Suffolk Housing Strategies

There are reactions to Suffolk Coastal’s Local Plan around the district a notable one being the Save Our villages campaign over what is being called the Kirton and Trimley Land Grab. As my Dad was a Treacle Miner (As Trimley people are called) I have considerable sympathy. But for the Port of Felixstowe to continue to thrive there is a need for a logistics centre so rather than it being just for commercial gain it is a necessity to keep Felixstowe prosperous and not a run down, poverty stricken place like Great Yarmouth. There is also a plan to build more houses, but are they necessary there?

Here concerning the local Plan they say this

The single largest problem is the sheer size of the Local Plan. The Plan, together with it’s supporting documentation, runs to thousands of pages and tens of thousands of words tables and diagrams. As things stand, there is absolutely no possibility those charged with making decisions can possibly assimilate this information and reach intellectually-valid conclusions for the District. Given a great deal of time, it is possible to look at an individual topic such as Innocence Farm. However, doing so involves wading through a great deal of pseudo-science and psycho-babble, supposedly justifying unsupported and intellectually-flawed conclusions.

The other area of Suffolk Coastal where more houses are going to be built is Saxmundham. Saxmundham is a sensible place to build them because Sax has good infrastructure compared to many other places in Suffolk. Woodbridge has better infrastructure but it appears that Woodbridge is being set aside for gentrification.

The gentrification of Woodbridge is something many Woodbridge people are in dispair about. It really isn’t fair that people who have lived here for generations are being forced out by rising property prices. Yes, the people moving in may have money but for a community to thrive there has to be a balenced mix, The gentrification is caused by a shortage of affordable housing.

Some may say that the two thousand extra homes being built on Adastral Park in Martlesham Heath that will create permanant gridlock around there would help, but unfortunately those new houses in Martlesham Heath are being built for Ipswich people who are leaving the run down ruinous mess that Ipswich Labour are masterfully creating.. Where as with Woodbridge people who have lived there for generations can’t afford to live there, with Ipswich people who have lived there for genrerations don’t want to live there.

Ipswich Labour only want Ipswich to have low price housing so nobody with money lives there, so the town doesn’t get any investment from people and continues to turn into a run down ruinous mess. The callous policy of creating poverty in Ipswich is to increase their vote bank by claiming to be on the side of the people whose aspirations have been crushed by their policy of economic decline.

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Caroline Page’s Electioneering

Next year is the District council elections and the Woodbridge Town council elections and the county councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has started the election campaign with earnest. The non-issue she is using is admitedly more interesting than the non-issue of swallows. One of the things she has been doing is asking questions at Woodbridge Town Council meetings concerning the auditing of accounts. This has lead to a town clerk having to do over a hundred hours overtime to obtain the relevant answers to her politiacally motivated questions. She asked a couple of questions at Woodbridge Town council this week and afterwards launched umbrage on social media. On Facebook came this rant.

Despite a second consecutive appallingly rude reception at Woodbridge Town Council tonight (spoiled brats have got into the habit of treating their most senior elected council representative in the area as a punching bag: “I don’t know how you put up with it” as the visiting govt representative who witnessed Cllr Holdcroft’s behaviour puts it) I carry on representing the people of Woodbridge. Just as well. I’m the ONLY councillor in Suffolk Coastal who holds a monthly surgery. Nine consecutive years and counting. (Short this month – for the first time ever – because I’m attending the People’s March).
Should I put up with such behaviour, folks?

Spoilt brats? Well, in light of the fact that finding the answers to such questions can cost a lot of time and sometimes money also, I think it is in fact the county councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge that is acting like a spoilt brat. As three of the people on the audit committee are Lib Dems and one of them is her husband, why doesn’t she ask them instead of using up Town council time? Well, there is a simple answer to that. It is to put it across that Conservative councillors are doing a bad job. The fact that three Lib Dems are on the audit committee is kept quiet about because duplicity is something the Lib Dems excel at.

into the habit of treating their most senior elected council representative in the area as a punching bag? Well, on social media, it seems that Caroline Page is in fact using them as a punching bag. The fact that she is a county councillor is irrelevant. She is not a town councillor and is therefore a mere member of the public when asking questions. If a Woodbridge Town councillor asked a question at Endeavour House, the County council would treat them merely as a member of the public also. Why does she think she should have some sort of preferential treatment? She was elected to serve not be served. The questions were answered but she still wanted to make party political points after the time had run out.

She is the only councillor in Suffolk Coastal who holds a monthly surgery? How can she make that claim? Has she been a busybody finding out how every other councillor in the district serve their residents? I also, find it hillarious that she talks about holding a surgery every month and then says she won’t be this month because she’s going on the most vocal minority’s people’s march. I mean, clearly keeping Britian chained to that undemocratic, poverty creating, enterprise stiffling racket based in Brussels is more important to her than the concerns of the people of Woodbridge.

