Response to UKIP Leaflet

Tony Gould claims that he needs the electorate’s help to get us out of the EUSSRand claims that UKIP is the insurance policy for Brexit. Actually strong and stable leadership through the negotiations by Theresa May is the insurance policy for Brexit, not UKIP.

The leaflet talks about net immigration being up but net migration fell to 248,000 in 2016. Story here

The leaflet said that we had a 200 mile fishing exclusion zone around our waters before joining the EUSSR. As we are only 30 miles from France, how could Tony’s statement be true?

The Conservative Part manifesto says

When we leave the European Union and its Common Fisheries Policy, we will be fully
responsible for the access and management of the waters where we have historically
exercised sovereign control. A new Conservative government will work with the
fishing industry and with our world-class marine scientists, as well as the devolved
administrations, to introduce a new regime for commercial fishing that will preserve and increase fish stocks and help to ensure prosperity for a new generation of fishermen. To provide complete legal certainty to our neighbours and clarity during our negotiations with the European Union, we will withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention. We will continue our work to conserve the marine environment off the coast of the United Kingdom. It also says that we will protect the interests of Scottish

farmers and fishermen as we design our new UK farming and fisheries policy.
The UKIP leaflet then tells the truth about Labour under Jeremy of Islington and the Lib Dems.
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Sat Nav Ade’s Leaflet

East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has obtained a copy of the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem candidate Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett’s leaflet. It has a picture of Sat Nav Ade photoshopped near the Old Customs House to make it look like the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems have been outside Saint Margeret’s. The photo on the leaflet is clearly photoshopped because the microphone is a massive give away. Due to the obvious photoshop it has been surmised that all other photos of Sat Nav Ade outside the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems comfort zone have also been photoshopped. In response to this presumption Sat Nav Ade says

I’ve been out of St. Margaret’s area a lot and you I’ll see that in upcoming interviews!

It has three bullet points on the front. The first is fighting ‘Hard Brexit’ when ther eis no such thing as ‘Hard’ Brexit. Brexit means Brexit. 58% of the population of Ipswich voted for Brexit and the illiberal undemocratic, Lib Dems oppose the expressed wishes of the majority of people in Ipswich.

The leaflet is in the usual surreal Lib Dem style. It basically says that the Conservative Party is the party that represents the will of the majority of British people and that the Lib Dems are the only party to be opposed to the will of the people. The Lib Dems want people to vote for them so they can keep our country in their beloved EUSSR.

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Corbyn’s Ipswich Candidate’s Leaflet

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Gipping Ward. A copy of which has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger.

The front of it has a picture of Jeremy Corbyn’s Candidate, Sandy Martin, outside the Garrett Anderson Centre. The Garrett Anderson Centre that the NHS has to pay extortionate amounts of rent to HSBC to allow Ipswich Hospital to have an A&E because of the last Labour government’s awful PFI, NHS privatisation policy that has the legacy of the NHS having to pay HSBC £500 to have a light bulb changed.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Candidate says that this General Election gives us the chance of a fresh start for Ipswich and the country. Yes this country would benefit from a fresh start but the fresh start it would benefit from is Brexit through strong and stable leadership in the national interest, led by Theresa May.

Naturally being a labour leaflet it contains some Lies. It claims that the Tories only look after that rich. This is not true. The Tories care for everybody hence the lowest earners in this country have been taken out of tax altogether. Sandy’s statement proceeds with the Labour Party’s campaign slogan which is basically about screwing a few people to help some other people rather than doing what is in the interest of the country as a whole by helping everybody and not screwing anybody.

Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate claims that his priorities are five things which naturally are uncosted. Four of which are rather ambiguous.

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Theresa May’s Clarification of the Elderly Care Policies.

This morning our Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed further details on our long-term plan for elderly care.

Speaking at the launch of the Welsh Conservative Manifesto she said:

My manifesto is honest and upfront about our challenges. It includes plans to strengthen the social care system with more and sustainable funding to cope with the long-term pressures caused by the fact that we are an ageing society.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to duck this reality – and play politics. But there will be two million more people over 75 years old in Britain over the next decade alone. Our social care system will collapse unless we make some important decisions now about how we fund it.

