The deferring of the vote.

I have been informed that Theresa May told the idiots in Brussels that their lousy deal would not be accepted and they didn’t believe her. So she had to let them see that it would be rejected on the television. So now she has shown them the fact, it is up to them to offer a deal that won’t be rejected. But they want to punish us.

It is surmised that certain Staylinists in her party are leaking information to the Staylinists in the Labour Party in an attempt to stop Brexit. This enables the Staylinists to make the situation look like chaos.

It was disgusting them laughing. As Brexit is the hardest thing any government has dealt with since 1945, it’s to serious to laugh about.

One of the reasons I voted to leave is that I do not consider the EU commission to be our friends. Since then, we have tried to negotiate with them as if they are, hence the present situation.

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Ipswich Conservative Action


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Ipswich Town Centre’s Rat Problem

At Wednesday’s Ipswich borough council meeting it was revealed that Ipswich Labour want to turn Ipswich into  a rat infested shithole. The rodent problem in Ipswich town centre has been in existance for some time but there has been a marked increase in sightings of the vermin recently.

Politburo holder for the environment, Phil Smart said that it was the responsibility of local businesses to tackle the problem. What does he think business rates are paid for? Huh!  Any excuse to slag off the private sector.

Smaller busineses have to use thin green bags for their rubbush that are then left outside premises overnight to be collcted in the morning. They might as well just chuck thier rubbish in the street so it’s strewn everywhere because it’s always strewn all over the streets in the morning after the Gulls have ripped the bags open and had a good rummage. Conservative Councillors suggested using gull proof bin bags (used by other Councils) to stop the food waste being made available to the rats. What did Labour councillors do? They laughed at this suggestion.

One way the problem could be tackled is by changing the bin emptying times.  This was also suggested by the Conservative group on the borough council. Labours response was one of indefferance.

So Ipswich Labour want to turn Ipswich into  a rat infested mess by  doing bugger all like they always do.



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Suffolk Remoaner News


Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey organised a meeting to hear party members’ views on the proposed EU withdrawal agreement. The meeting was lobbied by local Staylinists who call themselves the 48% Suffolk Coastal group. Instead of using the Orwellian term ‘people’s vote’ they were calling for a ‘second referendum.  This isn’t the first time I have heard Remoaners call it a second vote this week. I overheard a couple of Staylinists discussing it the other day and calling it just that. Interestingly they were also discussing in detail the campaign they have got planned if the government give in to their calls for democracy to be usurped and Ipswich Town win the FA Cup this year. As the Remain camp had a headstart in the referendum we had in 2017, it wouldn’t make any differance. But this does demonstrate the scheming nature of the Lib Dem mindset.


Remoaner Protest in Campsea

The East Suffolk Staylinist faithful went along to Campsea Ashe Village Hall where the meeting was taking place to protest against democracy outside. As they usually are after getting together for a blue and yellow hissy fit, the Staylinists are more smug than they usually are and so after someone on Facebook called them democracy deniers, along came a comment by East Suffolk Lib Dem Suffolk EU alliance Chair Jules Ewart.

She said,

well if you want to bring up Banks Farage Johnson et al into the challenge about democracy we’re up for that! Suffolk EU Alliance has every good reason to lobby for a People’s Vote everything given! Hard to spot the benefits of Brexit currently. Fun afternoon … for all .. and given that there were remain voters in the hall as well as outside I do declare that the majority is in favour of exiting Brexit!

We won’t concern ourselves about the people she has named because it is due to  a strange idea that Staylinists have that people make decisions based on what’s written on buses. If a bus had “Basildon” written on the front of it, would you suddenly want to go there? The middle bit of her post is a demonstration of how boring Remoaners are. Most people since the referendum have just got on with their lives. But alas, poor Remoaners! We know them. More about the crazy end bit later.

In my heart there was a kind of fighting, so I replied with this,

Hi Jules, The only reason you want a peoples vote is because you like getting your own way. We are leaving the EU according to the instruction given to the government by the British people. The fact that you don’t like that instruction is irrelevant

May I add,’ as irrelevant as the political party Jules EUwort is a member of, the Lib Dems.’ She came back with this rather weak response,

give me a better argument than that Kevin, come on. You’ve been quiet for too long!!

