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This is the first in a new series of posts called Suffolk Remainiac News where this blog will discuss what the Staylinists are doing.

A few weeks ago Robert Peston addressed the Suffolk Staylinist faithful in Woodbridge. A number of Suffolk Brexiteers also attended to listen to his ignorant nonsense.

We have been informed that at the end  one Brexiteer upset a member of the Staylinist faithful by wearing a badge that said “Fuck the EU” on it. After telling the wearer of his offence  at the sight of such freedom of expression, he attempted to remove the badge off him. This lead the Staylinists arguing amongst themselves about whether it is right to assault Brexiteers or not.

The demographics of attendees was interesting. They were all what Suffolk people would call wioght haired sayntly tioypes. Very interesting considering that Staylinists claim that older people voted out and younger people voted in.

Peston started off by saying that Brexit was caused by a strange alliance between the north and south of England. He was saying  it in such a way to put it across that he was somewhat confused by it while also putting it across that he understood the rubbish he was coming out with. He claimed that the strange alliance was based on northerners not liking immigration and southerners not liking British soverighnty being usurped by his beloved unelected fascists in Brussels. Nevah ard sa much squit in all moi liofe. I also find it absolutely disgusting because it implies that northerners are racist when they certqainly are not. The Londoncentric, metropolitan, EU loving elite are utterly clueless. People across the country voted because of immigration and soverieghnty but they primarily voted out because they don’t like a bunch of unelected political failures telling them what to do and because they believe in democracy. The whole country as a whole voted against what the Staylinists in their metropolitan bubble, smugly believe. The idea of the Kingdom United probably scares them to death. Especially when they don’t believe in the United Kingdom, but rather in a supranational, political entity based in Brussels.

Peston finished his squit about a strange alliance between the north and the south by waving his hands about and passionately saying “But the main reason people voted to leave was Boris Johnson.” The Staylinist faithfull erupted with applause over this pasionately given incredulous supersition.

While canvassing for Vote Leave I never once had someone tell me that they were voting to leave because of Boris Johnson. I had one person say that they were going to vote to remain becuase they didn’t want Boris to be prime minister but that was the only time I heard him mentioned.

Peston then proceeded to rabbit on about the Vote Leave Bus. The Staylinist faithful have this strange belief that people voted to leave because of something written on the side of a bus. It’s even more strange when you realise that some of them work in marketing. If Natwest had adverts on buses in Ipswich would lots of Ipswich people close their accounts with Llloyds and Barclays and open accounts with Natwest to the point where Lloyds would have to close a few branches? Do Staylinists believe that something written on the side of a bus has that much power? They call leave voters stupid?

Since the Peston visit to Woodbridge the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance have been busy having meetings at the Woodbridge Cherry Tree and at Seckford Hall.

They have also been busy going around with their Brexitometer. The Brexitometer is a thing they put up for people to put coloured pins in yes or no to Brexit. We know from Focus Leaflets that Lib Dems like pointless, meaningless graphs don’t we? These Brexitometers are used in much the same way as the pointless graphs on Focus leaflets. That is, to mislead the electorate. Only Brexitometers that are unfavourable to Brexit and favourble to  a third refernedum are shared on social media to put it across that the Staylinists are now the majority. The disingeniuty is such that the East Anglian EU Alliance shared lots of pictures of their brexitometer in Cambridge and the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance crowed about the results they got in Woodbridge on their Brexitometer but they didn’t bother to get it out when they were in Saxmundham because they knew it wouldn’t be in their interests to share the results of it.

The third referendum is about splitting the leave vote. They want three boxes. One being remain, one being leave with the chequers deal and one leaving with no deal. It’s a scam thought up by democracy hating elitists who like to have their own way.


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The Nasty Labour Party

The Labour Party has become a hate group.  Jeremy Corbyn is responsible for the transformation the party which produceed six prime ministers over the last century into a cult of bigotry and hate. Labour Today promotes hatred not only in Britain but also gives hatred solace on the world stage.

Frank Field has resigned the Labour whip in protest at Corbyn’s toleration of anti-Semitism and a culture of nastiness, bullying and intimidation amongst grassroots members due to the once great party being hijacked by Corbyn’s henchtrots of Momentum.

Dereck Hatton who destroyed Liverpool with his socialist policies is rejoining the Labour Party in support of the amn who would destroy the entiore country with his socialist policies. Maybe, he want’s to stand in Birkenhead.

