Sandy Martin Resigns as Councillor

We all thought it a rum ol dew Alexander wanting to keep being a county councillor. Howsomeever, arter a bit of a bobble by Ipsidge residents he’s resigned as County Councillor for Saint Johns to concentrate on being the MP for Saint John’s.

So since being elected, furst he say he wants to stop the wet dock crossing, then the duzzy ol’ fuel found out the money was ringfenced, then he say he wanted to keep being a councillor, then he say a lot of squit in his maiden speech though he’s from abroad  and hint bin wholly Suffolkated, then he resigned as councillor cos he worked out how jarred off some people were.

Cood blarst! What is he lioke? Now he’s getting jip off this blog.

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Time to End that Unfair, State Imposed Poll Tax


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The Cluelessness of the Left Exposed.

When attacking the Tories the left very often get knocked for six by bowling wide of any research  while aiming for the rough. A classic example of this locally is when prominent Ipswich Labour member, Andy Coates commented on Facebook about Colin Noble’s pay rise. If he’d bothered to do some research he would have found out the Suffolk Labour Group leader, Sandra Gage supports the pay rise. We are well aware that Ipswich Labour and Suffolk Labour don’t get on with each other, but we would have thought that they actually talked to each other. Obviously not.

Some of the most unresearched twaddle the left comes out with is to be found on Jeremy Corbyn’s fake news site, The Canary. A lot of articles on there are poorly researched or more likely just made up. Here is a story about Fox Hunting which is clearly made up. It claims that during a fox hunt, the fox hounds attacked a whippet and a lurcher. There is a couple of things that are clearly made up. But what confirms that the story is mere bullshit is that the story claims that the hunt took place on the 13th of July. The Fox hunting season doesn’t start until the 1st of November. They have to wait for the crops to all be harvested before they can go galloping across the fields  but those London-centric Corbynites wouldn’t know that would they?

Another article of unresearched twaddle can be found here where they say that Jeremy Hunt should be ashamed of this despicable attack on NHS staff. It’s about NHS workers having to pay car parking charges and are being fined for not paying them. What makes this article so risible is the fact that the hospital in question is in Wales and Jeremy Hunt has no control over the NHS in Wales because it is under the administration of the Labour controlled Welsh Assembly but those London-centric Corbynites wouldn’t know that either would they?

But what makes this twaddle aimed at Jeremy Hunt so funny is the fact that it was retweeted by Jeremy of Islington. Being so London-centric himself, he wouldn’t know anything about what goes on in Wales either would he? He thinks he’s ready to be Prime Minister? He’s a joke.

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Corbyn’s Army of Cyber Bullies

I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It. But Corbyn’s henchtrots are against Free Speech and use bullying tactics to silence any opinion that is different to theirs.

Labour supporters being a bit nasty is nothing new as the story in today’s Morning Ipswich Star about theatre director, Trevor Nunn throwing stones at the Tory candidates car in the 1940’s proves. But the phenomenon of cyber bullying by the left is more recent. Fortunately, most of the comrades in Ipswich don’t indulge in such nastiness. Apart from the incidence of it in 2015 which I blogged about here, there hasn’t been to much of it. Though admittedly some activists elsewhere in Suffolk really enjoy indulging in a bit of low grade argumentum ad hominem,

Norwich Evening News reports here about the cyber abuse parliamentary  candidate for Norwich South, Lana Hempsall received.

One Facebook message left under a story about Mrs Hempsall read: “Shoot her then pull her teeth out of her jaw whilst she fades away.” Another YouTube post showed someone setting fire to a picture of Mrs Hempsall meeting the prime minister.

Now, I witnessed a lot of the abuse she was getting at the time so I can vouch for her. Also, the video of someone setting fire to the picture was shared far and wide by her fellow Conservatives because the duzzy douferhead ended up burning himself.

Also, since the General election, former Ipswich Conservative Group Leader, Nadia Cenci has been the victim of cyber abuse. It started by her criticising Corbyn and his henchtrots for politicising the Grenfell fire tragedy. She was rightly concerned about the decrease in sympathy for the victims because of the involvement of  left-wing agitators. This lead to  a shit-storm from Corbyn’s cyber-henchtrots. None of the abuse came from Ipswich people. It all came from Corbyn’s cyber-army of professional, free speech hating, bullying, left wing fascist’s.As a matter of fact, some local Labour activists have sent her messages of support including a letter to the Morning Ipswich Star from a former Labour councillor supporting her.

Yevette cooper has asked Labour supporters to stop their online “vitriolic abuse” as is reported here. Corbyn’s henchtrots responded by giving her lots of online “vitriolic abuse”

We know that Corbyn supports the cyber abuse of Conservative activists and supporters because we know that he is a man of violence. He supported the IRA’s bombing campaign and he supports Hezbollah. Hence as Guido reports here

Labour last night used a spurious three hour plus-long debate on procedure to block the scheduled debate on hard-left abuse of MPs. The Commons was supposed to spend the day discussing the abuse received by MPs during the election, instead Labour filibustered with a nonsense debate about how many debates they get to have until well into the night. As Anna Soubry quite rightly said:

“As a result of Labour’s filibusting tonight, this chamber will not debate the appalling abuse which many women candidates on this side of the House endured during the general election from the hard-left… There are many members on this side of the House that stood up for women on that side of the House when they were abused by their hard-left leadership.”

Vicky Atkins criticised Labour for blocking the abuse debate “to talk about their diaries” instead, Andrea Leadsom blasted “Members on both sides of this House have been victims of vile abuse from anarchists and hard-left activists, but obviously Labour are not interested” and accused Jeremy Corbyn of having “prevented this debate“.

