Mayor of Woodbridge Arrested in his Robes.

Woodbridge Mayor, Eamonn O’Nolan was one of several protesters led away by police in his mayoral robes at the Extinction Rebellion protest in London. He has said that he was representing Woodbridge. But in fact he was representing the people of Woodbridge who agree with him and those who do not agree with him are not happy. So unfortunately his actions were divisive.

I had a brief chat with him on Facebook.

Concerning the science of climate change, I believe that former curate of Saint Matthews, Ipswich has summed it up well.

He said,

There is no doubt that distinct global warming is happening. It is an observed fact. But the jury is still out on whether the current cause is largely due to human activity or whether the major factor involved, as has been the case many times before, is heating due to the complex thermodynamics related to the earth-sun distance, which varies. As a trained astrophysicist, I know that the jury is still out on this, because I have read the papers which indicate differing positions.

So what should our response be? Given that we don’t really know whether or not the current warming is caused largely by human activity or other factors, we should probably verge on the side of assuming that human activity is a significant contributor. That means that we should urge governments to pursue renewable energy as vigorously as possible and take individual action in terms of sustainability.

But I think we should also avoid the current hype about a ‘climate emergency’. It isn’t an emergency because we have known about it for quite some time, it is not yet having the dire effects that some are caricaturing, and we don’t know whether we can do anything about it.

So, avoid the unhelpful hype, add your voice to the sensible push for more renewables, and take some personal steps to live as sustainably as you can.

Rev Matthew Firth.

I would also add that the effect of NO2 levels in the atmosphere on public health is not debatable. Here, here and here

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Dominic Grieve, Vince Cable and David Lammy on the Eurostar

Dominic Grieve, Vince Cable, David Lammy et al on the train

Dominic Grieve, Vince Cable and David Lammy apparently are on the Eurostar to Brussels.

It is presumed that they have got on that train to keep the EU Gravy Train flowing in their direction.

The Desperation Express departs.

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Why SCC Found it Necessary to Raise Council Tax

We Conservatives believe in low taxation but this rise in council tax has become necessary because when it comes to central government funding, Suffolk always gets the short end of the stick.

Because Suffolk is considered a wealthy area of the country, it has been considered OK for Suffolk to be one of the places to bear the brunt of savings that needed to be made because of the last Labour government wrecking the country’s economy. Because of this It has been necessary to make reductions in services that the County Council provides. Reductions in services can’t continue indefinitely. Therefore it has become necessary to raise council tax.

The reason Suffolk is considered wealthy, is because the wealth of an area is considered based on the amount of cars owned per household. For those of us who know Suffolk, the reason why so many cars are owned by households in Suffolk is obvious. Cars are needed in Suffolk due to swathes of the county having no bus services. This means that central government considers Suffolk wealthy and therefore gives Suffolk less funding which means that Suffolk County Council then have to cut bus services making car ownership more essential. Due to the number of cars per household increasing, central government then believes that Suffolk is even more wealthy and therefore gives Suffolk even less funding. This means that more bus services need to be cut which means that more people need cars which means that Suffolk gets less funding again. It is a vicious circle which needs to be broken.

It is ridiculous that per head of population Norfolk Constabulary gets twice as much money from central government as Suffolk Constabulary does. Apparently there’s some strange anomaly that this is caused by. I have had the anomaly explained to me, but it is so strange it makes no sense

The area of the country with the highest Age amongst its population is Suffolk Coastal. Suffolk has a large ageing population. Hence Suffolk has an above average social care bill. Clearly, social care is something which cannot be cut. Therefore, savings have to be made elsewhere. As Suffolk is considered a nice place to retire to, this issue is is likely to get more paramount. Of course, due to age some people are no longer able to drive and if they live in an area where there are no buses they are completely isolated. The issue of rural isolation is a very serious issue and due to increased reductions in bus services, the issue is getting worse. But reductions in bus services became necessary due to reductions in funding which was already pathetic, from central government.

Another matter due to lack of funding making reductions in bus services necessary, therefore car ownership necessary, is the fact that running a car isn’t cheap. Because of this rural poverty is exacerbated Many thousands of individuals living in rural areas are in households below average income. Work is the best way out of poverty and if there is no way to get to work, that route out of poverty is blocked. The issue of rural poverty also effects pensioners the most and as I said earlier, Suffolk has an agieng population

Another local authority that has suffered from lack of funding is Northantonshire As a matter of fact Northamptonshire County Council went bust. Let’s compare the two counties.

