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News from Labour’s Puppet Masters

Labour’s puppet masters in the East of England are setting up a network of Unite activists who want a Labour government to prevent the Tories from repairing any more of the damage upon the economy that the last Labour government did and prevent any more improvements to the NHS being made and have the country being held to ransom by people like Len MilliCluskey. This network will be known as Unite Activists for Labour.

UNITE’s goal will be to build their puppets vote in workplaces and help the wreckers of Britain in the constituencies. There is a series of meetings around the region being held on Saturday December 6th where they will tell the usual suspects the strategies they intend to use.

UNITE fight for Labour but not for the workers.

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Labour could not deliver any of this

Today the contrast between the Conservatives and Labour could not be more clear.

We’re reforming welfare; Labour want to turn the taps back on. We celebrate the businesses who create jobs; Labour demonise them. And while Labour want to put up taxes on people’s homes, pensions – even their deaths – the Conservatives are committed to cutting your taxes.

Over the past four and a half years, as we have reduced the deficit, we have also cut income tax for 26 million people.

In the next Parliament, we will go further. We have made two clear commitments that will benefit 30 million taxpayers:

We will raise the tax threshold again, so that nobody earning less than £12,500 will pay income tax
No-one earning less than £50,000 will pay the 40p rate of tax

Financing these tax cuts while continuing to cut the deficit will be hard, but doable.

Labour could not deliver any of this – and for me, this goes to the heart of the choice at the next election.

A Labour Party offering more spending, more borrowing, more debt and more taxes. Or the Conservatives offering a long-term plan that is working; tax cuts that are credible; a future that is more secure for you and your family.

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Warning after bogus ‘police officer’ scams pensioner

Police are again urging people to be vigilant after a pensioner was conned out of thousands of pounds while another had a ‘lucky escape’ by men posing a police officers.

On Monday 20 October, an 81-year-old woman from the Bury St Edmunds area was contacted by phone by a man claiming that he was a police officer. He said that someone had tried to access her bank account and she would therefore need to withdraw the cash so that it could be checked.

The bogus police officer made several phone calls, instructing the victim not to tell anyone about his requests because he was working undercover and saying he would book a taxi for her so that she could bring him the money. The woman refused and told a friend after which police were contacted. No money was handed over.

On Thursday 23 October, an elderly woman from Shotley also received a telephone call from a man purporting to be a police officer. He claimed that bank staff were trying to steal all her money from her account and, in order to protect it, she should withdraw it all and hand it over to him. Again, she was told not to tell anyone and a taxi was booked for her. She got the taxi to her bank where she withdrew money, before travelling to London where she handed over £4,000 to a man.

Detectives investigating both crimes are reminding people not to divulge bank account details, PINs or withdraw any cash for the police.

DI David Giles said: “If you have vulnerable or elderly family, friends, or neighbours, please take the time to make sure they are aware never to give out personal information over the phone to people they don’t know – especially bank details.

“The police or your bank will never ask for this information on the phone so if you do get a call like this please hang up immediately and leave five minutes before reporting it to the police, as the fraudsters may stay on the line.

“We will also never ask to take money from people so please don’t hand over cash to anyone claiming to be working for the police.”

Suffolk police officers have spoken to both women and are currently carrying out investigations. If you believe that you or someone you know may have been affected by a scam such as this, or similar, please call the police on 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.

Help us keep our communities safe by reporting any suspicious activity

Please use this link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident.

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Guest Post by James Harding

Here is the latest guest post by James Harding. He has been asked by East of England Young Intolerance if he could join them as a special advisor.
My Future and Joining UKIP

This Week, I have made a very important decision about what is right and what is wrong for me and my country and most in important of all the future. I was contacted by a UKIP member in regards to me joining UKIP youth wing, Young Independence.

I was informed that they needed advisers and that they were really passionate about getting our country back. This offer took me back somewhat as I thought UKIP would know what I thought about them due to my twitter wall. They did know, but things have changed since then. I have thought long and hard about converting to UKIP and what I think about the European Union.

My reasoning for this post is simple, I want to make my country a better place. I want more opportunity and I don’t want to be tied up within Europe and the commission which has too much powers over this country. I believe in choice and freedom. So it is regretful that a decision such as this one needed to be made, but I think it is right.

After all how long can we remain the way we are in this society of hatred. “not about left or right it is about right or wrong” Nigel Farage said to his conference this year, meaning UKIP are the way forward.

So, Will I leave the Conservative Party and join UKIP? Of Cause not! I’m not a Carswellian clown after all!

