Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack

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The Renegotiation Farce.

David Cameron was right to renegotiate but unfortunately due to the ideological nature of the EU project, he has come back with nothing.

And look how quickly they’re going back on the deal.

The draft says that the UK is not committed to ever closer union but that doesn’t matter if it is the will of Brussels. There is a proposal for a legally binding agreement that our Parliament can, block unwanted EU laws with a ‘red card’ but only when we act with some others in Europe. So if nobody else acts, we’ll be lumbered with EU laws we don’t want. The commitment ensuring that every year the European Commission will review the burden of regulation on businesses will only be about burdens to business trading with each other in Europe. The fact that EU regulations are detrimental to out trade with nations out side the EU will remain.

Concerning immigration this new law to prevent EU migrants working here from sending child benefit overseas at UK rates sounds good but the emergency brake that will mean people coming to Britain from within the EU will have to wait four years until they have full access to our benefits will have to be agreed to by the European parliament before it takes effect. It is obvious that the vote will go against us.

This German MEP says “It is crucial that the emergency brake can only be triggered by the European Commission”

EU migrants will no longer be able to claim Universal Credit while looking for work. This sounds good but it isn’t going to stop anybody from the EU coming here. So they’ll come here, end up sleeping on the streets and get deported in six months. What a stupid idea.

Not everyone is disappointed by the PM’s deal – here’s what one Romanian MEP thinks of it.

There is nothing in the draft to protect our borders, protect our fishing industry and help our farmers.

What is needed we are not going to get because it is against the federalist, undemocratic ideology that guides the union. Cameron has tried and he was right to do so. But the EU isn’t going to budge on any of the major issues we have with it. We’re better off out.

Get Britain out!

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Labour Junk Mail in Cambridge

Cambridge Labour have been delivering junk mail in the city’s Petersfield Ward and East Anglia’s Premier Political blogger has obtained a copy.

The front page talks about Mill Road being resurfaced and a path being upgraded in the Mill Road cemetery.

The second page is more typical Labour going on about post Labour government damage limitation measures. It claims that Tory cuts are damaging Cambridge. It go also claims that the Labour councillors are trying to persuade Cambridgeshire County Council to keep the lights on in Cambridge.

It also claims that the Conservatives are wrecking social housing and claim that Osborne is is taxing tenants. This of course is nonsense.

Next it launches an attack on the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems voted for us to launch airstrikes against Daesh in Syria. Naturally Labour have the headline that the Lib Dems voted to bomb Syria which is not 100% accurate. It claims that the residents have reacted with anger after the Lib Dem and Tory MPs voted for war and it says that while th eLib Dems voted for war, the Labour council has housed refugees.

It’s amazing how they boast about housing refugees and accuse the Conservatives of creating a housing shortage in the safe leaflet.

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Such is Labour’s Hatred of Britain

The fact that Labour hate Britain is well established but there are some things that make it clearer. Recently Jeremy Corbyn went over to the camp near Calais to have some of it’s inhabitants take selfies of themselves with the duzzy idiot to have them vote Labour if they managed to get here. Jeremy looked very happy there because he liked the people there and there is a reason he and his supporters like them. The reason Jeremy Corbyn and so many of his supporters like the swarm of conscription dodgers, terrorists and economic migrants in Calais is because they are not British.  So they want them all to come here, overload our public services, stop social cohesion and help Labour destroy the country they hate.

Corbyn’s crew hate Britain so much that they can not believe anywhere else could be worse. Hence Jes Phillips compared the sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne to a night out in Birmingham

Such is Labour’s hatred of Britain.

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Ipswich Labour’s lies about the Suffolk Fire Service

On Monday the Ipswich Borough Leader, David Ellesmere had a party political broadcast about changes to the fire service. The whole ranting and rambling article is designed to frighten people.

Why do Labour do this? Why are they constantly economic with the truth and why do they consistently tell outright lies for electioneering purposes?

It is a most misleading article which attempts to propagate the notion that the county Tories don’t care about Ipswich and are cutting it’s fire cover and protecting elsewhere. This is a lie. Ipswich presently has 76 fire fighters and it will be reduced to 56. Bury and Lowestoft have 26. So it is clear that there are more fire fighters in Ipswich.

Ellesmere doesn’t mention why the cuts are necessary. They are necessary because Labour torched our economy. Ellesmere has the audacity to claim that Osborne isn’t balancing the books when it was Labour who totally unbalanced them and brought us to the brink of bankruptcy by borrowing money and burning it on rubbish.

Today Ipswich Labour were out in Rushmere Ward scaring the electorate there and getting people to sign their Mailshot harvester petition, pretending to care about peoples well being while only caring about the Britain hating, terrorist sympathising, threat to national security that is their their wretched party.

Fire service consultation here.