That is why we have to act. And it is why – to give people security – we included in our plans measures to make sure nobody has to sell the family home to pay for care.

And we also said that we would protect £100,000 of your savings so, however expensive your care, you can pass something on to your family.

Let’s be clear. This plan replaces the existing system where people often get poor quality care – and stand to lose almost all their savings and assets, including the family home. This plan addresses the worry people have when they have a loved one with a long-term condition, and they don’t know how they’re going to afford to care for them.

So these are good and sensible plans. They provide the beginning of a solution to social care without increasing taxes on younger generations. And, I should say, we are the only party in this election prepared to face up to the reality of our ageing society and offer a long-term solution.

But since my manifesto was published, the proposals have been subject to fake claims made by Jeremy Corbyn. The only things he has left to offer in this campaign are fake claims, fear and scaremongering.

So I want to make a further point clear. This manifesto says that we will come forward with a consultation paper, a government green paper. And that consultation will include an absolute limit on the amount people have to pay for their care costs.

So let me reiterate. We are proposing the right funding model for social care. We will make sure nobody has to sell their family home to pay for care. We will make sure there’s an absolute limit on what people need to pay. And you will never have to go below £100,000 of your savings, so you will always have something to pass on to your family.

And what is Jeremy Corbyn’s plan? He promises a nonsensical, fantasy policy that can only be funded through massive tax rises on younger generations. In fact, just recently he threatened to increase the basic rate of income tax for millions of people from 20 to 25 per cent to fund social care. That tells you everything you need to know about Jeremy Corbyn’s answer to the problem.

The alternative is that he sticks to the status quo, which too often provides poor care and leaves old and vulnerable people having to sell their family homes.

This means that if Theresa May is re-elected as Prime Minister, our plan will include an absolute limit on the amount people have to pay for care costs.

And here are some other points to keep on making about our long-term plan for elderly care:

· We will make sure nobody has to sell their family home to pay for care.
· You will never have to go below £100,000 of your assets, so you will always have something to pass on to your family.
· The poorest pensioners will continue to receive winter fuel payments.

Compare that to Jeremy Corbyn who wants to drag 3.9 million more homes, including half of all homes in London, into paying inheritance tax. And he’s also talked about raising the basic rate of income tax to 25p to fund his ideas for elderly care.

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Political Campaigning in Ipswich

UKIP don’t seem to have a campaign in Ipswich and we have been informed that the best Tony Gould is hoping for is not losing his deposit.

The Lib Dems are also likely to lose their deposit. Sat Nav Ade informs us that he shall visit all parts of Ipswich before June 8th. We hope he is enjoying his month long holiday here and believe he will find the Visit Ipswich website useful. We also recommend Ipswich Tourist Information Centre which is in one of our many fine medieval churches.

The Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems have also set up a crowdfunding page and at the time of writing are still £350 short of getting their deposit back.

There is also and Independent candidate standing in Ipswich. We thought we would mention it because it’s news to all our readers. We can’t remember what her name is at the time of writing.

We have heard that the Green Party also has a candidate.

Looks like returning officer,  Russell Williams is going to make a rioght tiodily sum doesn’t it?

Ipswich Labour have been going around warning of the end of the world if the Tories get in and telling people on benefits that the Labour party has a right to their vote. The fact is, anyone who is in benefit dependence and want to be able to stand on their own two feet should vote Conservative. Because the Conservative Party is the party of aspiration and it helps people to prosper.

Ipswich Labour have also been telling all the lies that I expose here.

Ipswich Conservatives have been campaigning across the constituency and are amazed by the level of support they are getting. At one time people cheering at the sight of a blue rossette was occasional, now it happens all the time. But we must make sure that the great future that our country has is not destroyed by the illiberal, regressive left under Jeremy Corbyn and his terrorist sympathising, anti British, ideologically dangerous, dogma bound Labour Party. So Conservatives across the country are working hard to get a decent Conservative majority to provide strong and stable leadership through Brexit and beyond to bring about a country that works for everyone.




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Labour’s Lies and what the Conservative Manifesto really says

When Labour get desperate they get dirty and boy are they desperate at the moment. The more desperate Labour get the more dirty they get and the more repulsive their lies are.

