Dispelling the Myths about Child Centre closures

Here Ipswich Conservative group leader Nadia Cenci says

It is Ipswich Labour’s modus operandi to pick on a subject matter that is the responsibility of Conservative run Suffolk county council and then relentlessly allow mistruths, false facts and disingenuous articles to thrive in their horrible scruffy socialist paper and the media, in the hope it will win them a few more votes.

As the Leader of the Opposition, it is my duty and responsibility to hold them to account and in my short time since taking this position, have been forced to do so several times already.

Here is another one.

NO CENTRES HAVE CLOSED! yes there it is.

Ormiston has all the old services still operating but most are being delivered remotely – no reduction in service levels

Since the General Election one new centre Ravenswood has opened so in 2010 there were 9 children centres in Ben Gummers constituency and now there are 10

( Quayside, Wellington, Hillside, The Willows, Chatterbox, East Ipswich (formerly Ormiston), Hawthorn, Tree House, Wooden House, Ravenswood) -


- County Council is proposing merging Quayside with Tree House: this is a matter of properties, not staff or services.

Furthermore Ben Gummer has promised to keep Sure Start provision in this parliament and he has more than done that. Fact.

Going forward Frank Field will be leading a high level review of early years services in Suffolk, which will help inform how they are delivered in the next parliament.

So when you read the next bit of literature on this from Labour’s scaremongering newspaper, ask a Tory what their side of the story is and as always

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Zionist Logic

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Best comment on Facebook in regard to Scottish Independence


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Douglas Alexander lets the cat out of the bag

Douglas Alexander has sent an Email to lots of people saying that we have 6 days to keep the United Kingdom together

Douglas then goes on the scrounge asking the recipients for some money.

He then says that “if Scotland leaves it will be the break up of our Labour family and be a blow for social justice across these islands.”

This is typical Labour self righteousness and it also demonstrates that Labour really don’t care about the United Kingdom and what they care about is the possibility of there not being a Labour government for the next hundred years due to a loss of 40 Labour mps in Scotland.

Labour are typically thinking about themselves. But the Conservatives support the union because it is in the interests of the United Kingdom as a whole as well as for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland individually. The Conservative party is the true one nation party.

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Ipswich Labour would rather cut buses than cut the grass

Ipswich Labour want Ipswich to look like a rundown ruinous mess so that people are more inclined to vote for them so that they can keep it that way. This is why Ipswich Labour would rather cut bus services than cut  the grass.

There are a number of poisonous plants growing around the town at present. There has been a lot of ragwort growing around the town for some time and now there are large deadly nightshade bushes growing along one side of Badshah Avenue with berries on them in easy reach for children.

Ipswich labour lie about children’s centres closing while allowing dangers to children to be growing in the street. Both cases are for electoral purposes. The lies about children’s centres are designed to scare people into voting Labour and the overgrown weeds all over the town are designed to make the town look like a ruinous mess so people are more inclined to vote Labour

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Ipswich Lib Dems Latest Daily Email Digest of Updates

The Ipswich Lib Dem’s have sent another ‘Daily Email Digest of Updates’ six days after the last one.

They wanted to tell us that their website has been updated.

The new story is that Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell has criticised Essex Police for wrongly describing the location of a murder in Colchester in March this year. Another story the people of Ipswich are immensely interested in.

The Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems are working hard for the people of Colchester.

Why have they got a picture of the Ipswich Regent on their website? Why don’t they have a picture of Jumbo the Water Tower?

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Ipswich Borough Council’s attempt to gazump a mosque has failed

Here DullNews.com reports

A controversial council land deal has fallen through after the vendor withdrew – and the original purchasers may take the deal forward.

Ipswich Borough Council approved plans to purchase the Annex Building in Argyle Street earlier this year, intending to lease it to the Bangladeshi Support Centre as a Community Centre; but the purchase turned out to be highly controversial.

Tory opposition leader Nadia Cenci demanded the decision be reviewed by the council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee – a process known as call-in – and accused the Labour council of attempting to buy voters support for council leader David Ellesmere in next year’s General Election.

Ms Cenci raised concerns that the council hadn’t put the lease out to competitive tender, positing that other communities might have wanted to be considered to lease the building, but was ridiculed by Mr Ellesmere – and Labour councillor John Cook, who warned her that her comments could be considered racist.

Yet days after the Labour dominated Overview & Scrutiny Committee confirmed the Executive’s decision to purchase the building, it emerged that members of the Shah Jamal Masjid, based in St Helen’s Street, had been negotiating with owners Community 4RCE to purchase the Annex, and had effectively been gazumped by the Borough Council.

Crisis meetings have been held between Ipswich Labour and senior members of the Bangladeshi community, and the Member of Parliament has been involved at the request of the St Helen’s Street mosque – despite the best efforts of Mr Ellesmere, who tried to argue at one meeting that Mr Gummer’s attendance was inappropriate.

Now the tale has taken a further twist, as the council’s attempted gazumping has failed, with the owners withdrawing from negotiations and believed to be instead negotiating directly with the St Helen’s Street mosque again.

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesman confirmed that the sale negotiations had fallen through:

“We can confirm that the vendors have pulled out of negotiations. It would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Sources close to Ms Cenci told IpswichSpy.com that “Nadia feels her decision to call-in Labour’s purchase of Argyle Street has been vindicated. She’s hoping for an apology from Councillor Cook for implying her motivation was racist, but she won’t be holding her breath. Most importantly, she wants to see the whole community have the use of this building.”

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