Yes, that’s right after carefully considering the above I decided UKIP are not for me at all! They waste taxes in the European Parliament and don’t do anything to change things! Why would I want to join that!

I thought about the future, So why would anyone think I would convert to UKIP, my own future tells me that they are a one minute wonder and the future of this country leads to a Miliband Government of national bankruptcy!

Conservatives have achieved an amazing amount in Government and I will always be the first to defend their record to the electorate and get Mr. Gummer re-elected in May. For I am not a kipper I am always a Tory.

UKIP are the Plastic, Populist Socialist Party! They make it up as they go along, they say anything to get a vote, and furthermore closet Socialist. Wanting a Miliband government next May!

Douglas Carswell said in his victory speech “If this Party governs for all Britain’s”

Well they are not doing such a good job as they believe that the bad weather was caused by Gay marriage and Romanians’ have no right to move next door to a Englishmen. In this country I believe this country has a problem with integration in society which is caused by the views of UKIP and BNP and Britain First!

I would never make such a Reckless decision to let Miliband through the back door.

In conclusion, After careful, long and hard thinking I have decided to stay a member of the Conservative Party.

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Judy Terry: Councillors should stop talking about “ordinary people”

From here.

I do wish politicians, national and local, would stop referring to the electorate as ‘ordinary people’.

What do they mean by ‘ordinary’? Someone who spends their life teaching, nursing, digging up roads, running libraries, operating a till at Poundland, fighting fires, or earning a crust as a self-employed cleaner or writer?

In fact, those of us who actually keep them in a job, voting for them, and paying their stipends and expenses…so patronise us at your peril…

Disappointingly, the phrase has now crept into business leaders’ lexicon, and increasingly broadcast journalists’. It’s time this self-designated elite realised that there is intelligent life beyond the M25.

“Ordinary people” are tired of politicians’ grandstanding and false outrage, whether over Lord Freud’s misreported comments or the NHS. They are scornful of Andy Burnham’s outrageous comments about ‘the private sector running riot in the NHS’; they know this is the politics of fear, which Labour are very good at when they don’t actually have any workable policies, including the much-ridiculed Mansion Tax, which will bring joy to the legal profession, but little – if any – additional funding.

Should MPs whose combined property portfolios exceed £2m be eligible for the tax, perhaps? What we want is honesty, and it seems that message has traction with Simon Stevens, the new head of NHS England, whose 5-year plan has some revolutionary, commonsense, proposals to deliver better ‘joined up’ care, empowering patients.

The report is mercifully short and easy to read, providing a very positive story for our health service, and the increasing role played by local authorities. He agrees with the LGA that enhanced powers affecting physical and mental health be devolved to target prevention, in recognition of the excellent initiatives by some authorities to control fast food outlets and alcohol abuse. But, combining health and social care has been on the agenda for years, without any noticeable improvement – so he faces a challenge in making things actually happen. This is something for the Health & Wellbeing Boards to get to grips with urgently.

I can only hope Mr. Stevens’ ambitions can be realised – with support across the political spectrum, including unions. It would be unwise for anyone to ignore it, or try to make political capital by misinterpreting the content to mislead the public whom Mr. Stevens thankfully refers to as citizens.

Inevitably, funding and productivity are part of the plan.

Talking of money, I was told by a GP that people expect a prescription when they visit the doctor, so it’s easiest to give them one, even when the patient could buy the same drug over the counter for a fraction of the cost. I was also told that £75m a year is spent on unused NHS hearing aids when the majority of patients pay privately for their equipment having quickly discovered they offer better results. Since Mr. Stevens is looking for £22bn of savings – he could start there.

Another saving would be abandoning the need for hospital trusts and GP commissioning groups to have members of the public as ‘governors’. With his plan for a broader community engagement, a single ‘consultee’ structure for, say, a LEP area should be sufficient, saving millions a year in shuffling paper and unnecessary meetings. As a former local authority appointed hospital governor, I can tell you that those meetings were a complete waste of everyone’s time. When boards of directors, especially the non-execs, should be holding the management to account, governors are superfluous.

These may be relatively small savings overall, perhaps, but every little helps.

Now where have I heard that before? If he wasn’t being paid so much, I’d sympathise with Dave Lewis, the new CEO of Tesco who has inherited what appears to be something of a shambles – but he has demonstrated the benefits of bringing in ‘outsiders’, who, like Simon Stevens, take a fresh look at an organisation and fearlessly address its management.

