My Answer to a question.

How would you vote in another EU Referendum?

By the time the next referendum comes around, if I am still alive I shall be voting Remain as in Remain out of the EU.

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Around the Suffolk Political Bloggesphere

Most local blogs seemed to have stopped last year with a couple of Bloggers appearing to have made a New Years Resolution not to Blog anymore. In fact the Suffolk Labour Group Blog domain name expired for a while. Somehow they were able to get it back. But as they haven’t posted anything since November, what was the point in paying for domain name? For some reason, I couldn’t buy it myself.

One blog that has continued is Tendance Coatesy. with it’s surreal, socialist ramblings. You can read some here

Also continuing is Caroline’s WOODBRIDGE Page and I must say it is very informative. The only things I don’t like about it is that she is a Lib Dem and in a lot of ways her blog is more informative than mine. You can read her latest instalment here

There is also Colin Noble’s excellent blog that is continuing. You can read his latest post here

It’s not so much fun being a blogger as it used to be. There’s not lots of bloggers blogging disingenuous squit to debunk anymore. Still, at least I continue to give Ipswich Labour enjoyment.

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Labour the Party of Racist, Fascist Bigots

We had the vile racist Emma Dent Coad call the Conservative candidate for Kensington a ‘Ghetto Boy’ This is the kind of view the modern Labour party has of black people. When Theresa May appointed James Cleverly to the cabinet, Labour people started going on about him being black. I personally didn’t notice that he was black  because somebody’s colour isn’t something I look for. But lots of people in the Labour Party do because they are racists. The Labour Party believe in segregation. Why else would they suggest that white people pay more to get into their racist, bigoted, anti Semitic conferences? All this demonstrates that those at the top of the Labour Party have a low opinion of black people.

Then there is the anti-Semitism within the Labour Party headed by Jeremy Corbyn who calls terrorist organisations who believe Jews are evil, his friends.

Then there is the outright Fascist Bigotry of John McDonnel who calls for people to be lynched.

This is the nicer, kinder politics of today’s Labour Party.

Labour is the Party of Racist, Fascist Bigots.

Why so many decent people decide to stay in it is a mystery.

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Carillion, NHS and Corbyn

A third of Carillion contracts were made by the last Labour government and the last Labour government also privatised our precious NHS with PFI’s

“PFI has been expensive, inefficient and, frankly immoral.
And that’s the worst aspect of PFI – it gives capitalism a bad name
:- Jeremy Corbyn

I couldn’t possibly agree with him any more.

Leeds Labour council gave a contract to Carillion worth £14 million days before the end. Such is Labour’s incompetence with finances. All Leeds council had to do was look at what Carillion’s shares were doing to work out that the company was in the shit.


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The Slow Death of UKIP

Here is a quote from a prominent member of UKIP.

What type of person is Henry Bolton, name me one good thing he has done since becoming leader. All he has done is turn UKIP into a political version of Jeremy Kyle and makes it very embarrassing to be part of.

I thought that UKIP were a political version of Jeremy Kyle under Farage and have always thought that they are. Now UKIP have passed a vote of no confidence in their leader.

Who will be UKIP’s next leader? It can’t be Nigel Farage since he has called for a second referendum because he wants to keep his EU pension and MEP’s salary while saying how bad it is and has shown the world the fraud he is and has always been.

So who will UKIP’s next leader be? More to the point, who cares?

The only thing sensible members of UKIP can do is support the only true party of Brexit and Join the Conservative Party


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Labour in trouble

Hulton (Bolton) result:

CON: 49.4% (+16.7)
LAB: 40.1% (+3.0)
UKIP: 6.5% (-18.0)
LDEM: 2.3% (-0.2)
GRN: 1.8% (-1.5)

So  a safe Labour Ward in Labour’s heartlands has gone to the Conservatives. Labour’s excuse?

“Our voters didn’t go to vote because it was raining.”

Wouldn’t go out to vote because of the rain?

As they say up North,

Don’t be so bloody soft!

What happened in Bolton is going to happen all over the country in May. At local level across the country a lot of Labour members know it, hence in Ipswich, Labour have resorted to campaigning on Sundays. But it won’t change a thing them campaigning on Sundays. At last, Ipswich, shall be rid of this lousy Labour council because the Conservative Party is the party of the working class and in Ipswich there isn’t enough middle class, public sector workers here to save Labour from destruction.

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Labour NHS Lie Number 85969649492569

Today on Marr a Labour, health spokesman  said that bed occupancy is now over 100% in hospitals.
Over 100%? So they have had to do bed sharing? Single sex beds or mixed?

Seriously, they wouldn’t even do that during the Crimean War.

It was such a ridiculous statement, even Marr was speechless.

Of course Labour won’t mention that they demolished overcrowded hospitals and built new one with less beds would they?
He says there might be a flu epidemic on the way. Does he not know that outpatient appointments from December 2017 were postponed to free up the nurses to the flu beds?

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