David Cameron pledges to act on ‘shocking’ issue of trafficking of Vietnamese children

Speaking in Hanoi on a recent diplomatic visit to Vietnam, David Cameron condemnded the exploitation of Vietnamese children by human traffickers, and promised to take action to end trade in human beings from Vietnam to the United Kingdom. Organised criminal networks recruit and transport Vietnamese nationals, especially children, to the United Kingdom and subject them to forced labour on cannabis farms. They are lured with promises of lucrative jobs and compelled into servitude through debt and bondage.

A number of organisations have stated that further measures are required to combat this issue. In the past children freed from cannabis farms have often been placed in care only to go missing within a matter of days. They often return to their traffickers because they are terrified of the threats that have been made against them.

Barnado’s have introduced Child Advocates. A pilot project underway in 23 local authorities that provides children with “someone they can trust” to break the cycle of trafficking. More about that here.

Mr Cameron also promised to make it compulsory for companies with turnovers of over £36m to reveal what action they have taken to ensure that their supply chain does not use child or slave labour.

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Two sisters to be raped as punishment

An unelected all-male village council in India has ordered that 23-year-old Meenakshi Kumari and her 15-year-old sister are raped.

The ‘sentence’ was handed down as punishment after their brother eloped with a married woman. They also ordered for the sisters to be paraded naked with blackened faces. Nothing could justify this abhorrent punishment.

Demand that the local authorities intervene immediately here.

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Memorial garden for grieving parents opens up in Holywells Park

A baby bereavement garden for parents who have suffered miscarriages has opened.

The Miscarriage Association had originally funded two memorial benches for the space, with 13 youngsters taking part in summer NCS projects set to work on creating the garden next week.

Teenagers taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) carried out the work on the garden.

Team 12 of the National Citizen Service in the new Baby Bereavement Garden in Holywells Park.

Team 12 of the National Citizen Service in the new Baby Bereavement Garden in Holywells Park.

Miss Teen Suffolk Emma Collingridge and councillor Liz Harsant cut the ribbon at the weekend.

Conservative Councillor for Holywells,  Liz Harsant cuts the ribbon to open the new Baby Bereavement Garden in Holywells Park with  Miss Teen Suffolk Emma Collingridge.

Conservative Councillor for Holywells, Liz Harsant cuts the ribbon to open the new Baby Bereavement Garden in Holywells Park with Miss Teen Suffolk Emma Collingridge.

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The Plight of Iraqi Christians

Open Doors reports

Christian families forced to run from their homes are now trapped in Iraq. They can’t return home, work or provide food for their children. Now 10,000 families depend on Open Doors for food. Our emergency supplies have become a symbol of God’s hope.

Families living in temporary shelter, even church halls, face another harsh winter reliant on others for food. Yet many food distributors are leaving Iraq. If Open Doors left too, one church leader said: “What will happen to our people? For sure they will die.”

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Reporting on “fit for work” deaths isn’t fit for purpose

From here.

It was widely reported that thousands of people died within weeks of being found “fit for work” and losing their benefits.

This is wrong.

Within weeks of ending a claim, not within weeks of an assessment

The figures show the number of people who had been found “fit for work”, and who died within weeks of their claim ending. They cover the period from late 2011 to early 2014. It’s likely that in many of these cases, the person dying was why the claim ended.

A claim quite naturally ends when a claimant dies

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Take a Stand Against Forced Marriage

Every year forced marriage sentences millions of women and young children to a life in slavery. It’s a crime that’s widespread, but rarely spoken about – a crime that flourishes in the shadows of society. The UN says that forced marriage is likely to increase in the coming years unless major changes occur.1

Due to stigma and lack of awareness about forced marriages, many people do not report cases of forced marriages. We can help ensure that people at risk and their families know that forced marriage happens, forced marriage is illegal and activists around the world are taking a stand to end the practice forever.

Every two seconds, a child becomes a victim of forced marriage,2 and that figure doesn’t even include the estimated thousands of victims over the age of 18.
One in three girls living in developing countries will probably be married before the age of 18.
Forced marriage is considered a ‘practice similar to slavery’ and was made illegal in international law nearly 60 years ago.3

We can speak up for the victims of forced marriage who can’t speak for themselves, and urge world leaders to look within their own backyards, making sure provisions are in place to protect those at risk.

Take action here.

3 http://www.unfpa.org/webdav/site/global/shared/documents/publications/2012/MarryingTooYoung.pdf

2 http://www.plan-uk.org/early-and-forced-marriage/

1 http://www.antislavery.org.au/resources/fact-sheets/97-fact-sheet-5-what-is-forced-marriage.html

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The moral Bankruptcy of the Left

Shortly after Ipswich Labour put up council tax a number of Ipswich council tax payers died. All the council tax payers that died had one thing in common. They all had their council tax put up. As the correlation is so clear, then obviously Ipswich Labour caused the deaths of council tax payers in Ipswich. Ipswich Labour put up council house rent and after the rent was increased a number of council tenants died. This shows how vindictive the rent hike was. Now obviously, I am sounding factious for effect.

Now certain people on the left are claiming that 2300 people died after they were declared fit for work because they were declared fit for work. The figure would be expected for any group of people over that period of time. They would have died anyway. It is also quite a bit below the figure of 10,000 that they were bandying about.

Also, ATOS are an awful company and any party in government who would give a contract to them should apologise. The party in government that gave ATOS the contract was Labour.

Using people’s deaths in this way shows the moral bankruptcy of the left. The left fiddle the figures to make the data produce a correlation and then claim the correlation is a causation. It is a most ingenious way of producing lies.

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