After accusing Woodbridge Town council of using her as a punch bag, she then wrote a post where she used Woodbridge’s most senior elected representative as a punch bag.

She said this.

I see he calls criticism “faux outrage.” Amazingly this is the *exact wording* our very own MP Therese Coffee once used on twitter against me, when she tried to explain the absence of every single Suffolk MP from the first ever parliamentary debate on Epilepsy. Maybe they teach the phrase to Tory MPs fir defending the indefensible?

This is classic Lib Dem snide vicousness under a veneer of being nice. Ironically she is displaying faux outrage against Therese Coffey here. She understands that there are a lot of other meetings taking place all the time in Westminster and there is also the concerns of constituents but because an MP didn’t attend a meeting that Caroline Page was interested in, she decided to display some faux outrage and is now displaying some faux outrage for having her faux outrage exposed. But the main driver of the faux outrage is in fact party political point scoring. Woodbridge needs a county councillor who is more interested in addressing the concerns of local residents than the interests of their party.

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Dicision to Build on Bosworth Field

A decision has been made by Hinckley and Bosworth Council to turn a portion of  battlefield where he who bloody was met his bloody end into a car test track.

Were we to stop development on all historic sites, the country would grind to a halt. Humans have been here for a million years: there’s not a square inch of land – and not much sea – without history. Richard III was indeed a murderous child killer, but is it right that they should build on where the hunchbacked monster was killed?

The new development – spearheaded by automotive company Horiba Mira – will take up a section of the field where he who was determined to prove a villain was killed during the battle of Bosworth in 1485.

More here.


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Conservatives In Touch

IMG_4532Special Conservative Party Conference Edition

This week was the Conservative conference. It was much more productive than the conferance some ideologically deranged people had last week, which involved listening to deranged rants, clapping like seals at the most outlandish statement ands waving flags of a foriegn country and calling for the country that occupies it to be wiped off the map, creating the biggest refugee crisis since world war two. The conservative Party Conference was rightfully called a conference because lots of confering was done. I am pleased to announce that there was a lot of conferring amongst the Eastern Region Conservatives which involved confering with the relevant members of government to benifit all within the Eastern region.

There was also some brilliant policy anoncements

42987761_10156371351404279_8629941473627865088_nBanning Deductions on Workers Tips

Due to being in touch with the electorate, the Conservative Party understand why so many think that employers taking a share of tips given to staff is wrong. Therefore, the Conservatives will ensure that our strong economy is works for ordinary people.

Some employers take a percentage from tips – but the Conservative Party don’t think that’s fair. So they’re stopping this to:

1. Boost pay for workers on low wages.
2. Offer a more honest arrangement for the consumers who leave tips.

Creating Jobs

Conservatives want ordinary working people rewarded for their hard work as working people rightfully believe they should be.


Since 2010, due to the sound economic policies of the Conservative party, more jobs have been created in Britian than in France, spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Norway combined. This fantastic acheivement of allowing so many people out of poverty through employment by building a strong economy would come to a grinding halt if the Moscow loving, Hamas hugging museum of economic folly called Jeremy corbyn got into Downing Srtreet.



Freezing Fuel Duty

Because the Conservative Party is in touch with the electorate it is aware how many find it hard to make ends meet especially if fuels bills keep increasing creating fuel poverty. That is why this Conservative government is freezing fuel duty for the ninth year in a row.

Fighting Injustices

The Conservative Party has a proud record of fighting injustice. The Conservative Party banned slavery, regulated factory hours, gave people clean running water, brought in the first national living wage, brought in full suffrage, ended laws against religous minorities, gave same sex couples the right to marry. and much, much more. The Conservative Party continues to fight injustice to today. Hence civil partnerships are being extended to same sex couples.


Allowing more people to own their own home.

We cannot make the case for capitalism if ordinary working people have no chance of owning capital. To put the dream of home ownership back within their reach, this Conservative government scrapped stamp duty for most first-time buyers – and over 120,000 households have already benefited. They’ve helped half a million people onto the housing ladder through other schemes like Help to Buy. This week the Conservative Party has announced that they will charge a higher rate of stamp duty on those buying homes who do not live and pay taxes in the UK, to help level the playing field for British buyers. The money raised will go towards tackling the scourge of rough sleeping.


New Cancer Strategy

Today the Prime Minister announced that a new Cancer Strategy, funded through the 70th birthday investment, will form a central part of the governemnt’s long-term plan for the NHS. The key to boosting your chance of surviving cancer is early diagnosis. Five-year survival rates for bowel cancer are over 90 per cent if caught early, but less than 10% if diagnosed late. Through their Cancer Strategy, they will increase the early detection rate from one-in-two today, to-three-in four by 2028. The government will do it by lowering the age at which they screen for bowel cancer from 60 to 50. By investing in the very latest scanners. And by building more Rapid Diagnostic Centres – one stop-shops that help people get treatment quicker. This will be a step-change in how cancer is diagnosed. It will mean that by 2028, 55,000 more people will be alive five years after their diagnosis compared to today. Every life saved means precious extra years with friends and family. Every life saved means a parent, a partner, a child, a god mother spared the pain of losing a loved one before their time. Our NHS saves countless lives every day.


