Responses to some posts by Comrade Coates

Comrade Coates Surreal , Barmy, Bolshevik Blog has been very interesting of late. Ipswich’s mad, Marxist, loony, leftie blogger has written a lot of posts about the Red/Brown alliance in the Brexit Party, slagging off his fellow lefties for supporting that most beautiful thing called Brexit. But some weeks ago, here on his other blog, Ipswich Unemployed Action, he wrote a post calling Work and Pensions Secretary, Therese Coffey a right winger..

First Coatesy gives a view of the constituency saying that is solid Conservative with pockets of resistance in Leiston and Felixstowe. He then goes on claiming that we are the poor peasants ruled by an elite we never see around here. That’s bollo. It has the kind of dreary, depressing feeling to it that much of Das Kapital has about it. Woe is us. He then mentions that Therese is a traditionalist Catholic like previous incumbent, John Gummer, making the ridiculous claim that she won the candidacy of Suffolk Coastal because of her religion. Well, as our greatest peace time prime minister (until Boris gets us out of the wretched EU) said, In the Conservative Party, we have no truck with outmoded Marxist doctrine about class warfare. For us, it is not who you are, who your family is or where you come from that matters. It is what you are and what you can do for our country that counts. Therefore, we can dismiss Comrade Coates, claim as pure bollocks.

Comrade Coates then slags off a local housing association claiming it makes money by exploiting the poor. Then posts a meme which is full of lies. It claims that Therese Coffey is a hard brexiter. Bullshit! She backed Remain.

Also here on Ipswich Unemployed Action, the Barmy Bolshevik ridiculously insinuates that Therese Coffey supports the abuse of benefit claimants by DWP staff. That is an absolutely outrageous insinuation. As I have discussed with him in person and have stated on this blog before, some DWP employees are very nasty people. for instance here I said,

The staff of the DWP are very nasty bigotted people who enjoy laughing at those in need. They lie and lie again.

They decided to fail everyone with MS and carried out their bigotted ideology with gusto. People with advanced Parkinsons are also refused.

Secretaries of State for DWP don’t last long, the staff see to that so they get to run the roost themselves. Penny Mordant overruled them and brought them in line but again they got her replaced twice.

The ambition of the staff of DWP was to kill the poor and let the disabled starve. They said to one claiment “The sooner you die the better for taxpayers.” They had a target to fail 80%.

So the idea that Therese Coffey can be blamed for people being arseholes is both out of order and ridiculous.

The stuff he has been posting on his main blog has been very interesting. Here he talks about the infighting of the Labour Left Alliance. It involves Militant Momentum, Labour for the protection of anti-semites Against the Witch Hunt and lunatic conspiracy theorist, Tony Greenstein. Greenstein has been expelled from the Labour Party. Labour are such a disjointed shower now, there is no chance to ever ‘unite the resistance’

Also here the Trotskyite, 1970’s flashback goes wild about the red brown front that is the Brexit Party. He seems delighted that  former Revolutionary Communist Party activist  Clare Fox has been called ‘fascist scum’. Apparently a neighbour of hers said “Fascist scum…you should be driven off the estate”. Typical socialists! They are so intolerant. How can a communist be a fascist? Of course, what might be getting the bourgeois left’s guile is the fact that amongst Brexiteers Communists and Capitalists can get on and work together for the common good while the pro brexit, elitists of the left can’t help but fight amongst themselves. Which is why Labour are unelectable. Of course once we’re out of that poverty creating, big business supporting, exploitative, anti democratic, dictatorship that bears down on the workers from their ivory towers in Brussels, the Brexit Party won’t have a common course, start fighting amongst themselves and be seen as much of an incohesive rabble of the misfits they are as the Labour Party is. Therefore it is imperative that the next General Election leads to a Conservative majority.

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