The Truth About the Weak Pound and Objective of the General Election

In this month’s edition of the Woodbridge Flyer is an article by Luke Durrent of Lifetime Financial Solutions titled BEXIT: one year on where the weak pound is blamed on Brexit and the increase in share prices is due to increased overseas profits due to the weak pound and says that Brexit negotiations are on the back foot. Now as Woodbridge has a large portion of Remain voters, it would read in accordance with their beliefs. It is concise and well written like a lot of things in the Woodbridge Flyer. The Woodbridge Flyer is very different to the Ipswich Flyer in that it is worth reading.

The reason the pound dropped in value was because the banks offloaded a lot of the money that the government gave them through Quantitative Easing and share prices  initially rose because the banks were using the money to buy them. Shares have also continued to go up due to an increase in exports because of the weak pound. As we need global exports to increase as we leave the EU, an increase in them isn’t something to be frightened about. As the weak pound is increasing them, there is no crisis here.

The article also says that the General Election was called to increase the parliamentary majority and it backfired. Actually, the General Election was called to shut up Nicola Sturgeon because her mardling on during negotiations was counter productive to what is in the best interests of this country and due to the Conservative gains in Scotland, the objective was achieved.

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Ipswich Labour’s Plan for more social and economic deprivation

At last nights full council meeting we heard how Ipswich Labour plan to make Ipswich a run down ruinous mess with low quality employment, low wages with lots of people living in council houses dependant on benefit and therefore at Ipswich Labour’s mercy.

David Ellesmere made the factious claim that Conservative councils don’t want to build any houses and that the government is encouraging developers not to build any. He spoke against private ownership even though he owns the house he lives in himself. He also claimed that the Conservatives are against the Ipswich Garden Suburb.

Conservative councillor Richard Pope rebutted Ellesmere’s contentious claims. He also asked where they were going to be built and called for a mixed tenure rather than the ‘affordable housing’ Ipswich Labour want.

Labour’s Colin Kreidwolf talked about private renting and how residents in Westgate ward are fearful of being evicted and basically put it across that private landlords are evil, the fact that a number of Labour councillors present are private landlords demonstrated a type of double think. I found this somewhat emetic because when I spoke to councillor Kreidwolf about the deprivation in Westgate Ward he came across as being rather proud of the mess Ipswich Labour has made of a once nice area of town. He also claimed that some of the comments made by the Conservatives were disgusting.

Well I think what Ipswich Labour have done to Westgate Ward is disgusting. Westgate Ward needs a borough councillor who lives locally who would not stand for what Ipswich Labour has so masterfully achieved.

Labour’s Carole Jones, who as the portfolio holder for economic development has allowed part of her ward to economically decline so that it is now the cesspit of Ipswich, repeated the lie that the Conservatives are against the Ipswich Garden suburb. I presume that what she meant was that Ipswich Conservatives have consistently scrutinised the development properly. She then talked about mixed tenure in her usual waffly fashion.

Conservative councillor Eddy Philips said that it was wrong to put Labour Party slogans in such a paper like ‘bedroom tax’. At this East Anglia’s Premier political blogger voiced his approval from the gallery and was surprised that he didn’t  get another infraction from the mayor due to it. Councillor Phillips talked about how we want high quality jobs and high quality homes.

For the Conservatives, Councillor Cenci stated that when it comes to the Ipswich Garden Suburb the Conservatives have always been for infrastructure before expansion. She then asked what had been said that is disgusting. She also stated the fact that when the Conservatives were in control more houses were built than have been built under Labour. She also stated the fact that more affluent people are needed because the town votes for what they’ve always had.

Labour’s Neil Macdonald started talking about the deprivation Ipswich Labour has created  and said that 8000 properties have been lost through Right to Buy.

Ipswich is suffering economically due to this lousy Labour council  and Ipswich Labour want to keep it that way. They want to build cheap housing for people on low paid jobs rather than building more up market properties to encourage more affluent people to live here with more expendable income to boost the local economy. The whole idea of building more Band F properties within the Borough boundary to allow them to lower council tax so that people across the socio-economic spectrum have more expendable income to be spent locally boosting the economy is anathema to them. Ipswich Labour want more people in poverty so that they can use the poverty and deprivation they create as a weapon at election time. So their policies are designed to create more poverty and deprivation. They are such heartless, self serving people.


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Where are the 10000 Houses to be Built in Ipswich?