Of course, we also know that the fascist left resort to cyber bullying because in the words of the Great One, I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.

If anybody is offended by this blog, in the words of Martin Luther, I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God.

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Ipswich Politician’s Nasty Secret

Many Ipswich politicians have a nasty secret. Many of them deny it and will go to great lengths to claim that it is not true. It concerns this blog. Amongst themselves they say things like “I don’t read that crap.” and “Algar’s blog is not worth reading and I don’t think anybody bothers.” But then they foul up by quoting from it at meetings.

We know that the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem’s are all ardent readers of this blog and insist that they read it to gain intelligence about what the Conservatives are doing. As if I am going to publish such information. The real reason is, they enjoy it.

Many of the local Conservatives claim never to read this blog too, but we know they do because like many Labour politicians, they quote from it at meetings. We know that Tory deniers love this blog too.

I have actually walked past Ipswich Labour’s office in Silent Street and seen this blog on a computer screen in there. As a matter of fact, I suspect that Ipswich Labour like this blog so much, that they have it as their home page. We have been informed that Ipswich Labour have held meeting to discuss this blog. We haven’t obtained the agenda for any such meetings, but no doubt, everybody else is looking forward to the day when we do.  We understand that at one such meeting, the comrades were ordered not to comment on this blog because they’ kept getting slaughtered in the debate. We also understand that some Labour members read this blog regularly to ensure that the order is being followed. Many Ipswich Labour people deny reading this blog, but then quote from it at meetings. A Riverside View is undoubtedly Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blog.

As a matter of fact, A Riverside View is the preferred blog of all Ipswich Politicians.

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Vacuous soundbite

Who are the many and who are the few?
Through the movements of mind I come to this
Are we not all the many and yet all the few?

A deconstructed Marxist gives us his view,
The sound bite is meaningless so the question is,
Who are the many and who are the few?

They believe contradictory maxims that are not true
But as one society, the truth is summed up in this,
Are we not all the many and yet all the few?

He addresses the bourgeoisie and they give him their do
Marching wearing Rolex watches not getting the gist
Who are the many and who are the few?

Vacuous soundbite, semanticly empty emetic spew
The rich speaking against the rich, irony missed.
Are we not all the many and yet all the few?

They want to rule us with an iron fist
Absolute power for them while we merely subsist
Who are the many and who are the few?
Are we not all the many and yet all the few?

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How did Ipswich come to this?

As was said in my previous post here Ipswich  was once a town of great commerce with lots of trade taking place. This was a time when a lot of money was in the town. but what went wrong? (No doubt, regular readers of this blog no exactly where this post is going.) Ipswich was a great place of commerce due to the river and natural resources. In Anglo/Saxon time the port of Ipswich, which is the fourth oldest port in the country after London, Dover and Exeter, making it the oldest post Roman port in the country was made wealthy by trade coming in from Europe and Ipswich Ware Pottery being exported. Throughout the town’s history the river has made us a prosperous town through trade apart from during the Georgian period when the powers that be let the river silt up. This is why there is a shortage of architecture from the Georgian period in the town centre.

After the river was dredged the town became prosperous again with grain produced in Suffolk being exported along with wool and goods produced locally like Coprolite by Fisons and agricultural machinery by Ransomes etc. The fact that the groundsman of what is left of Ransomes uses a Honda Mower shows the height from which we have fallen.

So how did Ipswich lose it’s engineering and global trading clout? Looking through history, the decline seems to have started around the time people started voting Labour.

It would appear that our town has been wrecked by socialism. Champagne Socialist, Maxwell screwing over Ransomes and Rapier is a classic example. Maxwell raided the pensions pot, asset stripped the company and left the employees high and dry. Socialists like to look after themselves. Their politics is founded on envy so much that when they see a trough, they have not the moral fibre to keep their snouts out of it.  Also, Labour like to turn a place in to a run down ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote for them. Successive Labour councils have brought ruin to Ipswich, helping themselves in the process

This is why Labour closed Ipswich Airport. They hated the idea of people travelling to and from Europe creating business that benefited the towns economy, so they closed it. They had no vision for the airport. The fact that it could have also been used to get around the fact that our rail links to the Midlands are absolutely awful, was of no interest to them. Labour like people trapped in poverty and deprivation.

This also explains the acrity with which our new Labour MP is endeavouring to  stop the wet dock crossing. Labour don’t want the Island site turned into  an enterprise zone, Labour hate enterprise, Labour want Ipswich to be a run down ruinous mess. We wonder if the MP for Saint Johns wants to stop the investment in flood defences in Ipswich too.

Of course it isn’t just to turn Ipswich into  a run down ruinous mess. We suspect that the idea for a Northern By Pass as proposed is more about getting at the posh people who live in surrounding villages by having a major road close to their homes and nothing to do with cutting congestion.  After all, Labour are really in to that nonsensical class war crap.

This is why Labour leaflets in Ipswich go on about County Councillors living in leafy villages and not understanding Ipswich. It’s that class war rubbish. The fact that it is the produce of those leafy villages that made Ipswich prosperous is what Ipswich Labour really hate. Also, as a lot of us had parents and grandparents brought up in those leafty villages, it’s also insulting to us. The Port of Ipswich is exporting more grain from the surrounding countryside than ever before. Ipswich Labour probably want the river to silt up.

Does Ipswich Labour understand Ipswich? Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and it’s prosperity has been through commerce and trade of produce from the surrounding countryside. Yes, we also have insurance as a major source of economic development in Ipswich, but lets not forget where we came from. I do a lot of work in the countryside and I can tell you that those people living in leafy villages understand Ipswich’s problems very well. Often I have heard them sum up Ipswich’s problems in two words. Labour council.

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