This points to a solution to the lack of funding from central government. Suffolk County Council have reluctantly put up council tax due to Suffolk getting the short end of the stick. But long before this in 2017 Suffolk County Council launched a city bid for Ipswich. Ipswich is a city in all but name and by being a city Ipswich shall get the funding it requires as well as the rest of Suffolk. This is why the Conservative County Council put in the bid. Meanwhile in the County Town, that lousy Labour Council put up council tax year after year, even though people living in Ipswich pay twice as much as their rural neighbours. Ipswich Labour are not interested in solutions to Suffolk’s abysmal funding from central government. They are not interested in promoting Ipswich and are not interested in promoting the county as a whole because they don’t give a fig about Ipswich’s county town status. Ipswich Labour are intent on turning Ipswich into a rundown, ruinous mess where people have a lack of expendable income and poverty is on the increase and the whole of Suffolk is suffering as a result.

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Suffolk County Council Cabinet Reshuffle

The reshuffle creates closer links between key policy areas such as environment and Sizewell C and brings new ideas into the council’s Cabinet.

In the reshuffle:

Councillor Mary Evans remains as deputy leader and moves into the role of cabinet member for children’s services, education and skills

Councillor Gordon Jones moves into the role of cabinet member for finance and resources

Councillor Andrew Reid joins the cabinet as cabinet member for highways, transport and rural affairs

Councillor Richard Smith leaves the cabinet after four and half years in the role

Councillor Nick Gowrley takes on additional responsibility for the county council’s property portfolio and assets, in addition to his responsibilities as cabinet member for economic development, housing and enterprise.

Councillor Richard Rout takes on responsibility for the council’s policy on Sizewell C, in addition and linked to his role as cabinet member for environment and public protection
All other Cabinet positions remain the same and the changes come into force with immediate effect.

In addition to the Cabinet changes, Councillor Karen Soons becomes chair of the Pension Fund Committee, a position previously held by Councillor Andrew Reid.

Councillor Matthew Hicks, leader of Suffolk County Council, said,

“I am confident my cabinet will continue to prioritise the needs of the people of Suffolk while making the difficult decisions that come with the role.

“It is important we refresh and revise the way in which we work so we can continue to challenge ourselves, expand our skill and expertise and improve what we do.

“I want to thank Richard Smith for his time as cabinet member for finance. He has made an outstanding contribution in ensuring we manage our finances in a measured, effective and prudent way and I know he will continue to make a difference to Suffolk residents.”

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Boris Johnson rinses Corbyn after the Queen’s Speech 2019

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The SNP, Catalan and the EU

Today, Spain’s Supreme Court has sentenced nine Catalan politicians to between nine and thirteen years in prison. Amnesty are yet to comment but no doubt they will. In the UK parliament today, SNP leader Ian Blackford spoke of his solidarity with the nine political prisoners. Supporting his fellow nationalists is understandable but what does the SNP’s beloved EU have to say about it especially in light of the fact that a member of the European parliament was amongst those sentenced?

What has the European Parliament got to say about its fellow MEP being imprisoned by Spain? What have they got to say about fellow parliamentarians in a European Union State being imprisoned? The European Union has much to say about Turkey’s disgraceful aggression against the Kurds in Syria and rightfully so. The European Union also has much to say about its bribes financial aid to Ukraine, which is likely to poke the Russian Bear, which is not a good idea. But what has the European Union got to say about Spain’s oppression of Catalonia. What has the European Union got to say about political prisoners in Spain? That so-called Bastion of human rights that the EU claims to be, hasn’t got a single thing to say about it. When it comes to oppression by member states against citizens of the EU the EU has absolutely nothing to say!

If SNP politicians were imprisoned here, unionists like myself would have a lot to say about it. As a matter of fact, my opposition to it would be plain to everybody. But what would the EU which the SNP loves, say or do? By their reaction to the human rights abuses against Catalonia, we must suspect that they will say and do absolutely nothing.

Believers in freedom and democracy have to speak out against such oppression as a matter of principle, but the EU does not believe in freedom and democracy. Therefore the the imprisonment of Catalan politicians is it no concern to them? The only reason they speak against Turkey’s activity in Syria is to make themselves look good. They are a bunch of hypocrites who really don’t care about human rights.

The SNP are clearly afflicted by Double Think.

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Concerning Gipping Ward

The street light in Saint Matthews Street has been fixed and the graffiti under Ancaster Bridge has been removed.

Magnum timoris sit aeternum

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