The Crap in Westgate Ward

I went into politics to stand up for my local community and by doing so ended up letting my local community down. If what is happening 300 yards from me was happening in Gipping rather than Westgate, I would have been raising hell about it. As you may have guessed, I am about to.

I shall be kicking up a stink about the drugs, vandalism and antisocial behaviour happening in Westgate Ward. Well who else is going to?

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Latest from Ben Gummer

Last week the government announced that Abellio Greater Anglia had been rewarded the contract for the Eastern line. Abellio have pledged to invest £1.4 billion over the next nine years and will deliver faster, more frequent journeys.

Abellio will provide 1,040 new carriages, free Wi-Fi for all passengers and by 2021 there will be 32,000 more seats arriving at Liverpool Street in the morning peak.

This is fantastic news for Ipswich. It lays the foundation for the future success of our town. The investment in rolling stock serves Ipswich both from London but also importantly, from Cambridge and the Midlands.

Many people have worked hard for this news but without the coordinated efforts across our three counties we would not have achieved this absolutely magnificent result. This is a very important day in the history of investment in our town, our county and our region.

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Ipswich Article 19

Ladies and Gentlemen it takes me great pleasure to introduce Ipswich Article 19

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Couldn’t put the end bit on.

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A Change of Direction

For some time it has been the intention to have A Riverside View as a community blog rather than a political blog. It is with this aim that they are to be some changes taking place.

It is our intention to develop a news and views site similar to what the creators of had in mind.

How to achieve this aim we are looking for new authors to share their news and views. If you would be interested in contributing please feel free to email me at kevin_algar@

Grubby local politicians need not apply.

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More Israeli Apartheid (Hafrada)

Story here

There was a bug in the original post  I wrote here that was doing strange things to this blog.

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Theresa May Plans long Overdue Lords Reform

Due to David Cameron’s resignation honours being full of members of the Remainiac Chumocracy and Comrade Jezbollah putting forward Shami Chakrabarti’s name for a peerage as a thank you present for sweeping Labour’s ingrained anti-semitism under the carpet, Theresa May plans to have the vast majority in the House of Lords to be “elected by the many” rather than “selected by the few”.

Here the Sun says

Mrs May has previously demanded an end to the current system which lets party bosses hand peerages to pals and rich donors.


In a sign of her passion for change, she declared: “As democrats, we cannot support proposals that continue the principle of patronage.”

And she added: “Reform should create an upper Chamber that is capable of challenging and revising Government policy, that is democratic and accountable, and that is expert and independent.”


Years of dithering over reform have seen the House of Lords second-biggest political chamber in the world behind China’s People’s Congress.

Having the  House of Lords being the second-biggest political chamber in the world behind China’s People’s Congress is ridiculous.


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