Labour want less people in work and more people on benefit

Almost 40 Labour MPs employ staff on zero-hours contracts despite Ed Miliband claiming they have ‘no place’ in Britain. Some of Mr Miliband’s closest allies in the Labour Party have used the contracts – including his election campaign co-ordinator Lucy Powell and parliamentary bag carrier Karen Buck – who has six staff on the contracts. More here.

The exploitative Zero hour contracts were banned by us Conservatives. Labour are ranting about a problem that we caused to no longer exist.

Clearly Ed Ballsup wants Labour to change zerohours contracts and it sounds like he has plans to expand AWR.

If Labour change AWR legislation they will make transition from unemployment to work harder, they’ll put SMEs in the position of thinking no we will make do rather than hire another person and other employers will chop and change people in their workforce to avoid what Ballsup said he’d do. So we’re looking at fewer jobs with a lot more job insecurity under Labour, with SMEs strangled in red tape and not able to expand or take on more because of employment legislation to please Brussels and unions. Labour are the ultimate zerohours employment law specialists as people will get no work on JSA.

Now Ed MiliCluskey has attacked the UK employment miracle by dubbing certain jobs demeaning. The Sun reports on it here.

Clearly Labour have chosen work as demeaning sending the message welfare is an acceptable lifestyle for those who can but don’t work.

What was the party of the workers is now the party of the non workers.

Has Ed MiliCluskey ever done a labouring job or stacked shelves between jobs? He’s never had a job outside politics. He’s an out of touch, sanctimonious non entity.

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More Hypocrisy from Ipswich Labour

This morning a prominent Labour councillor tweeted this

Now I think this tweet was written because Ipswich Labour went to the station to give out leaflets and were really jarred off, when they saw we were already there.

But the hypocrisy is shown by the fact that Labour are willing to use a homeless persons plight as a political football.

Furthermore, homeless people were sleeping by a vent at the side of Crown Pools because the vent pumped out warm air. What did our caring Labour council do? They fenced off the part of the building where the vent is so homeless people would be more likely to freeze to death.

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My Week Ahead 30 March – 5 April

Monday 30th March, Conservative Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday 31st March, Conservative Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Wednesday 1st April Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Thursday 2nd April Conservative Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Friday 3rd April Good Friday Town Centre Walk 10:30–11:30

Saturday 4th April Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Sunday 5th April Αλληλούια Χριστός Ανέστη

Another fantastic week campaigning for Ben Gummer MP. We must save this country from Labour and the SNP. Those who want to bankrupt the country with those who want to break up the country.

This week’s election interviews were a clear illustration of the choice facing Britain at the next election: competence and strong leadership from Prime Minister David Cameron or chaos and weakness from Ed Miliband.

The Prime Minister put in a strong performance. He highlighted that 1.9 million more people are in work than in 2010 and have the stability and security of a pay packet. He made a powerful case for continuing with our welfare reforms, so young people have no choice but to be earning or learning. He made clear that the Conservative Party will not raise taxes to deal with the deficit – we will make sensible decisions so Britain can live within its means.

During his interview, the Prime Minister didn’t pretend that every problem in this country has been fixed but answered the questions honestly and directly. He showed that he was able to take difficult decisions for the good of the country and that he has a credible long-term economic plan to secure a better future. Above all, he made clear that a strong economy is critical to everything we want to do as a country – whether it’s having better hospitals, better schools or more security in retirement.

In contrast, Ed Miliband was all over the place. He refused to admit that the last Labour government spent too much before the financial crisis – something even Tony Blair now admits was the case. He completely ignored the question when confronted over Labour’s record on energy bills which doubled between 1997 and 2010. He held up his cobbled-together tuition fees promise as an example of why people should vote for him – but glossed over the fact that he has broken his promise to abolish them. He tried to talk tough on immigration – but refused to agree that there should be a limit on immigration and would not apologise for Labour’s uncontrolled immigration in office.

There is no doubt that Mr. Miliband just isn’t up to the job of Prime Minister. Only David Cameron offers the strong leadership to build a stronger economy and secure a better future.

