Happy Brexit Day!



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Reform Suffolk are right but could make things worse

At last weeks Borough Council meeting we had lots of political grandstanding from Ipswich Labour. David Ellesemere bored us all silly going on about the borough council being a living wage employer and getting rid of zero hour contracts. Ellesmere also went on about how marvellous council houses are.  Interesting considering his house is the furthest away in Ipswich from any of them.

The Carole Jones claimed that the evil Tories were stopping them from building council houses.

We also had the government blamed for things and Alasdair Ross blamed the county council for bad air quality.

Then Ellesmere claimed that they are living wage because they are Labour and all other councils in Suffolk are evil Tory bastards (not his exact words but you get the drift) and claimed that Labour are bringing investment into this town.

The problem Ipswich has was demonstrated by all this bogus political point scoring. We have two parties running two different councils, making a pigs ear of things and blaming each other.

Reform Suffolk are on the money but the fact that they have a candidate standing in Bixley could make things worse. We have one Conservative County Councillor in Ipswich and if we ended up with zero then Ipswich would have zero representation at county level. Labour county councillors have absolutely no influence on the decisions made by the County Tories. A lot of the county Tories aren’t interested in what Ipswich Tories have to say, so they are hardly going to listen to those idiots from Ipswich Labour are they?

I asked Reform Suffolk’s Mark Ling why they were putting somebody up in Bixley when Bixley is the Ipswich division with the only Tory County Councillor and the one division where their message would make the most sense. Mark Ling said that hopefully Suffolk Conservatives will wake up to the precarious lack of representation they have served up for Ipswich and Orwell. Now as Reform Suffolk’s sound proposals would mean the end of Suffolk County Council as we know it, They’re not going to support getting rid of the reason they exist are they?

Mark Ling says that our area doesn’t need token gestures from an unrepresentative cabinet, we need permanent, proportionate representation. This is correct but the idea that Suffolk Conservatives would take notice that a group of independent candidates are standing on this important issue is pie in the sky. Reform Suffolk would like Suffolk Conservative or even Ipswich Conservatives to make a statement to nullify them. But the fact is, neither Conservative group are going to say anything about it. A unitary Greater Ipswich Authority isn’t going to appear in anybody else’s manifesto.

Reform Suffolk asked me to stand for them and after some consideration, in light of the fact that they could make the situation worse and politics in Ipswich is bloody viscous, I declined.


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Remoaners at War!

The neo-liberal elite of the establishment’s useful idiots that make up the Remoaner movement are falling out with each other. The European Movement told it’s supporters not to attend yesterday’s pointless march through London, that was attended by a number of good friends of mine, because they didn’t want to stretch police resources further but rival remoaner group, Unite for Europe insisted that pointless dummy spitting exercise should go ahead. Apparently this has caused a massive row between the two Remoaner groups. Unite for Europe said that they would not be intimidated while under the delusion that they were going to intimidate the government into ignoring the democratic will of the people.

Those who attended also disagreed with each other. There was and is much animosity between those who wanted the slogan to be “Stop Democracy Brexit” and those who were happy with the slogan being changed to “Let your voice be heard” Of course the ironic thing is that their voice was heard on June 23rd. But of course, much to their chagrin so was the voice of the majority of us.

Speakers at the march said that the will of the people should be done but the government shouldn’t follow the will of the people.

Yesterday also marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome which was a sensible trade agreement that the European political elite in their greed, utterly destroyed with their ideologically driven, undemocratic, poverty creating, federalist project.

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Returned have the Stockholmites

Returned have the Stockholmites
The same as they’ve always been,
Claiming to stand up for rights
Since nineteen-seventeen.

The syndrome controls their will
None blind as those who can’t see,
Loving their captors still
Since nineteen-seventy-three.

The mind control specialists
Have got control of this band,
Tea and cakes with terrorists
For tyrants, they take their stand.

The oppressed stand for oppressors
The poor stand up for the rich,
Siding with the aggressors
The masters have them stitched.

Calls for negotiation
Calls to love dictators,
And in every situation
Claim not to be the haters.