A Fair Immigration System


While being in the EU we are having to have an immigration system that is unfair due to priority being based on where a person comes from instead of the skills they possess. After we have left the EU, this Conservative government shall introduce an immigration system that is fair. This will mean that people with the skills we need to continue economic growth for the benifit of all who live here will have priority. We shall have a meritocratic immigration system instead of the racist immigration system we have at present.

Support for the 2030 World Cup Bid

42960362_10156370034144279_7756519110451658752_n Since the triggering of Article 50, the EU have tried to insist that the border between Britian and Ireland should be closed or that their should be a closed border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. By announcing her and this government’ssupport for a joint-bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup from the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Prime Minister has clearly let it be known that the border staying open is a red line which can not and will not be crossed.


For more oppertunity and prosperity for all,

Vote Conservative

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Cultural Vandalism by the EU

Cultural Vandalism was bad enough under the last Labour government with having no smoking signs in our historic churches and the like. We also see cultural vandalism by the left in calls to take down historic statues and the like. Historically the person accused of cultural vandalism the most is Lord Elgin because he took the Marbles from Greece. But when it comes to cultural vandalism, don’t let the EU near the Parthenon. Or the Colosseum, or Alhambra or Stone Henge come to that! Lord Elgin has nothing on the EU. The EU are the masters of vandalising culture and they’re spending millions to do it. We knew this by the way they collect works of art from states that have been annexed into the EU but they have outdone what Lord Elgin did to Greece by light years.

This is how they ‘restored’ the ruins of a castle in Bulgaria.


An offence against archetecture and 1600 years of a country’s heritage destroyed by the  EU.

Conservation architect Stella Duleva said of the Trayanovi Vrata fort in an interview

“It’s weeping – a weeping fortress,”

“It had survived 16 centuries, and now it’s been ruined by two million euros.”

More here.

Fancy using polymer and concrete on restoring ancient ruins!

The EU destroys authentic European culture and replaces it with their culture which isn’t European. As a matter of fact the culture of the European Union is backward, regressive, has no merit and all examples of it are utterly ghastly.

I wonder what they’d like to do to Stone Henge. Turn it in to something like this probably.


EU’s Restoration of Stone Henge?



If anyone from English Heritage saw  what the EU has done to Bulgaria’s heritage, they’d be having fits and rightfully so.

Remaining in the EU put’s our national monuments in danger. Would they spend two million euro on adding huge slabs of concrete to parts of Stone Henge? Imagine what they could do to the Abbey Gardens in Bury Saint Edmunds or the Abbey Ruins in Leiston. What level of utter cultural vandalism would the abomnible EU go to?

There’s poetry written about places like Tintern Abbey, so as the EU wants to destroy all national cultures and propagate a culture across the EU that isn’t European, one has to wonder what ingenious way the EU would come up with to destroy them.

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Ipswich Conservatives Select Tom Hunt as Parliamentary Candidate


Congratulations to Tom Hunt who was elected by the membership of the Ipswich Conservative Association to be the Conservative candidate for the next General Election.

Tom said

“Being selected to be the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for the Ipswich Constituency is the greatest honour of my life. I’m humbled by the faith and confidence of Ipswich members. I will be relentless in ensuring that I don’t let them down. We will work hard to bring about Conservative gains at the next local elections in 2019 and turn the town Blue from Red at the next general election.

“Alex Deane and Joel Charles are outstanding individuals and Conservatives: they will, without doubt, have a huge role to play to counter Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.”

Tom Hunt has alreadty stood up for Ipswich while being on an all party committee where he spoke up for the need for an Ipswich Northern By Pass. Also on this committee was some bloke called Sandy Martin, who said nothing.

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Ipswich Borough Council signs Charter Against Modern Slavery

Ipswich borough council has unanimously voted to sign up to  a charter against modern slavery.

The Motion at Full Council can be read here.

This is excellent as Modern Slavery is happening in Ipswich. The Morning Ipswich Star reports here,

A man was arrested on suspicion of modern slavery following a dawn raid on an Ipswich property.

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) officers made the arrest, assisted by Suffolk police, on Thursday morning.

The operation took place at about 5.30am, north-east of the town centre, where a 42-year-old Romanian man was arrested for suspected human trafficking offences and acting as an unlicensed gangmaster.

It followed allegations concerning the supply of workers into the regulated food processing sector, and the control of their work through accommodation, wages and other aspects.

Seven Romanian nationals are being supported by the GLAA, which used powers to search and seize evidence.

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