Ipswich Labour Resort to Deflection Tactics

In yesterday’s edition of our lively, loyal to Labour, local socialist rag, the Morning Ipswich Star to deflect people’s anger over the Cornhill development, Ipswich Labour have attacked the Conservative County council. The front page has Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere, having a rant about unfinished work by the county council in the town centre. This is clearly to deflect attention from the fact that after the consultation regarding the Cornhill, our lousy Labour council decided on a design that nobody voted for. As Conservatives listen to the people a number of them voted against the development on the planning committee. On realising the public anger in regard to the Cornhill, Ellesmere and his comrades have decided to use the Morning Ipswich Star to deflect on trivialities. The County Council have thanked Napoleon for bringing the unfinished work to their attention. Of course if our lousy Labour council had brought them to the county council’s attention before, the works would have been completed. But our Labour councillors are to lazy to do that.

Also in yesterday’s edition of our lively, loyal to Labour, local socialist rag, the Morning Ipswich Star to deflect people’s anger over the Cornhill development, Sandra Gage has a ranting letter about potholes. She talks about their being lots of potholes in Rushmere Ward. Interestingly, in regard to potholes in Ipswich there is a correlation between the number of potholes in a county division and what party the county councillor is. Where the county councillor is a Conservative there are less potholes. The correlation is linked to a direct causation. When it comes to potholes, Conservative councillors report them so they get filled in while Labour councillors are to lazy to report them and will wait for an area to look like Kosovo and rant about it blaming the Tories instead.

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The Prophesy

It shall come to pass that the Babylonians will say that the sons and daughters of Albion haven’t made up their minds about staying in exile and the children of Albion will keep saying “We are leaving around the ides of March in five seasons.” That time shall arrive and the Babylonians will say “the clock is still ticking.” Albion shall say “No agreement has been made so there can be none.”

Albion shall stop paying tribute to Babylon and start charging tribute in accordance with the rules of the nations. The rulers of Babylon shall say it is the fault of Albion. And their merchants and farmers will say “No, it is the fault of the Babylonians, they are not serving us well, they failed us and are bringing slavery and poverty on us.”

After this the rulers of Babylon shall bring about a seven year tribulation and the merchants and farmers shall say “We want them plucked of power and ill gained wealth while others starve.” They will riot in the streets of of that city built on an island in the river in the marsh, that is Babylon. The rulers of Babylon shall call them rebels and other bad names and call for them to be arrested by their new Babylonian defence force. But the soldiers will go back to the various provinces of Babylon and not come out.

Then the Babylonians will make an arrangement with Albion and the people shall cry “Peace! Peace!” and all will be well until the sons and daughters of Erin, Hellas, il Bellissimo Paese and Svea Rike look to Albion for neither will they want to pay tribute to Babylon. The Eastern provinces shall come out of exile and form their own group leaving Gaul, Prussia, Batavia, Flanders and Lussemburgo as the remnant of Babylon. Then the people will say “There is no need for Babylon for Shiloh has come.

Unione Europa delenda est.

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Ipswich Labour’s Strange Candidate Choices

We have been informed that there is much anguish and discord amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour over Jon Lansman’s successful Momentum takeover of the national Labour Party. Intelligence sources tell us that there has been a combination of de-selections and good potential candidates thinking bugger it due to Corbyn, Macdonall and their fascist henchtrot brown shirts. This has lead to a smorgasbord of odd choice candidates. For example, Ruman Muhith. He is now claiming on Twitter that residents of Holywells are saying that the Tories have been horrible to him on Twitter. Of course being Labour, lies come easy for him. He also has a blog which doesn’t tell us much and is more surreal than Comrade Coates blog here.

Also, we have been informed that out of fear of the King of Gipping, Ipswich Labour have deselected Jeanette Macartney for somebody who lives round the corner of Ipswich Labour’s favourite resident of Gipping Ward. The candidate who would have had a better chance of beating me in May is Jeanette Macartney. So thank you Ipswich Labour. I look forward to the fight. Bring it on!

