolaitian!

So holding on to the pearl of great price is suboordination? How arrogant! Is he is aware that the CofE only exists because men like Cranmer were insubordinate to the Bishop of Rome?

Soon after this came an absolutely damning indictment of Justin Welby’s atrocious safeguarding practices. You can read it here,  They make horrific reading, most of all for the survivors of abuse within the Church of England. And they come as the Makin Report by the Church into the abuse of John Smyth shamefully passes more than 1,000 days overdue. It is absolutely shocking. The Church of England is supposed to be the state church but if it was a hospital or a school it would be shut down. But the covern leaders seem to be able to act as if they are above reproach. Id the Makin Report b eing held back until after the coronation so Mr Welby doesn;t need to resign before it?

After this a church used glitter instead of ash on Ash Wednesday to support Pride.What next, marshmallows and Coke for the eucharist?

After this former bishop Paul Bayes came out with more fluff.

Orthodox as in belief in one holy apostolic catholic church. Biblical as in The church is the bride (female) Christ is the faithful husband (male). Evangelical as in preaching these ancient truths which are so because of the gospel delivered to us in sacred trust from generation to generation the same yesterday, today and forever. I can claim all three words and I as a layman understand them, so what the hell were these people tought at theology college? I couldn’t care less of they have Phd’s, they’re talking nonsense.

After this revisionist Charlie Bell made a statement in response to social justice.

Bell is a very junior academic in Cambridge and yet he refers to someone who has been an associate professor at Harvard and a full professor at the University of Toronto as a pseudoacademic. Then he used the size of the Roman Catholic Church to bolster his argument and hence commited a logical fallacy. Follow social justice and forget the gospel and be as irrelivant as the Quackers become. They still exist as a social club but nothing else. A simple reading of Church History tells us all we need to know.

After this they gathered all the heretics they could find, for a festival called “Alone in the landscape of death” A good name for a bunch of people who look like they were dug up from somewhere,

Susannah Lipscomb about the ‘Spiritual Inheritance of Mary I’. Yes, she did!

So they want to burn us do they? No hiding now.

Meanwhile the Gafcon Churches are beginning to flourish with a new AMiE opening in Colchester.

So Anglicanism still has a bright future in England but outside of the CofE.

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