Ipswich Labour at War Again

We have been informed that following on from the General Election campaign where a lot of the adults in Ipswich Labour were persuaded by the Corbynites not to campaign because they’re ‘fucking Blairite, Tory scum’, the ‘Blairites’ have decided to fight back. The Corbynites are insisting that they did really well in Ipswich telling people on the doorstep who told them they were not voting Labour that they were to thick to vote. Intelligence sources have let us know that the ‘Blairites’ who are also referred to as ‘Thatcherites’ are not intending to take it laying down. Descent is being caused by the adults being worried about Ipswich Labour getting trounced in this May’s council elections and the Corbynites being by ideological derangement, hell bent in making sure they are. You see, to the Corbynites winning elections is wrong because to them being an ideologically pure, protest movement with no political power is better.

Last night Ipswich Labour had a meeting to choose which person should replace Jeremy Corbyn as Jon Lansman’s puppet. We understand that a number of prominent members of Ipswich Labour did not attend because they consider all the candidates to be crap. We have been informed that it started off with a bang. To start with, one of the Corbynites got up to speak in support of Rebecca Lans-Bailey and they were heckled and booed. We understand that the Ipswich Labour left are most annoyed at the moderates dishing it out on them for a change and they intend to get their revenge for the committing of blasphemy against the heir to their plastic Messiah.

We have been informed that the instigator of the heckling and booing was given an infraction by the meeting chair, Dame Bryony. We have been informed that the pro Lans-Bailey camp believe that Lans-Bailey is the only one who can win Labour votes back in the North and Kier Starmer would be an awful choice because having a knight of the realm as leader would be a betrayal of the ten million people who voted for the Magic Grandpa.They are obviously unaware that most people up north consider Lans-Bailey to be as thick as mince and that Labour have been betraying their voters for at least the last thirty years.

We have been informed that the Corbynites lost the vote and so Ipswich Labour are going to endorse Kier Starmer. We understand that the Corbynites are devastated. In fact, they are more upset by it than they were upset by getting hammered in the General Election. We have also been informed that heckling and booing at the meeting is a matter being dealt with by the Ipswich Labour EC. We understand that the Corbynites are intent at having somebody tarred and feathered and then if possible, sent to the Gulag. How the EC will deal with the matter is not known at present but we have reason to believe that the EC will deal with it a lot better than the NEC dealt with Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

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It’s Raining in Eastern Australia

18 months old and it’s the first time he has experienced rain
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Woodbridge Boundary Changes

Here the Yellow Peril County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has blogged about proposed boundary changes. She says that she thinks that it would seem sensible for parts of Melton like the Melton side of Pytches Road, (which she has spelt Pyches Rd) the Woodbridge Primary school, developments like Bury Hill and Saxon Way, and all of Bredfield Rd to be included in the Woodbridge county boundary.  This is interesting because last year on Twitter (before she blocked me) she told me that because I live in Melton Woodbridge is none of my business. I responded by telling her that if Woodbridge is nothing to do with us, then Woodbridge Town Council can stop asking us for our CIL money. But now she is proposing a County Councillor for Woodbridge representing part of Melton. She says that it thinks of itself as Woodbridge. Well all us Meltonians think of ourselves as Woodbridge to a point. One of the reasons being, we would rather our mail didn’t end up in Leicestershire. There’s also people who live in that part of Melton who will insist that they are in Melton. She says that people who live there use Woodbridge shops and services. Does she think that people in the rest of Melton use Framlingham shops and services instead? The real logic behind her proposal is because there’s a few Lib Dem voters live around there.

It would be impractical for Melton Parish Council to have to deal with two County Councillors. At Woodbridge Town Council meetings there would by one County Councillor give a County councillors report and at Melton Parish Council meetings there would be two county councillors giving county councillor reports. Woodbridge is the main town which is why it has two district councillors and Melton only has one. So the idea of Melton having two County Councillors is ridiculous.

So what would be a sensible boundary change? The sensible proposal is for a new division to include Woodbridge and villages to the west of the A12 in Carlford.

