EU Propaganda Delivered in Ipswich

Delivered with the usual junk mail in Gipping Ward this morning was Europe and You. It is a publication full of lies, exaggerations and half truths in support of us remaining in the EUSSR.

It says that 3 million jobs are linked to our trade with the EUSSR, as if the EUSSR would no longer trade with us if we left the undemocratic, despotic, money wasting, federalist project.

It says that if we left the vile organisation that binds enterprise with ridiculous trade regulations the prices would go up in the shops as if on leaving the EUSSR, British cows would start producing less milk.

It makes the claim that each household benefits by £3000 a year because of EUSSR membership. They claim that we get lower prices and more jobs. Yeah, more jobs for Eastern Europeans!

It claims we are safer in the despotic, bureaucratic dictatorship because of the European Arrest Warrant as if we can’t leave the infernal EUSSR and keep the European Arrest Warrant.

It says that 200,000 businesses trade with the EU as if the EU is going to cease to trade with them on us deciding to have Westminster as the sovereign decision making body instead of Westminster  merely being a county council in Europe.

It claims everything is a bed of roses.

It mentions that British citizens get free health care on holiday in the EUSSR, but as we also get free health care in Norway which is an independent, sovereign state, the idea that we’d lose it if we left the EUSSR is nonsense.

It finishes by launching an attack on UKIP which is subliminally telling people that to vote for our freedom is to agree with a bunch of unpleasant,  xenophobic fruitloops. When their strongest argument is the idea that if you vote to leave you are like a bunch of nutters, it shows how flimsy their argument is.


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