The EDF proposal for the Melton/Bromeswell Level Crossing

There is a proposal to close or divert the pedestrian railway crossing between Bromeswell and Ufford. The diversions are all longer and on a road, except for one possibility which is a tunnel under the railway bridge. The proposal is to enable more stuff to be taken to Sizewell by rail. What ever your opinion, you can communicate it to edf here. Deadline for comments is 29th March. The fact that such activities raise the water table and the footpath goes through water meadows is a good enough reason to object to any change especially as one of the water meadows is where the first Suffolk Punch was born.

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The Carter Warburg site in Melton


The Carter Warburg site in Melton for proposed development between St Andrews Place and Brick Kiln Lane, the proposal is to cut down most of the trees, throw in approximately 100,000 tons of construction materials into this sensitive wildlife/ wetland habitat, possibly destroying many thousands of the animals, reptiles and amphibians that live here.Amongst many other wonderful animals, families of deer, birds of prey and bats can regularly be seen in this area.

This is a designated Special Landscape Area and also has Priority Habitat status. The River Deben Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) can be seen in the background, quite simply stunning views, each week giving hundreds of locals and visitors alike much pleasure.

23561370_1893524580663278_2965439231488932805_nFurthermore, it’s part of the Deben Flood Plain and most of the site is bog. There is also  a natural water course going through it. Any development would raise the water table making flooding more likely. Questions about drainage and sewerage (Sewage works is already close to full capacity) have been insufficiently answered. Also, local schools are at full capacity so the nearest school with places available is in Leiston.

So far this horendous development proposal has been given the go ahead by the District Council. Last year they stared cutting down the trees but stooped afer an objection from the Forestry Commision.

Naturally RSV supports Mad if. – Melton Against Development In Floodplains.

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Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

A couple of weeks ago Ipswich Conservatives were campaigning in Saint Margerets Ward where local residents were as always pleased to see them and were greatful of the hrd work done by local councillors, Lee Reynolds and Chris Chambers. They were also very impressed with Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Ipswich, Tom Hunt and are looking forward to Alexander being removed at the next General Election. Last week the Conservatives were in Holywells where also, as always residents were pleased to see them and they were also impressed by Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Tom Hunt and are not impressed with the non entity they presently have as their MP. Yesterday, the Conservatives were in Stoke Park where residents as always were pleased to see them and were very greatful for the hard work done by Conservativew Councillors, Nadia Cenci and Bob Hall. They were alos mpresed by Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Ipswich, Tom Hunt and are looking forward to the opertunity of being able to vote for Ipswich having a good MP again.

Also, yesterday afternoon, there was much stirring and joy expressed by residents in Gipping at the sight of a legend within the ward. We understand that though a number of residents would like the Runway lights back on at the entrance to Alderman Rec, he couldn’t care less. As a matter of fact, we understand that at one time he was tryong to get them switched off. We also understand that he’s far to busy at the moment to care. Though if he wasn’t too busy, he’d tell the local councillors why the Runway lights are better switched off.

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Woodbridge Be-Leavers Meeting

Yesterday while the Woodbridge branch of the Suffolk EU Alliance Lib Dems were having  a drink together in the Mariners, Leavers of Suffolk had a meeting up the road in the Kings Head and naturally the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance’s favourite blogger was in attendance. It was good catch up with fellow  be-leavers.  There was lots of interesting questions about our great country leaving the poverty creating, democracy hating, protectionist, fascist dictatorship that is the EU. The most pressing question being “Whose round is it?”


Woodbridge Be-Leavers in the Kings Head

This was after a very well attended meeting of be-Leavers in the Willow Tree in Stowmarket a couple of weeks ago and a number of things have been organised. It takes me great pleasure to announce that while the Staylinists of the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance have been indulging in their strange idea of fun, we Be-Leavers have been quietly plotting. Once more unto the breach. Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot. We follow our spirit, and upon this charge. Cry “God for Brexit, England, and Saint George!”

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Alexander’s Not Great

Because Alexander believes that he knows better than his constituents, yesterday he asked a question in a Westminster Hall debate to Conservativew MP for Saint Albans, Ann Main.

Ipswich MP for Labour, Sandy Martin asked

The hon. Lady says that the British people would never forgive us for asking them again, but would they ever forgive us for a serious economic collapse as a result of a no-deal Brexit?

The reply he recieved from Ann Main was nearly as beautiful as Brexit.

She said,

That is interesting. The other day in the main Chamber, I tried to intervene on the Leader of the Opposition many, many times. I wanted to know whether the policy of the Labour party is to offer another referendum. The economic collapse, I believe, is a much-hyped fear factor.

