Why the Global South Bishops are not weaponising the Eucharist

Reflections of an Anglican Theologian

Yesterday the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans (GSFA) issued a press release at the Lambeth Conference which states that:

‘…. At the two Conference’ Eucharists at Canterbury Cathedral, orthodox bishops will not receive Holy Communion alongside gay-partnered bishops, and those who endorse same-sex unions in the Church’s faith and order. They shall remain seated.’ [1]

This statement has caused a storm of protest on social media with the accusation being made that GSFA is ‘weaponising the Eucharist.’ For example, the liberal English Anglican Giles Fraser tweeted ‘Disgraceful. This weaponisation of the Eucharist shames the whole Communion.’ Fraser and others don’t say exactly what they mean by the ‘weaponisation of the Eucharist,’ but what they seem to mean is that GSFA is misusing the Eucharist to try to win a political power struggle for control of the Lambeth Conference and the Anglican Communion as a whole.

In this short paper I…

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