There are a few nasty lies that Labour are using at the moment concerning what is in the Conservative Party manifesto.  If you really want to know what is in the Conservative Party manifesto you can read it in full here.

One lie is that the schools budget is going to be slashed. The Conservative Education policy can be found in the Manifesto on pages 48-53.

This paragraph is of note.

The way funding is distributed to schools in England is not fair. Across the country,
children with the same needs and expectations receive markedly different rates of funding
for their school place. We have begun to correct this and in the next parliament we will
make funding fairer still. We appreciate that it is hard for schools receiving a higher level of
funding to make cuts in order to pay for increases elsewhere, so while we will make funding
fairer over the course of the parliament, we will make sure that no school has its budget cut
as a result of the new formula. We will increase the overall schools budget by £4 billion by
2022, representing more than a real terms increase for every year of the parliament. We will
continue to protect the Pupil Premium to support those who need it.


Another despicable lie that Labour are peddling  is that the Conservative plan to take everything pensioners earn to pay for their care. That is absolute bollocks. At the moment local authorities can take virtually everything. They can take everything below £25,000 and try to take more so that relatives have to get a  good solicitor to stop the vultures taking more. The conservatives are going to stop this injustice as pages 64-66 of the Conservative party  Manifesto explains in these three paragraphs

Under the current system, care costs deplete an individual’s assets, including in some
cases the family home, down to £23,250 or even less. These costs can be catastrophic
for those with modest or medium wealth. One purpose of long-term saving is to cover
needs in old age; those who can should rightly contribute to their care from savings
and accumulated wealth, rather than expecting current and future taxpayers to carry
the cost on their behalf. Moreover, many older people have built considerable property
assets due to rising property prices. Reconciling these competing pressures fairly and in
a sustainable way has challenged many governments of the past. We intend to tackle this
with three connected measures.
First, we will align the future basis for means-testing for domiciliary care with that for
residential care, so that people are looked after in the place that is best for them. This will
mean that the value of the family home will be taken into account along with other assets
and income, whether care is provided at home, or in a residential or nursing care home.
Second, to ensure this is fair, we will introduce a single capital floor, set at £100,000,
more than four times the current means test threshold. This will ensure that, no matter
how large the cost of care turns out to be, people will always retain at least £100,000 of
their savings and assets, including value in the family home
Labour are also saying that the Conservative Party wants to privatise the NHS as they said in 1983, 1987, 1992, 2010 and 2015. The fact that the NHS hasn’t been privatised at any point between 1983 and now inform the public that Labour are a bunch of liars.
But this time, their disingenuous histrionics have hit a new level of desperate dirtiness so that they are now sounding ridiculous. They are actually claiming that we’ll all have to pay health insurance by January next year. If this is the case then it has already been through parliament and Jeremy of Islington let it get through. Can you recall such a bill being debated in parliament? How the hell could something like that get through the Labour and Lib Dem dominated, House of Lords?
Labour also claim that the Conservatives will cut NHS Funding
The Conservative Party Policies on the NHS are found in pages 66-70 of the Manifesto
This paragraph is of note.
First, we will increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the
next five years, delivering an increase in real funding per head of the population for
every year of the parliament.


So desperate Labour are getting dirty telling lies about the Conservative manifesto because the reality is Labour have absolutely nothing. Only the Conservatives are giving hope for the future with a measured manifesto for a fairer, more prosperous country that works for everyone through strong and stable leadership through Brexit and beyond.

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Why I’m Voting Conservative

I don’t totally agree with everything said but it sums up why I am also a Conservative.

Political Emily

As a young person whose political allegiances lie with the Conservatives I have received a lot of abuse. The most common accusations and comments I’ve received are usually along the lines of calling me rich and selfish. Personal insults have also been thrown, however, in my eyes these do not hold any sort of standing as they are not political arguments and are instead attacks on me for daring to hold a different opinion. It’s often too difficult to respond with short answers as the reasons I identify as a Conservative are too long and complex to be broken down into small responses.

Before I start I’m going to state categorically – I don’t hate the poor or the disabled and I would not describe myself as selfish (except in terms of food, I’m sure most of my friends including the ones who hold different political opinions would back…

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