Statement from the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem,

Statement on the eruption of violence throughout the Holy Land

The Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, the Most Revd Hosam Naoum, said:

“Over the past week, we have seen the rapid escalation of violence throughout the Holy Land: in the air attacks launched against Gaza and Central Israel, in the rioting between extremists in ethnically mixed cities, and in the continuing conflicts between protesters and police over the pending evictions in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, of which Saint George’s Cathedral is a part. It is particularly disheartening that this violence erupted out of police disrespect of Muslim sacred sites and traditions in Jerusalem during the various religious feasts.

“We know from sad experience that violence and hatred will never lead to solutions to the deep ethnic and religious divisions that have afflicted this region now for a century. We therefore call upon the authorities on both sides to agree to an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza conflict in order to end the rain of death and destruction that has had tragic consequences for thousands of individuals and families.

“We also call on Israeli authorities to restore order and calm within the ethnically mixed cities where rioting has broken out, so that the human and civil rights of all are protected equally.

Finally, we call upon the United Nations and the international community to work with all parties to seriously address the underlying injustices and grievances that have led to this latest unrest in a recurring cycle of violence, working for a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis that incorporates a viable Two-State Solution.

“In the meantime, the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is continuing its Christian mission of bringing healing to the wounded, relief to those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, and comfort to those who mourn the loss of loved ones. Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza has been on the frontlines of these relief efforts, becoming a beacon of hope to those trying to remain alive under such dire circumstances.

“But they are overwhelmed and in desperate need of upwards of 1.6 million USD to obtain fuel for hospital generators, and to purchase emergency medicine and medical supplies so that the doctors and nurses who are working around the clock can meet the crushing flow of injured and traumatized victims in this conflict.

“I therefore issue an appeal to our international partners and all people of goodwill to support this humanitarian mission through their generous contributions to Al Ahli Hospital, enabling them to show forth the compassionate love of Christ in real and tangible ways in these desperate circumstances.

“Last of all, I ask those within the Anglican Communion and all of Christendom to join with us in offering the following prayer:

“Almighty and Everlasting God:

Our days are in your hands; we lift up all those in the Holy Land who are victims of violence and injustice, that you might empower your Church to bring healing to the wounded, relief to the suffering, and comfort to those who mourn; we pray also that you would soften the hearts of all those involved in the recent conflicts, that they would be led to work for justice and lasting peace in the land where your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ first came to bring hope and abundant life to all people; these things we ask in his Holy Name. Amen.”


Note: The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem serves Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria and Lebanon. It is part of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East; one of 41 national and regional independent-yet-interdependent autonomous churches that make up the Anglican Communion.

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PACS (Long Covid) Dying to Live Campaign

The Wigan post reports here,

Louise Barnes, who founded the Post Acute Covid-19 Syndrome Support group online, is trying to drum up public support to help those still suffering symptoms months after first becoming ill on leading petition website

Her petition Dying To Live calls on ministers to safeguard those suffering from Long Covid by ensuring they have access to high-quality support and help.

The Wigan post continues,

The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) said it is investing heavily in trying to understand and treat this new illness.

This may be called a new illness but research indicates that this virus does what other viruses do, so it’s not just long Covid that can be dealt with. But it is apparant that they are putting it down to being psycholigical. Now some of the symptoms would be correct or a secondary effect, but others are caused by the physical damage of the virus. But the psychologists are pushing their narative.

The Wigan post says,

Louise said: “We feel patients need to be safeguarded from some of these therapies.

“We’re trying to prevent this being labelled as a psychosomatic illness. We know Long Covid patients are developing organ damage and yet some people on the Facebook group have been told they are feeling ill because of childhood trauma or that it’s all in their heads.

“Treatment needs to be science-based and peer-reviewed. Nice has already said that people with similar conditions to us shouldn’t be doing the exercise therapy. It is ridiculous that people are being sent for it.”

The petition says Long Covid patients need to be offered scans to check their organs and describes the current position across the country for getting help as a “postcode lottery”.

We understand that some people involved in implementing this treatment based on it being from ‘childhood trauma’ (yes they have discussed it in meetings) don’t like this cautous approach, but it is about keeping people alive.

The Wigan post continues,

The petition says Long Covid patients need to be offered scans to check their organs and describes the current position across the country for getting help as a “postcode lottery”.

It is reasonable that patients have scans before signing up to something that may do them harm.

There are those who would beneifit from the pychobable treatement, but there are thousands who it could harm, who would be better off with the treatment that has been peer reviewed sitting on Matt Hancock’s desk for the last couple of months.

They probably can’t make head or tail of what was sent. This isn’t a new problem. If there was people in Westminster who knew how to read a science paper, the government of the day wouldn’t have declared that there was no link between BSE and CJD.

