How Norwich City Council Treat the Homeless

Norwich City council had a Norfolk boy go to them because he was suddenly made homeless.

Their response?

“You can except a train ticket to Ipswich paid by us or you can sleep rough in the City.

You bastards!

Quote from the bloke they said it too

This is a great Town I’ve never been happier

I warned that I would expose those local authorities that sent vulnerable people to somewhere they didn’t know a while ago if they continued doing it and on receiving exact intelligence, that is what I have done with this post.

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Donald Trump Speaks the Truth about Socialism

Venezuela’s problem isn’t that socialism has been poorly implemented. Venezuela’s problem is that socialism has been faithfully implemented.
:- Donald Trump

As an academic Theory socialism is magnificent. But in reality, in the real world, it only brings poverty, suffering, division in society and mistrust amongst the people. It is a beautiful academic theory that when applied creates the equal sharing of Misery.

We can reduce inequality without making everyone broke. But socialism is not the method to do so because it always makes everyone broke apart from those in power. As Donald Trump said in his brilliant speech to the UN that had me shocked by his eloquence. I was expecting to hear Disraeli’s maiden speech and instead heard Disraeli’s speech that brought the Peel Government down. How the media reacts to it will be interesting.

Donald Trump eloquently pointed out the truth of history, that is that every time the evil ideology of socialism has been implemented it has brought misery, poverty and diabolical human suffering.

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Upcoming Sermons at Saint Matthews

In response to the who cares card filled in by local residents St. Matthew’s Church is providing a sermon series ‘negative emotions’ was a major concern for many people.

January 21, 2018 – Dealing with Worry (Matt 6:25-34) and Weariness
January 28, 2018 – Finding hope when all seems hopeless
February 4, 2018 – Allowing God to deal with guilt
February 11, 2018 – With Jesus facing Grief and the Grave
February 18, 2018 – Jesus says “Do not be afraid.”
February 25, 2018 – God’s promise of his presence (Loneliness)
March 4, 2018 – God can deal with our shame
March 11, 2018 – Building oneself up in Christ helps disappointment
March 18, 2018 -Facing doubt

A Lent course will run produced nationally by the Christian Medical Fellowship. It is called ‘The Human Journey’ and the titles of the evenings are below. This will run on consecutive Wednesday evenings in church beginning at 7:45 p.m. All welcome.

21st Humanity – What does it mean to be human?
28th Physical Health – How should I live?
7th Mental Health – Am I supposed to feel like this?
14th End of life – How should life end?
21st New Technologies – Are we playing God?
28th Global Health – Who is my neighbour?

In addition, you might like to know that Suffolk mind run the suffix needs met course which is open to anyone who becomes a friend of Suffolk mind which is free the Suffolk’s Needs Met training will

  1. Undo misconceptions about mental health and raise awareness of our emotional needs
  2. Address the causes of low morale and so help to improve staff engagement
  3. Begin to reduce the cost of sickness absence to businesses and make them a happier place to work

The half day training course is fully funded by Suffolk Mind so there is no charge to attend. All they ask is that you commit to providing them with feedback as it to its impact and effectiveness.

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The Train Guards Strike

After speaking to both RMT reps and Abelio Anglia managers I can assure my readers that guards are not going to be removed from trains. If they intended to remove guards from trains they would not offer them a ten year contract. Furthermore, if they took guards off trains anybody would be able to get the train from Derby Road to Felixstowe or Woodbridge to Halesworth without paying. So it would be far from a cost cutting exercise. They would also not be investing in training more guards. This strike is merely political. There is a minor matter within the small detail but the guards jobs are safe and public safety is assured.

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Political Campaigning in Suffolk

Intelligence sources inform us that the Green Party are targeting Bridge Ward in next May’s Ipswich Borough elections. Intelligence sources also inform us that the Suffolk Green Party are holding a meeting at Woodbridge Library tomorrow (Monday).

As always the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems are not doing anything outside Saint Margaret’s.

According to Ipswich Labour’s Twitter Account, they were delivering junk mail in Holywells yesterday. But a few of us Conservatives were also in Holywells and we never saw any of them. The junk mail is claiming that the Orwell Crossing is bad for Holywells. Ipswich Labour really believe it’s bad because it involves investment in Ipswich. Why didn’t we see any of them? Intelligence sources inform us that they are a bit worried about next May and activists are in a short supply so that they are having to resort to campaigning on Sundays as well as Saturdays now.

UKIP are now a nonentity.

The Conservatives are campaigning hard across Suffolk.

We understand that Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has decided that he is happy living in Ipswich. We also understand that the King of Gipping is assembling his army.


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Momentum have shut down their Hitler Youth Division. Momentum chair Jon Lansman ordered the Momentum Youth and Students (MYS) organisation, to hand over passwords to social media accounts in a letter sent to it’s members and here it is


Is the left now embroiled in a struggle between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks?


Apparently Comrade Lansman is attempting to win a seat on the NEC and he has sneakily shut down the youth wing after the majority of members will have already cast their vote. Typical socialist! Use people and then bugger them.

Is Momentum coming to an end or is it using the SWP method of going under different aliases?

It is probable that Momentum is creating a vast network of front groups to encompass all ages, all ethnic groups, all special interests, all grievances and all areas with names like The DWP Action Group, Black and Asian Senior Citizens or Victims of Foreign Wars. It’s the same messages communists have used since before the Russian Revolution of 1917. Interestingly, the centenary of that was in 2017 and nobody celebrated.


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Brandon Lewis today asked Jeremy Corbyn on Marr to condemn the online hate and abuse.


Brandon Lewis today asked Jeremy Corbyn on Marr to condemn the online hate and abuse. He was asked to sign up to a joint respectpledge

Corbyn has refused on Peston thus encouraging even more divisiveness that he seems to thrive on.

Why do Labour find it hard to condemn it? Is it because they need it and thrive on it?

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