Naturally I did. I replied with this,

Well Jules, declaring that because remain supporters were in the hall and outside means the majority want to stay in the democracy hating, poverty creating quagmire that is the EU is a non sequitur. It’s like saying that because I was with a bunch of people who support Ipswich Town, they’ve got more supporters than Manchester United. It’s risible. So I suggest you try again.

After this I was expecting either ad hominem or absolutely nothing. But suprisingly along came this response,

…. read your first quote. Then ask yourself again. Why does julia wish to remain. You gave me my wrong answer

Going by my reply, I think her answer was wrong. I replied,

You want to bring up people involved with the Leave Campaign, fine! here’s a couple of things Nick Clegg said.

“There is no plans for an EU army it’s a leave campaigners fantasy.”

Yeah right!

“There will be some after the referendum who will want to keep on fighting like those Japanese soldiers on remote islands who wouldn’t have it that the war was over who will insist the debate isn’t over and carry on fighting regardless.”



The rest is silence.

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In Defence of Theresa May

During the referendum David Cameron was saying that Article 50 would be triggered the day after the vote and that he couldn’t resign. Like a lot of time during the referendum camapaign, he wasn’t telling the truth. So instead of triggering Article 50, he announced his resignation. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had sacked George Osborne first, but never mind. This meant that while the Conservative Party was having a leadership election, the totalitarian, selfserving facsists in Brussels could plan to screw us over.

After Theresa May became Prime Minister it became apparant that some gnats needed splatting. Or should that be Nats? What the government under Theresa May’s leadership was atempting to achieve was constantly being undermined by the actions and ramblings of the Krankie woman. As a result a general election was called. This gave the corrupt, imperialists in Brussels even more time to plan how to screw us over. The prime minister may have lost her majority and some good MP’s but the objective of giving the SNP  a bloody good hiding was acomplished.

Since the General Election she has atempted to play with a strieght bat while the EU has been constantly bowling bodyline. Eventually she has managed to get a deal that she thought the British people would be happy with. The fact that we are not happy with the deal is not due to Theresa May’s failure but due to people creating problems that had no need to be there.

As she said, no deal is better than a bad deal. Hence I want a no deal Brexit. The deal is the best she could get from those little Napolean’s in Brussels. The only one of them that talks any sense is Donald Tusk. but as he’s lived under the kind of thing the totalitarian egotists want to create, that’s not surprising.

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Ellesmere Logic

The latest ludicrous, damaging, insane policy brought about by Ellesmere Logic is the spending of £22 million on a retail park outside the borough. This is a case of Ellesmere Logic because Ellesmere Logic stipulates that private ownership is evil, so if the council has  a stake in anything, that thing is less evil. Investing in a competor of Ipswich Town Centre is a good idea according to Ellesmere Logic because it can help Ipswich Labour turn Ipswich into  a run down ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote Labour. Ipswich Labour are prepared to stab the town centre in the back with a vote of no confidence because such a move would discourage investment in Ipswich and Ellesmere Logic states that encouraging investment in Ipswich is bad because it could lead to prosperity which would make people more inclined to vote Conservative.

Labour councillors are saying that the profits will pay for lots of stuff. so much stuff infact, it sounds like they’re planning on spending the profit at least half a dozen times. This will not stop Ellesmere’s administration putting up council tax next year because Ellesmere Logic stipulates that Ipswich people have the memory of goldfishes.

Ipswich Labour like buying things because being socialists, they like spending other people’s money. The former Post Office on the Corn Hill and the former Zest night Club are two things that Ellesmere have spent council tax payers money on and both properties remain empty. While they are empty money is being spent on insurance and security of the premisises. This is of no concern because Ellesmere Logic goes along the lines that the more they own the bigger the borough Council is and so he can indulge in delusions of granduer believing to be in charge of a big council that deals with big things rather than just being the politburo general secretary of a council primarily dealing in dog mess and wheelie bins. If confronted about the ludicrous, damaging policy of buying up assets, the response is that they are doing it to invest in public services. They mean cleaning up dog mess and emptying wheelie bins and not education and social care because Ellesmere Logic stipulates that nobody understands what councils do what things and so they can confuse them at election time by slagging off other people’s policies.

Ipswich Labour are also trying to claim credit for Destination Norwich Road. They are doing this, based on the idea that people are not aware that they are absolutely clueless when it comes to economic development. The economic policies are based on Ellesmere Logic, which stipulates that free enterprise is bad and therefore must be discouraged.

