Ipswich Labour should apologise for frightening residents unnecessarily.

As I said here Ipswich Labour are bogus political point scoring in regard to the new care home in Aster Road. As Conservative candidate for Gipping Ward I have been in contact with the relevant portfolio holder at Suffolk County Council.

Suffolk County Council is to stop sending any more residents to new Care UK home in the county until its staff are satisfied by the management of the company’s properties.

The blanket ban is revealed in an open letter to Suffolk residents from council leader Mark Bee and adult care spokesman Dr Alan Murray

Herethe East Anglian Daily Times reports

Meanwhile Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP and junior health minister Dr Dan Poulter wrote to the Care Quality Commission asking for it to sent inspectors in to all 14 Care UK homes in the county.

Dr Poulter, who piloted the government’s flagship care bill through the House of Commons, said it was vital all the company’s homes were given a clean bill of health after the suspension of new county council admissions at two of its new properties.

Mildenhall Lodge opened in June, but by the end of July county council admissions had been suspended after the CQC found it failed in four of the five criteria it was judged against in an inspection.

Asterbury Place in Ipswich opened in July – but last week new county council admissions were suspended after an emergency inspection by Suffolk County Council’s safeguarding team. It has not yet been inspected by the CQC.

Dr Poulter said the two incidents in two of the most modern care homes in the county had led to widespread concern in Suffolk.

In his letter to CQC chairman David Prior Dr Poulter says: “You will be aware that a recent CQC inspection of the Care UK home in Mildenhall found dangerously poor levels of care, and that Suffolk County Council were also extremely concerned by a recent visit they performed to a care home run by Care UK in Ipswich.

“As both a doctor and as a local MP I am honour bound to ask you to investigate this matter.”

Dr Poulter had recently visited two Care UK homes in his constituency, Lehmann House in Wickham Market and Paddock House in Eye and found residents happy and well looked after by experienced staff.

However he was aware that some experienced staff had left the company when new homes were built to replace existing properties and staff were offered new jobs at lower wages.

So we have Conservatives Dr Dan Poulter, Councillor Mark Bee, Dr Alan Murray and myself all acting in the interests of the residents.

Meanwhile, Ipswich Labour due to the fact that they are totally incapable of doing anything that isn’t for party political reasons, have used events to score political points rather than do what is right for the residents of care homes across Suffolk.

The bloke who wants to be MP for Ipswich, David Ellesmere says that Suffolk’s care homes are in deep trouble. Well actually David, the care home my mother is in is running perfectly. But there’s no harm in frightening relatives to obtain a hand full of votes is there?

Ellesmere talks about Fairfield House but doesn’t mention that Fairfield House is owned by Saga and not Care UK. But then Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story. He puts it across that until Suffolk County Council gave Care UK the contract there were no privately owned care homes in Suffolk. This is not the case. In Ipswich there has always been homes run by the likes of Sue Ryder and Bupa. But as I said, Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Ellesmere claims that the problems arising from privatising Suffolk’s care homes were not unforeseen and Labour councillors did object, and gave warnings, at the time. No, David all you did was give an ideological objection. Conservative MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer is absolutely right! Ipswich Labour are winding people up without reason, just to squeeze a few more votes.

Ipswich Labour should apologise for frightening residents unnecessarily while doing nothing to resolve any problems.

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Suffolk Labour bullied almost 2,000 people into signing a petition

DullNews.com here, in a roundabout way, informs us that Suffolk Labour bullied almost 2,000 people into signing a petition against non-existent children’s centre closures.

Apparently some bloke who wants to be our MP attended the handover and said “More people have signed petitions against the closure of Children’s Centres than have responded to the council’s official consultation.” Now, the reason more people signed the petition is because Labour bullied parents with threats of imminent closures to get them to sign it.

Let me make something clear.

No Children’s Centres are scheduled to close.