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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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Girl power?

Ipswich Conservatives

I’m not a raving feminist, never have been because I have always believed, as Mrs Thatcher did, that women must show, not tell their strengths and talents.

Stop the talking and the victimhood and do the doing. It’s there for any woman.

The local elections have been a resounding success for Ipswich Conservatives but you would have to look at the small print in our local paper to even see remotely what actually happened.

Suffolk County Council have not just gained some extra representatives for Ipswich as Conservative county councillors, more importantly they include 4 extra females representing Ipswich divisions for the Conservatives.

And boy did each and every one of us deserve our victory because Labour were not just ‘pipped’ (as described in the Ipswich Star) but the swing to us was massive in anyone’s books.

But we cant get there without the support of many others.


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Local Elections 2021 Row Heath & Lakenheath results

Colin Noble's Blog

Last week I was pleased and honoured to have been elected to Suffolk County Council for the Row Heath Division with 1620 votes being 59.8% share of the vote and a 1,233 majority. I am equally honoured to have been elected to West Suffolk Council in a by-election for the Lakenheath Ward with 573 votes, 48.15% of the votes cast. I’m born and raised in Lakenheath, and I love representing the villages of Row Heath Division.

Over the past few weeks, in the evenings after work and at weekends, I went out campaigning. Campaigning is typically about knocking on doors and discussing the issues people have in our local community. This year was different, and we mainly delivered the Conservative Plan for Suffolk and my Plan for Row Heath’s villages. Along the way, there was opportunity to have a socially distanced chat with those residents out in their gardens or…

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Art is being killed and the left are killing it.

I think my friend Banti put it well,

Welcome to London, more specifically, Sadiq Khan’s London, where rampant, feral teens stabbing each other on a daily basis, far exceeding the body count racked up by gun toting Americans, and the odd terrorist attack are passed off as ‘part and parcel of living in a big European city’, and where shit like this is passed off as ‘great art’.You voted him in.

Feel proud much, London?

Banti Khyberman

Of this Sadiq Khan said,

Brilliant work from David Hockney in Piccadilly—the first of a series of major art projects we’ve commissioned as part of our brand new #LetsDoLondon campaign. Lots more to come very soon!

Sadiq Khan

It’s crap isn’t it?

Apparantly David Hockney is a respected artist. But people are wondering what he will will achieve when he starts infants school. Imagine getting paid good money for that!

Khan is claiming that Transpert For London is in the doldrums, increasing the times and the cost of the congestion charge and then spending the money on crap like this. The idiot won’t spend money on fighting knife crime.

The signage and roundels on the underground are the best in the world and a design classic. But Sadiq Khan is intent on turning our capital into a national embarrasment.

But this is what constitutes art nowadays. I guess the classic roundels aren’t woke. Art is being killed and the left are killing it.

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Vile Ipswich Labour Make Member of FB Hate Group Mayor

Ipswich Labour are so contemptous they are making a member of an FB hate group the mayor. She’s been a councillor a couple of years and been involved in an FB hate group.

The appointment of Elizabeth Hughes as mayor shows just how contemptous Ipswich Labour are. After being part of a Facebook hate group that encouraged the bullying of Conservative candidates and promoted hate, unbelievably she says she’ll promote ‘joy, hope and happiness’ It’s vomit inducing isn’t it?.

She is set to be formally confirmed at Wednesday night’s annual ipswich Labour Love In general meeting at the Corn Exchange. According to the Ipswich Labour Star, the recovery of businesses, organisations, events and communities from the pandemic is set to be a major part of her work in the town. Ipswich Labour are as much use to businesses as a chocalate fireguard.

She said: “I am thrilled to be asked, it’s a huge honour and I am absolutely delighted to take it on. No, being made mayor is not a huge honour in Ipswich because Ipswich Labour have the position in contempt like they hold the people of Ipswich in contempt, as I said last year, here. and in 2018 here. In other town’s the position is given as a reward for public service. Not in Ipswich. Last year, they made a Holywells councillor mayor to be spiteful towards Liz Harsant, this year they have made a former member of a hate group mayor to be spiteful towards people who the group aimed its hate towards. Ipswich Labour are that vile.

Liz Harsant has been an Ipswich Borough Councillor since 2002, 19 years! She was leader of the Council in Ipswich’s darkest time during the murders by the man labelled the Suffolk strangler. This amazing woman has never been mayor of Ipswich. You see, Ipswich Labour appoint people as mayors to be spiteful towards other people. Ipswich Labour like being spiteful. They’ve made Elizabeth Hughes mayor out of spite becuase they’re a bunch of childish bullies.

