For the sake of the environment, don’t vote Green

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Sandy Martin Lies about a Conservative Councillor on Twitter.

Former worst MP Ipswich has ever had and Rushmere County Councillor for Labour, Sandy Martin has been lyijng about Conservative County Councillor for Chantry, Nadia Cenci on Twitter.

Alexander is a liar. He lied claiming Tom Hunt wanted to bring Fox Hunting back, he lied saying he wouldn’t stand again but may have siad what he believes when he said “The only way to win in politics is by lying.”

In this instance Alexander has chosen the wrong councillor and wrong thing to lie about. You see, back in 2013 Ipswich Labour planned to axe the number 16 bus in Stoke Park. In response to this, Councillor Cenci launched a petition to save it.

You can reas about Nadia’s campaign tpo save the number 16 Here and here.

So Sandy’s dispicable lie is easily exposed.

This leaflet which I helped to deliver at the time proves Alexander’s slander to be what it is.

This disproves Sandy Martin’s lie

Naturally because it is such a blatent lie, Councillor Cenci isn’t taking it lying down.

Rightfully so!

Ipswich Labour are always taking Conservative tweets out of context but a blatent, dirty lie like that is disgusting.

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Video Here

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Conservative Conference – Fun with a serious intent

Ipswich Conservatives

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on twitter explaining why the Prime Minister’s speech was brilliant and what the purpose is of a leader’s words at the finale of a party’s conference.
What it isn’t is a summary of all the challenges we face and all the policies that are coming into play. That was the job of the rest of the conference and the cabinet’s key speeches.
The left hate that Boris is such a charismatic orator, so optimistic and upbeat but that’s exactly what the grassroots need. He was speaking to conference and the nation about his vision and it was clearly spelt out – Levelling up and uniting the country with the passion and determination to make it happen.
Compare this to Labour’s divisive mindset and Starmer‘s boring offer. We don’t need the miserableness of the opposition or the doom and gloom main stream media…

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Report on the Cooperative Party Conference

Over this weekend was the party conference of the Cooperative Party. It should be more reported on. Afterall, they are the fourth largest party in Westminster and their 25 MP’s have more influence on things than the irrelevant Lib Dems. The conference was an ever so slighty less of a nonevent than the Lib Dem conference.

There was some very mundane speeches. Annilisse Dodds speach was one of her claiming things are awful while coming out with no solutions.

Then there was the regional mayors talk. Andy Burnham spoke and said little of interest. Tracy Brabin said that what she wants for West Yorkshire is expensive. She spent a lot of time trying to blame the government for things but didn’t manage to pin anything on the government.

Vaugen Gethen, resposible for the Welsh economy claimed Welsh Labour’s handling of the pandemic was good. If someone only had a microwave to cook with in Wales and it broke down, they were not allowed to buy one, so Welsh labour’s pandemic stratergy hit the most vulnerable more. So it was not good at all. He also siad how Welsh Labour have wasted lots of money.

In another speech, Christina Rees preached class war.

There was also a thing about community that was all meaningless identity politics.

They also had a session on Social Care. Which was a thing of nothingness apart from the setting up of new care cooperatives.

The final session was about the possible privatisation of Channel 4 and the future of the labour party’s poll tax funded properganda department, the BBC. Obviously as the BBC propergates their socialist agenda, they are most concerned that it could be scrapped.

Overall the Cooperative Party Conference was a rather dull affair and at times a real paint dry watching experience. But as the mainstream media report on the Lib Dem conference when the Lib Dems are the irrelivant fifth party in the House of Commons and thier conference was a lot more tedious, surely the mainstram media should have reported on the Cooperative Party’s conference too.

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Conservatives In Touch (Conference Edition)

Special Conference Edition

Unlike the Labour conference where they let the country know how they couldnlt run a whelk store and are out of touch with the country as well as reality, the Conservative Party showed the country how this Conservative party is united and an in touch, competent in government.

A Foreign policy of Liberty

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss spoke of Closer ties with our allies and econoimic influence.

She said,

We must win this battle for economic influence … and this starts with forging closer ties with our friends and allies including:

o   The G7 and NATO …

o   Our Pacific partners like Australia, Japan and Mexico …

o   The great democracy of India and our friends across the Commonwealth …

o   Israel …

o   South Korea

o   The Gulf states …

o   Those countries who escaped the USSR and fought for freedom … like the so-called Visegrad Four and the Baltic 3 …

o   And of course our vital strategic partner the United States.

Her complete speech can be read here.