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The EU is a Poverty Creating Protectionist Racket

The European Union’s Ambassador to Kenya has demanded that the East African country drop plans to build its first coal-fired power plant. 35 percent of young people in Kenya are unemployed, while 40 percent of the population live on less than $2 a day. To reduce poverty the scale of energy need is so great that renewable can not be a solution.  But the EU which is still heavily dependent on coal want Kenya not to use coal as a source of energy becuase the EU is a poverty creating protectionist racket. More here

The EU is a is a racket that defends producers in rich countries. As is so eloquently explained by Jacob Rees Mogg in the video  below.

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Religious Persecution

Around the world persecution of religious groups is growing. I have a copy of the Open Doors World Watch List 2018. The Socialist paradise of North Korea remains number one on the list – but only just. Afghanistan is only one point below it. In North Korea, due to constant indoctrination, neighbours and family members, including children, are highly watchful and report anything suspicious to the authorities. If Christians are discovered, they are deported to labour camps as political criminals or killed on the spot; their families share their fate. You can read a North Korean individuals gut wrenching story which had me in tears on reading it, here. Shockingly India, the world’s largest democracy, has risen to its highest ever position of 11, one place above Saudi Arabia. Radical Hindu groups are increasingly enjoying impunity when they harass Muslims or Christians. In sixth place is Eritrea where arrests and forced disappearances are common. On finding this out I wondered what kind of government it had and after some research I discovered that Eritrea is a One Party Democracy with a governing party called the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice. Only socialists could be that ironic!

Also of concern is the increase in religious persecution in Great Britain. I feel I have to speak out rather than wait for them to come for the Anglicans. Muslims are persecuted with an increase in violence and attacks against mosques. The majority of attacks on Muslims in this country are a result of the rhetoric spoken by far right groups and cockwombles like Tommy Robinson but the persecution against other faith’s comes from the Corbynista left. Here the Telegraph reports

Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has helped to fuel a record number of attacks on the Jewish community, a charity has warned. The Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors anti-Semitism, recorded 1,382 anti-Semitic incidents nationwide in 2017 which they said was “unprecedented”.

The left’s most favoured form of anti Semitism is cloaked in support for Palestine. It is no secret that I am pro Palestinian and as a result I can clearly state that many people in the Momentum controlled Labour Party use the Palestinians plight to cloak their vile anti Semitism. I have come across such people and the cloak hides nothing. They damage the Palestinian course due to being driven by a hatred of Jews rather than a concern about the plight of the Palestinians. As a matter of fact, they don’t give a damn about the Palestinians.

Another example of religious persecution is demonstrated in the constant attacks by Corbyn’s henchtrots on Jacob Rees Mogg. They are not attacking him because of his political beliefs. They are attacking him because of his religious beliefs. The intolerant left are intolerant of Roman Catholics. What happened at the West of England University wasn’t political intimidation. It was religious persecution. It was a hate crime.

We as a civilised society should never be silent or do nothing about religious persecution in any of its forms.

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Online survey to help shape new council for west Suffolk ahead of decision by Local Government Boundary Commission for England

According to the Bury Free Press here

The move to create a single council for west Suffolk is being put to groups, councils and the public to help shape the new council ward boundaries.

St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath councils are going forward to create a single authority which is expected to result in some £800,000 in savings and efficiencies as well as the annual £4 million already saved by existing shared services between the two councils.

It is also expected to better support and meet challenges ahead, such as increasing population, more demands on health care and housing, alongside reduced national funding.

Now for a Greater Ipswich Unitary Authority without wards gerrymandered to help Labour.

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Successful launch for new Diss Town Guide

The 24th edition of the official Diss Town Guide has been launched – with households soon to receive a copy through their letterbox.

The 130-page town guide aims to provide readers with local information, current details of local services, clubs and societies, a business directory, a parking guide, and an updated pull-out map.

Conservative Councillor for South Norfolk Keith Kiddie said

Diss Town Guide is an absolutely fantastic advert for our wonderful market town – it’s iconic

Mayor of Diss, Trevor Wenman (Conservative) said:

“When I moved to Diss in 1995, there were two things that struck me. One was the park, and the other was the town guide – which I thought was a really neat idea.

More here

This is because Diss has a Conservative council who know how to market their town properly unlike Ipswich. The Diss Town Council website has a page about visiting Diss that is easy to find on visiting the website here.


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