The idea of dividing Melton is likely to kick up a stink and I can see Mark Murphy bringing it up on Radio Suffolk and our Brian’s views being interesting.

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My Two Black Dogs one Metaphor one literal

I totally identify with what Glen says here.

Glen`s Blog

I have two Black Dogs in my life, one that wakes me up in the morning one that keeps me awake at night.

‘The Black Dog’ is a term that Winston Churchill used to describe his depression, it’s a metaphor for a disorder that casts a shadow that is constantly lurking in the background.
My other Black Dog is bright eyed and full of enthusiasm for me, I walk him and he’s always happy to see me, I talk to him and he patiently listens giving the impression he’s never judging just happy to be hanging out.
I’ve struggled with depression for years  I’m in a much better place than I’ve been for years but as I’ve said it’s shadow is constantly in the background.
This past year has been hard mentally and physically, I’ve faced challenges brought on in part from my own neglect of my physical problems.

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2019 in review

Ipswich Conservatives

Twenty nineteen was a satisfying year. It ended with the election of Tom Hunt as MP for Ipswich and a Conservative majority government committed to getting Brexit done. Tom has hit the ground running with many visits over the holiday period including one, on Christmas day, to St Elizabeth Hospice.

His campaign priorities of tacking drug and gang crime, levelling up funding for schools and better facilities at our hospital are very much in tune with the hopes and aspirations of the people of Ipswich. Tom has already had many meetings on these issues and one of his greatest strengths is that he is able to talk to people regardless of their background to standing. He will be a fine MP.

It’s usually good manners at this stage to say a good word or two about the former MP, Sandy Martin. But on this occasion we are going to…

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Nominations Open for the High Sheriff’s Awards 2020

Felixstowe Spy

As we celebrate 2020 and the arrival of a new decade, it’s time to start thinking about the charities and voluntary groups in Suffolk that deserve celebrating too!

With award categories as diverse as Caring for the Environment, Road to Recovery, and Volunteer of the Year (under 30), The High Sheriff of Suffolk, Roz Eminson, has launched the 2020 High Sheriff’s Awards and invites voluntary groups and individuals to submit their nominations for this most prestigious annual celebration of excellence in Suffolk’s voluntary sector.

Hosted by the East of England Co-op at their Wherstead Park HQ on Thursday 26th March 2020, the High Sheriff Awards are designed to reward the volunteers, charities and community groups in Suffolk who devote their time and energy to improve the communities in which they live and work.

Winners will receive a trophy, certificate and a cash contribution to their voluntary group.

The deadline for nominations is

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Suffolk Remoaner News


On the 14th of January the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance had their AGM at Woodbridge Library. Apart from the obvious tears, we don’t know what actually happened at their AGM and more to the point, we don’t care. They were going to have a meeting in the Woodbridge Cherry Tree on the 28th of January, but apparently they’ve decided not to hold it. I don’t know why. It’s not like anyone was planning to go there and gloat or anything. They’ve decided to have a smaller meeting at Woodbridge Library on the 30th. They are planning on where their campaign goes after that most beautiful thing occurs.

On the night of the 31st of January, the day when that most beautiful thing called Brexit occurs Ipswich for the most vocal minority a People’s Vote are holding a candle lit vigil on the Cornhill. They are going there with  tea light candles and small jam jars. At 10.45pm, just in time for people who have been celebrating Brexit to start coming out of Mannings well oiled, they will light the candles and put them on the Town Hall steps for 11pm and then stand silently together as that most beautiful moment passes. After this, when they are ready, they will pick up a candle each and take it home as (in their words) a little beacon of light and hope. Some people would say they are beyond hope, but never mind. There will be no speeches or music, flags or banners, just people gathering together to indulge in irrational, corporate misery.

Of that time so fondly cherished!
Silently their wounds they’ll feed,
And with wailing evermore.

Sorrow over EU now perished,
They won’t appreciate Goethe no more.

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