Distraction thefts in Suffolk

Police are appealing for witnesses after a number of distraction thefts across town centres in Suffolk on the afternoon ofTuesday 28 July.

A male entered stores and business premises offering greetings cards for sale. He placed the cards across tables or desks and then stole, or attempted to steal, mobile phones and a purse.

The first two incidents were reported at Hamilton Road in Felixstowe between 2.10pm and 2.15pm, further incidents were reported at Henning Avenue and Edith Cook Way in Ipswich between 2.20pm and 2.40pm, at Ipswich Street in Stowmarket around 4.25pm and Abbeygate Street in Bury St Edmunds around 5.10pm.

In each case the man involved is described as having a dark or tanned complexion, dark hair and being in his mid-20s to 30s.

Calls relating to these any of these incidents should be made to Suffolk Police on 101 reference IE/15/2563

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Israeli Apartheid (Hafrada)

Israel is an apartheid state. They have separate maternity wards for Arab women and Jewish women, Israeli citizens are allowed to live in the colonial outposts illegal settlements in the West Bank but only if they are Jews. Arab citizens are not allowed to live in the colonial outposts illegal settlements. They have settler only roads and the roads Palestinians are allowed to use are full of pot holes and check points. Israel is undoubtedly an apartheid state. They don’t like the word Apartheid because they prefer the word for these policies that they use. The word is ‘Hafrada’ Where as ‘Apartheid is Afrikaans for ‘separation’ , ‘Hafrada’ is Hebrew for ‘separation.’ Call it what you like, the semantics of the word are still the same.


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As ‘Coup’ Against Jeremy Corbyn Threatens the Hard Left Moblises its Troops.

Originally posted on Tendance Coatesy:


Weekly Worker Editorial Board Deciding Corbyn’s Strategy.

Senior Labour MPs are plotting to oust Jeremy Corbyn if he is elected party leader, amid growing fears that the leadership contest has been hijacked by far-Left infiltrators.

Shadow cabinet sources have told The Telegraph that Mr Corbyn would never be allowed to remain in the job long enough to fight the 2020 general election, if he is elected on September 12.

A coup could be launched within days of the result, which would plunge the party into even deeper crisis and division, but would be necessary to prevent an electoral “disaster” under Mr Corbyn’s leadership, senior figures said.

However, a growing number of Labour MPs believe Mr Corbyn’s campaign is being boosted by tens of thousands of radical Left-wing socialists who have paid £3 to sign up as an “affiliated supporter” in order to vote in the election.

There are…

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The Labour Leadership Contest

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SNP Bigots Attack Tory MP

Scottish Secretary, David Mundell was jeered and heckled by SNP bigots. People banged on the windows and refused to let the vehicle move until four police officers stepped in.

People banged on the windows and refused to let the vehicle move until four police officers stepped in.

He added: “For me as a local MP, it’s not just about talking to organisations who agree with government policy or people who agree with me. I want to speak to everybody who is active in my constituency.

“As I have said before, the reasons behind foodbank use are complex and varied and every individual case is different.

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Christian Zionists and the US Republican Party

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Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

Jeremy Corbyn is going to be the next Labour leader. The party members who knock on doors and deliver leaflets support him and the parliamentary party is in disarray. Even when it is obvious that the Tories are delighted with the idea of Jeremy Corbyn being leader, Labour’s grass roots members are deluded into thinking that it is a bluff and that we are terrified of him. They have even had Tony Blair speak against him being leader and this has encouraged the grass roots members to support him even more. Labour are in total disarray and openly at war with each other. It is getting funnier by the minute and it’s going to go on until September. I just hope I don’t run out of popcorn.

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