At tomorrows Full Council meeting the need for 100000 new homes is on the agenda. I would like to know where they are going to be built. After reading the report here I still don’t know.

Now we are aware that a number of houses shall be built in the Ipswich Garden Suburb. Before this is done, Westerfield Rail Station needs upgrading and the Northern Route needs to be built. Which it shall be after the Wet Dock Crossing. But where are the other houses going to be built?

One of the things Ipswich Labour is known for when it comes to building new homes, is removing assets of the town to make room for them like the airport. So what other asset of the town would Ipswich Labour have their eyes on to remove to provide housing? The council already owns the land where the home of the Pride of East Anglia is, so they would probably relish at the chance to get rid of such an asset especially as a number of them support that lot up the road. But though they would like to, they wouldn’t dare. So what other major asset could they remove? The only asset I can think of is Foxhall Stadium. This gives Ipswich Labour the advantage of blaming the neighbouring Conservative authority it is in. I have been unable to speak to anybody from any of the local authorities but as the junction improvements recently announce are on the East side of town, I am concerned.

Remember being told that the airport can be built on because RAF Woodbridge would replace it?

Any suggestion that Foxhall stadium can be built on because a new one will be built nearby must be treated with contempt. Such a thing was told to Norwich residents about the Norwich All Stars stadium once and the speedway team moved to Kings Lynn. Do we want the Witches to move to Newmarket?

If such a planning application came in, as I will be living in Suffolk Coastal then, at least one rejection shall be going in.

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£5million improvements for five of Ipswich’s busiest road junctions

Today’s Morning Ipswich Star reports that a £5million package of improvements has been put forward for five of Ipswich’s most congested junctions.

It says

The scheme, announced by Suffolk County Council yesterday, will see upgrades at the Landseer Road/Clapgate Lane junction, the Nacton Road/Maryon Road junction, the Nacton Road/Rands Way junction, St Augustine’s roundabout through to Sainsbury’s on Felixstowe Road and the Foxhall Road/Heath Road roundabout.

Councillor Paul West, cabinet member for Ipswich, said

“We want it to have benefit to road users, pedestrians, cyclists, all of the community – people coming from outside Ipswich to work and shop and for residents of Ipswich itself.

“You will never be able to increase capacity and make things better for vehicles and pedestrians if we don’t do anything.

“We’re working to minimise 
the short-term inconvenience because we know that makes an impact on people’s lives and getting around.

“As an Ipswich resident myself, I share the same concerns, frustrations, desires that the rest of the people of Ipswich have, so this is designed to make everybody’s life a little bit easier and allow the town to move forward and account for growth that is planned in the future.”

You can read the Ipswich Star article here


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Woodbridge Lib Dems in Terror

We understand that the Lib Dems in Woodbridge have become alarmed at the news of an oncoming storm.



In response to this, the County Councillor for Ipswich Road is putting on a brave face while preparing to baton down the hatches. You can read the conversation here.


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Response to Latest Guile from Brussels

So the  former PM of Luxembourg and Little Napolean, Juncker has said that Britain will regret Brexit. Early last century a little Austrian bloke said something similar. But there is absolutely no way that we are going to regret Brexit. Because in his speech he talked about bringing about the death throes of European democracy by giving more power to people like him, eroding national sovereignty and having an EU army to  crush decent amongst the plebeians of Europe. It doesn’t matter to Juncker that the people of Europe are against it. He seriously doesn’t care. To him the federalist project must continue. The people can end up in poverty, become destitute while he and his cohorts get rich because he doesn’t care. Because of the fascists in Brussels Brexit talks have been delayed again. They want to pretend it isn’t happening and continue their evil project regardless because they are ideologically driven, foaming at the mouth lunatics. Juncker is so loathed in is own country of Luxembourg that he dare not go there. Recently he was visited by another former PM who is loathed in his own country, Tony Blair. The meeting was obviously about how they could both keep the gravy train rolling.  Guy Verhofstadt‏ has launched an attack on Theresa May. What makes him think that as a member of of a quango he can attack a PM of a soon to be independent, sovereign state is anybodies guess. Make no mistake. Scratch away at the left wing, liberal veneer and it is revealed that we are dealing with totalitarian fascists. They will stop at nothing to  achieve their aims and will continue to inflict misery on the people  of Europe.

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Concerns about the Finest City in England

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