Frank Field has been a member of the Labour Party since 1964 and a Labour MP since 1979. The reaction to his resignation by Corbyn’s hate filled, anti semetic, bigotted henchtrots on social media has been a revelation on what some of the most nasty doctrines of the Corbyn Cult are.

Apparently Frank Field is a Blairite and all Blairites must be purged. So they believe that Tony Blair’s evil influence of their party has been in existance since Tony Blair was 11 years old. Have they watched to many 1970’s horror films?

Corbyn’s henchtrots claim that Frank field has resigned after being secretly ordered to resign by Benjamin Netanyahu. This outragous claim is surrounded with hate filled anti semetic conspiracy theories.  They believe in secret blood oaths and everything. I can’t visit Twitter at the moment because the level of hate and racism against Jewish people they are posting  makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.



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Woodbridge Cheesewedge Latest



County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge Caroline Page has written a blog post, some of which I can’t make head or tail of here.

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Study Finds Muslim Militants Have Little Knowledge of Islam

From here

A group of German scholars at the Universities of Bielefeld and Osnabrück analyzed 5,757 WhatsApp messages found on a phone seized by police following a terrorist attack in the spring of 2016. The messages were exchanged among 12 young men involved in the attack. The attack itself was not identified in the report.

Deutsche Welle noted that the timeframe suggested it may have been a bombing at a Sikh temple in Essen carried out in April of that year by a group of German teens with reported links to Islamic extremism.

Researchers conducting the study said the young men’s conversations demonstrated little understanding of their professed faith and that the group constructed a “Lego Islam” to suit their purposes.

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Alexander’s Not Great

Since becoming the Ipswich MP for Labour, Alexander Martin has been completely useless. We have been informed that this nonentity of an MP has said that what he enjoys about being an MP is going to bed at night and the thing he most hates about being an MP is getting up in the morning.

Since becoming MP after months and months, Alexander openly said that he hadn’t bothered to look at the case work past on to him by Ben Gummer.  Then the next we heard of him was when he was telecanvassing Conservative council candidates wanting them to go out and vote for the continued ruination of Ipswich by Labour.

What else has Alexander done? Well aparantly he has been known to tell members of the electorate to ‘fuck off.’ But that’s not as bad as it seems because by his actions, Alexander has let us know that he thinks the Ipswich electorate can fuck off. Though 58% of his constituents voted to leave the EU, Alexander has voted against Brexit in parliament a number of times and spoke at a Staylinist rally in Ipswich. So to Alexander, the views of his constituents are not important.

What is important to Alexander is green crap. He has recently written two articles about climate change. He says that if the temperature of the oceans increases too much, sulphur dioxide could start to bubble up from the depths rendering our air unbreathable. Oh shit, we’re all going to die!

If you try and find a peer reviewed article on any of this anthropogenic climate change nonsense, you’ won’t find one.

One of the ways to combat climate change Alexander suggests is eating less meat. He says that cows’ flatulence is a major factor in the greenhouse effect, and methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2 is. I think there’s a lot of noxous gas produced by Alexander and his Labour comrades.

Alexander is not great.

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Recommendations for Suffolk ward boundaries revealed

From the BBC here

The final recommendations for a shake up of district council ward boundaries for Babergh and Mid Suffolk have been published – reducing the number of seats by 17.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has made its final proposals after a series of consultations.

The changes include reducing the number of Babergh councilors from 32 to 21 and those in Mid Suffolk to 34, a drop of six.

The final order will now be put forward to Parliament in the coming weeks and be implemented for the council elections in May 2019.

Mid Suffolk ward boundaries

Crown Copyright

Mid Suffolk District Council
Babergh ward boundaries

Crown Copyright

Babergh District Council
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Counselling Service for Sufferers of BAD and BDS

A new counselling service has started for sufferers of Brexit Anxiety Disorder (BAD) and Brexit Derangement Syndrome (BDS). An extensive study has been done on BAD which can be found here. Brexit Anxiety Disorder tends to effect a certain section of the middle class. As well as having the irrational thought of voting Lib Dem they have many other irrational thoughts concerning Brexit creating a state of anxiety.

For Britain’s pro-European middle classes, Brexit is akin to a psychological trauma which has left many unable to behave rationally, according to two leading experts. Far from being hyper-rational observers concerned only with what is economically sensible, many have morphed into the “Remainiacs” of Brexiteer disdain.

