Bury St Edmunds town centre masterplan consultation

Bury St Edmunds town centre masterplan

In an age of online shopping, how do you ensure that a town centre, named just a year ago as one of Britain’s top five high streets, continues to be relevant and interesting for decades to come?

That is the challenge that residents, community associations, special interest groups, students and businesses in and around Bury St Edmunds, will be asked to help tackle as part of a public consultation in spring 2017.

Aim of the masterplanBury St Edmunds market

To set guidelines for the future growth and development of Bury St Edmunds town centre and to provide the framework for individual development proposals to be assessed when they come forward.

Consultation to come in the Spring

More here

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Labour’s Ladgeful Campaign in Copeland

‘Ladgeful’ is a very good Cumberland dialect word that describes Labour very well.


Labour are ladgeful. No question about that. In Copeland they have resorted to saying that babies will die if people vote Conservative. At first this nasty indulgence in falsehood and histrionics seems extreme even by Labour’s standards but then, in Ipswich they said  people were going to die because of cuts to the fire service, so warnings of death are not unheard of in Labour leaflets. But threats of baby deaths still sounds beyond them. Not so and there is a reason for it.

The Labour Party is now under the control of Corbyn’s Henchtrots who are extreme left wing lunatics and lies, hyperbole and histrionics are their forte. They are the kind of people who  march with Stop the War and accuse people who support destroying Daesh of being ‘baby killers’ who are bombing hospitals and killing children instead of inviting a bunch of headloppers round for tea. So this ‘baby killer’ line is very popular amongst Corbyn’s henchtrots who control the party. So it should be of no surprise it has been used in a by election.

The best way for residents of Copeland to safeguard local NHS services is by voting for Trudy Harrison. She is a local lass who understands the issues of the constituency and will have a better influence than an opposition MP in Jeremy of Islington’s Labour Party. Trudy Harrison will ensure that no services are lost.

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Six Days to Save Jeremy of Islington


Labour are truly the nasty party. In /Stoke on t/rent they are threatening people woth eternal hell fire if they don’t vote Labour. Here’s the Text16730298_10154734502296321_4490295010641325054_n

How low can they sink? Spiritual coercion is illegal but then the nasty party believe that they are above the law.

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Response to Tony Blair’s Speech

Dear Mr Blair,

I’ve just read a transcript of your latest speech calling for a second referendum and persuading all the thick people to vote remain next time. This is my response on behalf of the 17.5 million people who voted to leave.

Fuck off and go to the Hague.

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Trump Speaks Against Israel’s Illegal Settlement Building

Usually when Netanyahu visits the US or a US president visits Israel, pro-Palestinian organisations tend to flood my inbox with Emails but mysteriously I haven’t received any Emails from PSC, Jewish Voice for Peace or anybody else. Stranger still, this is after my inbox was chock-a-block with anti Trump rants by them before The Donald’s inauguration and after his terrorist prevention measures.

Donald Trump has spoken of a one state solution rather than a two state solution which makes sense because by building colonial outposts illegal settlements to create ‘facts on the ground’ Israel has made a two state solution nigh on impossible. Trump said ““So I’m looking at two-state and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like.”

President Trump also told Netanyahu to hold back on building more  colonial outposts illegal settlements in the West Bank. At last somebody has spoken out against them!

So why the lack of Emails in my inbox from PSC, Jewish Voice for Peace et al? Was it something he said?

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Well Said Alex Salmond

Changed his tune hasn’t he. But then a lot of Remoaners believed in democracy back then.

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Fake Trading Standards Officers

This message is being broadcast on behalf of Suffolk Trading Standards

We have been advised by Essex Trading Standards that they have received three reports of roofers calling at homes, claiming to be from Trading Standards.

The callers are claiming that a roofer who recently carried out work is being investigated. The caller claims that they can carry out a survey of the resident’s roof and that they will be able to claim compensation as part of the investigation. They are then asking the resident for sums of around £2,000.

Trading Standards Officers are highly unlikely to visit a consumer’s home unless they have already been asked to by the consumer or a trusted friend or relative.

Trading Standards Officers will NEVER ask a resident for money.

There are certain precautions that can be taken to guard against doorstep callers:

  • Fit and use a door security chain when you open the door.
  • Check the identification of a caller by ringing their employer. Use the telephone number from your telephone book and not one they might supply.
  • Do not let anyone to carry out work on your house until you get a second opinion and never agree to callers who say “we are only in the area today”.
  • Never keep large sums of money in the house and keep purses out of sight, not near the door.
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