Piers Corbyn charged with causing a nuisance at Guy’s Hospital vaccination clinic.

Comrade Coates is right that people say one should dismiss this International Marxist, former Labour councillor. The problem is, he is being dismised. He pays the bail, pays the fines and continues being a bloody nuisance. If he doesn’t want to be vaccinated then that’s the duzzy old fuels choice. But being a nuisance at vaccine clinics is criminal and denies people the right to be vaccinated by their choice. Most people would agree that he should be locked up but the debate is where he should be locked up. Belmarsh or Broadmoor. I’ve started a poll on Twitter. https://twitter.com/KevinTAlgar/status/1484927690926960641

Tendance Coatesy

When will they lock up this renegade turned fascist?

People say one should dismiss this renegade former International Marxist Group member, squatters’ leader and – later – Labour councillor.

Yet, if he has mental health issues, he seems free to be a public nuisance, despite numerous court cases

The type is using his Freedom Pass to roam London and cause misery.

“Piers Corbyn has been charged with causing a nuisance at a vaccination clinic at St Guy’s Hospital in central London.


The 74-year-old activist was arrested by Metropolitan Police officers after an incident at a clinic on the site.

He was charged with another man, David Burridge, with causing a nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises without reasonable excuse, following Tuesday’s incident.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “David Burridge, 44, of Argyle Avenue, Hounslow, and Piers Corbyn, 74, of East Street, Southwark, have been charged with causing…

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Rest in Peace Meatloaf

Rest in peace Rock n Roll Hero Meatloaf. He is now where Angels sing I forgot how many songs he did but it’s all coming back to me now. After his death was announced both anti vaxeers and lockdown fanatics came out like a Bat out of Hell. My immediate thought at them using his death was “For crying out loud have some respect. is nothing sacred anymore?” Concerning his vaccine status we are left In the dark. But because he was against mandatory vaccines doesn’t mena he was unvaccinated. But there’s speculation and it just won’t quit and it seems to be going nowhere fast. Fundamentalists on both sides won’t wait for the facts to peel out. You can stay unvaxed if you really want to as far as I’m conerned but it’s better to be jumping the gun by getting jabbed before being offered. Two out of three aint bad but it’s better to get boosted.

Obviously Meatloaf was a Lockdown Sceptic who wanted us to get on with our lives instead of being stuck at home all revved up with no place to go. After all, after over two years of restrictions we should be home by now. Which is why it is right that out of all our past freedoms, from this coming Thursday in the UK everything is permitted again and we will have got to the promised land of normality. Marvin Lee Aday alias Meatloaf beleived in freedom because he was a dyed in the wool conservative. If I was American like him, I’d do anything for love (but I wouldn’t vote Democrat)

It seems that Meatloaf had covid and recovered from it even thoiugh he wasn’t in good health and died afterwards. More on his health problems here. But now he is in the precence of the Lord.

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George Galloway Offers to Work with New Party Created by Jeremy Corbyn.

It gets better and better.

Tendance Coatesy

George Galloway declares for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party - World Socialist  Web Site

Galloway Offers to Work with Corbyn for New Party.

Despite 30 yrs of friendship and currently not on speaking terms with Jeremy Corbyn, George would work with Corbyn should he make a clean break from Starmer’s Labour.

From Top Newshound DW.

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UK to support Tonga tsunami response with aid and Royal Navy ship

From here

The UK is sending vital humanitarian assistance and redeploying a Royal Navy ship to support Tonga respond to the catastrophic tsunami that hit the islands.

UK Aid onboard HMAS Adelaide
UK Aid onboard HMAS Adelaide
  • Water, tents and protective equipment to be sent to tsunami-hit Tonga today;
  • Vital UK support will be sent on Australia’s HMAS Adelaide, while HMS Spey is also being redeployed to the Pacific Island to support the international response;
  • The support for Tonga comes as the Foreign and Defence Secretaries conclude talks with their Australian counterparts in Sydney today, furthering UK cooperation to the Indo-Pacific region.

The UK will redeploy a Royal Navy ship and work with Australia and New Zealand to deliver vital aid to Tonga, after a once in a thousand year volcanic eruption caused a catastrophic tsunami to hit the islands.

UK-funded supplies will be onboard the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Adelaide, which is due to set sail for Nuku’alofa this morning (Friday 21 January), while Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has authorised Royal Navy ship HMS Spey to sail to Tonga to support the humanitarian and disaster relief effort.

In total 17 pallets of supplies are being sent on HMAS Adelaide today, all items provided were at the request of the Tongan government, including 90 family tents, 8 community tents and 6 wheel barrows.