The British public had 40 years of trying out the European project, which is certainly not the common market that my late parents voted for. That was a vote for one thing. After 40 years of ever closer political integration, the British public were asked if they wanted to re-endorse that membership, or if they would like to say, “We’d like to leave.”

It is not as though we have not discussed the possibility of leaving, or our unhappiness with having treaties foisted on us. The British public have a lot of experience—the history that the hon. Member for Bath does not want to draw on—of looking at how they were treated, how they were talked to, and how they were being sucked into closer integration, which they were not happy with. As my hon. Friend Paul Scully, who opened the debate, said, that is what many people were unhappy with. The British public knew that they did not like it, so they decided that they wanted to leave and be an independent, self-governing and sovereign nation again. That is the argument that was made.

I campaigned to leave, and I made it very clear to my constituents that I was for leaving—I did not hide that, or take the easy option—although most of them voted to remain. I made it clear that I believed in leave, but that I was only one vote. Those members of the British public who were of voting age that first time around, however, had seen the direction of travel, which was towards ever closer integration, and they did not want to go there, so they decided get off that bus.

I do not like to talk of winning or losing, but the only way to describe a referendum is in those terms. The leave campaign won because there was more heart in the campaign to get back our sovereignty than there was in saying, “We know the EU’s not perfect, that it should change, that lots of you have had grumbles and complaints over the years, and that we keep trying to change things and it never gives us much—but I am sure it will at some point in the future.” That did not cut it.

Quite right and as MP’s go, Sandy Martin doesn’t cut it either.

Alexander is not great.

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Woodbridge SNT January Newsletter

Responses to Reports

ASB in Elmhurst Park, Woodbridge: Patrols of Woodbridge Town Centre includingareas where ASB is occurring.

Vehicle ASB in Grundisburgh playing field car park: Letters sent to drivers of vehicles that havebeen driven in an anti-social manner together withpatrols.

Drug dealing reported in WickhamMarket: Patrols of areas in Wickham Market where drug dealing has been reported.

Responding to Issues within Communities

During the month of December 2018 there were a total of 236 investigations in Woodbridge (Investigations relate not only to recorded criminal offences, but also safeguarding individuals).Parishes have been affected by, residential / garage / shed burglaries,thefts from motor vehicles, criminal damage and ASB incidents. Investigations also include reassurance and crime reduction surveys.

Making the Community Safer

Following the Festive Season it is advisable to take steps to protect your property old andnew.Register your property for free at Immobilise is the largest free registerof possession ownership details used by members of the public and businesses. It is a veryeffective tool in helping the reduce crime and repatriate recovered personal property to itsrightful owners. For more Crime Prevention Advice

Preventing, Reducing and Solving Crime and ASB

In December 2018 the Safer Neighbourhood Team bid fairwell to PCSO MikeStarbutts who for the past 9 years has been the fully funded PCSO for Kesgraveand Rushmere St Andrew. PCSO Gemma Read has now started her new fullyfunded role in Kesgrave and Rushmere St Andrew. Based at the North East SaferNeighbourhood Team Office on Heath Road Ipswich PCSO Gemma Read will betasked to undertake visible patrols, tackle low level ASB and provide any localpolicing advice as required. There will be a chance for members of the public tospeak to their PCSO during regular Police Surgeries.

Future Events

Tasking meeting 10th January 2019with local authorities and agencies todiscuss any emerging issues and ASBin the locality. These are based onreported incidents during the month. Ifyou have any concerns to report for thismeeting then please email the SNT onthe address shown below.Happy New Year from the WoodbridgeSafer Neighbourhood TeamDid you know that there is a websitecalled “Ask the Police”?It is a website which provides answersto the most frequently asked Policingquestions. It provides links to otherrelevant national organisations. If youare unsure whether to call the Policeand it is not an emergency you may justfind the answer without having to callthe Police. In an emergency always call 999



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Questions at Ipswich Borough Council meeting

There was a question asked at the last full council meeting in Ipswich by Conservative activist, Sam Murray. The treatment she experienced by Labour whilst preparing to ask her suplimentary question was disgusting, It included Jeering and the politically vicious John Cook attempting to intimidate by shouting “Move on.” This is Ipswich Labour’s attitude to the Ipswich public in a nutshell. Afterwards Sam Murray told John Cook that it was no way to treat members of the public. To which he patronisingly responded by saying that he was simply saving her from sitting there looking like a lemon. I wonder if insulting members of the public is within the councillor code of conduct.



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