the most bourgeois thing on the planet


The Spectator puts it well here

Only Jeremy Corbyn could speak at Glastonbury and think he was addressing the oppressed proletariat. Glastonbury, he said, while introducing an unintelligible US rapper on the Pyramid Stage, shows ‘that another world is possible if we come together’.

To most observers, rather, it shows what is possible when the middle classes pay £228 a head and drive down to Somerset in their VWs, packed with glamping tents and Cath Kidston wellies. As Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden put it a couple of years ago, Glastonbury has become ‘the most bourgeois thing on the planet’.

Apparently when Jeremy Corbyn took to the stage to feed the crowd with five loaves and two fish, turn water into wine and perform a host of other miracles a lot of the crowd turned their backs and went looking for something more interesting. Not that there was much of a chance of them finding something more interesting. Here’s the programme on offer to the hipster conformists.


Isn’t that so not avant garde? When I was young, I wouldn’t have even climbed over the fence for such rubbish.

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