Media induced heresy
The elite are laughing like hell,
Standing up for misery
The Phalanxes can not tell.

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Ipswich, Colchester and Suffolk Reform

We all know how the Greater Ipswich Area is suffering due to ridiculous area boundaries and Reform Suffolk have candidates standing in this May’s council elections to increase the debate concerning the dilemma we now find ourselves in.

While Reform Suffolk have good proposals for governmental reform in Suffolk to stop Ipswich and Lowestoft schools not doing as well as they could do due to Ipswich and Lowestoft schools presently receiving rural funding rather than receiving urban funding as they should, a number of issues would develop if the sensible proposals of Reform Suffolk are implemented. One is the future of the fire service. If Suffolk was divided in to separate authorities, what would happen to the Suffolk Fire Service? Now obviously if the Fire Service is divided into the unitary authorities, West Suffolk would have a problem due to them often calling on Ipswich fire Fighters to deal with thatch fires out in the wilds of Suffolk. Of course this also highlights the fact that Ipswich Council tax payers are paying for West Suffolk’s fire cover. Another issue is the divested Library Service. Would we keep the existing service or would libraries in the Greater Ipswich Area come under our control?

The debate has become more prevalent since Sir Bob Russell has called for a single authority made up of Ipswich and Colchester.

Sir Bob Russell says

As large urban communities, Ipswich and Colchester have more in common with each other than they do with the rural areas of Suffolk and Essex where the majority of county councillors who make decisions live. That is manifestly undemocratic.

Enough is enough! County halls for Suffolk and Essex are not serving Ipswich and Colchester well… so I suggest that we start a debate about our two historic towns – just 15 miles apart – joining forces and, with neighbouring rural areas of “Greater Ipswich” and north Essex, breaking away to form a single tier local government area which would enable Ipswich and Colchester to escape the clutches of County Hall administrations.

This proposal makes more sense than any devolution proposal does. The devolution proposals put Ipswich in the East of England devolved authority with Norwich and Cambridge when Ipswich does most of its business with Colchester. So  being in an East of England authority would be detriment to the interests of Ipswich. Colchester would be in a devolved Essex authority with Chelmsford, Southend and the like when it does most of it’s business with Ipswich. So being in an Essex authority would be detriment to the interests of Colchester. These devolution proposals originally came from Brussels to create regional identities  and diminish national identities anyway and as we are leaving the European Union and rediscovering our national identity, there is no need to keep following what the unelected , Euro-federalists want. An authority made up of Colchester, the Greater Ipswich Area with parts of North Essex and South Suffolk would have some serious economic clout and at present our potential is being eroded. Some people actually believe that BT is in Martlesham Heath because they were invited by Suffolk Coastal rather than being attracted by the engineering technology produced in companies based in Ipswich.


Ipswich’s Best Political Blogger with Suffolk Reform’s Mark Ling

In response to Sir Bob Russells proposals, Reform Suffolk’s  Mark Ling says

1.  We are very pleased that Orwell Ahead is shaping debate and paving the way for others to outline their concerns and wishes under local government reform.

2.  We have huge respect for Colchester as a neighbour and friend, and for Sir Bob Russell for having the courage to raise very genuine concerns and ambitions for Colchester, and for considering partnership with similar situated Ipswich.

3.  Of course it does raise the question [and stakes] as to why Felixstowe, Kesgrave and Martlesham and the Greater Ipswich area will not see the very clear benefit and opportunity of working as one in partnership with Ipswich, especially when  others clearly can see those advantages!

4. Colchester’s (well Sir Bob’s) declaration will force others to consider their positions, and clearly if it was a choice of shared representation in governance with Colchester versus no representation in governance with Suffolk, it’s a very attractive proposition. However, Reform Suffolk’s Campaign priority is for a greater Ipswich & Orwell (along with east & west Suffolk).