Fiscal Responsibility to Build Back Better

Chancellor of the Exchequer rish Sunak spoke of building for a better future.

He said

 I’m a pragmatist. I care about what works, not about the purity of any dogma. I believe in fiscal responsibility. Just borrowing more money and stacking up bills for future generations to pay, is not just economically irresponsible. It’s immoral.

He also said,

I’m grateful, and we should all be grateful to my predecessors and their 10 years of sound Conservative management of our economy. They believed in fiscal responsibility. I believe in fiscal responsibility. And everyone in this hall does too.

And whilst I know tax rises are unpopular. Some will even say un-Conservative. I’ll tell you what IS un-Conservative.

Unfunded pledges.

Reckless borrowing.

And soaring debt.

Anyone who tells you that you can borrow more today, and tomorrow will simply sort itself out just doesn’t care about the future.

Yes, I want tax cuts. But in order to do that, our public finances must be put back on a sustainable footing.

His full speech can be read here.

Justice for Victims of Crime

Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab said,

As Justice Secretary, that’s my number one priority.

In July, we launched our Violence against Women and Girls Strategy …

With a dedicated policing lead reporting directly to the Home Secretary.

We’re investing £30 million to make the streets safer at night,

We’re introducing a 24/7 rape and sexual violence hotline.

We will transform the way the justice system treats violence against women

From the time it takes to examine a mobile phone in evidence

To the ordeal vulnerable victims face at trial,

And we will take the Victims Code, and turn that guidance into law

To make sure that in every case, for every victim

Their voice is heard, and they see justice done.  

It’s a team effort, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m blessed with the very best …

In Kit Malthouse, Vicky Atkins, Lord Wolfson,

James Cartlidge, Tom Pursglove, Scott Mann,

Joy Morrissey, Julie Marson and Mike Wood.

All supporting the crime fighters across our justice system,protecting the public and cutting crime.

As for the Labour party, they’ve got a Shadow Home Secretary who voted against extra funding for the police.

They’ve got a Shadow Justice Secretary who opposed our stop and search reforms to clear our streets of knives.

And Labour voted en masse against tougher sentences for child murderers and rapists.

Labour would dismantle our ability to fight crime.

Only the Conservatives will stand up for the police, the victims and the British public.

His whole speech cam be read here.

Cutting Crime and Making our Streets Safer

In an absolutely brilliant speech, Home Secretary Pritti Patel said,

All our thoughts remain with Sarah Everard’s family and friends.

Her murderer, whose name I will not repeat, was a monster.

His explicit intention was to instil fear and terror in women and girls.

I say this as Home Secretary, but also as a woman.

Such unconscionable crimes and acts of violence against women and girls have no place in our society.

And that is why I have redoubled my efforts to ensure women and girls feel safer.

She also said,

Later this year I will launch the first ever standalone Domestic Abuse Strategy

I am undertaking a review of the police management of registered sex offenders to stop paedophiles and rapists, including members of grooming gangs, from returning to the very communities they tore apart.

I am outlawing the sickening practice of virginity testing.

A barbaric, medieval, and invasive practice exclusively performed on women.

Often to control them. Often without their consent.

Well not under this Home Secretary.

Women and girls have said enough is enough.

And the Conservative Party agrees.

She also spoke about ASB and drug related crime.

She said,

We are nearly halfway to recruiting twenty thousand additional police officers.

This summer we launched a new Beating Crime Plan to cut murder, serious violence and neighbourhood crime – including anti-social behaviour.

Under my watch we have seen some of the biggest law enforcement raids in our country’s history, with our crackdown on county lines drugs gangs resulting in…

Over 1,000 county lines – shut down.

Millions of pounds in cash – seized.

And over 6,000 criminals – arrested.

We are cutting the head off the snake and taking down the kingpins behind these deadly supply lines.

Thanks to my brilliant Ministerial team we are delivering for the British people.

Drug abuse and addiction ruins communities, devastates lives and tears families apart.

Drugs are also responsible for the crimes I am committed to cutting.

Today I am announcing the expansion of drug testing on arrest across all 43 police forces in England and Wales.

You can reaspritti’s speech in all its brilliance here.

Levelling Up Health Care

Health Secretary, Sajid Javid said,

 I’ve been inspired each and every day,
by the commitment and dedication,
of all those on the frontlines of health and social care.
The porters, the paramedics,
the drivers, the doctors,
the nurses, the care workers, the cleaners,
the scientists, the vaccinators.
It’s because of their efforts, and so many others like them…
… thousands of lives, and millions of livelihoods, have been saved.
They’ve brought new meaning to the words “public service”.
So to all those across the nation who stood up
and served their country in this time of peril,
we stand, and salute you.

