Ipswich Labour Junk Mail

Ipswich Labour has been delivering various pieces of junk mail and Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has obtained a number of copies. Basically it’s a collage of sound bites and misinformation. It repeats the  misinformation that they haven’t imposed the £50 charge on brown bins and obviously doesn’t mention that they put up council tax for everybody including people who live on the top floor of Cumberland Towers to pay for it instead.

It talks about strategic purchases when buying contaminated land outside the borough with borrowed money that the private sector wouldn’t touch with a budge pole, isn’t what anybody with any business acumen would consider strategic.

It talks about new council houses when they could have built more homes if they involved housing associations.

It claims that Suffolk is suffering savage police cuts. This is an absolute falsehood. Suffolk is getting an extra 30 police officers. It claims that violent crime and sexual assault have gone up in Suffolk. This isn’t true either. The number of sexual offences being reported has increased and the majority of them are historic, some going as far back as the 1960’s.


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The Referendum Debate

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Happy Saint George’s Day

Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ and vote Leave

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Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday: David Cameron’s message

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Election Leaflets in Ipswich

There are leaflets being delivered in Ipswich by the three parties on the council. The Lib Dems have been delivering a rather strange leaflet in Saint Margaret’s which consists of a message from Inga Lockington telling people to vote for Oliver Holmes but doesn’t advise local residents to google his name.

The Conservatives have been delivering some excellent, fact filled leaflets about what they have been doing and what they plan to do for the benefit of Ipswich residents. We plan lower council tax, quality retailers back in the town centre, cutting congestion, the wet dock crossing and more homes along with action on local issues.

I don’t know if it is because Labour councillors never do anything but the Labour leaflets are all about what the Conservatives have been doing and plan to do too. But naturally in the tradition of Ipswich Labour, it is full of disingenuity, hyperbole, histrionics and outright falsehoods. What they don’t say is a lot more interesting.They claim that they stopped a £50 charge being put on brown bins. What they don’t say is that they have put the cost onto our council tax bills so everybody is paying for them. So through a rise in council tax everybody is paying for their brown bin and everybody who don’t have brown bins are paying for them too.

The greatest disingenuous histrionics can be found in their piece about cuts to the fire service. They claim that the Tories are putting lives at risk. This is absolute balderdash and Ipswich Labour should be ashamed of themselves for frightening the electorate just for a few votes. Yes, fire engines are being cut, but when you see three fire engines in a fire depot, there is not three fire crews on duty. We will have the same cover as Luton which has a higher population and more call outs. But Ipswich Labour’s claim that lives are being put at risk has an element of hypocrisy to it due to the fact that the same leaflet says that the Tories pulled down Charles Street Car Park. What they don’t say is that the car park was structurally unsound and could have collapsed at any moment. Are they saying that they wanted to not demolish it and put lives at risk?

They also mention that the Park and Ride is threatened with closure. It claims that it would be a massive blow for the town centre. They probably believe this because they haven’t done any research. The people who use the Park and Ride are commuters who park there, get the bus to work and then get the bus back there in the evening. This would mean that in the event of Copdock Park and Ride being mothballed, commuters won’t park in town because of the high parking fees there so they will drive to around Campion Road and around Handford Road and walk from there cluttering those areas of Gipping Ward with parked cars during the day. What have our Labour councillors done about this impending problem? Nothing! The excellent Conservative candidate for Gipping Ward has discussed with the county councillor responsible about the number 13 bus which already goes as far as Tesco being used as a replacement for the Park and ride to avoid the issue of parked cars cluttering up the streets arising.


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David Cameron on Brexit, then and now.

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Outlaw child sexual exploitation in Niger

Three-quarters of girls in Niger are married before they are adults.1 Child marriage often amounts to slavery, for example, when girls have not given their free and full consent, are subjected to control, exploited and unable to leave, 2 so outlawing it is an important step towards protecting Niger children.

Sign petition here.


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