Response to Alasdair Ross’s Lies About Pot Holes

The author of the dRoss Blog wrote a tweet earlier accusing the county council staff of bias towards the Conservatives. As the tweet was so nasty he has deleted it before we could get a screen shot but we have a screen shot of one that virtually says the same thing.

Really Alasdair? There’s no potholes in Tory wards and rural villages? They’re only in Labour wards in Ipswich? I decided to do a bit of research to find out if Alasadair’s ridiculous claim was true. I decided to see what’s been rerported on Fix My Street. What did I find?

That’s that lie of Alasadair’s sunk then.

Alasdair also tweeted,

Alasdair is not great at tellinbg the truth. Let’s hope he can read a map and work out what kind of ward s those potholes reported are in.

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