The humanitarian aid and assistance will provide support to the Commonwealth nation, which has suffered significant damage and loss of life, to respond to the catastrophic event.

HMS Spey is alongside on a planned stop in Tahiti and will set sail for Tonga later today, having embarked supplies including water and medical equipment.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said:

Our thoughts are with those caught up in the appalling devastation and loss of life caused by the tsunami in Tonga.

UK supplies and technical expertise will provide urgent assistance to Tonga, working alongside Australia to support a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said:

In response to the devastating eruption in the Pacific Ocean I have instructed HMS Spey to sail to Tonga to assist in the humanitarian aid operation.

The UK will work closely with Australia and New Zealand to assist the recovery effort in Tonga and stands ready to support our long-standing Commonwealth partner.

In addition, the UK has offered to fund the deployment of crisis experts through the United Nations. They would support the Tongan authorities to coordinate the international response.

The UK-funded International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) has also released £345,000 to support Tonga. The UK has committed a £6 million contribution to the DREF through an annual £1.5 million donation 2020-2023.

The UK is a longstanding and trusted partner to Pacific Island countries and the UK Armed Forces are committed to stability in the region, and Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) HMS Spey has deployed to the Indo-Pacific for five years following the Integrated Review.

As directed in last year’s Integrated Review, HMS Spey is tasked with providing a quick response to security threats in the region and working alongside allies to uphold international laws and norms in an era of constant competition.

As part of New Zealand’s support, Navy ship HMNZS Wellington is supporting surveying of Nuku’alofa’s harbour area. A Royal Navy exchange officer, Lieutenant Greenfield is embarked in HMNZS Wellington as the Officer in Charge of the deployed hydrographic surveying team.

Commander Mike Proudman, commanding officer of HMS Spey, said

The UK has a long and proud history of supporting disaster relief alongside our allies and partners around the world.

I’m proud that the Royal Navy can play its part in the efforts to respond to the devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga.

Sister Royal Navy ships HMS Spey and HMS Tamar deployed to the Western Pacific late last year. The deployment marks a proud restoration of the Royal Navy’s permanent presence in the Indo-Pacific region after more than 25 years.

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Ipswich Labour councillor Shelley Darwin has Resigned.

A Riverside View can exclusively reveal that Ipswich Labour Councillor Shelly Darwin has resigned. Best friend of Jerremy Corbyn, Shelley Darwin has stepped down. Shelley Darwin held on to the chair of the North East Area Committee after she gave a sob story saying that her kids would starve without the allowance. Yes I know being a councillor is about serving others rather than one’s self, but she’s Labour. Now today she has put in her resignation.

With the other leftie Collette Allen resigning, she was short of allies in the Labour group, so her resignation is not that surprising

Naturally this blog wanted to share what wisdom Ipswich people would be missing. So after screenshots from her twitter account provided by a mate of a mate due to her blocking all to the right of Joseph Stalin, we can reveal the loss to Ipswich by her resignation.

She tweeted this,

Well that really is bizarre considering we’re talking about Ipswich, England rather than Mobile, Alabama.

It’s about time she resigned as she’s clearly moved away from ipswich going by this tweet.

No BAME people I know in Ipswich are scared about their safety. So where has Shelley moved to? Planet Corbyn is a possible place because what she is said is not of this world. Her fellow Labour activist Kathy Bole sent a message of solidarity.

Both Shelley and Kathy have blocked me in Twitter. In fact Shelley has blocked quite a few prominant Ipswich Labour members as well. The extreme left do like their echo chambers and obviously in Ipswich Labour a certain degree of freedom of thought is still allowed. This would explain the reason for Shelley Darwin’s resignation.

But it is possible there is another reason for her resignation. Ipswich Borough Council changed the rules about Councillor allowances when on leave such as maternity leave just in time for her to go on maternity leave, so she took maternity leave. Coincidentally she has resigned when she’s due to go back to work.

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Spot the Difference

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Why I Back Boris

We were the first nation in the world to administer a vaccine, and one of the fastest in Europe to roll it out.

This was because we made the big call to pursue our own vaccine procurement, outside of the EMA.

We made the tough decision to open up last summer when others said that we shouldn’t, and kept open this winter while others locked down.

As a result, we have the most open economy and society in Europe, and the fastest growing economy in the G7.

We’re the first to emerge from the Omicron wave, because we focused our NHS on delivering the fastest booster campaign in Europe.

And it is because of the extraordinary booster campaign – together with the way the public have responded to the Plan B measures – that we can return to Plan A in England and allow Plan B regulations to expire.

Confronted by the nation’s biggest challenge since the Second World War and the worst pandemic since 1918, any government would get some things wrong.

But this government got the big things right.

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