In memory of two dead people, they disrupt the holiday of millions

London Underground workers are to take five days of strike action. Members will walk out from 21:00 BST on 28 April for two days and again from the same time on 5 May for three days.

The first two days of strike action will take place ahead of a May Day event in memory of former RMT leader Bob Crow, who died of a suspected heart attack on 11 March, aged 52.

The event will also be in remembrance of Tony Benn, the politician and campaigner who died several days after Mr Crow.

It’s such a shame that there was only one Margaret Thatcher.

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The Blogesphere Vicious?

From here

While politicians complain about negative coverage in the press the blogosphere tends to be more strident. If you wish to see politicians given the benefit of the doubt then the Guido Fawkes website is best avoided. Dan Hodges at the Telegraph is a harsh critic – especially of the Labour Party, which he used to be a member of. Iain Dale’s waspish column for this site does not always follow Tony Benn’s instruction that politics is not about personalities.

Compared to politics in Ipswich, the blogesphere is a very genteel place. Politics in Ipswich is extremely nasty, very aggressive and always vicious.

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They ran the country like they ran the Co-Op. with the same corrupted sense of entitlement.

The Daily Mail reports

Co-op, Labour and a betrayal of values
Yesterday, as the Co-op announced losses of £2.5billion – the worst results in its 150-year history – the Group’s new chief executive spoke of a ‘disaster’ that would ‘shock’ its eight million members.

The brutal truth, however, is that this was a calamity that could have been predicted years ago, as the Co-op moved far away from the noble objectives of the 19th-century Rochdale Pioneers to improve the lives of the working classes.

Instead of focusing on running a solid business in the interests of its wider membership, the group’s Left-wing regional officials were more interested in lining their own pockets and pursuing a socialist, Labour-supporting agenda.

Money was poured into the Labour Party, including £1.2million of cheap loans, and donations to 40 MPs, including Ed Balls, who received £50,000 to help run his constituency office.

Rent boy-using Crystal Methodist Paul Flowers – despite being almost financially illiterate – was trusted to run and nearly ruin the Co-op Bank for apparently no other reason than his Labour credentials.

Meanwhile, the Group pushed through disastrous deals – partly funded by ordinary members – to buy the chronically under-performing Somerfield supermarket chain and the Britannia Building Society, which had made billions of pounds of bad loans in the build-up to the great financial crash.

Such acts of hubris made a mockery of the Co-op’s supposedly strong ethical code. But then, it is only too easy to spend other people’s money recklessly – as Labour has proved time and time again when it has been in power.

More here,


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Missing Ipswich Man

Police in Ipswich are appealing for help in trying to trace a missing man who has been living in the town.

Vaibas Kesilis a 30 year old Lithuanian man was reported missing to police on 16 April by his former partner.

Mr Kesilis had been living with his partner and child at an address in Surrey Road, Ipswich but moved out a week previously and hasn’t been since.

Mr Kesilis is described as white, around 6ft tall with sandy coloured.

Police have been carrying out a number of checks to try to locate Mr Kesilis but are asking members of the public to call them if they have seen him or know of his whereabouts.

Calls should be made to the duty Sergeant at Ipswich Police on 101.

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The Truth Hurts

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Petitioning Nigel Farage

Between 2009 and 2014 Nigel Farage MEP took £15,000 a year to pay for his office costs. His former office manager, and a subsequent Times investigation, found that the office was actually given to Farage rent-free by a supporter, and that the office costs were only £3000 a year.

That leaves £50,000 of taxpayers money unaccounted for (£12,000 a year). When questioned, Mr Farage said the money could be spent “as he likes”.

Nigel Farage called for Maria Miller’s resignation. He should hold himself to the same standards.

We call for him to pay back any of the £50,000 he’s wrongly claimed, or resign.

Petition here.

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Ipswich Labour’s Junk Mail

For some reason Ipswich Labour don’t deliver copies of Local Voice to their favourite blogger. It’s a rather pointless exercise on their part, which makes quoting from it more fun.

The Tories who run the county council live in leafy villages and don’t understand Ipswich. Only one of them represents Ipswich and he lives in Melton the other side of Woodbridge.

So Ipswich Labour are saying that Suffolk Tories don’t understand Ipswich because they live in leafy villages like Great Blakenham where Borough councillors for Labour, Connelly and Meudec used to live.

Ipswich Labour’s website says this

Howard Needham is Labour’s candidate for Stoke Park ward.

Howard lives in Stoke Park, in Stone Lodge Lane with his wife Dominique. He is retired having spent his working life in public service, in local and national government and the NGO sector.

Howard previously served as a councillor before moving to Ipswich, chairing a major committee and leading on a housing project.

Let me Google that for you

Oh, so he was a parish councillor in Melton, the other side of Woodbridge. If Alan Murrey can’t understand Ipswich by living in Melton the other side of Woodbridge, how can Howard Needham understand Ipswich after recently moving here from Melton the other side of Woodbridge?

I wonder what constitutes ‘a major committee’ on a parish council.

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