Ipswich Labour are so purile they must be delighted at the anger and disgust at them making that utterly insufferable woman the mayor. After this, I consider Ipswich Labour to be lower than vermin. Next May can’t come soon enough because next May is when the Conservatives will take control of Ipswich Borough Council.

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Free Tibet

From here

Authorities in Tibetan areas continue to severely restrict religious freedom, speech, movement, and assembly, and fail to redress popular concerns about mining and land grabs by local officials, which often involve intimidation and unlawful use of force by security forces.

Authorities’ 13th Five-Year Plan for Tibet (2015-2020), which set ambitious state goals for rural transformation, includes the relocation of several hundred thousand more people. Official claims of “poverty alleviation” prompted fears of further marginalization and dispossession of Tibet’s rural majority.

In May, regulations for the promotion of “Nationality Unity Model Areas” came into force, representing a new milestone for the coercive assimilationist policies of the current leadership. These policies encourage economic migration from other parts of China and phasing out Tibetan-medium instruction in primary schools. Intensified surveillance and intimidation in neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes has prevented public protest, a goal emphasized repeatedly by leading officials.

At the 7th Forum on Tibet Work in August 2020, President Xi personally called for increasing political education in schools to ensure the loyalty of the next generation, signaling central support for these policies.

In the Ngawa Tibetan region of Sichuan in November 2019, Yonten became the 156th Tibetan to set himself on fire in protest against the Chinese government since March 2009.

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Israel has been attacking protesters in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

According to Amnesty International,

Peaceful Palestinian protesters, as well as bystanders and worshippers praying in the Al-Aqsa mosque, have been attacked by Israeli security forces with tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades.

They have injured hundreds of Palestinians in a move to shut down protests against unlawful forced evictions in occupied East Jerusalem, to make way for Israeli settlers.

This oppression must stop.

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Israel get’s away with injustice because of Hamas terrorists

I said Hamas rockets were crap compared with Israeli fire power in the past. But this time Hamas have been hitting the suburbs of Tel Aviv instead of having the rockets drop in the desert. Israel has the right to defend itself under international law.

Obviously those high up in the Labour hierarchy are making a fuss about Israel defending itself against terrorists based in Gaza because they care more about the people of Gaza than they do the people of Grimsby. But Israel has come under attack and has a right to defend itself.

While this is happenning and eyes are on Gaza, things are happenning elsewhere in Israel/Palestine. The injustice at present is happenning in the West Bank with Palestinian’s being lynched and mosques being set on fire by residents of the colonial outposts illegal settlements there. Yes I know innocent Palestinians are dying in Gaza but so are innocent Israeli’s in Israel because of Hamas. What’s happenning in the West Bank is one sided and unfair.

The spark was Isreal evicting Arabs and giving their homes to Israeli’s. But still, Israel has a right to defend itself. The Al-Aqsa was a flashpoint. But as it is the third most holy site in Islam and the most holy site in Judaism, it’s always going to be a flashpoint for misplaced religous zealotry from both sides.

Israeli ultra-nationalists, some with weapons, roamed the streets of Lod on Wednesday, as mobs attacked a mosque in the city ahead of a newly announced night curfew. More here

The amount of colonial outposts illegal settlements in the West Bank means that the two state solution would mean a refugee crisis. The two state solution is dead in the water. A single state is the only option now. But if Israel formally annexed the West Bank, Israel would cease to have a Jewish majority.

One of the reasons I am pro Israeli, is the fact I spent some time working out how to get my Jewish friends there if Corbyn got elected.

It’s tragic that there still needs to be a safe haven for an ethnic group in 2021. But when citizens of a country leave the house with gas masks, it’s not my idea of a safe haven. Yes, Israel lit the match this time, but Hamas have escalated it so that normal Palestininians are suffering and their voice is not being heard over the rockets and bombardments.

Hamas were democratically elected. Why did Palestinians vote for them? Palestinians would rather vote for Hamas than a Socialist Party. They must hate socialism nearly as much as I do. Hamas won the elections becuase there was no right wing alternative.

Normal Palestinians are not lefties. When it comes to the suffering of innocent Palestinians, if the left cared for them, they’d shut up. The argument has to come from the right.

So in summary, Israel’s contant building of colonial outposts illegal settlements in the West Bank has to stop and a one state solution must be on the table even though a lot of the colonial outpost illegal settlement will oppose it being the most ideologically deranged Zionists. Furthermore, Israel’s house eviction policy is morally outragous. But, the reaction from Hamas has covered the outragous eviction policy up so it isn’t being reported. Israel is getting away with injustices because of Hamas terrorists.

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