Joint Surgeries for Woodbridge

Chris Mapey

Great meeting between Kay Yule & me this evening.

Many Woodbridge topics covered, and we will be hosting joint surgeries regularly – if there’s anything you’d like to discuss / raise with either or both of your representatives on East Suffolk District Council, these will be the ideal opportunity.

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More details to follow – watch this space!

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A Judicial Review?

Chris Mapey

Tonight’s ‘Extraordinary General Meeting’ at Woodbridge Town Council was an important one for the town to take notice of.

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The reason for the meeting was to hear discussions about whether Woodbridge Town Council should support a privately submitted judicial review about the planning decision made by East Suffolk District Council about the Chandlery building (a planned restaurant) on the Whisstock’s development on Tide Mill Way in Woodbridge.

The press had already run the story, last week – link here

During the meeting numerous appeals from interested parties, including Woodbridge Riverside Trust called for no action to be taken, not least a reminder that if a Judicial Review is sought on the planning decision on the site, then the building must remain empty until this process is finalised. This is likely to take at least a year, possibly up to 2, so this key part of the development will let again…

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The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune is run by a small section of the middle class for that small section of the middle class. They are the kind of well to do people who hate Tories, love diversity while living in a monocultural bubble, are obsessed with the nonsense that is anthropogenic global warming, like to indulge in national flagellation, see racism everywhere except where it actually is, believe they love the poor while loving the the EU as it creates poverty and believe in free speech until someone disagrees with them. Hence, they love the Prat of Penrith, Rory the non Tory and last nights debate was a complete farce.

Emily Maitlis’ brief was to destroy Boris, make the Prat of Penrith look like anything like the space cadet he is` and make the Conservative Party look like a bunch of baffoons. She kept to her brief impeccably but failed to achieve its desired outcome.

The questioners were picked to represent the views of the BBC and the questions were picked based on the BBC’s obsessions. Obviously the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune did some research before deciding who was going to ask the questions and hence they decided to pick Abdullah from Bristol.

So the BBC believe that the opinions of a sexist anti semite Corbynite are worth hearing. Like that section the BBC is run by and for, the BBC is incredibly smug. They smugly put it across that they care for the poor and vulnerable while wanting to force pensioners to pay the state imposed poll tax people have to pay to listen to their vile bourgeois left propaganda.

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NO2 Levels in Melton, Suffolk

On the 11th of June ahead of Clean Air Day on 20th June, East Suffolk Council officers were joined by Councillor Rachel Smith-Lyte outside Melton Primary School to raise awareness around air quality and the importance of switching car engines off when parked to help reduce air pollution. This is part of East Suffolk Council’s anti idling campaign which you can read about here.

The NO2 levels around Wilford Bridge Road are dangerously high. The stop Idling Campaign would not reduce them significantly. The NO2 level is caused by the fact that From the Woods Lane Roundabout, through Melton, there is a set of lights, the lights outside Melton school, a couple of junctions, a level crossing and another roundabout. All this slows traffic down and due to how modern engines are made, they are inefficiently using fuel, and increasing NO2 pollution.

It is presumed that most of the traffic going through Melton is going to and from Rendlesham. The fact that the village of Eyke, where traffic has to slow down again, also has an air pollution issue indicates this. Nevertheless, a thorough traffic survey needs to be done to ascertain where traffic in Melton is coming from and where it is going.

If it is ascertained that the majority of traffic is going to Rendlesham, then a new road should be built from the A12 up Wickham way to Rendlesham. This would have the added bonus of cutting out Hell Fire Corner in Campsea.

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Rory the Fake Tory

It is absolutely incredible that according to Conservative Home, Rory the Fake Tory is the second choice amongst Conservative Party members. Some say he has momentum behind him. Some say it’s because Momentum believe he’s their best chance of them getting a Marxist government.

Now I am being unfair calling him a fake Tory because he is in fact a Tory of the One Nation Tradition. But unfortunately, like a lot of people who identify themselves as One Nation Conservatives, he has an insatiable love for that nation destroying, poverty creating, anti democratic, imperialist, economically damaging political entity based in Brussels. He is also a great political thinker. This is good because Westminister is short of great political thinkers these days. The problem is, what Rory Stewart thinks is unintelligible to the rest of us. If you want to know how strange some of his thoughts are, I recommend following him on Twitter. It won’t take long before it is ascertained how much of a space cadet he is.

His campaign seems to be primarily based on walking around London. This is not surprising. When he was Floods Minister and his constiuency got hit be Storm Desmond, the Pooley Bridge was destroyed. So Rory, Dave and a couple of other ministers decided to visit the village of Pooley Bridge via the bridge that was no longer there. I would have known to go through Tirrel and I’m a Suffolk boy. How come the local MP didn’t know? Imagine if parts of Melton got flooded and the Wilford Bridge collapsed and Therese Coffey tried to get to Melton by going through Bromeswell. Of course she’s far to sensible to make that kind of mistake. Hence she is backing Boris.

Who is backing Rory Stewart is also interesting. Prominent supporters are Ken Clarke, Theresa-nous May-hem Jo Swinson and a number of Labour MP’s. In his latest tweet, he is celebrating the fact that the Guardian is speaking favourably about him. Who knows maybe the Morning Star will be backing him soon as well.

To sum up. Rory Stewart is Theresa-nous May-hem MK2.

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RSV’s Ninth Birthday

On this day, nine years ago, A Riverside View came into being. The author wanted to be anonymous like the authors of a since deceased blog, but was outed within ten minute by Ipswich’s Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Comrade Coates. A Riverside View got better and better but Comrade Coates is still writing squit like this. Comrade Coates most famous sentence was said to me in a pub. “Why don’t you start a blog. It would be really good.” A sentence he has since wished he never said.

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Ipswich Labour’s Housing Policy

Last week in the Morning Ipswich Star, Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere wrote an article about council houses. What the article didn’t say was the reason Ipswich Labour want to build more council houses. The reason they want to build more council houses is for the purpose of gerrymandering. Captain Mainwaring put it across that they want to build more council houses to house Ipswich people. That is utter squit. The reason they want to build more council houses is to provide housing for people in places like Hackney rather than local people. If you understand that the only thing the Labour Party cares about is the Labour Party, this facet of Ellesmere Logic makes perfect sense. They want to encourage people to migrate from certain areas of London and bring their voting habits with them. They are making a song and dance about the new council houses being built on the old Tooks site in the better part of Ipswich (North Ipswich). The reason the former Tooks site has been picked is for the purpose of maintaining the class system as well as gerrymandering. People who live there will say they live in Whitton and so could be prejudiced against based on where they live as well as being a vote bank for Labour.

Interestingly, the adult members of Ipswich Labour were in the better part of Ipswich on Saturday. We understand that Alasdair Ross was disappointed that none of Corbyn’s henchtrots met at the Man on the Moon. The Author of the dRoss Blog tweeted saying that if they wanted a Labour government they should be there. Dan Poulter has a majority of over 17,000. Were they expecting to find the votes to overturn his majority by canvassing Henley Rise? Ipswich Labour really don’t like Whitton being a marginal ward, hence they want to build more council houses there for people from London to live in.

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