Iain Duncan Smith is a hero of the working class.

Labour governments always implement policies that are designed to be irreversible. They do this so that when they get back in office they can carry on from where they left off. This is done to eventually bring about a socialist Britain. This is the main reason that Labour and the left hate Margaret Thatcher. The irrepressible Maggie managed to reverse that which was supposed to be irreversible.

The last Labour government had policies of open door immigration and encouraging a culture of benefit dependence. Both these policies were designed to be irreversible.

Labour’s benefit culture was designed to make people dependant on the state and be irreversible. If people are suffering now it’s because Labour intentionally locked them in poverty and the lock was designed not to be broken.

Labour callously made lots of people vulnerable in such a way that it would be difficult to stop them being vulnerable. This was done for two reasons. The first reason was obviously so they could exploit the vulnerable at election time by threatening them with lies that the Tories had a secret plan to stop their benefits, put their kids in care and shoot their pets. The second reason was to make more people dependant on the state giving the state more control, leading eventually to a socialist state.

The present government is trying to free people from a bondage which was designed to be permanent. Hence some people may lose benefits and suddenly be struggling. This is how Labour designed the nature of benefit dependence, by keeping wages low with an open door immigration policy and introducing tax credits so that the benefits bill looked smaller to put the general public off the scent of what Labour were callously up to.

The Conservative party is the party of freedom and hence Iain Duncan Smith is doing a great job of freeing people from being economic prisoners of the welfare state. Iain Duncan Smith is a hero of the working class.

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24 Responses to Iain Duncan Smith is a hero of the working class.

  1. Mark Davies says:

    Are you completely insane?

  2. Blue Ed says:

    Kevin is absolutely right. IDS, after he ceased to be the Party Leader, spent many years visiting the deprived areas of the country and spent time with families in difficult circumstances, and worked out exactly what was needed to give them hope and aspiration for the future. He is delivering this through the welfare reforms, whilst George Osborne and David Cameron are creating more employment across the entire country. Even in Ipswich!

  3. G.Rar says:

    From Scotland I say Fuck right off, hero my arse

  4. Lisa west says:

    This is hilarious. I’m sure all of the families and friends of those who have died caused by austerity measures from IDS are really thinking he’s a hero. Wanker.

  5. Katie Spearman says:

    We haven’t had any left wing histrionics on this blog for sometime. The left’s insane use if hyperbole never ceases to amaze me.

    • KJ says:

      Ha, ha, that’s a good one Katie. The ‘left’s’ use of hyperbole, you say. In a country where the media is dominated by screaming headlines and near-constant hyperbole from right wing rags like the Daily Mail and The Sun. I can assure you the supposed hyperbole of the left is nothing compared to the hyperbole of the right, and your amazement at this supposed hyperbole is nothing compared to my amazement at your delusional ignorance.

  6. Gazza says:

    Nice Article. Really? Really? Think you just showed your true colours to he unemployed mate – oh and their families too… ooppps to to their freinds. A few missed votes there mate.

    Ah well yo can always go on chair for George “Returned to unit as Unfit” Smith.

    Keep it up

    • Kevin Algar says:

      As my statement “The present government is trying to free people from a bondage which was designed to be permanent. Hence some people may lose benefits and suddenly be struggling” clearly indicates that I’m siding with the unemployed, your left wing hatred of Tories is obviously clouding your judgement.

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  8. Mike Bradley says:

    ‘A culture of benefit dependence’ Is there any hard evidence that such a thing exists?

  9. Alison Lloyd says:

    To the “writer” of this blog, how do you feel now that the government have been forced to release the figures of people found “fit for work”? You know, those people that were apparently so fit and healthy that they promptly went and died within a few weeks. Is that blot on humanity still your working class hero after killing thousands of working class people?

    • Kevin Algar says:

      Thousands have died shortly after being admitted to care homes. Care homes must be to blame. Thousands have died shortly after coming off smack. Drug rehabilitation centres must be to blame. How care homes and drug rehabilitation centres are run must be because of this evil Tory government that likes killing people.

    • Katie Spearman says:

      500,000 People a year die in the UK. I don’t think all are benefit claimants though. Out of the 2300 people who were declared medically fit for work who died 2 weeks after there is no evidence that any of them died as a direct result of having their benefits sanctioned. So it is probable that they were going to die anyway.

  10. Paul says:

    I hope you never get a illness where it’s chronic and your living in pain every single hour of the day
    Your a nasty person who the nasty party love so off you go and buy IDS a lovely breakfast you can get on your knees and pray to the wonderful human that’s called IDS the man that loves to kill sick and disabled people off you go and put on that lovely uniform with the SS badges on.
    Dear boy xxxxx

  11. Alan Macgregor says:

    Not surprised to see no one has signed their name to this. As cowardly as the words it contains.

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