They are acting no differently to what psychologists would expect from those suffering from chronic anxiety caused by loss of control and insecurity, Dr. Philip Corr, professor of psychology and behavioral economics at the University of London, and Dr. Simon Stuart, a clinical psychologist, told POLITICO.

In such circumstances, Corr and Stuart said, patients can become prone to anger, despair and rumination, while slipping into polarized “in” and “out” groups, seeking solace in the demonization of the “other,” whom they blame for the current state of affairs.

Brexit Anxiety Disorder causes its sufferers to become what they think they dispise, ill informed and stupid.

In the case of Brexit, instead of assuming that the Leave camp appraised the situation equally well as the Remain camp, and with equally honorable motives, he said, “the goal-conflict and cognitive dissonance has been resolved by assuming that the Leave camp are — typically speaking but always with exception — stupid, ill-informed and ill-intended. The underlying notion seems to be that they should have listened to ‘their betters’ — rather like naughty school children, if only they had ‘paid more attention in class.’”

Corr says the fact that many working-class people have been subject to this attitude for much of their lives “made the kick up the backside of ‘their betters’ all the more enjoyable.”

Yes it did!

Brexit Anxiety Disorder leads to Brexit Derangement Syndrome. There hasn’t been so much study of Brexit Derangement Syndrome but as it’s name suggests, it’s sufferers are deranged. At first glance, BDS looks like an extension of Project Fear, designed to terrorify the population and bring about a third referendum and usurp democracy by self interested people who are angry at not getting their own way for once. But there is clearly more to it.

Brexit Derangemnt Syndrome sufferers come out with pridictions of doom, claiming that no food will be in the shops, crops will fail, epidemics of fatal diseases shall become the norm, medicines will be in short supply, we’ll no longer be able to go on holiday, fuel will be in short supply and many other outragous claims. Ridiculous pridictions of doom are the symptoms of Brexit Derangement Syndrome which is caused by Brexit Anxiety Disorder. Due to the level of Cognitive Dissonance, sufferers believe they are being completely rational with their pridictions of doom and becuase of what psychologists call the Goal Conflict, anyone who refutes their pridictions is stupid, ill informed, racist, xenophobic and was to stupid to have been allowed to vote, whatever way they voted.

With further study there are indications that many of the most deluded sufferers of Brexit Anxiety Disorder or Brexit Derangement Syndrome have developed what appears to be a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

As a matter of fact, some showed symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome the day after the referendum. Hence they painted their faces blue and sang songs of love to their oppressors.

Stockholm Syndrome appears when an abused victim, develops a kind of respect and empathy towards their abuser. It was named after a bank robbery in Stockholm when a group of bank employees were held hostage and developed a strong sense of empathy towards their captors. When this traumatic event was over, they even defended their captors by not wanting to say anything that might endanger their captors freedom. This usually happens because the victim sees the smallest act of decent behaviour at an extracted event which makes them see their captors as essentially good. This way they leave aside all negative behavioral distinctions of their captors and focus on the positive ones. This syndrome is also called Victim Brainwashing.

Due to brain washing, sufferers stand up for their oppressors based in Brussels.

But there is hope for sufferers of Brexit Anxiety Disorder and Brexit Derangement Syndrome due to  a Counselling Service for sufferers being available in Saxmundham.

The provider of this service, who just so happens to be a friend of mine, has produced an advert on Facebook which can be seen below.

I offer face to face counselling. Based in the market town of Saxmundham,nestled in the heart of rural Suffolk, I am just 10 minutes by car from Snape Maltings and 20 minutes approx from the New Cut,Halesworth.
If you are arriving from London by train I can meet you at the railway station.



A phone number is provided.

He has actually had a response from Suffolk EU Alliance Chair Jules Ewart and she defended trying to usurp democracy with another referendum with this,

It’s not a re-run of the first one. The first one was ‘Shall we go to the beach?’. The second, having arrived there to find it pissing down, the car park under construction and all the shops and cafes shut, is ‘Fuck this, shall we bugger off back home and put the kettle on?’ You lot in sax must be resigned to windbreakers!

This lead to  a response from me. I said this,

The first one was “Shall we go to the beach” and after 40 years of it pissing down, the second one was ‘Fuck this, shall we bugger off back home and put the kettle on?” So we decided to bugger off. What you want is a third one which is “It’s still raining but shall we continue to get drenched?”



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