Anti Slavery Activist Faces Prison

Andy Hall could face 7 years in prison for talking about modern slavery.

Andy Hall is a British campaigner with a special focus on the rights of migrant workers. Two years ago, on behalf of Finnwatch, he undertook an investigation into Natural Fruit, part of NatGroup, a Thai company that processes pineapples and supplies retailers around the world. Finnwatch’s final report paints a picture suggesting modern slavery:

“…passports and work permits confiscated; compulsory and excessive overtime; fines and unclear deductions from wages; debt bondage and violence by guards and superiors.”1

Instead of focusing on addressing these serious allegations, Natural Fruit decided to try and silence Andy with lawsuits. They have pursued civil and criminal charges and now Andy could face a prison sentence and $10 million in legal damages for his investigations.

Now is a crucial time in Andy’s prosecution. Although Natural Fruit’s behaviour is deeply disturbing it proves that the company cares about its public image. By coming together over the next few days, with activists all around the world that are standing in solidarity with Andy, we can show Natural Fruit’s senior management what we think about these excessive and intimidating charges.

If this case proceeds and Natural Fruit are successful this would not only be a grave miscarriage of justice for Andy. This process could set a dangerous precedent for other companies in Thailand that might take a similar approach when allegations are raised of modern slavery in their supply chains. This threatens the work of anti-slavery campaigners but also workers in Thailand who might be too afraid to come forward and report abuse.

Demand justice for Andy and workers vulnerable to exploitation and modern slavery in Thailand here.


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Suffolk Labour up their campaign of lies about Children’s Centres.

Suffolk Labour have upped their campaign of lies about Children’s Centres. At the Festival of Culture in Alexandra Park on Sunday a Labour councillor was asking people to sign a petition against the non existent closure of the Riverside Children’s Centre.

Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has been informed that somebody challenged the Labour councillor, stating the fact that Ipswich Labour were saying the same thing about libraries. The Labour councillor then claimed to have been involved in saving libraries. Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger finds this most interesting, in light of the fact that he can not recall the said councillor ever attending any meetings about libraries that he has attended.

No children’s Centres are scheduled to close.

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Ipswich Labour only serve themselves

When you have councillors at culture meetings saying that they will ‘take an active role on the culture committee to find suitable venues for their band’ you know who they are serving.

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Hazel Blears, the Terrorist Threat and Human Rights

Labour MP Hazel Blears wants terrorists sent to Ipswich

Labour MP Hazel Blears wants terrorists sent to Ipswich

Yesterday broke the story concerning Labour’s Hazel Blears, who had to repay thousands of pounds in expenses after she flipped her property, avoiding capital gains taxation, calling for terror suspects to be put in Ipswich.

She says

someone involved in attack planning in London, where a lot of this goes on, and you could relocate that person somewhere like Ipswich, Norwich, and that does two things. First of all the police can keep a really close eye on them because they’re only looking after one person, but it also cuts them off from the other people that they’re involved with, and it’s these associations and organisations which are fundamental to attacks here in Britain which is what most people are concerned about, so I think it would be foolish of the Prime Minister to rule that out.

The Morning Ipswich Star reports on it here.

Without mentioning the obvious fact that Ipswich is surrounded by approximately 1000 square miles of countryside for suspects to disappear in, the idea is ridiculous.

I wouldn’t support confiscating terror suspects passports because having a nationality is a human right but there is still a simple solution. The solution is incarcerating terror suspects while intelligence and evidence is gathered. But to do this, we must first get rid of the anti human rights, Human Rights Act.

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Cycling in Ipswich

The Ipswich Star reports on the weekends cycling here.

Also yesterday, after the Sky Ride the author of the best blog based in Ipswich, cycled to Felixstowe via Bucklesham and Kirton and came back via the old road. 24.748 miles, Time 2 hours 27 minutes. Average speed 9.9 mph which is slow considering the elite riders were doing 60 mph down Valley Road.

The elite riders race went through Gipping Ward and the King of Gipping has provided this video of them entering his domain.

Also in Gipping Ward, Police Officers from Ipswich will be marking bicycles today after a recent spate of cycle thefts in the local area.

The event is taking place on Monday 1 September (today) outside DW Fitness in Ranelagh Road from 4pm to 6pm.

Members of the public are invited to bring their bicycles along to get them security marked. This will be completed free of charge by Police Community Support Officers from Ipswich South West Safer Neighbourhood Team. General cycle awareness will also be available.

Update: The South West SNT are not there.

Top tips for cycle security include:

- Using a heavy-duty bike lock, similar to a D-lock, and certified by Sold Secure.

- Avoid isolated or dimly lit places – leave your bike where a potential thief will be clearly visible.

- If yours is a very expensive bike, don’t lock it in the same place on a regular basis – so it won’t be noticed and stolen to order.

- Lock your bike through an immovable object – use a proper bike rack, ground anchor or robust street furniture.

- Make the lock or chain hard to manoeuvre when parked.

- Keep the gap between the bike and lock small.

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Labour: The party that allows the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children while calling workfare slavery.

Labour: The party that allows the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children while calling workfare slavery.

Labour like to claim that we Tories want to bring back slavery and have children up chimneys when we are the party of Wilberforce and Shaftesbury and after what’s happened in Rotherham they can think again if they think we’re going to take their lies any more. When it comes to the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, we Tories are tackling the evil by bringing in the modern slavery bill while Labour councils cover it up and sweep it under the carpet until the proverbial hits the fan. The Modern Slavery Bill will make it a statutory duty for local authorities to report potential victims of modern slavery instead of covering instances of modern slavery up as Rotherham’s lousy Labour council did.

As a twenty-first century abolitionist I am fed up with Labour’s spouting self righteous rubbish as if they’re the ones against slavery. In Rotherham they had what Thomas Clarkson would call ‘Exact Intelligence’ and instead of challenging the injustice, they covered it up. Their self righteousness is morally repugnant.

Remember this tweet from the chair of South Suffolk Labour?

Now concerning apartheid I refer to Margeret Thatcher’s brilliant letter to PW Botha which can be read here

After Labour’s record on child sex slavery they should think before talking about slavery or child care. 1400 children abused because of Labour!

Here the Telegraph reports

A culture of Left-wing political correctness led politicians and officials to ignore the plight of young girls who were being sexually abused by Asian men, Labour figures have warned.

Ann Cryer, an MP from 1997 until 2010, told The Sunday Telegraph how she had feared being called “racist” when, in 2002, she exposed a sex-abuse scandal involving Pakistani men in her constituency of Keighley, West Yorkshire.

A “politically correct Left just saw it as racism”, she said.

At the same time, Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, revealed that even now some of his colleagues disapproved of his efforts to uncover child abuse, because some were “obsessing about multiculturalism”.

It follows the exposure last week of the scale of child sexual abuse in Rotherham.

How can anybody vote Labour after this?

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Modern Slavery is closer than you think: Understanding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

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