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The Christmas Lights Switch-on Fiasco

Now according to the borough Council website there is a Borough Council meeting next week but I have been informed that it has been cancelled because Ipswich Labour have utter contempt for the democratic process say that there isn’t enough business. If this is the case then it is very disappointing because Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has a very interesting question he would like to ask. The question is “Does this administration agree with me that the decision to have the Christmas lights official switch on during the daytime is ridiculous?”

After spending money on a Christmas tree the majority of Ipswich residents hate, Ipswich Labour have excelled themselves this year by having the switch on in broad daylight.

Conservative councillor for Holywells ward, George Debman said:

“It’s important to have a grand switch-on which creates the festive spirit.

“But it should take place on a midweek evening, in the dark, when there is late-night shopping.”

Conservatiove MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer says

“The bill was being sent to Ipswich businesses and they said, as it happened after-hours, then they didn’t see it providing any commercial advantage to them.

“It is a civic moment when everyone gets excited and I think they’re being a bit Scrooge-like.”

The council said traders did not want to pay for an event which usually takes place after their shops closed.

In recent years, the grand switching-on ceremony has taken place in the early evening before a crowd of thousands of people on the Cornhill.

“The set-piece countdown event has always attracted people, but over the last few years we’ve had to turn people away as there’s limited space.

“This year, we thought we’d put on a full day’s entertainment and have the lights twinkling from early morning, so you can spread your day and have more fun throughout.”

Only in Ipswich could this happen. It also has the added bonus of pointlessly raising our carbon footprint by having all the Christmas lights day burning.

Now the reason isn’t space. So why the alternative where you have a lights switch-on in broad daylight? One has to remember that Ipswich Labour are completely incapable of doing anything that isn’t for party political reasons. So why would they want there to be good light during the grand switch-on? Now if you remember, some time ago they had a photo op at 4:30 in the afternoon in December. The pictures of Ellesmere, Mowles and Balls weren’t exactly what you would call flattering. Hence there is a rumour going around the town that they want the grand switch-on to be in broad daylight to improve the quality of the photographs of our dear leader et al. The rumour is quite plausible but Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger isn’t sure that even Ipswich Labour could be that devious.

A member of the public suggested to me that it was because Ipswich Central are involved and they are the only group able to rival not just Ipswich Labour, but even the job Centre in incompetence.

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Serious collision, Ipswich

Roads Policing Officers are appealing for witnesses following a serious collision in Ipswich.

The single vehicle collision happened at just before 6.30pm on Saturday 18 October along Commercial Road.

A red Honda motorcycle travelling along Commercial Road and into Princes Street came in contact with a kerb.

The motorcyclist, a man in his 90s, sustained serious injuries and was taken to hospital where he is being treated.

The road was closed off until around 8pm to allow for recovery of the vehicle and a collision investigation to get underway.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who was in the area, who witnessed the motorcycle travelling along Commercial Road either prior to, or when the collision took place.

Calls should be made to PC Andy Masterson at the Roads Policing and Firearms Operations Unit at Suffolk Police on 101 quoting CAD 400 of 18/10/14.

Help us keep our communities safe by reporting any suspicious activity

Please use this linkto pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident.

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We can’t throw it away

For four years, the British people have worked hard to raise our country out of recession – and we are now growing faster than any other major advanced economy in the world, with record numbers of people in work.

That means more peace of mind for millions of families – more parents being able to provide for their children.

Our long-term economic plan is working – and at the next election, we can either continue on that path or throw it all away.

We have the chance to make Britain even greater: a place where reward truly follows effort; where your destiny is not decided by where you’re from, but how much effort you put in; where we remain able to provide for the poorest, the sick, the elderly; where morally, culturally and economically our country stands tall in the world.

A Labour Britain hardly bears thinking about. All Ed Miliband offers is more spending, more borrowing, more debt, more taxes.

So just imagine what would happen: our government racking up more debt; interest rates and mortgage rates going up; businesses crushed under punishing taxes; jobs leaving our shores; a great nation slipping back into decline.

The next election is a straight fight: the Conservatives or Labour. Vote Conservative.

