Ipswich Labour Hang one of their own out to dry?

It is most mysterious that Ipswich Labour’s junkmail in Priory mentions Daniel Maguire and Florence Nightingale but not Luke Richardson

Due to Luke Richardson not being mentioned in any Ipswich Labour junkmail we were able to ascertain that he has been deselected by the fossils who lead the shower that is Ipswich Labour. Obviously we wanted to ascertain why they have deselected him and it appears to be for two things. First of all Luke Richardson supported that most beautiful thing called Brexit until he was tarrted and feathered by Big Sandy. But now he wants to do something shocking to the leadership of Ipswich Labour who live in their swanky big houses in Saint Margerets and Bixley. Luke Richardson wants to buy his council flat. Ipswich Labour’s leadership being against aspiration for anybody but themselves are most upset by this, therefore he has been tarred and feathered and they have nothing to say about him until they make up an interesting cover story about him when he is due for reelection.

They live in big houses where they can look down on everyone else and believe the working class should know thier place. Ipswich Labour are such a bunch of elitist snobs to the point they treat their own in a most dispicable, shoddy way. Obviously Luke Richardson has no family who are or have been councillors so he hasn’t got born to rule privalage like the majority of members of Ipswich Labour.But he has aspiration to own his own home and that is unacceptable to the champagne socialists in control of the party that is wrecking the borough.

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