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Ben Gummer: A Happy Day When We See the BNP Pass Away

When I was first elected, I was sent a link to a video by a constituent who had stood in the same election for the British National Party.  He recommended I watch it for the good of Ipswich but did not say precisely what it was.  I clicked on the link, which went straight to the film of a beheading of a hostage by an Iraqi terrorist.  As soon as I realised what I was watching I switched off the film but even in the five or so seconds it was on it was clear what was going on, enough to make me feel sick at the experience.

The constituent’s aim was clear – he wanted to appal me at the actions of this terrorist and in so doing to make me hate Muslims in general.  What it actually made me do was dislike him and his terrible organization all the more.  Those tactics – the politics of fear – are the preserve of the agitator and the demagogue.  There is nothing constructive, nothing good, in what they do.  They feed only on problems, real or perceived.  They take an issue, and it may be a legitimate difficulty, and then use it to stoke resentment and hatred.  They double up, and double up again, until the problem has become a threat and then a tragedy, so that before we know it we have riots on the streets over something so conflated and confused that it does not in reality actually exist.

It is the tactic of a mindset that prefers violence to peace-making, argument to discussion, division to unity, prejudice to equality, hatred to love.  It is itself a hateful way of doing business, one that has caused problems wherever it has reared its hateful head.

Across Europe and in the United States, we can see movements that bring together people who think in this way.  Just in the last few years, we have seen the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece and the increasing strength of the National Front in France.  Others – in Germany, in the US and also here in the UK – work by the same tactics, even if their language in public is more carefully nuanced, more coded, than their conversations in private might be.

The good thing for the rest of us is that the people who think like this are as bad at getting on with each other as they are with the rest of the world.  Indeed, the more extreme they are, the more they tend to break apart.  These are parties and movements that soon enough implode amidst recrimination.  It was only a matter of time, therefore, before the British National Party took that course and now their inevitable end has come.  In the last election, the BNP was only able to put up eight candidates across the country and earlier this month they failed to put in their electoral registration and so were struck off the list of official parties.

That was a very happy day.  It removes from the scene one of the nastiest political forces of recent years, even if their power was never as great as their noise suggested it might be.  Their disappearance does not mean that extremism is gone – far from it.  There are still those, some of those advocating so-called mainstream positions, who would seek to divide and to foment discord.  But let’s enjoy the moment whilst it is with us.  For those who worry that the world only seems to get worse, the end of the BNP is perhaps evidence that things can sometimes get better.

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Homelessness in Ipswich

Before Christmas a couple of people talked to me about homelessness in Ipswich. They informed me that people who had been living in Ipswich for three or four years were being told by the borough council that they didn’t have a strong enough connection with Ipswich and were being refused any help. Naturally on hearing this, after Christmas I investigated to find out if it was true and quickly found out that it was. I also found out that because we have good provision for homeless people in Ipswich, other local authorities were sending their homeless people here. As a result of this information I submitted a question to full council based on what is written on the borough website here.

My main question was

“On the borough website in the section on homelessness it talks about  having a local connection to Ipswich. Can you define what the certain time they have to live here is and what the certain family connections that are mentioned have to be?”

My supplementary question was

In light of the fact that I know of cases where people have lived in Ipswich for three years and being refused help, is the council tightening up the parameters to make the problem look smaller than it actually is and what can be done if any thing to discourage other councils sending their homeless people to Ipswich due to us having provision for homeless people we should be proud of.

To both questions Councillor Mowles gave concise and informative answers. As a result I emailed him and asked him if he could send me a copy of his answers. He kindly replied with an attachment which I reprint below.

Enquiries into an application made pursuant to the homeless persons legislation will include whether the person is

Eligible for assistance
In priority need
Unintentionally homeless.

If an applicant is all of the above then the last thing that is considered is whether they have a local connection with the authority that they have applied to.

If they have not got a local connection in Ipswich but do have a local connection with another authority, then they can be referred to the other authority who would then have a duty to house them.

In terms of criteria – 1 is;

‘because the person is, or in the past was, normally resident in it, and the person’s residence is or was of his or her own choice;’

The long-standing local authority agreement suggests that this should be 6 months in an area during the previous 12 months, or not less than 3 years during the previous 5 Year period.

Another of the criteria for local connection is;

‘because of family associations’

There is no statutory definition of the phrase ‘family associations’. The local government agreement suggests that it arises where an applicant has parents, adult children, brothers or sisters currently residing in the area in question and have done so for at least 5 years.

Of course the more questions are answered the more questions could be asked. Councillor Mowles also correctly said that homelessness is rising. A walk through town on any night of the week would tell us that. But how many of them have been sent here from elsewhere? Due to us having the Chapman Centre, Cavendish Lodge, the Night Shelter and Emmeaus other authorities are ‘advising’ their homeless people to come here. I have been informed which authorities are doing it and making vulnerable people even more vulnerable by sending them to a town they don’t know. As I am aware that councillors from some of the authorities doing it read this blog, I’d just like to tell them to get their councils to stop it.

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