The Socialism of UKIP

The Daily Mail here reports that UKIP wants Labour to win the next election because it fears Cameron could win an EU referendum. The truth is they want Labour to win so they can carry on milking the Brussels cash cow. They also want Labour to win because UKIP are socialists.

UkIP has made strenuous efforts in recent months to claim that it now poses an equal threat to Labour and Conservative prospects at next year’s general election. But this is a mere façade. UKIP have agreed not to stand in certain Labour seats but intend to stand in Tory seats. Why? Because they want a Labour government.

After the last general election a lot of UKIP members boasted about stopping the Tories getting a majority and they will boast about getting Ed Milliband in Downing Street too if the nightmare becomes reality. Like all socialists, they hate Tories.

Remember who UKIP’s first leader was? Robert Kilroy Silk. A former Labour MP. He eventually left saying that they were all barmy, but that’s another story.

UKIP exist to keep Tories out of power so they can hypocritically keep their snouts in the EU trough. Socialists often can’t help themselves. Because they base their politics on envy, if they see a trough they haven’t the moral fibre to keep their snouts out of it and will do anything to keep troughing.

UKIP show that they are socialists with their Economic Plan. A plan so ridiculous that it makes Ipswich Labour’s pathetic economic plan for Ipswich look good. Here it is.

UKIP proposes that a Treasury Commission, using the best brains of that elite Whitehall department, be set up to design a turnover tax for large businesses. Every major company would have to show it had paid a set proportion of its turnover in corporation and other taxes or would face an additional charge to bring it up to the minimum. This would work as a back stop for the tax system and ensure that every big company pays a fair share of tax.

Straight from Karl Marx. Being socialists they don’t understand economics and they don’t understand business just like the Labour party who have the same plan. What the policy means is that if a sole trader has registered at Companies House to make their business look bigger (and a lot of them do) UKIP, just like Labour, would send them belly up. Even the larger companies would struggle to survive but the smaller ones will die. The underlying thing behind it is clearly the politics of envy which creates the belief that nobody should be allowed to make money.

There is a lot about VAT in their plan. As VAT exists to provide revenue lost through not having import tariffs with the EU and UKIP claim they want to leave the EU, it makes no sense.

If you read UKIP’s economic plan, it looks like it was written on the back of a fag packet.

As UKIP want Ed MilliCluskey in Downing Street, they clearly hate this country as much as Labour do.

There’s only one way of of getting out of the EUSSR and keeping our economy healthy and that is by voting Conservative.

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On this weeks BBC Question Time


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The most Misirable Ipswich Labour leaflet ever

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Gipping Ward and it gives Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger immense pleasure to inform them that the King of Gipping has a copy.

Now we are used to Ipswich Labour’s literature being full of miserable lies but I believe they have surpassed themselves with this one. It is jam packed with lies and it is extremely miserable.

As always because Labour do nothing of value and have nothing to offer the electorate, it is telling lies about non-existent Tory plans. It claims that we are failing young and old alike. It has three of our councillors outside Hawthorn Children’s Centre in Sprites Ward. Two of them can’t even be bothered to come here to have their photo’s taken. They’d rather go to Sprites Ward instead. Amazing isn’t it? There has never been any suggestion that the centre they are standing outside is going to close. But Ipswich Labour never let thee truth get in the way of a good story designed to scare the electorate into voting Labour. It claims that if the Tories stay in government children’s centres will close and children’s health will go down and their will be children with malnutrition, rickets, scurvy, small pox… OK I’m exaggerating but that’s the drift of the thing.

They also claim that SCC are slashing budgets for older people and more people have to pay for their own care or their relatives care. This is inaccurate and is designed to scare ageing people or people with ageing relatives.I understand that this Conservative lead government is changing it so that residents of care homes can keep up to £70,000. That will be an improvement on the current situation where after people go into care homes they live just long enough for local authorities to empty their bank accounts.

It then starts talking about a 20 MPH zone in Stoke Park. They really would rather avoid Gipping wouldn’t they?