Now the reason Felixstowe, Kesgrave and Martlesham and the Greater Ipswich area will not see the very clear benefit and opportunity of working as one in partnership with Ipswich is because they believe that by not being part of Ipswich they have lower council tax when in fact they have higher council tax by being outside Ipswich. The reason council tax in Ipswich is so high is because all the larger properties are just outside the borough boundary. With more larger properties within the local authority, council tax would actually be lower for everybody. People in Broke Hall need to understand that they are presently subsidising Woodbridge and people in Pinewood need to understand that they are presently subsidising Hadleigh. How can a situation where Rushmere parish councillors living on Foxhall Road have to go into Ipswich or Kesgrave to get to the place where Parish council meetings are held in Rushmere be of benefit to all residents of Rushmere?

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Ipswich Borough Crèche Services

At this week’s Ipswich Borough executive meeting the representatives of users of the crèche service which Ipswich Labour seem to be completely hell bent on closing, presented their case and a petition. The users proposed to keep the service running till January 2018 and they would use this extension to work with the council to promote the service more widely. Conservative Leader Nadia Cenci proposed that the funding for this could either be found from the council’s £500,000 underspend in the current year or from unspent area committee funding.  But the heartless, stiff necked Labour councillors were unwilling to entertain the idea.

Labour’s proposal is that the council will meet all regular users to talk about alternative options & advice. They will look at commencing a short term additional exercise class at no actual cost to new mothers. Ipswich Labour leader David Ellesmere said that they will attempt to ask Suffolk County Council and the NHS to pay the cost of providing ongoing services in future, especially for mothers who cannot afford to pay. So what Ipswich Labour plan to do is pass the buck to Suffolk County Council and if the funding does not come, they plan to insinuate in their election leaflets that the Suffolk Tories are closing the facility instead of them. They are that callous and disingenuous.

Nadia Cenci said after the meeting

“This apparent half-promise of providing additional exercise classes has a complete lack of substance and detail, and the Leader made it clear that the basic crèche service will close in July as planned. In the event that SCC or the NHS are unable to provide funding, Ipswich Labour will simply blame someone else for closing the service, like they do for every other difficult decision to be made.”

Councillor Eddy Phillips, Conservative Finance Spokesman, who observed proceedings, says

“They are attempting to pass the buck to Suffolk County Council and the local NHS and asking them to pay for a service that IBC has provided at Crown Pools for the last 25 years & at 2 sports centres since 1983. The Leader talked about cost shunting in the public sector, and now he is doing just that. If Labour had listened sensibly to my alternative budget proposals in February, the crèche service at all 3 sites would have been assured for the remainder of the current 4 year budget plan period.”

At next weeks Full Council meeting, I am asking a couple of questions in regard to this.

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Cry me a River


Yes Brexit is coming. We are leaving the European Union. We are going to be a free, self governing, global, out looking nation again. Oh happy day!

Now we have to laugh at the sour, whinging remoaners. Lib Dem peer Lord Traverne compared yesterdays vote in both houses with the policies of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. You have to laugh at people like that. What a fruit loop! Nick Clegg sobbed his heart out claiming it is not what the people voted for.Well, 52% of us did and if you think that 52% isn’t a majority then even a calculator can’t help you. Also the evil Gina Miller says that she is planning on going to the courts again. How she is going to get a meaningful case together within three weeks is anyone’s guess. The deluded remoaners who insisted Brexit wasn’t going to happen are just going to have to cry themselves to sleep listening to Ode to Joy.

Yesterday was a very happy Commonwealth Day that shall be celebrated in years to come for more than one reason.

After months of bitter, petulant remoaners crying and calling us Brexiteers intellectually inferior, racist, low information voters, bigots, intolerant, economically illiterate, uneducated, fascists, ignoramuses, selfish, right wing nutters and a host of other insults in their hyperbole filled histrionic outbursts, those conformist adherents to the neo-liberal consensus of the undemocratic, totalitarian EU deserve to be laughed at and mocked. To not gloat at the fact that democracy has won the day wouldn’t be right. Feeling sorry for remoaners at the moment would be like feeling sorry for the Aussies after they lose at cricket. It would be absolutely wrong.

So, Brexit is coming. hahahahahaha.

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