American Election: Flaws and Obvious Fraud

First of all, I’m going to talk about how we conduct elections in this country. On what we call polling day and Americans call Election Day, people go to the polling station with a polling card or suitable photo ID. (passport, driving licence (or license in America)) and their name is ticked off by the poll workers, then you are given your ballot slip and you put an ‘X’ is a box and post it into the ballot box. The polling station has a record of who has voted, therefore they know how many ballots have been cast. By this at the close of poll the turnpout for the ward is known by how many people voted. When verified, the number of ballots cast in that polling station should equal the number the poll workers have documented. If not the validity of the result is automatically is in question. Party activists or workers as Americans call them are allowed to see the ballot box and look inside it before it is closed and sealed. They are also allowed to witness the ballot box being sealed so no more votes can be cast at the close of polls.. The vote is verified before the ballot papers or ballots as they are also called are seperated between individual votes. More about that later.

Then there is what we call Postal Votes and Americans call Mail In Ballots. When they are opened, party activists or workers can be present. They are first opened and counted to get the number of people who have voted by post or mail as Americans say. After they are counted they are put in a ballot box. The activists or workers can look inside the box to make sure it’s emptied, watch the votes be put in the box and watch it being sealed so nothing can be added. This is a couple of weeks before the day of the election. At verification, the number of ballots in the box would equal the number of votes counted previously. If someone has a postal vote/mail in ballot and are unable to get it posted, they can take it to the polling station on the day.

The processes I have mentioned so far involve the party activists/workers wearing a rossette of their parties colour (or Color as Americans incorrectly spell it)

We also have tellers. I don’t know if such a thing exists in then USA. Tellers are party activists/workers who stand outside polling stations wearing rossettes of their parties colour/color asking people for the poll number on their polling card. This is primarily done so that the parties know who said they’d go out and vote for them has gone and voted so they don’t get a knock at the door later asking them if they’ve voted or not. This allows peoples parties to Get OUT THE Vote (GOTV) Of course, this also means that people who lied on the doorstep are reminded to go and vote for somebody else, but we activists/workers don’t concern ourselves about that.

After this, comes the count. The first thing done at the count is the verification. We know how many people have voted at each polling station and we also the amount of people who have voted by post/mail. Party activists/workers are positioned to watch the ballot boxes being opened and the ballots counted. If the number of ballots is different to what we know by what the polling station workers tell us, they are usually recounted. I’ve never been at a count where the second count to verify has remained different to what the polling station workers have recorded.

After this comes the count. Party activists/workers observe this. If a vote for one party ends up on a pile for anothe party, it is likely to be seen by a activist/worker who says “Wrong one.” and the ballot is then placed on the right pile. Then the votes for each party are counted in to twenty-fives and put in bunches of a hundred. Some of the counters are so quick counting twenty-five, I’ve asked to count the twenty-five again a few times and I’ve never been right yet. By this, we can work out how many votes for each party there is unless it’s close and then a recount can be asked for. A few years ago in a council election the guy who won asked for a recount becuase he didn’t want to be a councillor. But that’s the British political party called UKIP for you. So, if you want to stand for election, make sure you want to win first. After the result has been accepted by the candidates is declared.

By all this a winner can be ascertained.

Now let me pick through what has happened in the USA based on how it’s done over here. First of all, states veriify the election a few weeks after who has won has been declared. In the British system, the verification occurs before the ballots are seperated, so there’s no room for a lot of chicanery after that point. Half way through seperating the ballots, a load of postal votes/mail in ballots come in and are dumped? No. They are not verified and the moment for verification has past. The turnout being anounced and then a bigger turnout is announced while ballots are being seperated? No. Because as I’ve already said, the actual turnout has already been verified. By this I have to say that the system used in the US is flawed.

Then there is the use of computer software to count votes. Computer progams are written by people. As people are not perfect, nothing they create can be perfect. So any result it is used has to be questioned. The fact that the software created by a company where Nancy Pelosi’s husband is a CEO makes it even more questionable.

So far, we can see where fraud can take place in the US way of doing things. but I think it has. People have stood before the media and said they couldn’t get more than twenty foot from the counting. I see no reason why normal party activists/workers would make such a claim, knowing that the Biden’s unofficial defence (or defense as Americans misspell) attorney’s of the media are going to look into who they are hoping that they can find some dirt about a fifty year old being in trouble with the cops when they were fifteen.

Then there are the cases of postal votes/mail in ballots showing up halfway through when individual votes are seperated. Unverified! Unverifiable! All for one candidate. Is that possible? No!

Through Covid here in the UK we have seen graphs based on exponential curves. We have had data cherry picked to produce exponential curves to scare the hell out of us on what might happen based on cherry picked data. But if those bastardisers of science, produced a graph where the exponential curve took a rightangle, stayed at ninty degrees and then did another right angle, would we believe that? OK, probabilities are not constant, so theiretically it could happen across the USA. In three seperate states simultaniously around the same time? Don’t be ridiculous.

How could this happen? Well it seems very simple to me. What probably occured was a Vote Dump. What is a Vote Dump? Well, it’s a dumping of created votes into a count to chamge the result. We had this in Tower Hamlets UK. More here. If you ask Google what a Vote Dump is, it won’t tell you due to the side they’re on. What’s the easiest thing to use for a Vote Dump? What they used in Tower Hamlets. That is, Postal votes/Mail in ballots.

There’s some things online that are of interest. Obviously the ballots shouldn’t leave the counting hall. So how can the unofficial defense attorneys media explain this,

Americans are so polite. If I was at a count and left for a coffee or a cigerette and came across that, what I said to her would have the word ‘fuck’ in it at least once. That is wrong! It is a mockery of democracy! No! I can not accept the result!

She could say “I can do this here or where I want. I’m free to do it where I like as an American because I’m free.” Well if such shit is allowed to happen it won’t be long before Americans are no longer free.

There’s also this,

What the hell! Democracy is to precious to allow such things to happen. It’s an outrage.

We are not talking about a battle for Trump or Biden. It’s far more important than that. What is under threat is Democracy. Without democracy there is no freedom. Obviously the American electoral system needs reformed in defence (defense) of both freedom and democracy.

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