The Donald’s Visit

First of all the Donald attended the NATO Summit and told a lot of the members how they are not keeping to their commitment in regard to the amount of GDP spent on defence. He was absolutely right to do so. Then he came to the UK and spoke with Theresa May about trade, Brexit and the like.

Meanwhile, Labour and the Liberal Democrats demonstrated why niether of them are fit to govern this country.


Corbyn making a prat of himself

London Mayor for Labour, Sadiq Khan who reduced stop and search so that figures for drug possesion and drug trafficking went down while every other crime increased, permited the stupid blimp to be flown and said that Donald Trump wasn’t


Yellow peril Protesting

welcome here.  Also, Jeremy Corbyn attended the anti Trump march meaning that if he ever became prime minister, a diplomatic crisis would ensue. The Liberal Democrats also endulged in anti Trump protests. All the protests were politically incoherant. People were wondering around protesting and not being sure what they were protesting about.

Donald Trump also had the honour of meeting Her Majesty the Queen whom he discribed as beautiful and wise.


Donald Trump with the Queen at Windsor Castle

Her majesty invited the Donald to inspect her troops but the draft dodging commander in chief of the USA didn’t know how to do it so the best head of state in the world had to teach him. Due to the protests by the moronic left in London, certain US news channels have been slagging off Britian and sneering at the Queen. Our commander in Chief served in the WRVS during WWII, her son served as a helicopter pilot during the Falklands and her grandson served in Afghanistan. Meanwhile the draft dodging commander in chief of the USA doesn’t even know how to inspect troops. They can sneer at our Queen all they like but the fact is if you asked people anywhere outside the US “Who would you rather have as a head of state, Queen Elizabeth II or Donald Trump?” We know the pridominant answer don’t we?

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Chris Mapey for Kyson Ward

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Defibrilator for Ravenswood

After months of research and speaking to local businesses by local campigner, Samantha Murrayu, it is almost there with getting this fitted.

Funding is coming from a wonderful resident who contacted her offering to pay for the machine.

The supplier will be a charity called Heart2Heart. Jayne from Heart2Heart has been fantastic throughout the process and will also offer the training required for the residents.

It will be housed outside McDonalds. This was the only place that agreed to house it straight away. The coop after being asked a number of times has finally agreed to house it but after weighing up the positives, McDonalds is where Sam Murray feels it should go. It has an extensive CCTV system and it will have people on its premises 24 hours a day so it will add extra security for the Defib, which is an expensive piece of kit to replace if damaged.

sam Murray, the resident, Heart2heart and McDonalds are now going to meet in the next couple of weeks about getting the machine fitted as soon as possible.

There have been others interested in being involved but as this is the final stage and its all pretty much ready to be fitted Sam would like to thank those people but sometimes too many chefs and all. So the four of them will get this sorted. Sam Murray really just wants to get this fitted now and avoid anymore unnecessary delays.

Training will Sam hopes take place in the community centre for all who are interested in learning how to use the machine. Once she has any further information she will share this.

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Conservative’s Plan for Brexit

We are leaving the European Union on 29th March 2019 At that point there will be a complete end to freedom of movement and we will take back control of our borders. There will be an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK, restoring the supremacy of British courts. We will no longer be sending vast sums of money each year to the EU. That money will be spent on domestic priorities like the NHS just as was extrapolated on the side of the legendry Vote Leave Bus. There will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, or between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The United Kingdom will have the freedom to strike new trade deals around the world and this government under the excellent leadership of Theresa May is already consulting on these. We shall have an independent foreign and defence policy as a first tier military power and permanent member of the UN Security Council should. Security cooperation to keep our people safe shall be continued. We are leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy.

This Conservtive government will continue its commitment to maintain high standards on consumer and employment rights and the environment. There will be no erosion of rights and no power grab as the Staylinists have claimed.

Some people have concerns about the proposals in regard to frictionless trade in goods and flexibility on services with a common rule book in regard to the trade between the EU and the UK and a Parliamentary lock on all new rules and regulations. What people are missing is that any trade agreement by nature has to have a set of rules. But I also have concerns regarding this. I would like to know if the plan would mean that EU rules will still be imposed for industriel and agricultural goods traded internally within the UK and/or outside the EU and I would like to ascertain who shall be stipulating what the rules are. The EU, the UK or both parties. Also, though we are leaving the Common Agricultural Policy it must be presumed that the rules in regard to the trade of agricultural goods would be based on it. Therefore I would like clarification of what aspects of CAP we shall be keeping. The policy of set aside and the inability for our agricultural industry to diversify to grow a wider range of crops would be unacceptable. I have written to my Conservertive MP, Therese Coffey for clarification.

As a whole it looks like a good deal for Britian and the EU and as we are going to be out of everything, it is Brexit. Michael Gove today warned the EU that unless the EU agrees a reasonable deal with the U.K., the U.K. may have to contemplate walking away from the EU without a deal in March 2019. How the EU responds to the government’s proposals will be interesting. After all, they seem to have spent the last two and a half years having a massive tantrum like spoilt children who are used to getting their own way. They have even been willing to put lives at risk by rejecting continued security cooperation. They really are a bunch of nutters.