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My week ahead, 20 – 26 October 2014

Monday – 20 October, Conservative campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday- 21 October Conservative campaigning in Gipping Ward.

Wednesday 22 October Campaigning in Suffolk

Thursday 23 October Conservative campaigning in Gipping Ward

Saturday – 25 October, Conservative campaigning throughout the borough

This week Labour have been busy indulging in bogus political point scoring. They continued their lies about children’s centres closing in Suffolk while nationally they decided to use disabled people as a political football accusing Tories of not caring for disabled people. As someone with a disabled sibling I found Labour’s actions repulsive. Also this week the author of the dRoss Blog has attempted some bogus political point scoring in regard to the new care home in Aster Road. Naturally the King of Gipping has been following the story with interest. The fact is that the new care home is better than the one it replaced but Suffolk County Council believe that there are areas that need to be improved. While the local Labour blogger is attempting to score bogus political points while doing nothing, as Conservative candidate for Gipping Ward I have been in contact with the relevant portfolio holder at Suffolk County Council.

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Labour are self serving liars and vicious bullies

The Labour party are nothing but self serving liars and vicious bullies. Look at their latest smear campaign for instance. Labour’s disgusting smear campaign against Lord Freud is designed to deceive and bully vulnerable people into voting Labour. Lord Freud was talking about empowering disabled people and that is probably what Labour didn’t like about it. Labour, being unscrupulous automatons viciously launched a smear campaign designed to bully the electorate into voting Labour. After backing £4-a-day for mentally disabled Labour have the audacity to do this!. I found the dirtiness of it shocking.

It has gloriously backfired though. Watch the odious Angela Eagle get slaughtered by a Question Time audience.

But we should expect them to get dirtier as they become more desperate to stop the inevitable Tory landslide next year helped along by the greatest Labour leader ever.

Another area where Labour are self serving liars and vicious bullies is in regard to the spare room allowance. Labour did bring in limits on spare rooms for people in private rented property in 2008. It is clear from this that their plan was to later on introduce this for people in Council Houses and other Social Housing. The delay was because they wanted the rents to raise to be close to those in the private sector. “as soon as rent restructuring and increased choice have created an improved market.” It was in fact a Labour idea. Here is the proof.

But Labour have to make things up and launch smear campaigns because they have no credibility.

Locally the Labour Party in Ipswich is no different. Just look at Ipswich Labour’s lies about library closures for example. They callously lied about library closures as a means of bullying the electorate who use libraries into voting Labour. Not a single library has closed. But if libraries had closed Ipswich Labour wouldn’t have given a fig about it anyway because they only care for themselves so they lie and viciously bully the electorate for their own gain.

Ipswich Labour also bullied the electorate with claims that they were going to save Ipswich Buses. The claim was a lie!

Also, look at all the vicious smear campaigns Ipswich Labour launched on the brilliant Judy Terry. Ipswich Labour are so nasty. There’s to many smears to mention but we’ll deal with the smear that Judy Terry said that the prefabs should be demolished. This was a smear viciously designed to make people fear losing their homes. It was to bully people with threats to vote Labour. Labour are so heartless and cruel.

Presently the self serving liars and vicious bullies of Suffolk Labour are lying about children’s centres closing. They are doing this to bully people into voting Labour.

All this lying, smearing and nasty bullying shows how desperate Labour are. They have to resort to such vile tactics because they have nothing to offer the electorate.

With Britain having the fastest growing economy on Europe and more people in work than ever before including a lot of disabled people that have never worked before. With immigration down by a third which will lead to wage increases. With Ipswich seeing investment because of the work of our brilliant Conservative MP Ben Gummer, with schools being rebuilt because of Ben tirelessly campaigning for Ipswich in Westminster. With forthcoming transport improvements around and to the town. The people of Ipswich and the rest of Britain can see that they have a clear choice between securing a better future by voting Conservative or a return to the tax and spend, crash and burn of Labour.

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