Vote Conservative

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For a better NHS, Vote Conservative.

Regardless of Labour’s claims the only health secretary to ever privatise an NHS hospital was Andy Burnham and regardless of Labour’s claims that there have been cuts to the NHS, the only cuts to the NHS have been made in Wales by the Labour controlled Welsh assembly. It just proves the old saying. You can’t trust Labour with the NHS. Labour are against the Conservatives NHS improvements for purely ideological reasons and they would rather the service suffered than their ideology was not adhered to.

Here John Redwood says

In 2009-10, Labour’s last year in office, health spending (on NHS England) was £97.6bn.
There have been rises each year since, taking the total to a forecast £111.8bn in 2015-16. So much for the story of endless cuts.

There were cuts in the bureaucracy under the Coalition’s changes made in the first half of the Parliament. These changes were designed to require fewer administrators, freeing more money for clinical staff, and to allow more decisions to be taken locally by senior medics and senior administrators who know and understand their local health service.

The Conservatives are offering to complete their move of the service to a seven day a week service. Progress is being made in this direction. A Conservative government next time would complete the transition. GP services would be available at week-ends as a matter of routine, and there would be Consultant led services working in hospitals seven days a week as well. There is an extra cost for this, which the NHS is spelling out. The government has met their requests for extra money to cover this for 2015-16, and would meet reasonable requests in future years which will be negotiated budget year by budget year in the normal way.

Labour say there is a financial and privatisation threat to the NHS, but I see no evidence of this. Labour has not made an offer of better or more extensive service to the public. They concentrate on matters of internal organisation, and have decided to impose profit controls on any private sector contractor the NHS might use. It is difficult to see how this might help, as any such contracts are only awarded after competitive tender to ensure a fair price, and are presumably only put out to tender where they think the private sector can do it cheaper and better. The NHS under the coalition is not under any new directive to contract out. In office Labour Ministers allowed substantial contracting out by the NHS presumably to achieve savings and improve performance.

There are two very odd features to Labour making the NHS the centre of its General Election campaign. The first is, the General Election is irrelevant to the NHS in Wales and Scotland, so why is Labour ignoring their vote in those two countries by talking all the time about NHS England? The second is, Labour has nothing new or positive to say about the NHS. It is not offering us a better service, not telling us how it will prevent Stafford style crises in the future, and not telling us if it will start to put patients first with better services. There is no evidence from Wales, where Labour does run the NHS, that it is better – far from it.

You can’t trust Labour with the NHS. The last Labour MP for Ipswich sat idly while heart services at Ipswich were threatened. Our excellent Conservative MP, Ben Gummer has protected heart services and stoke treatment at Ipswich hospital. Ed Miliband’s candidate just talks about non existent privatisations and uses our precious NHS as a political football.

The Conservative plan to bring in 7 day a week care is excellent. For a better NHS, Vote Conservative. In Ipswich, Vote for Ben Gummer

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Labour Deficit Reduction (not).