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Therese Coffey welcomes Fisheries White Paper

Therese has welcomed the publication of the Government’s White Paper on the future of Britain’s fisheries policy.

The Government has set out its plans to promote a more competitive, profitable and sustainable fishing industry across the whole of the UK, setting a gold standard for sustainable fishing around the world.

Therese said:

“One of the benefits of leaving the EU is having a fisheries policy that will boost our fishing industry. For the first time in 40 years access to UK waters will be under our control and for the benefit of British fishermen, especially the under 10 fishing fleet along the Suffolk coast. I am sure this will be highly welcomed and I encourage local fishermen to give their views by September 10th.

“We are committed to working closely with our partners to manage shared stocks in a sustainable way and share fishing opportunities.”

Therese added:

“We will continue to work closely with other nations on ensuring fishing has a sustainable and profitable future.

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Caroline Page does a party political blog post against party political politics

The nightmare that is the Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has written a blog post of called “Woodbridge Town Council – WHAT is going on?”

It starts

A massive loss of data. Extraordinary secrecy. Accusations of party politicking from a majority party that has for years overseen the debacle and is now busy evading the issue.

What on earth is going on in Woodbridge?

Notice that her blog post opens with a party political statement. Then she says

Firstly, why the party politics?

When hasn’t Caroline Page not made a party political issue out of something?

She continues

I’m sure most of Woodbridge residents would totally support a non-political town council. Indeed, one wonders why Woodbridge Town Council – alone amongst its peers- wants to have a party-political structure at this level of local government. There is no equivalent in any similar town or parish  for miles.

Well considering every county councillor’s report she gives at Woodbridge Town Council meetings has something put in it for party political purposes, what would she expect? Does she think she should be able to attack the Tories at county level and have Woodbridge Tories take it on the chin and not defend their colleagues at county level?

Cro Page has gone on and on about the reductions in school transport funding for purely party polittical reasons. The county council are funding transport to the nearest school and as all Woodbridge primary schools have an ofsted rating of good and the nearest primary school with an ofsted rating of outstanding is in Charsfield where all the children and staff live in the village, making a child from Woodbridge being like a fish out of water there, at primary level it’s not an issue for Woodbridge. Then as Farlingaye has an ofsted rating of outstanding and Kesgrave only has an ofsted rating of good, the issue doesn’t effect residents of Woodbridge at all.

So why has Caroline Page brought it up so much in her reports to Woodbridge Town Council as it has nothing to do with Woodbridge, except as an excuse to have a go at the Conservatives?

The County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge then says this

(This is exactly why the LibDems and Greens have stood down in the current Woodbridge Kyson by-election to offer the chance of better political balance to the town!)

What she means by this is that they all hate Tories and didn’t want to split the left wing vote or the Lib Dems and Greens members who are willing to stand are a bit thin on the ground, or more likely, both. T

The Lib Dems weren’t bothered about their being a vacancy until they found out the Conservatives had somebody who was willing to stand. At finding out this, Caroline Page’s other half went around the ward and got thirty signitures calling for a by election. Then much to everybodies suprise, the yellow peril never put anybody up.

Also, as Caroline talks of extraordinary secrecy, I think I’ll mention the secret meeting between the Lib Dem’s and the Greens until one of them let the cat out of the bag.

Of course Caroline Page’s whole post is a party political broadcast and as there’s a by election coming up with no Lib Dem candidate, it’s a party political broadcast for the Labour Party. It takes a true Lib Dem to be that duplicitous.

So why the party politics?
As Caroline Page is in the thick of it all, maybe she can tell us.

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Item One at the Ipswich North East Area Committee,

At the North East Area Committee, the first item was to elect a chairman. Since Labour had an absent member the numbers were 4-4. Conservative Councillor for Bixley Ward, Eddy Phillips proposed Conservative Councillor for Bixley Ward, Richard Pope. Labour proposed Saint Johns councillor for Labour, Shelley Darwin. On a show of hands and secret ballot, the councillors voted 4 for Richard Pope and 4 against. After this Rushmere councillor for Labour, Alasdair Ross made a big song and dance claiming that the Conservative group was playing politics at a time when there had been tragedy in town. Does the author of the dRoss Blog effectively mean that because something has happened in the town as it does every day, with burglaries, car accidents, and peoples cats going missing, that opposition councillors should stop being political?

Conservative Councillor for Bixley Ward, Eddy Phillips said it was time to hand over control to the Conservative group, as Labour had had control since its inception in around 2011.

Shelly Darwin said she wanted to be re-elected as chair (for which she later insisted on being called Chair, rather than Chairman) as she needed the money to help pay for her household bills and pay for her child’s food. Without the Chair’s Allowance, her personal finances for the next 3 months would be jeopardised and she would not be able to cope. People are supposed to get elected for the interests of the community, not themselves. But Labour are always in it for themselves. After this, Councillor Pope withdrew his nomination to ensure Shelly Darwin could feed her child. The allowance is around 3 to 4 thousand pounds but unfortunately I haven’t got 3 0r 4 grand to spare at the moment, so I am unable to write her a cheque. If Paul Cawthron had won in Rushmere it would have been interesting.

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