Sajid’s priorities are simple,

Covid – getting us, and keeping us, out of the pandemic.
Recovery – tackling the huge backlog of appointments it has caused.
And reform of our health and social care systems for the long-term.

Saj also said,

So our values as a party, a government, and a country – are clear.
Time and again, we choose to prioritise the health of our citizens.
We have absolutely nothing to prove on that.
But it’s also true that if you value something, or someone…
you want them to be the best they can be.
The NHS may have the best principle behind it,
staffed by some of the best people our country has to offer.
But that of course doesn’t mean that as an organisation,
it is the best at everything.
It wouldn’t help anyone to pretend otherwise.
Our undeniable commitment to the NHS is what should drive us to make it as effective as it can be.
Because ultimately it is our national health service,
and is only as good as the service it provides our citizens.
The public rightly and proudly expect a service that is free at the point of use.
But they also expect that service to deliver for them –
wherever they live in the country.
They expect to be able to see their GP, in the way that they choose.
And to have a relationship with their service that goes beyond picking up the pieces when things go wrong.
In the past, some governments chose cash, others chose reform.
That’s a false choice.
You can’t have one without the other.
So yes, we will continue to prioritise funding for the NHS in the wake of this global pandemic.
But I also promise you this:
2022 will be a year of renewal and reform

The best part of his speech was one sentence.

I have asked retired General, Sir Gordon Messenger,
to lead a review of leadership and management in health and social care.

His whole speech can be read here/

All theses speeches were either not mentioned or edited on behalf of the labour party by the BBC.

Here the Times reports that NHS managers may be sacked for failing to cut waiting times.

Reforming Social Care

Then there was the speech by Boris. Naturally the BBC edited it so much, the important things were missed. For instance the plan for Social Care.

Boris siad,

In 1948 this country created the National Health Service but kept social care local

and though that made sense in many ways generations of older people have found themselves

lost in the gap

when covid broke there were 100,000 beds in the NHS

– and 30,000 occupied by people who could have been cared for elsewhere

whether at home or in residential care

and we all know that this problem of delayed discharge is one of the major reasons why

it takes too long to get the hospital  treatment that your family desperately need

and people worry that they will be the one in ten

to suffer from the potentially catastrophic cost of dementia

wiping out everything they have

and preventing them from passing on anything to their families

and we Conservatives stand by those who have shared our values

thrift and hard work

and who face total destitution in this brutal lottery

of old age

in which treatment for cancer is funded by the state

and care for alzheimers is not – or only partly

and to fix these twin problems of the NHS and social care

we aren’t just going to siphon billions of new taxes into crucial services

without improving performance

we will

use new technology so that there is a single set of electronic records as patients pass between health and social care

improving care

and ensuring that cash goes to the frontline

and not on needless bureaucracy

When I stood on the steps of Downing Street I promised to fix this crisis

and after decades of drift and dither

this reforming government

this can do government

this government that got brexit done

that is getting the vaccine rollout done

is going to get social care done

Ending Inequalities Across the Nation

Boris said,

We have one of the most imbalanced societies and lop-sided economies

of all the richer countries

it is not just that there is a gap between London  and the South east and the rest of the country

there are aching gaps within the regions themselves

what monkey glands are they applying in Ribble Valley

what royal jelly are they eating

that they live seven years longer than the people of Blackpool

only 33 miles away

That’s shocking but I’ve got an even more shocking statistic. My life expectency went up by ten years becuase I moved 11 miles up the road.

Boris also said,

Then Boris landeda great punch on Labour’.

Labour’s answer, by the way – to decriminalise hard drugs apparently to let the gangsters off with a caution. An answer that is straight from the powder rooms of the North London dinner parties and nothing to do with the real needs of this country

Boris Johnson’s speech in its entirity can be read here.

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Boris Johnson’s brilliant Speech

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Labour are the Nasty Party

Jacob Rees Mogg hounded by a Labour councillor, Ian Duncan Smith attacked in the street, This is Angela Tr fault for her inflammatory language. Blair Starmer may want to remove the whip or at least kick her from the shadow cabinet, but he can’t because Angela Rayner was voted deputy leader by the Labour Party membership and they support her. Labour members, you know, the kind of people they have on the ballot paper at council elections. The kind of people I relish pounding Ipswich against next year to rid Suffolk’s Country Town of them for the benefit of the Borough of Ipswich and the County of Suffolk.