The ordinary people decamping to Aldi and Lidl could tell him a thing or two about why the company’s finances are so lack lustre, not least the bullying tactics it tended to use to get planning consent for new stores. Instead of working with local communities all too often it rode roughshod over them, making Tesco a toxic brand in some areas with the name featured on local councillors’ campaign literature at election time, reflecting the strength of feeling.

Nevertheless, whilst some people will celebrate the mothballing of a brand new £22m store in Chatteris, Cambs, the loss of 250 new jobs is already causing yet more bad headlines. As Mr. Stevens says in his report, getting people into work is a major contribution to health and wellbeing – something which Labour should bear in mind, instead of constantly denouncing the creation of what they like to call low paid jobs.

A rapid solution needs to be found for this vacant property, rather than allowing it to succumb to vandalism. Perhaps it could be adapted as one of Mr. Stevens’ new-style medical centres? If Tesco were willing to carry the rental costs (which they are apparently committed to in any event, open or closed) that would be a welcome demonstration of good faith, and perhaps a turning point for the company’s own wellbeing. The five-year plan talks about strong local leadership – the local council could make this happen.

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Latest from Ben Gummer

Ni! The most dreaded words in Ipswich

Connoisseurs of Monty Python will know the famous encounter in the Holy Grail with the Knights Who Say Ni. These knights are keepers of the sacred word ‘Ni’ which, when uttered, strikes fear into everyone around.

Like life imitating art, we have in Ipswich our very own Knights Who Say Ni. When you put an idea or a plan to them, they say “oh no, not here, that won’t happen, not Ipswich.” They are the Knights Who Say “Not Ipswich” – the people who strike fear into the hearts of anyone trying to do anything creative, exciting, ambitious or aspirational in our town.

We had a marvellous example of it this week – one that would have been funny were it not a symptom of the “Not Ipswich” brigade at its worst. I speak, of course, of the Great Christmas Tree Switch-on Affair.

It runs like this. The switch-on takes place on a Sunday night. Because of Sunday trading laws, the shops cannot open late. So when the Borough Council asked the retailers to pay, they rightly told IBC where to jump and suggested spending the money on cheaper parking.

In rides a Knight Who Says Ni from IBC’s fortress in Russell Road – a place so packed of Ni Knights that if you listen carefully, you can hear a constant hum of “ni ni ni ni ni ni” coming from inside.

Thus spake the Knight: “the set-piece countdown event has always attracted people, but over the last few years we’ve had to turn people away as there’s limited space”. Ah ha! Now, that’s a nice problem to have, you would have thought? Lots of people, more than you can accommodate? Obvious solution? Put on a bigger show, get loads of street stalls, make it a bigger family occasion, involve more of the town.

But not for this Knight and his fellows at IBC. No. Not Ipswich. The answer is simple for a Knight of Ni: just don’t do the switch-on at all. Well, not at night. Instead, do something that only the Knights could come up with – turn the lights on at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Pathetic. Happily, after the forces of Arthur rallied, the Knights were repelled and we have our switch-on back again.

They can be defeated these Knights, no matter how often they repeat “Not Ipswich, Not Ipswich, Not Ipswich”. Here’s how.

First, know your enemy. There are two kinds. There are the Known Knights Who Say Ni – and I’ll leave you to work out who they are. And then there are the Secret Knights Who Say Ni. You will find a whole load of them trolling articles on the Ipswich Star website – repeating “impossible!”, “it’ll never happen!”, “Not Ipswich!”. These Secret Knights are so secret that they never reveal their name. But they are almost as dangerous as the Known Knights Who Say Ni – because they spread depression and suck energy from the Forces of Good and Progress.

Second, to defeat the word Ni we must use our own sacred words: ambition, aspiration, effort, achievement. The Knights Who Say Ni hate these words, because they are the precise opposite of Ni.

Third, and conclusively, we will win by our actions. New schools, new flood defences, a new Heart Unit, new track, new bus stations, refurbished trains – over £200m of investment in four years: this shows the Knights Who Say Ni that we can achieve even more things – a Wet Dock Crossing, all schools Good or Outstanding, a faster, more reliable and better train service – and so much more. One day, these achievements will be so considerable that the Knights Who Say Ni will quietly slip away, and no one will ever again say “Not Ipswich”.

When that day comes, this warrior will be happy to give up his sword and declare the battle won. But until then, there are many battles with the Knights Who Say “Not Ipswich” ahead, battles that Ipswich cannot lose.

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