They are absolutely livid about the Conservative Government cutting business rates for small independants. But they consider investing in retail parks full of national chains to be not so bad. Concerning discouraging retailers into the town centre Ellesmere Logic has a confuddling, dichotomous nature. Primarily they don’t want anybody to invest in Ipswich because it would be detriment to the policy of turning the County Town of Suffolk into a run down ruinous mess. So this leads to lots of policies that damage the way that Ipswich is percieved. One of which is investing in a retail park outside the borough. The other side of the dichotimy stipulates that to make a town centre vibrant only national chains should be encouraged into the town centre. This is because according to Ellesmere Logic, national chains are good because small independant businesses find it hard to compete with them. Therefore national chains stiffle free enterprise and Labour hate free enterprise, so they are strangely enamoured by big business as a result.  Further to this Ellesmere Logic starts to get very confusing. One of the reasons Labour hate small independant businesses so much is because the profits they make tend to stay in the local economy and according to Ellesmere Logic it is better for profits to end up in the Cayman Islands. This is very confusing because to socailists like David Ellesmere, offshore accounts are the most evil thing there is. So to turn somewhere into a run down ruinous mess, policies to crush free enterprise are followed to encourage sometihng they consider a greater evil. This is because Ellesmere logic is the logic of socialism, which is an unworkable ideology of squit filled dogmatism.


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Sizewell C

Third stage of public consultation confirmed

The third stage of public consultation for Sizewell C will begin on Friday 4 January 2019.

Local residents, community groups, public representatives and businesses will have the opportunity to see the latest proposals for the new power station, which would be built to the north of Sizewell B.

Stage 3 Public Consultation will run for 12 weeks, ending on Friday 29 March 2019.

Public exhibitions

For the first two weeks of Stage 3 public consultation on the Sizewell C project, the team of experts will be available to answer questions at public exhibitions. There will be a CGI model of the development as well as information boards and literature to help inform rlocal residents response to the consultation.

Date: Friday 4 January 2019

Time: 4 – 8pm

Town/parish: Sizewell

Venue: Visitor Centre, Sizewell B, Leiston IP16 4UR


Date: Saturday 5 January 2019

Time: 11 – 5pm

Town/parish: Leiston

Venue: Leiston United Church, High Street, Leiston IP16 4EL


Date: Monday 7 January 2019

Time: 11 – 5pm

Town/parish: Theberton

Venue: Jubilee Hall, Church Road, Theberton IP16 4SB


Date: Tuesday 8 January 2019

Time: 11 – 5pm

Town/parish: Yoxford

Venue: Village Hall, Old High Road, Yoxford IP17 3HN


Date: Wednesday 9 January 2019

Time: 2 – 8pm

Town/parish: Darsham

Venue: High Lodge, Haw Wood, Hinton, Nr Darsham IP17 3QT


Date: Thursday 10 January 2019

Time: 3 – 8pm

Town/parish: Hacheston

Venue: Village Hall, The Street, Hacheston IP13 0DW


Date: Friday 11 January 2019

Time: 2 – 8pm

Town/parish: Wickham Market

Venue: Village Hall, High Street, Wickham Market IP13 0HE


Date: Saturday 12 January 2019

Time: 10 – 4pm

Town/parish: Saxmundham

Venue: Market Hall, High Street, Saxmundham IP17 1AF


Date: Tuesday 15 January 2019

Time: 10 – 4pm

Town/parish: Woodbridge

Venue: Community Hall, Station Road, Woodbridge IP12 4


Date: Wednesday 16 January 2019

Time: 11 – 5pm

Town/parish: Middleton

Venue: Village Hall, Mill Street, Middleton IP17 3NG


Date: Thursday 17 January 2019

Time: 11 – 5pm

Town/parish: Southwold

Venue: Methodist Church Hall, East Green, Southwold IP18 6LB


Date: Friday 18 January 2019

Time: 1 – 7pm

Town/parish: Aldeburgh

Venue: Community Centre, Victoria Road, Kings Field, Aldeburgh IP15 5HY


Date: Saturday 19 January 2019

Time: 10 – 4pm

Town/parish: Stratford St Andrew

Venue: Riverside Centre, Great Glemham Road, Stratford St Andrew IP17 1LL


Date: Tuesday 22 January 2019

Time: 11 – 5pm

Town/parish: Trimley St Martin

Venue: Trimley Sports and Social Club, High Road, Trimley St Martin IP11 0RJ

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