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Liz Truss’s speech was so good the BBC wanted nothing to do with it.

Liz Truss’s speech was so good the BBC wanted nothing to do with it. You can read it in full here.

She said,

My vision is to strengthen our economic and security ties with allies and partners in order to build a network of liberty around the world and deliver for our great country.

Liz Truss

She has a vision for the UK’s economic and security partnerships to promote freedom and challenge malign actors.

No doubt the BBC was upset that she did not mention once in her speech their beloved, irrelivant European Union.

We will have a positive, proactive and patriotic foreign policy that expands trade routes, strengthens security partnerships, and supports development around the world.

We want to trade with and invest in more countries to our mutual benefit – which leads to freer and wealthier societies aligned to the cause of liberty, spreading the human rights and values we believe in.

We must win this battle for economic influence … and this starts with forging closer ties with our friends and allies including:

o   The G7 and NATO …

o   Our Pacific partners like Australia, Japan and Mexico …

o   The great democracy of India and our friends across the Commonwealth …

o   Israel …

o   South Korea

o   The Gulf states …

o   Those countries who escaped the USSR and fought for freedom … like the so-called Visegrad Four and the Baltic 3 …

o   And of course our vital strategic partner the United States.

Liz Truss

She also spoke up for Freesom her in the UK.

Freedom starts at home … and we need to win the fight for freedom here in Britain.

That means as Conservatives we will stand up for free speech … we will stand up for a free press … and we will give everyone across the Britain the opportunity to succeed… regardless of background.

We reject the zero sum game of identity politics …

We reject the illiberalism of cancel culture …

And we reject the soft bigotry of low expectations that holds so many people back.

We are focusing on the questions keeping people up at night: can my child get a good education … do I have good access to public services … am I free from discrimination in the office or on the shop floor?

These are the bread and butter equality issues people really care about.

Liz Truss
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The Great Barrington Declaration One year ago yesterday.

A short history of the Great Barrington Declaration

From here

Laura Ingraham on her Fox television show in July 2021 correctly celebrated the re-opening of the US economy, so long as it lasts. She pointed out how preposterous it is that the New York and California governors are taking any credit for handling the crises properly.

What actually drove the opening of the economy, she continued, were the red states of South Dakota, Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and others. Their governors stepped up and did the right thing in giving citizens their rights.

The experience in these open states, with hospitalizations and deaths dropping after the opening, along with booming economies and a huge influx of new residents, essentially shamed the closed states into taking another direction. As a result, the US as a whole beat most countries in the world in re-opening. Our poor friends in the UK, Canada, and Europe are still under the illusion that they are controlling the virus.

She further pointed out that it was not only the governors. It was business people who protested through letters and sometimes opened their shops in defiance. It was parents who demanded the schools open during impassioned speeches at school-board meetings. It was also brave scientists who dared risk their reputations and professional standing by speaking out for rationality and intelligence.

That latter group is not given nearly enough credit. The reference is to the Great Barrington Declaration that appeared on October 4, 2020. It was this document that had a decisive effect in challenging the lockdown narrative and causing tens of millions to take a second look.

It was one of the proudest moments of my life to be part of its appearance. My experience has convinced me that good ideas — strategically timed and placed — can make a huge difference in the world.

The world locked down in mid-March 2020. There were oblique suggestions coming out of the White House that this disaster could last until August, which I simply could not fathom. Sure enough, by August the lockdowns were not only still in place, but disease panic was everywhere and worse than ever.

I was living in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The streets were mostly empty. The shops were closed by law. No concerts. No movies. No school. No church. People huddled in their homes in fear. When you did see people at the store, they shuffled like penitents at a medieval burial, covering their bodies in wool, wearing huge masks, gloves, and sometimes even goggles.

By then, I was fully convinced that insanity had been unleashed on the world. This beautiful town — full of highly educated and mostly well-to-do people — had been stricken with a profound psychological malady that prevented them from looking at the data or thinking clearly about much else at all. The one thing on everyone’s mind was avoiding this one pathogen that they could not see. So it was throughout the whole country in various degrees. 

In September, I was scrolling through Twitter and bumped into some posts by an epidemiologist at Harvard University. He was writing against lockdowns. I thought, wow, this must be the loneliest man in the world. I dropped him a note and invited him for dinner. He gladly accepted. The next weekend I met the man who would become a great friend over time: Martin Kulldorff.

