Stupid Things Alasdair Ross has said this Week

Alasdair has been proliferant on twiter this week saying lots of stupid things. First there was this retweet

This is stupid because Food Banks started under the last Labour government and have become more prevalent due to the last coalition government replacing vouchers to be spent in supermarkets with referrals to food banks.

What initially triggered me to write this post was a display of staggering hypocrisy. After assaulting three people at the election count, the author of the dRoss Blog has decided to pretend to have the moral high ground, launching a smear campaign against me subtly without naming me.

This is stupid because, as far as I know, I haven’t written anything that isn’t true. Furthermore, Ipswich Labour are so shambolic at the moment that they don’t even know what the current portfolio roles are. If they do, why weren’t they announced last week?

Then Alasdair tweeted this

This is stupid because after years of writing nonsense about the Suffolk Tories not understanding Ipswich even though the council offices are in Ipswich and most of the staff live in Ipswich, any issue if it existed (which it didn’t) has been resolved. But Ipswich Labour can only be negative.

Then the author of the dRoss Blog decided to continue his uncalled for attacks on the author of Ipswich Labour’s favourite blog.

I like Quaid Combstock’s reply

Quaid Combstock ‏@quaidcombstock May 22

@StokeParkCllr @AlasdairRoss @ICA_Suffolk business is to members concerns only – I can get you a membership form of you wish?

I do wish the leader of Ipswich Labour could control his councillors so they don’t push people and assault opposition activists at an election count.

Then there was this

Alasdair Ross ‏@AlasdairRoss May 22

@timrollpickerin @HouseofTwits @ElectoralCommUK lies on blogs and leaflets can be very costly!

This triggered another great response by Quaid Combstock

and considering it followed this retweet.

Remember all those leaflets Ipswich Labour put out claiming they were going to save libraries? How many libraries did Ipswich Labour save? Zero! The Suffolk Tories saved all libraries with their brilliant innovation.

Then Alasdair tweeted this.

This is stupid because I’m quite sure that violently pushing people at an election count is not acceptable conduct for a sitting councillor.

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South West Area Committee – 28 May 2015

The next South West Area Committee will be taking place on:

Thursday 28 May 2015


Stoke Green Baptist Church

Halifax Road

Ipswich, IP2 8RE


Agenda here.

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Suffolk Show


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Stop Ipswich Turbines won

On PfR’s latest web update last weekend, Pannington Farm was no longer included in their list of projects.

John Mills boss of PfR projects in England said

‘PfR are no longer pursuing the Pannington Farm project’

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Ipswich Labour at War!

Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger can reveal that Ipswich Labour are at war with each other.

Reliable sources inform us that, not everyone in Ipswich Labour were happy about the buying of the sugar beet site. We have been informed that there are two rival factions at war with each other over the issue. We have also been informed that within these two factions are factions who either want the portfolio holder for economic development to be replaced or want Carole Jones to keep the post.

It would appear that things came to a head when after it was obvious that the people of Ipswich rejected David Ellesmere’s message, the portfolio holder for culture, Bryony Rudkin mounted a leadership challenge. Apparently there are some blistering rows between the comrades. To persuade Bryony Rudkin to not continue in her quest to remove the leader David Ellesmere, whose direction the people of Ipswich so blatantly rejected, Ipswich Labour offered her the deputy leadership and stabbed Neil Macdonald in the back. This manoeuvre hasn’t gone down well within certain factions either causing even further division.

We have been informed that the squabbling has continued, hence the portfolio holder positions were not announced at the annual meeting last night as is tradition. We understand that a number of people within Ipswich Labour want Carole Jones replaced as portfolio for economic development, with a number of people insisting that they take the portfolio themselves. They are all having a massive falling out with each other over it.

There is so many factions within Ipswich Labour now, if it comes out in public they will be seen for the shower they are. This is why we had the newly appointed deputy leader saying how proud she was at the leader’s achievements, naming all the things they thought he would win the election over. Strangely, the most obvious achievement of having policies that are so rubbish that they helped a Conservative MP win a second term in Ipswich for the first time since 1922, wasn’t an achievement that was mentioned.

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Child Marraige Outlawed in Yemen

The Yemeni government recently announced that the new constitution will set the minimum age for marriage at 18.1 Although the constitution is far from perfect and has yet to be approved by other political actors within Yemen, this is an important building block in the effort to end Forced Child Marriage.

While the people of Yemen continue to suffer as a result of a violent civil war, this is a welcome milestone brought about by international and local activist pressure in recent months.

More here.

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It is a little known reality that over 200,000 vulnerable young women and girls mainly age 14 to 23 are trafficked into spinning, weaving and dyeing mills in the Tamil Nadu region of India.

These women and girls are deceived with false promises of a good job and a lump sum payment which will help their families escape a life of poverty, under the guise of an ‘apprenticeship’ scheme called Sumangali.

Once recruited the life they find in the mills is one of exploitation, abuse and dangerous working conditions.

Guarded by the male factory employees with only limited contact with their families or the outside world, they are forced to work often up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week or more. Many of the women and girls find themselves trapped within a factory for up to five years; two out of three never receive the promised lump sum.

The stories of these girls are woven into the cotton they spin every day. This fabric is sold into fashion supply chains all over the world. We are each intimately connected with their story as it is weaved into the clothes that we buy and wear.

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