Councillors Rise Allowances by 2.2%

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South West Area Committee Report.

Yesterday I attended the South West Area Committee. I brought up a matter with the South West SNT which they were unaware of and to be honest didn’t seem that bothered about it. Fortunately Councillor Ellesmere was bothered and spoke to me concerning the matter after the meeting. I  have informed members of the local community of my conversation with Councillor Ellesmere and his plan to take action by Email.

I never got round to answering my question due to me submitting it to late.

I am very pleased to report that a funding request by the Oasis English Language teaching centre was approved. This will encourage integration of  migrant members of our community.

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Date of Full Council Changed

This months Full Council is on Thursday 22 September at 6pm due to the Tim Farron comedy show taking place.

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Austerity Has Died

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My week ahead, 19 – 24 September 2016

Tuesday 20 September – 6pm, South West Area Committee meeting
Thursday 22 September – 6pm, Ipswich Borough Full Council meeting

This week I have a question which I have submitted to the South West Area Committee about how this lousy council of ours doesn’t care about the Ipswich West End. It concerns a couple of things that make the area look like a run down ruinous mess to encourage voter apathy. I have also submitted this question to the Full Council and I may withdraw it if I am given a satisfactory answer at the South West Area Committee.

I have also submitted a question to full council concerning the renaming of Civic Drive.

This week I attended the Central Area Committee and it was good getting information concerning the issues in Westgate Ward.

Also this week a prominent local political activist was rather put back when I told them they were slimy and I told them to note that I said it to their face rather than on their favourite blog. I won’t name them because I don’t do ad hominem. But I mention it because I found their obsequious reaction very interesting.

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Central Area Committee Report

Police update: We were informed that hotspots in Westgate Ward, concerning drug related crime and criminal damage. The problems seem to be around Civic Drive, up Norwich road to the YMCA and of course Jubilee Park. Four knives and two metal bars have been seized. some problems have been dispersed out of Westgate Ward into Alexandra Ward.

There was a lot of mention about used needles laying about. A Labour councillor claimed that Cleaner Ipswich are wonderful. Which I must say, I found highly amusing.

For a longer report where local politicians are taken the piss out of, go here



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Elliott Street Residents Street Cleaning Services

As Ipswich Borough Council’s Cleaner Ipswich department appear not to have the resources to clean the streets in the London Road area of the town, perhaps they should consider contracting the work out to Elliott Street Residents Street Cleaning Services. They do  a fabulous job and here is an example of the kind of work they do.


A section of Elliott St before  Elliott Street Residents Street Cleaning Services took action


A section of Elliott St after Elliott Street Residents Street Cleaning Services took action


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