‘Andrew Neil: You would borrow more, wouldn’t you?
Andrew Neil: To bridge the deficit you have to borrow more. You’re going to borrow £30 billion a year simply to pay for public investment. That’s part of what you’re going to do – correct?
Lucy Powell: We are going to balance the books by the current expenditure by end of the Parliament.
Andrew Neil: And borrow £30 billion a year for public investment
Lucy Powell: We may we may use some investment borrowing for much-needed investment but not for day-to-day spending’ So Labour would not balance the books; the debt would rise ever-upwards. She was so annoyed at the beginning because she was asked what taxes Labour would introduce do to cut the deficit — and she started waffling about how Labour would magically increase people’s pay and cut the deficit that way. But she then went further than any other Labour figure in admitting that the 50p tax is the only one that would go towards deficit reduction (as opposed to funding extra spending project). The killer quote is that the 50p
‘That’s the only tax that we have set out that will be increasing. But we are very clear that what we can do is increase the tax base.’
Two points here.
1. If the 50p tax is Labour’s only tax to cut the deficit, how much will it raise? Even by Labour estimates that will raise just £3 billion. In reality, it’ll be closer to zero. Here’s the Institute of Fiscal Studies:
‘the best evidence we have still suggests that raising the top rate of tax would raise little revenue and make, at best, a marginal contribution to reducing the budget deficit an incoming government would face after the next election.’
Yet this negligible contribution from a populist 50p tax appears to be Labour’s deficit reduction programme in its entirety. That is to say: the Labour Party has no deficit reduction strategy. This now stands exposed.
2. Given that employment is at a record high, how can Labour claim it will ‘increase the tax base’? God knows that the UK economy has its problems, but lack of workers (or the ‘tax base’ as she calls it) is not one of them. Increasing the tax base ‘has not happened under the Tories’, she said. I beg to differ. The number of people working and paying tax has grown more under the Cameron than any recent Prime Minister. The tax revenue has not followed so quickly because the George Osborne has actively supported this jobs miracle with tax cuts and tax credits for the low-paid. Does Labour intend to stop this support, in hope of clawing more from ‘the tax base’? If so, we should be told.
Bottom line: Labour — a party with a 50/50 chance of running Britain on 8 May — has no plans to tackle the deficit. Sooner or later, the bond markets may start to take notice.

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The BBC is a Labour Mouth Piece


The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to get Labour elected. The level of skillful propaganda being pumped out by the poll tax funded propaganda department of the Labour party can clearly be shown by the Election debate last week. People who saw it live say Cameron won. People who saw the BBC edit say Miliband won.

The fact that we have to pay for this bias rubbish is a disgrace.

A lot of fuss was made about the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson because he is right wing alleged to have hit somebody. But he is not the only person who has been suspended recently. BBC Radio Bristol presenter John Darvall has been kicked off his show because he’s engaged to the local Tory MP.

The Mail reports here,

A BBC presenter has vented his fury at the corporation in an on-air outburst after he was kicked off his popular morning show because he is engaged to the local Tory MP.

This Labour supporting, poll tax funded, bias behemoth should be privatised.

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Eric Pickles welcomes council prayers law

The Local Government Secretary has welcomed the passing of a new law to ensure all councils have the right to hold prayers at the start of their meetings.

The Local Government (Religious Observances) Act received Royal Assent from the Queen on Thursday (26 March 2015) after clearing its final stages in Parliament this week.

The Act puts beyond any doubt the fact that all councils, including parishes, can choose to hold prayers at the start of the sessions, maintaining the longstanding British tradition.

The government-backed legislation was taken through Parliament by Jake Berry MP and Lord Cormack following legal challenges against some councils which conduct prayers.

The Act builds on the Localism Act which gave a general power of competence to councils and allow councils to pray; the power of competence did not apply to small parish councils. The Act also makes clear that councils can support any religious event or event with a religious element – such as commemoration services.

Communities and Local Government Secretary and Minister for Faith Eric Pickles said:

The right to worship is a fundamental and hard-fought British liberty, and the fight for religious freedom in British history is deeply entwined with the political freedoms we take for granted.

Building on what we have already delivered through the Localism Act, this further Act strikes a further victory for localism, for freedom to worship over intolerant and aggressive secularism, for long-standing British liberties over modern-day political correctness, and for parliamentary sovereignty over judicial activism.

Jake Berry MP said:

Councils should have every right to hold their traditional prayers sessions if they choose to. No one is forced to take part but everyone who wants to should have that freedom and this should never have been a matter for the courts.

I’m really pleased that we have now made the law crystal clear and that councillors, including those in parish councils, can now conduct their prayers free from the threat of legal challenge.

This Act supports our fundamental core British values of faith in our society and people’s freedom to observe their own religion and beliefs without interference from the courts.

Lord Cormack, a former member of the General Synod of the Church of England, added:

It has been a privilege to take this Bill through the House of Lords. While there has been some opposition, it is clear that this gentle, permissive legislation has the overwhelming support of parliamentarians.

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