It claims that they are fighting to have the worst roads in Gipping Ward resurfaced. Naturally it’s all the county Tories fault. The government are releasing money so councils like Ipswich can get roads repaired. Would Ipswich Labour use the money to repair the roads? Don’t be ridiculous!

The junk mail finishes by explaining how a Labour government would wreck the country by introducing various price control policies to send inflation through the roof. Naturally it doesn’t say what the result of their policies would be because as always, Labour do not understand economics.

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Executive Meeting Item 6 (Children’s Centres)

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Update on the issues regarding SCC position with Care UK….

While Ipswich Labour have been busy going about bogus political point scoring in regard to the situation at Asterbury Place, local Conservatives have been busy rectifying the problem that they identified.

According to Ipswich Spy here Ben Gummer said

“The allegations of poor care in Asterbury Place are very worrying. They need to be investigated fully. I should state that as the town’s MP I have had many instances of poor care reported to me, including in former Suffolk County Council homes. There is a problem of consistent excellent in care across the sector that the CQC and Department for Health are working hard to raise standards. SCC are right, therefore, to suspend all placements until they and the CQC are content that Care UK have dealt with all issues that are identified.

“I have spoken to everyone concerned to impress on them the need to act quickly and decisively. Asterbury Place is a beautiful home but the care inside must be of the same quality. I have met some exceptional staff there; I am sure they, like everyone else, will want to see all care provided to the highest possible standard.”

Furthermore, I can report that yesterday the County Council Leader Mark Bee, along with councillors Deborah Cadman, Anna McCreadie and Alan Murray met with the heads of Care UK to discuss the County Council’s concerns regarding care levels at two of their residential care homes in the county.

Conservative County Councillors expressed their disappointment with the current situation.

Conservative County Councillors listened to the measures that Care UK have taken to rectify that situation and to ensure that Suffolk residents receive the quality of care Conservative run Suffolk County Council expects and demands. Care UK have committed additional support to both Mildenhall Lodge and Asterbury Place in Ipswich until all of the improvements are completed.

In relation to Asterbury Place, some of the issues raised last week were found to be unsubstantiated when investigated and some continue to be under investigation.

Care UK have agreed with both the Care Quality Commission and Suffolk County Council that they will delay the opening of Britten Court until they have consolidated the improvements needed at the two care homes in question.

Officers of Suffolk County Council continue to monitor improvements and have met with relatives at both Mildenhall Lodge and Asterbury Court. They will continue to have regular contact with any relatives who wish to discuss any concern whilst final improvements are made in both homes.

In summary, SCC Conservative councillors have seen firm commitment to a higher level of support in the newly opened Care UK homes and a commitment to ensuring that lessons will be learned and applied for the opening of all subsequent homes.

Councillor Murray says that he is confident that we will see sustained improvements in care levels and he is reassured that concerns have been taken seriously and are being addressed.

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Former UKIP Borough Candidate Defects to the Tories

I have been informed that former UKIP candidate for Alexandra Ward, Jose Esteves has left UKIP and joined the Conservative Party.

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Labour Tweeters bully the wrong Suffolk Tory.

Intelligence sources close to the local Labour Party inform us that they have been known to have meetings solely to discuss their favourite blog. We have no idea if a recent bullying campaign on Twitter was agreed at such a meeting, but it backfired spectacularly anyway.

Certain comrades of Suffolk Labour and others decided to launch a vicious bullying campaign against me. They are aware my mother is in hospital, so they made accusations amongst others that I don’t care about the NHS knowing it would upset me. There was also stuff about care homes and a claim that I support slavery.

This was clearly an orchestrated campaign of bullying designed to antagonise me into losing my rag and swearing at them so they could say what a horrible bloke I am.  After I blocked and reported six of them, I think they realised they’d picked on the wrong Suffolk Tory.

A couple of things to remember in politics is that if the attack is personal they have no political argument left and if they’re not screaming at you, you’re not hitting them hard enough.  Labour are clearly getting personal and they’re screaming at me.

There you go. I’ve hit them again.

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