Cheese Wedges – A bad decision…

Chris Mapey

Today is a day of feeling frustrated.
You will no doubt have seen / heard that the ‘Cheese Wedges’ have been given planning approval.

(I can’t yet bring myself to use its given name of ‘King’s View’ to ascribe the planned development, this name being chosen despite the National Trust’s objection to it happening!)

Cheese Wedges

Sadly it the unelected planning officers within East Suffolk Council wo recommended that this development be permitted… so, I’d like to remind all of us that are sharing in feelings of frustration, please don’t take it out on your local councillors!
Please bear in mind that ALL your local elected representatives for Woodbridge and Melton (irrespective of their political affiliation) either spoke against or voted against this development being permitted.
As I mentioned yesterday at the planning hearing, (and was the only person to do so) this is the *very first time* that…

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