I invited a few other people in the region who had been writing anti-lockdown posts. We gathered and all became fast friends. In the midst of disease panic, we not only interacted like normal people; we had huge discussions on the pandemic and policy response. All of us learning from Martin about the dynamics of viruses and how to deal with them. The meetings ended up lasting the entire weekend.

Soon after, Martin called me with an idea. The problem, he theorized, is that the mainline journalists out there who are writing about Covid know absolutely nothing about the topic. They, therefore, defaulted to medieval superstition. Let’s have a meeting, he suggested, that includes several scientists, plus journalists so that we can at least provide an alternative. When should this take place? In two weeks.

Sure enough, it all came together. The participating scientists were Martin, plus Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University and Sunetra Gupta from Oxford University. There were only three journalists, but they were important people. We filmed the event for posterity. It became clear the next day, however, that something else needed to be done.

Following interviews and discussions, Martin suggested that the three scientists draft an open letter. With a mind toward marketing, I told him that open letters always struck me as slightly lame. They seem aggressive just from the naming. It would be better to write a short statement of principles, a declaration of sorts.

He liked the idea. It was his thought that it be called the Great Barrington Declaration after the town of its drafting. My first thought was: There will be some people in this town who will not like this but, whatever, no one has intellectual property in the name of a town.

That evening, it was written. The statement was not radical. It said that SARS-CoV-2 was primarily a threat to the elderly and infirm. Therefore, it is they who need protection. The virus otherwise would be extinguished via herd immunity obtained through exposure, same as any respiratory virus in history. Society should be opened in the interest of a holistic view of public health.

My friend Lou Eastman put together a website, pretty much overnight. The next morning, the interviews began. I’ve never seen anything go so viral, so quickly. The site alone ended up being viewed some 12 million times. Thousands of news stories appeared the world over. Eventually, 850,000 plus people signed the declaration, among which were tens of thousands of scientists and medical practitioners.

Looking back at how and why this happened the way it did, my theory is that the lockdown had frozen debate and speech. Everyone in a position to oppose them had become afraid to speak for fear of shaming. Media was working 24/7 to say that lockdowns were the only option, so anyone against them was a “Covid denier.” It was brutal. It went on for months.

Someone needed to stand up and say the unsayable. That is what these scientists did.

The Great Barrington Declaration changed everything. The negative press backfired. Why would these famous scientists risk everything to write this Declaration if there was not some truth in what they said? Among those who were interested was Ron DeSantis who had already opened the state of Florida to great howls of media protest. He eventually invited the scientists to a public forum to reach the entire nation.

The rest unfolded as if scripted by a great novel. The good sense of the Declaration gradually overwhelmed the nonsense idea that destroying markets and society was good for health. The document came to be translated to dozens of languages, and the signatures poured in. The smears got worse by the day. Even the town council jumped into the fray and denounced the document. Wild times indeed.

Still, the effect was realized. The openings cascaded through the country, slowly at first and then faster and then all at once. I rarely see the Great Barrington Declaration credited for this, but I know the truth. I was there with a front-row seat at a great philosophical theater. I saw how a simple idea can change the world.

The pain of these days was unforgettable. I felt it, certainly. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the scientists. A lesson I took away from this is that if you really want to make a difference in the world, you have to be prepared for a long battle and more suffering than one might expect.

Several times per week now, I see these scientists interviewed on television, mostly on Fox but now they are appearing elsewhere as famous experts in disease and public health. They cannot keep up with the interviews. They are quoted in many mainstream venues, sometimes as prophets. Even their academic institutions are now taking credit for their wonderful work.

It’s hard not to be cynical when you see the world shift from stoning people to celebrating these same people once they are proven right. It’s an old story from history, one we are often told but it’s rare to watch this unfold in real time — especially in times when people pride themselves in their attachment to science. It’s not true: I’m no longer sure that the human mind has progressed that much over several millennia.

Only DeSantis has openly admitted that it was a mistake that Florida ever shut down. The rest just pretend that they made the right decisions all along. Their duplicity is manifest. For this reason, lockdowns continue to threaten us. Not until we come to terms with the disastrous decisions that were made in 2020 will basic liberties and public health be safe from managerial central plans that imagine that society can be manipulated like an engineering project in a lab. 

That is a teachable moment for all of us. There is every reason to distrust the political establishment. Trust instead those who are willing to risk everything to say what they know to be true.


  • Jeffrey A. TuckerJeffrey A. Tucker is Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute and the author of many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press and ten books in 5 languages, most recently Liberty or Lockdown. He is also the editor of The Best of Mises. He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture. tucker@brownstone.orgREAD MORE  

Great Barringtoin Declaration here.

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